the luxray

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I just recruited a Luxray and Arcanine on Explorers of Sky. They're named Nemea and Sól. They're girlfriends. I ship it.

!! thts so cute oml

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i love your art so much! also, I've been thinking of starting a daily pokemon blog, and I was wondering- how did yoy pick what pokemon to do?

I chose Shinx because it’s easy to draw! And I really like Shinx! :3

I tried my hands on a Luxray blog first, but.. I don’t like drawing Luxray as much as I like Shinx.

So I suggest chose something you enjoy drawing! And that you don’t hate drawing. It shouldn’t feel like a chore all the time!


Before ORAS came out, I spent an absurd amount of time in Pokemon X breeding a shiny team to transfer into the new game.  Now, tons of adventures later, they’re all grown up and champions of Hoenn.  

Also, I love playing with Pokemon scale.  Cause seriously, if a Pokemon is going to learn Fly and carry me all over the world, it had better darn well be big enough for me to realistically ride on its back.