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“Castles In The Sand will F a l l no matter What you Do…”

“ You call me a T R A I T O R… At least I’m not a F O O L like Y O U “

Ahhhhh rEALLY had to draw some angst. Just cause. Lyrics from this song I found on youtube > 

It’s for RVB but I think the lyrics fits well with Overwatch too~ LOVE this singer~! She creates original songs and ahhh this one is my fave <3

SamBucky headcanon

Earlier today, I had a SamBucky breakdown while shopping in Costco and messaging with @unclesteeb.  Music is a huge part of my life, so I’m always listening to it and relating everything to my favorite characters or my OTP’s.

In today’s case, this song was playing over the radio and I got all sappy because it already happens to be my favorite song for them. (For anyone who didn’t click the link, it’s Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan. Seriously, just listen to it. It’s amazing, and the lyrics fit them so well.) So here’s the headcanon to go along with it:

I like to imagine that song was playing during a significant moment in their relationship - First kiss? First time they had sex? At some point on their first date? Maybe the first time they confessed their love for each other? - so they mutually decide it has to be their wedding song.

What Sam does not know, however, is that Bucky has planned to serenade him with it. Except Bucky sounds like a dying cat when he sings, so he takes a few voice lessons before the wedding. That way he can surprise Sam and sound good enough to not embarrass them both.

When it’s time for their first dance, the song starts playing but Sam can’t find Bucky. Then all of a sudden, the lyrics start and there’s Bucky making his way towards Sam and serenading him. He doesn’t make it through the whole song though because Sam starts to cry and Bucky really wants to kiss him and dance with his husband. So he does, and they do. Then Bucky whispers all kinds of sweet things in Sam’s ear like how much he loves him, how perfect they are together, and how they’re going to live happily ever after.

Sam believes him of course because Bucky is his everything, and Sam knows that he would never let him down.

I wonder at what point Twilight cast her friends in her mental version of that Hearth’s Warming story. Like, I’m 100% sure she worked this all out beforehand, and imagined it exactly as we saw it. Her copy of the story is probably covered in notes and revisions and little things added in to really personalize it and make it her own. The dialogue and song lyrics fit Applejack and Pinkie and so on so well because she rewrote it that way specifically with them in mind.

I bet she thought this story was silly when she was little. She probably came back to it during her first Hearth’s Warming in Ponyville. I bet she couldn’t help seeing her new friends in these ponies delivering these now-obvious messages that she’d still somehow missed all her life.

Starlight is a new addition, of course, just for the occasion. From the very beginning, in her version of the story, the part of Snowfall Frost has always been played by Twilight herself.

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(soulmate au anon, 2/2) Bonus points if the soulmate mark also has a distance tracking thing, and the count just disappears or the numbers just become an X. Or maybe he ends up fighting talon!s/o without even knowing it, and watching as his soulmate name/distance disappear immediately after the confrontation.

:’D omgg my heart, nonny. I love this request though, and it reminded me of a song lyric that fits well with it. It’s a song called “Fresh Static Snow” by Porter Robinson, and the one line is “Though I’ll never know your name, I’ll cry for you the same.” Even though Genji won’t ever get the chance to know them, he still cries for them and what could have been.

▣ years after Genji rejects his soulmate, a familiar tingling can be felt on his wrist

▣ he’d forgotten about it, seeing as he’d become a cyborg between then and now, and assumed he could no longer sense his soulmate

▣ however, what he sees doesn’t make him smile

▣ the distance counter is beginning to fade

▣ on many occasions, he’d heard stories about soulmates losing their possible significant other and watching the counter disappear

▣ it either simply vanishes, or slowly fades depending on the circumstances

▣ the fact that it’s taking so long is killing him

▣ naturally, he questions everything

▣ what could their life have been like? would they still be alive if he’d accepted them into his life?

▣ as the numbers soon become unreadable, the ninja cries for the first time in a very long while

▣ he didn’t even know this person, though if he had shown them the same love only a few years earlier, his life-and theirs-could have been very different

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hii! I was wondering if you have a favorite BTS music video? mine has to be either N.O, I Need You, or Young Forever ^^

Mine is definitely “Run.” The scenes were all carefully planned out and fit really well with the lyrics and melody of the song. Not to mention that the acting was good as well. My absolute favorite scenes were those of Tae thrashing around in the water as well as the one where it transitions from the Jungkook-&-Yoongi fight scene to just Kookie alone.


This is one of the best song explanation I’ve heard yet for this song.

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I'm not trying to be mean or rude but as someone who comes from a musical background and someone who plays multiple instruments, Lotto was a masterpiece for the style of music. The style was more of a hip hop or trap style song and songs like that tend to have auto tune so considering the fact that EXO hasn't really done anything like that before it's amazing. It honestly wasn't even that much auto tune if I'm honest. (I'll call myself lotto anon so you can read the second part. 1/2)

[cont.] Luhan’s song Adventure Time is completely auto tuned and no one said anything because it fit the music style. Lotto is almost the same style with more of a hip hop feel so it had the perfect amount of auto tune. And if you look at the lyrics the music and auto tune fits it well so it kinda makes me mad from a musical standpoint that people don’t like this amazing song just because of auto tune. Also, I hope you feel better and I’m sorry for your loss.<3 (lotto anon 2/2)

You’re not being rude at all so don’t worry about it <3 As far as the song, I actually think the song itself is really good, but when it comes down to it, literally the entire song has auto tune backing it up. I’ve never been a fan of auto tune, and I know a lot of people aren’t either, but a step like this on EXO’s/SM’s part is kinda weird.

It’s no question that their EX’ACT album was a little bit of a disappointment to some fans, I myself included, but I still enjoyed a few of the songs. It just wasn’t up to par as their other albums and their other title songs. I still stand by the fact that Call Me Baby was seriously perfect. And after that I worried that they wouldn’t be able to top that afterwards. And speaking for myself, that’s what’s happening. Love Me Right was pretty good but I really wasn’t into Song For You my least favorite exo song ever actually and Monster and Lucky One were alright. 

With Lotto, I think that it’s just a little too different. Trying different styles is great, and it’s pretty much encouraged, but this was a think a step above the line. About Luhan, I think it’s a little different because his stuff isn’t being produced by SM anymore obviously, and he’s not tied down to a group. He’s a solo artist and typically, groups have more of an impact within Kpop. I kinda understand you from a musical stand point because I’ve been playing piano for like about 13 years and I can see where the root of the song is, but some people aren’t going to get passed the auto tune. 

But there’s a few parts that I liked, for example, Baekhyun’s part sounded great, but the rest of the song just didn’t do it for me. But I’m really glad that some people do really like the some because EXO does work really hard. To each their own I guess lol. And thank you for being so kind of respectful <3

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Send me ♪ for a song that reminds me of your muse

Oh, and I suppose I brought it all upon myself
Starting with the question no one wants to ask themselves
Naked in the movie, make me the director’s pet
Everybody told me “take whatever you can get”
Everybody told me “take whatever you can get”

— Metric: Lie Lie Lie

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So I've seen a ton of hcs that Sans is real good at karaoke, and I can't help but imagine him singing Big Girls (You are Beautiful) by MIKA - like, with Tori in the immediate vicinity. Those lyrics fit him and Tori SO well in this AU and it makes me SO HAPPY 💙💜

Oh my god I’d completely forgotten about this song!!!!!
It’s so cute, especially in reference to Toriel!!!!!

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hi! Regarding your playlist thing, i dont have anythjng for sardonyx and co, but for Pearl, maybe 'Hurts Like Hell' by Fleurie?

it leads in with these solemn vibrato-less strings in a way that… makes me think of Rose’s themes but. Dead. Her themes always have a string ensemble with LOTS of vibrato, lots of major chords, lots of movement. This is like the opposite.
And the understated lyrics fit with Pearl’s story well - especially considering her initial reluctance to tell anybody about her troubles. She wants to tell somebody, to let it out, but she knows she just can’t. It would cause too much more hurt.

I Need Suggestions for Gem Playlists!

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sorry for another music post, but i was listening to Imagine Dragons Smoke & Mirrors album and was super surprised to realize 'I Bet My Life' fits sarumi really well?? like most of the lyrics sort of fit the relationship in general, mostly Saru leaving Homra, with a hint of Saru's feelings for Yata, and some parts fit Yata's feelings about Saru going missing for a month and infiltrating Jungle, and the whole 'I bet my life on you' fits well with how Saru basically counted on Misaki to save him

I’d heard that song before but I didn’t even realize how well it fits until I actually looked at the lyrics, it definitely gives me Sarumi vibes (and I think someone made an amv of it actually, I remember watching it). I can totally see it as like Sari’s thoughts during the jungle mission, thinking about Yata and everything that’s happened but how he’s still secretly hoping for Yata to come find him.

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after seeing that osomatsu-vocaloid stuff, i just imagined Totty singing "World is Mine" cuz him and Miku in the song are attention cravers

Holy shit that song fits him so well. I was gonna quote a lyric but I can’t choose one cause dammit they all fit really well. This song is like totty’s theme song tbh

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I hope there will be a song like Doubt from Mary J Blige on TS6! Taylor sang this with Mary on the 1989 tour and not only did she sound amazing, but the lyrics fit her really well too!

Yeah that was a good performance