the lyrics so sweet

Ed Sheeran ÷ breakdown

Eraser: guitar is just wowowow,, some ed raps that just make u want 2 listen its gr8. Also has 90s soulful pop ballad type of mood 2 it. 8/10

Castle on the Hill: okok there’s a reason this was a single i mean,,, it’s sweet and sad and ed. 8.5/10

Dive: guitar melody is similar to thinking out loud. lyrics are more than good, they’re grrrreeeaaat. THE CHORUS OMG. SWEET GUITAR SOLO TOO. 9/10

Shape of You: this is a bop, obviously it was a single what do u expect? strong song on here. bell things remind me of rugrats tho. 7/10

Perfect: this is going to be a popular choice for the first dance at weddings it’s perfect for that. get it? perfect? 6.5/10

Galway Girl: honestly??? SUCH A BOP. that lil irish jig throughout it? perfect. a song about a galway girl and a perfect night how could you NOT like it? honestly this song is the bee’s knees. my fave for sure. 20/10

Happier: sad sad sad who left ed? who could leave this ginger angel? omg I guess it’s ok for u to rip my heart out. it’s not a vital organ or anything. the hey ya’s are beautiful. majestically sad. 9/10

New Man: haha he wears a man bag on his shoulder but i call it purse. nice. A+ lyric. ed doesn’t want to know about ur new man. the record scratches at the end r nice. 8.5/10

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: another ed classic to be at weddings. wonderful lyrics. second chorus it picks up. THAT BRIDGE THO. 6.5/10

What Do I Know: easily my second fave. money and success aren’t everything, love ur neighbors people. Guitar has a nice groove. Very ed. Good message. 10/10

How Would You Feel (Paean): I feel like i should be laying in a summer field of flowers with my true love. OOOOO that guitar solo,,, so sweet and melodic oh my WOW. 7/10

Supermarket Flowers: DON’T CRY. Just a piano and ed and his heart wrenching lyrics. WHY WHY WHY THE CHORUS AVOID IT UNLESS U LIKE CRYING. 9.5/10

Barcelona: (heavy breathing in the beginning) Feels like I’m on vacation this is awesome. Saxophone solo? Idk i can’t tell, BUt I like IT. 9.5/10

Bibia Be Ye Ye: means all will be well (ur welcome). instruments r gr8, lyrics gr8. another winner ed 10/10

Nancy Mulligan: About his grandparents so sweet and is another song with a lil irish jig in it, I’m loving this. 10/10

Save Myself: wow ed is feeling neglected, but the message is good. 6.5/10


He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

ok so

  • niall being incredibly confident while still being his sweet and humble self
  • the chilled out feel of all of the songs, it sounds like…. adult alternative music and i love it
  • niall saying fuck in one of his songs
  • most of the songs being gender neutral
  • the overwhelming response he got
  • seriously he got showered with so much love i’m so proud and happy for him
  • all of these songs are incredbly sad wtf who hurt niall
  • like seriously….. who hurt u i will fight
  • niall’s a sweetheart ok
  • niall saying you can interpret his songs however you want
  • niall
  • i love niall
  • i would do anythin for niall
  • nialllllllllll
the creativity and extent of namjoon’s word play

in blood sweat and tears, namjoon’s last line goes:

“너의 그 sweet 앞에 bitter bitter” which translated in english means “in front of your sweet is bitter bitter” 

the first instance in which he demonstrates word play in that simple line, is that “bittersweet” (as many of us know) is an actual term used in english, defined as sweet with a bitter aftertaste. in the word “bittersweet”, the word “bitter” literally comes before “sweet”, and so does the subject of his lyric, apparently. sweet, but before that, bitter. just as it is in the word. genius.

the second instance can be seen in his pronunciation of “bitter, bitter.” when he says the words as he raps, it sound more like “biluh biluh” which i really don’t think is a mispronunciation. rather i really think he is trying to create yet another layer in his diction.

“biluh” is the pronunciation of the korean word “빌어”, which means to beg. if one were to listen to the song without knowing the lyrics in english, one might say it sounds like he’s saying “before your sweetness i am begging” which also makes sense not only grammatically (both in korean and english) but it also fits the context of the song, in which he feels as though he is helpless.

namjoon thinks a lot about his lyrics and for him to create so many textures in a simple line truly amazes me. and not in just korean but also in english… like what kind of brain do you need to have to play with multiple language at a time.