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1 A.M Slushies

The lid squeaked under the faucet as it shot mounds of blue slushie into the large plastic cup. Once it weighed down Richie’s hand enough, he dragged it to the neighboring flavor and pulled the handle to mix them. He didn’t let go until the red started to spill over the dome lid, reflecting the neon lights above him. He smiled and stabbed a straw through it and slurped it down. From Behind him, Beverly jabbed her straw through the wrapper and stuck it into her piña colada flavored slushie. He slowed down in the candy aisle and waited for her to catch up as she glanced at the newly stocked fridges. 

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I don’t go here so I’m pulling from what I remember of the games but I think with Death of the Outsider now in play, I’d say that what Daud did in Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches wasn’t a redemption arc. I think it’s more like he started on a road to redemption, but it’s a road he obviously fell off of for whatever reason. The DLCs show him directly countering what he put into play, but not moving beyond that, not addressing the butterfly effect of his actions.

In my uneducated opinion, his actual redemptive act doesn’t happen until Billie convinces him to help the Outsider, to bury the hatchet, and choose to end the cycle of violence that has ruined all three of their lives by speaking the Outsider’s name. It’s a selfless act at that point, he doesn’t benefit from it, but Billie convinces him it’s the morally right thing to do (which was an interesting conversation to watch two assassins have) and he does it.

Which also means during a lethal ending in DOTO, Daud doesn’t redeem himself. He may believe that he’s saving the world from more men like him, but it’s ultimately a self-centered point of view that doesn’t account for people existing who are anything but like him.

I don’t really have an overall point beyond this, it was just something I’ve been pondering while I sit in traffic.

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'I read McLain's report. He said that you punched him "like, 50 billion times". That is an excessive number of times Kogane.'

oh my god? who sent this? i’m laughing WHAT IS THIS 

Montgomery sighs and flips over the page. There’s nothing on the back. As far as incident reports go, this is… something else.

“Is this accurate, Kogane?” 

The cadet in question is seated across from his desk, arms folded, cadet jacket unzipped in what’s clearly an attempt at coolness. It’s failing, miserably. He looks like an angry cat, and the black-eye accentuates the overall effect.

Kogane doesn’t look at him, but sniffs and glances away. 

He’s the top student in his class and his instructors adore him; he’s not fooling anyone. 

“It says here that you…” he flips the sheet back over, to make sure he gets the wording right, “and I quote, punched McClain a sum of ‘like, fifty billion times.’“

Montgomery lets that hang between them. Kogane sniffs again and looks away, again, but in the opposite direction.

“That’s an excessive number of times, Cadet.”

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prince-of-egyptt  asked:

I'm thinking about a world that's a dyson sphere, but here's the catch: there are two different civilizations inside and outside the sphere. The problem is trying to figure out the transition in gravity when someone goes from inside the sphere to outside it. Any advice?

Cool idea. My first thought was a scene from Mass Effect Andromeda. (Check out that moment here to see what I mean, starts at the 1:45 mark.)

These characters didn’t know what was happening, but I imagine that if traveling between the interior and exterior of the sphere is normal, people would have come to expect a routine gravity shift. Going from the inside to the outside would, likewise, have an awkward gravity shift. Though, if the people of the world were accustomed to it, I don’t see why you couldn’t work with it however you wanted.

I do see some cool cultural repercussions from a world that is set up like this. 

Happy building!

Thess vs Shutdown, Redux

Okay, now that I’m home and over at least some of the shock, here’s the full story of what happened today.

Now, I’d apparently missed a text message asking me to come in at 10am instead of my usual 11am. This mostly because I keep my old phone on silent a good 95% of the time owing to that phone getting a lot of spam calls, and my not having given the office my new phone number because the moment they found out I had a smartphone, Head Consultant at least would want me on WhatsApp and I’d effectively be on call all day long and I wasn’t having it. Not that I imagine it made a whole lot of difference in terms of how early I could have got in, because when I got that message, there was no way I’d be able to get up, get dressed, get ready and be in at 10am anyway. So maybe it’s just as well I missed it.

So, all unknowing, and expecting a fairly miserable day because I was still feeling pretty ill but couldn’t miss a Monday because Mondays are insane, I stepped into the office and right away, I could tell shit was going down. LazyArse and FinanceLady and NiceReceptionist and SpaceCaseNurse were having a confab in the corridor, along with OfficeMate … who was in her coat, carrying her handbag. So LazyArse tells me that I should speak to New Practice Manager right away. And then she hits me with, “They’ve shut the unit”.

I got a little bit more of the story from New Practice Manager as the quasi-meeting happened … despite interruptions by a really, REALLY unhappy patient. One of many. Yeah, apparently this was done on Friday night with no warning for anyone. Head Consultant was apparently asked to leave on Friday night, probably after his surgical list, and the first anyone but the consultants knew about it was when they turned up to work with all the office doors locked, our access to the hospital computer system having been revoked en masse, and some very angry patients waiting for consultants who weren’t in. Oh, and did I mention that they didn’t even send a senior member of staff with any clue of what was going on to man reception, leaving two shocked and terrified receptionists, and an even more shocked and very stressed practice manager serving out her notice period, neither of whom had any idea of why this was happening, to deal with these angry patients, all of whom wanted answers no one in the unit had?

This makes more sense than it probably should. Head Consultant’s been getting all rush-rush about “I need a footprint on Harley Street because that’s where all the VIP clients expect to be going if they’re doing medical stuff in London”, and new surgical rooms also in Harley Street, and going on call in Dubai, and anything and everything but being here. Also “Don’t let on to the hospital that I’m getting this ‘footprint on Harley Street‘ because they might get precious about it”. He’s never been happy with the way the hospital works, and they likewise have not been happy with him. I said on Friday that things were coming to a head. Just, no one ever apprised us of just how much of a head things had come to. No one was straight with us - not hospital management, not Head Consultant, no one.

So, just as New Practice Manager has handed in her resignation and giving the unit staff no credible advocate, we get the entire unit pulled out from under us. This … well, as you can imagine, this is heavily distressing and not good.

So here’s what happens now from my own point of view: there’s going to be a two-week ‘consultancy process’ to see what they can do. As I’ve been saying for awhile now, I’m not Head Consultant’s staff. I’m hospital staff; they’re the ones who pay my salary, even if I and the rest of the unit staff have been torn between two managers for years. The two week ‘consultancy process’ means that they’re going to mail me hard copies of some documentation, I fill it out, they call me in for maybe two meetings and I probably don’t have to go in the rest of the time (still getting paid for that, at least) … and in this process, we decide what happens with my employment at the hospital. My options are as follows: ‘redeployment’, or redundancy.

Redeployment means working for the hospital in some other capacity. I don’t think this is workable given my current hours. Even if it were, I don’t think I’d want to work for them. They’re the ones that raised such a stink about adjusting the height on my desk, leaving me dealing with ergonomic issues. They’re the ones who pressured New Practice Manager about my sick leave despite having my medical issues on record. They’re the ones that abandoned us with no warning when they wanted shot of Head Consultant, with no infrastructure in place to support us in a morning of pure hell. The hospital does not have the best HR policies in the world.

Redundancy does what it says on the tin - I am made redundant, I go out and find another job. I’ve already been looking into home transcription stuff, and I think I’ve found a few that aren’t pure scams. I just haven’t had the energy to take the tests required. I still get emails from employment agencies, too - the hours would probably not be to my liking but a girl’s gotta eat, right? Then again, I know of a few firms that require evening typists, so at least that’s a possibility.

To be honest, it isn’t going to be too bad to start with. I have the two weeks of consultancy period, and while their redundancy policy means that they only have to give me a week’s paid notice, I’ve got my pay through September, my two weeks of consultancy period, and just over two weeks of annual leave time for which they are obliged to pay me. This gives me at least a month to sort something else out, not even taking into account Job Seeker’s Allowance when the consultancy period ends.

This, at least, means I can legitimately spend a day or two recovering from a) the lurgy and b) the shock and stress. I do not think I would make particularly good decisions at this specific point in time. So I am going to go and try to take a nap, and then I am going to put together the video from last night’s D&D session, and then I am going to go on a FFXIV crafting binge for the zen of it.

Why is it always when it’s like three days from payday when the desperate need for a takeaway happens? Eh well. At least pork chops and hash browns can happen when my appetite comes back.

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I was just thinkg to myself "oh, I wonder how Ty is?" and I logged in and... here you are!!! Missed you on my Tumblr feed. Hope you and all your loved ones are in good health. Hugs from Mexico!!

I had a busy last two weeks, but I’m gonna try to be more active now that the big deadline at work has been met. Thanks for missing me, that means a lot!

I hope the earthquake hasn’t effected you or any family members too badly, please stay safe down there :(

How can I move on, after Teen Wolf Finale???
I can’t stop crying…

I remember when I started to watch Teen Wolf, it was because I imagined that the “Wolf” would be equal to the “Twilight” wolves … So I got angry and stopped watching, and came back only in Season 2 … And I do not regret for coming back to watch!! Although Teen Wolf is not the best series, best effects, and sometimes make me pass anger, I am grateful to have been here until that moment, to see the evolution of the actors, to have followed the beginning, middle and end… Honestly, I’m grateful to be a fan of Teen Wolf.

My Stydia is End Game
My Scalia is End Game (I shipp them since Scott bring Malia Back from Werecoyote)
My Pack is End Game ❤❤❤❤
Thank you all the Teen Wolf Family ❤❤❤😭😭😭😭



If you know me, you’d know that I am a highly visual person. I love learning from images and layouts, and my spatial intelligence is probably my strongest type of intelligence. Because of this, I often use mind maps to study, and so do a lot of other people. However, there are people who don’t really know how to make and utilize a mind map effectively. That’s what this post is for! Here’s how you can make your mind maps more effective and thus enable you to retain more information. (P.S. you might wanna zoom in)

By no means am I an expert in mind-mapping; these are just some habits I have when making a mind map that successfully does its job of helping me remember the topics I’m studying.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an ask!

xx jo

“Speeches are for campaigning. Now is the time for action.”

ACEO: President Morty! I wanted to try a glitch effect here, and needless to say, it is really, really hard to do with traditional art. Still, I hope you all like it!

Done with Copic Multiliners, Copic Markers, and a White Gel Pen!

Popsicles And Kiwis


so this came from a small request about eating a popsicle and accidentally starting something that couldn’t be finished…….i went a bit overboard with it, but i hope u enjoy some smut! please let me know what u think :-) it rLY motivates me ! [feedback] [masterlist]


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sherlock fuckin had angelo leave his own damn restaurant to run all the way over to 221B to bring back john’s cane for dramatic effect. like he could’ve just waited for john to notice but no.

he probably had angelo fuckin text him too like ‘k I’m here should I bring it in’ and sherlock was like 'no wait we’re gonna run back now, wait until you see us go in’ to get john nice and pumped and happy so he could Time it all right with “says the man at the door” and if that’s not some devotion to your crush idk what is

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

14 M/F, 9 F/M, 10 F/F, 4 M/M

How Exo Was Formed

SM: Okay you boys have all been called here because I’m forming a super group that will be the new face in fashion, media and the foreign markets.

Staff: *ahem* And don’t you mean in music as well sir?

SM: Sure, if that’s a side effect of fame we’ll go that route too. So! I have brought in 12 of the finest boys here to audition to show me if they are worth a place in EXO! Who’s first?

Baekhyun: Hello I’m Baekhyun. Some call me Baek you can call me “Bank” I have enough personality for even the slower ones in the room *eyes Kai* andddd enough charisma to become the center of all fanfictions.

SM: You’re arrogant, rude and demeaning…..I like you! You’re in! Okay who else is next?

Kris:  Honestly I think you should be the one asking me if I want to be in this “boy band” not the other way around..

SM: We need you here  to cash in on the Chinese babes weekly allowances, just lose the smirk and promise to stick around for the next 10 years.

Kris: *pulls out 2014 calendar and smiles to himself*

Suho: I’m Junmyeon, Um I’m really nice and I like everyone and I-

SM: You’ve been skulking these halls since ‘98 why should I let you debut??

Suho: *pulls out black visa*

SM: You’re in! NExt!


SM: A man of few words….reminds me of myself! You’re in!

Luhan: I’m really attractive.

Staff: And???

SM: LEave this DEER boii ALONE! Being attractive is a talent!  I’m not YG, I hire with my eyes.

Chanyeol: Please let me in. Yes I know I look like a cotton swab after it’s been in an ear-

Tao: Ew

Chanyeol: -But just give me a few years and I’ll be the face of this amazing group!

Baek: Um first I called dibs on being “Exo” and second you’ll only ever be the face of the group if for some reason we only had 8 people performing instead of 12 and that’ll never happen so-

Kris: Ummm I’m just asking for a friend but is this contract null in China?

Staff: What??

SM:  Channie you’re in! Moving on… who’s the panda looking guy on the verge of tears?

Tao: Hi!!! I’m Zitaaoooooo! *claps for himself* I can do martial arts!

SM: Hmm…I need people who can bend over backwards for me…okay you’re through.

Lay: I’m Yixing.




Yixing: You’re the Staff.

Staff: I don’t get paid enough for this.

SM: He’s in.

Xiumin: I’m Minseok, I’m really good at being a level headed middle of the road type. I make girls say “awh” by only breathing.

SM: Sure you’re in let’s wrap this up I have an appointment at “I Have Better Things To Do” who are you three?

Chen: *sings nervously in 8 octaves*


Kai: I don’t really know.

Staff: Taemin said he could dance, but to not ask him any difficult questions.

SM: Poor boy…in!

Sehun: I’m just here because there’s a real lack of visuals and you need a maknae…. and because my mom told me I had to leave my room and do something productive today…..



SM: I don’t even know how to respond. I’ll let you in on a 4 year “3 lines per song” basis.

Sehun: Sounds fair.

SM: You may leave.

*all trainees get up and exit*

Staff: So do I resign in person or can i turn it in by email??

SM: Shut up peon. We did a good thing today. I can almost smell the money in the air!

Staff: Really? I smelled at least 3 divas, a broken contract, and a badly pronounced potato.

SM: Don’t be so negative! Just wait in a few years we’ll make another supergroup with 50 members!

Staff: Pls tell me you’re kidding

SM: I’m not.

Gil’s Story Is My Nightmare

You know, it normally takes weeks if not months for my feelings to settle on a subject relating to fiction. Like, my first time through, it’ll wash over me, I’ll consider it a while, and then, eventually, I’ll come to a conclusion.

But Gil’s story rubbed me wrong on first run, and I easily figured out why.

Gil’s story is my nightmare as a gay man.

I know I’m not the first to sum it up, but I am SO frustrated and pissed off by this (and Mass Effect Andromeda’s handling of M/M relationships in general), I need to work it out of my system.

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We’re taking questions about social media & mental health

As researchers and advocacy groups examine the impact of social media usage on mental health, they are discovering both positives and negatives. While social media fosters community and allows people to connect in ways that are possible only because of the Internet, social media can also come with risks– bullying, harassment, and language of hate. This Tumblr Issue Time discussion brings together panelists from media, advocacy, and healthcare to discuss the relationship between social media and mental health, explore the positive effects it has on community, and examine solutions for how you might mitigate or address some of the negative risks. 

Our panelists will answer your questions in an Issue Time right here on @postitforward on Tuesday, May 30th. Ask anything you’d like. 

The Ask box is open now!

You can read more about our panelists after the jump,

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