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“What The Job?!” - Scholar

1 - Intro:

Alright, so I’ve had a bunch of my friends say it would be super helpful if I made a “how to Scholar” thing because I do it, and I do it quite well apparently. Instead of just making it for them, I thought I would share this information with all of you. So here it is, my first, “What The Job?!”

This guide is as of 4.05 and I’ll try and reblog with updates as significant changes are made to the class, or small ones. First off I want to say; this is how I play scholar, and my recommendations, not the be all end all Bible or anything of the sort. Now settle down and get ready to let me tell you a thing I like to think I know.

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Current team. Just beaten the fairy gym. IDC if it’s a male Lucario daww I got a Shelly and Nerdy pair.. it would be sad if one of them diES.

DEATHS SO FAR (it was death after death i swear i was gonna scream it all happened in one sitting):

Fancy hair / Pidgeotto lvl 3 - 25
Chai / Tyrunt lvl 20 (I have dishonored u kuya forgive me)
Yellow / Pikachu lvl 4 - 24
Rei / Furfrou lvl 8 - 25
maple-syra / Woobat lvl 23 - 25
Falcon Punch / Hariyama lvl 22 - 23

Broccoli / Pansage lvl 6
Yum / Kecleon lvl 12
Neighbor / Snorlax lvl 15
2012 / Absol lvl 15
Naoren / Goomy lvl 30