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speaking of war, did Henry fight in the war? Or if he is old enough, did he fight in the great war?

Henry was a kid during the Great War, but he is a veteran of World War II! Specifically he was a sergeant in the airforce, on a bomber plane that sadly crashed behind enemy lines, and thus he ended up a German POW camp, even more specifically Stalag Luft III, in one of the later non-commissioned officer compounds. Not the worst thing, all things considered, but it still fucking sucked.

He managed to get a job at a new studio before Vietnam broke out and the studio made a deal to create propaganda in exchange for it’s men not being sent over to fight. Henry hated it, but it turned out to be a good thing since that meant he was around when his sister suddenly became a war widow with a three year old baby girl.

EDIT: Edited for proper ages. Writers can’t do math.

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BATIM headcanons!

Feeling a little sad atm, so I decided to write down those headcanons that I had 


  • Bendy acts very childish most of the time
  • He thinks that blood is red ink, so if you bleed near him he’ll ask you why there is red ink coming from your body
  • Very trusting at times
  • Calls Joey ‘Creator’
  • Loves to prank others
  • Bendy can hide in ink
  • Can sometimes have a tail, but sometimes he doesn’t 


  • Has at least 10 different types of those fake guns that have the bang flag in them
  • More mature than Bendy, but still likes to be mischievous
  • Sheep are friends, not food
  • Prepared for anything
  • Likes to try on Joey’s clothes sometimes
  • Loves all food

I might write more or draw some of these soon, but I hope you guys like them!