the maddening crowd


Magic happens
when you least expect 
Love doesn’t give you
the time to react 

It could be as fleeting
as a passing cloud
Or catching your smile
in a maddening crowd 

Sometimes I wonder
what lies ahead
The days we’ll have and
the promises we made

But the best of moments
take you by surprise
As we venture off into
another year of our lives

Re:thg  “It Turned Out Okay”

It Turned Out Okay = the first-page/last-page tie-in to “Real.”

(Sorry, I know I was like “do this reread; do this reread!” and then have been absent– not because I want to be!!-  but I’m trying to get back to Tumblr and ***this***, I promise.)  So I’m two and a half weeks behind.  And have cracked my book.  And Page 1, I see Suzanne Collins snuck in her promise to us.  “It turned out okay.”  In the past we’ve made the comparison between page 1 of THG and the last page of MJ.  How the first sentence is that the bed is empty and cold, telling us of Katniss’ aloneness in the world, while the last page is her in a warm bed, not alone.  The first page portends the loss of an innocent child (Prim dies in the end), while the last page of the trilogy gives us the birth of new life. But here I think we also have the same massively skillful writing where she has bookended specifically Katniss’ romance with Peeta. 

I’ve read other posts comparing Buttercup to Katniss, and I find really great points and valid insights in those and I think there are comparisions to be made, but I’m personally of the camp Buttercup represents Peeta (the mangled thing Katniss first tried to kill, but ended up being the creature who found his way back to Katniss from D13 after Prim’s death to comfort her, like legless, post-highjacked Peeta coming back to 12 for her in the end), while the lynx, which Katniss liked but ended up having to cut loose because it was too dangerous, is the symbol of Gale.  

Seen in the light of Buttercup=Peeta, page one has Katniss say, “Yeah, I wanted to kill him because allowing him into my life is a luxury I couldn’t afford, but I didn’t, and  ‘it turned out okay,’” while the last page has “Real” tell us how okay it really turned out.

yes, I’ve had some fun with my tags.

Rare Pair Reveals!
Far From the Maddening Crowd

A Chloenette fic- 

I was actually really proud of how this turned out so I wanted to share it will you all as well ^_^  This was my contribution to the ML Rare Pair Challenge

Chloe had brought it on herself really.

No matter how much time she had spent trying to learn to bite her tongue, every once in awhile she just couldn’t help it. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been stretching her niceness quota to the max today anyways. To celebrate their last day of lyceé, she and Adrien had pooled resources to pay for the entire class to go on a weekend getaway at the coast, starting with a mass sleepover (the boys at Adrien’s mansion and the girls with her here at the hotel) on Friday night. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. A feather in the cap of her ‘road to redemption’ as Adrien had taken to calling it.

She had not expected, when she had unthinkingly asked her father to make sure arrangements were made for refreshments for their celebration, that he would include a champagne fountain. She should have- after all it made perfectly logical sense that her father would simply instruct the staff to prepare their top tier catering package and arrange for it to be set up in Chloe’s personal suite. Her father had never really been one for personal oversight. Still, it ended up putting her in the rather uncomfortable position of playing babysitter to a hoard of tipsy, rambunctious, teen aged girls who clearly didn’t have her alcohol tolerance.

Still, she should have just kept her mouth shut. So what if Rose and Juleka had been extra affectionate from the minute they walked in the door? Who cared if they wanted to spend the evening cuddling and exchanging kisses in between bites of high end truffles and chocolate dipped fruits snatched off of the refreshment table? It wasn’t like she was jealous.

OK so she was totally jealous.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where ... Dominic Purcell's portrayal of Dracula from Blade Trinity shows up. Like a crossover/fusion or maybe a Mick Rory vampire AU.

Fic: The Righteous Men (AO3 Link)
Fandom: The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Blade: Trinity
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: The boy who likes to visit the tombs is back again. Doesn’t he know better than to disturb a sleeping vampire?

(After the end of humanity’s reign on earth, Len makes-believe that a vampire he’s called Mick is his friend. It’s not as made up as he might think.)

A/N: Slight fusion with Blade: Trinity, in which I borrow the following: Dominic Purcell (who plays Mick) plays Dracula (called Drake in the movie), an ancient vampire with very specific ideas about honor. The rest is mine.

WARNING: violence, explicit sexual content


Leo likes to go to the crypts when he has the time, which is to say, when Lisa (baby) is asleep and Lisa (mother) is around to keep an eye on her to make sure the baby doesn’t turn over the wrong way, and maybe is even sober enough to do it, too, and when his father is busy at the local Courts.

Leo likes the crypts because they’re empty.

Very few people ever go there outside of the holidays.

Oh, sure, teenagers looking for a place to screw, or middle schoolers daring each other to go be brave. But they usually scatter, giggling in terror, and run home.

Leo’s home is scarier than the crypts.

Most of the year, though, the gigantic gothic cathedrals, filled with endless stacked rows of box-like marble tombs surrounded by curving pipes, are totally empty.

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something about a cabin in the snow, about shelter from the cold. about a crackling fire, about warming cold feet. something about a woman you love beside the fire with a good book, about a dog nestled comfortably at her feet. about carrying your daughter in from tobogganing, about spending the holidays far from the maddening crowd. it’s something about a cabin in the snow that helps you dream the dreams that will someday be.


“Every night with this one is an occasion, yes?” “Can’t deny that.”

How Jane’s heart must have jumped at the observation of the restaurant owner back in Il Tavolo Bianco, and how far he and Lisbon were from simply enjoying a peaceful dinner together then. But even on that occasion they managed to give each other a hint of how they felt, a chance that they would have used for building their relationship in any other case.

Every such event and the time spent together always served exactly that purpose between them – drawing them closer, letting them share a moment of peace, look closer into what the other really felt, let them enjoy the short moments alone, getting to know each other’s tastes and weaknesses better. I bet it was not only Jane that took advantage of such nights that let him have a closer look at Lisbon’s soft spots, it was Lisbon too, they both must have felt that outside of their demanding work they had a lot more personality to share, they saw that in each other in a more vivid way, their respective guards were lower on such occasions. And they helped them build the inimitable connection of trust they have. And it continued when they became a couple, having more opportunities now to escape from the maddening crowd, and share a moment together, in their world, be themselves and watch each other openly.
Far from the Maddening Crowd - Baneismydragon - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chloé Bourgeois/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Alya Césaire/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Unrequited adrienette, Lots of other side pairings
Characters: Chloé Bourgeois, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Alya Césaire, other female classmates
Additional Tags: Kissing, Drunken Makeouts, redemption arc, Bee!Chloe, lots of feels, this was supposed to be fluff, then I got on the Chloenette train, save me from myself

“could you be anymore disgustingly couple-y? Not all of us are interested in voyeurism you know, and if we can’t all have kisses, it’s not really fair for you two to rub your little fairytale happy ending in our faces.”

When Chloe lost her temper in a fit of jealousy, she never thought her friends would actually take her words at face value…

This was my contribution to the ML Rare Pair fic exchange! It was a really different sort of prompt for me so that was a lot of fun to work with! And of course it was great to get to continue my Chloenette high I have been on lately!

Anyways check it out if you want! I had fun writing it and hopefully my giftee will like it too ^_^

Confession ~G-Dragon Fluff~

Jiyong wants (Y/N) to do Lydia Peak’s part in R.O.D at Mama, but what special surprise does he have at the end of their performance? >.<

Originally posted by kpopgifpages

Heels clacked on the freshly polished floor of the Mama stage, followed by a roar of the audience awaiting the next stage. It was collaboration between two of the biggest names of the K-Pop Industry, Kwon Ji Yong and (Y/N). The announcement of their collaboration generated a buzz amongst social media; implications of the two idols dating quickly arose.

“Jiyong-ah, you’re being too oblivious,” (Y/N) whined, a stylist carefully curling every strand of (hair color) hair. He had asked her to do Lydia Peak’s part in R.O.D.

“I did R.O.D with CL before, it’s nothing special,” Jiyong had just finished getting his make-up done, and sat across from her, brown eyes gleaming into her’s.  “The rumors about Dara have started to spread again anyways,” A mischievous smile played on the idol’s face as he watched (Y/N) lips tug down.

Fine,” The stylist had finished her work and quickly moved on to the next idol, leaving (Y/N) with an enamel hand mirror. She carefully moved to mirror, capturing every angle of her face and inspecting it carefully. The frown merely deepened as she placed it face down on her lap.

“You look beautiful,” Jiyong flashed a smile, taking her petite hands in his and leaning closer. A member of the staff ran towards them, notifying them of their upcoming performance. Hand in hand, the couple stood on the platform waiting to lift them up.

(Y/N) bowed, her eyes sparkling at the sight of the maddened crowd once they finished their performance. Soon, a hand fell on her shoulder, causing her took glance up, immediately met with Jiyong’s visage. Before any questions were asked or any explanation given, his lips had pressed against her’s. (Y/N)’s eyes widened but then fluttered close as her lips molded against his perfectly. “I love you,” Jiyong uttered once they pulled away from each other.  More cheering ensued from the crowd, even though he had not said it in the mic, it was clearly heard by most.

The platform began to fall, but not before (Y/N) could whisper the words, “I love you too,” The ends of Jiyong’s lips curved upwards in a bright grin before he held her against his chest. For a moment, the burst of flash from phones and cameras, the audience whom continuously cried out, it all went silent. For a single moment, all that mattered was how (Y/N) and Jiyong’s lips fit perfectly together as if made for each other.

During that one moment, (Y/N) and Jiyong knew that they were meant to be together, that nothing would be able to stand in the way of one another. No petty fight or scandal,“I’m never leaving your side,” Jiyong murmured into (Y/N)’s hair, still ignorant of their descent backstage.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” She smiled.


This was the death sentence. At once deafening cries and shouts mingled with cheers burst from all sides. Some of the more courageous ventured to raise their voices and ask the release of the princess, but these were soon deadened by the increasing tumult in the crowd, which was constantly demanding new victims to immolate.

At that moment some men with haggard eyes and bare arms red with blood, rushed towards the poor creature and dragged the princess away. Scarcely had she crossed the threshold when she received, they say, on the back of her head a blow from a sabre. She was covered with blood ; her hair was loosened; hands continued to push her; she staggered over corpses with which she was forced to come into contact. She could scarcely stand ; at last she fell back exhausted. She was immediately raised; two men seized her by the arms and compelled her to move on.

But human endurance has Its limit, and when her strength had completely left her and she had become inert, the men who supported her threw her on a pile
of dead bodies.

Then these murderers, maddened by the dastardly crowd around the victims, were pitiless enough to rush upon this palpitating body and cut off its head.

Having reached this point in the drama, we shall be very reserved. There are in fact numerous accounts of the massacres of September, and particularly of the death of the Princesse de Lamballe. But historians differ, the most of them yielding to their personal feelings. As none of them were eye-witnesses, their descriptions suffer. Others of still livelier imaginations, and with the confessed object of interesting their readers, have added details of such horror that we cannot even repeat them.

Madame de Lamballe - Georges Bertin

I Choose You - Part II

Thank you for the lovely feedback on Part I! I love feedback, live for it, actually, so don’t be shy to drop something in my ask box! Or, if that’s not your style, drop a comment on AO3. Nastiness, however, will be tolerated with a sharp slap of sarcasm and the block button.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All the things you see here are purely figments of my overactive imagination come to be in print via the magic that is Microsoft Word and the internet. Do I believe what I’ve written is true? No. Do I operate under the delusion that everything I’ve written here will come true? Nah. This has been used as a writing exercise to take me out of my comfort zone, and to write a little nugget of entertainment that a group of people might enjoy. The people are real (well, most of them), but the situations I have placed them in are not.

Thanks go out to my lovely betas lucenellapiazza and buongiorno-principesssssa for their squees and clarification help. You ladies are the best. 

I Choose You - Part II
Rating: All Audiences (for now, that will likely go up as we proceed)

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Steve Madden Music Presents: Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd