the luxray


Part 3

More BNHA/Pokemon 

i got a few request to draw some of the staff (plus Hitoshi and Stain) as Pokemon and thanks to @ronin-ryker and @sylanc for suggestions on the staff.

All Might and Aizawa took a bit too find one to match and since All Might’s quirk is limited i wanted to make him a pokemon with a mega evolution and needed to be a fighting type, and well mega blaziken had a similar hair dew so i stuck whith that one. And for Aizawa he likes cat’s so i wanted to make him a feline like Pokemon and since Luxray has gleam eyes  thought it fit enough.

PS: thx for all your support and i hope you like them and again if you’d like to see more just send me a note and tell me which one you like the most.