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The Lunacy of Duke Venomania: Everlasting True Love


WIP-Tetsono trailer

I just thought of Tetsono when I was this movie and wanted to make a parody trailer for it but they have so few scenes in the anime that I had some trouble. I don’t know if I’ll finish this so I wanted to post what I have so far.

I’m already starting to see the “ugh I guess those angry El Gee Bee Tees are just impossible to please, they say they want representation but then get mad when you make it” line of logic cropping up around this LeFou thing and like….

Blizzard Entertainment, a scrap-pile of mistakes and bad decisions that has somehow by random chance coagulated vaguely into the shape of a relatively successful niche video game studio, just barely confirmed a gay character and the whole internet turned into a Big Gay Party for about a week, the decision was met with near-universal acclaim (discounting the anti-SJ crowd, we’re only talking about actual people here)

Like, Blizzard didn’t even do anything particularly right, they just didn’t actively go out of their way to do things wrong like “pick the one character everybody thinks is weird and gross and make them gay” or “name the gay character Idiot” or “have the gay character’s entire arc involve lusting after their straight friend, because that’s not a tired and offensive plotline or anything”

So basically, like, maybe the problem isn’t Too High Standards when the company in question seems to have gone out of their way to do everything wrong


「 Everything, Everything」Trailer Parody

If Servamp has a season 2, I’ll probably remake this trailer but I did the best I could with what I had. It took a lot of creative cropping and using other anime to fill gaps. I just needed to make a tetsono trailer with this movie because it fits them so well.

Ichigo “I’m in the middle of a fight w/ the guy responsible for killing my mom, an event which has scarred me since early childhood and is something I’ve always felt personally responsible for, but my new powerup tranformation is definitely going to trigger Orihime’s trauma re: hollowfication and the lust arc so I’m literally going to stop in the middle of what I’m doing to make sure she knows I’m still me and that everything’s okay, because her feelings and wellbeing are important to me” Kurosaki


The Truth is this

Every monster you have met

Or will ever meet

Was once a human being with a soul

That was as soft and light as silk

Someone stole that silk from their soul

And turned them into this . 

So when you see a monster next

Always remember this

Do not fear the thing before you

Fear the thing that created it instead

Nikita Gill

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omg there was a lust arc ih fail essay? wow that's really deperate lmao... lust arc like sealed the deal on their relationship.

Yeah, it’s really embarrassing. Especially in hindsight. The lust arc had them so panicked they clung to that fan essay like a lifeline and heralded it as one of the greatest testaments of their ship, spreading it around like some profound word-of-god, as if Kubo wrote it himself. When it was just a bunch of conjecture and ass-backwards leaps of logic lmao

And I quote,

I sincerely doubt any Ichihime fan got down here. But if you did, know this. I’m not telling you to not ship your ship. Ship whatever you like, that’s the joy of it. But one day, maybe not very soon, but in the near future, there will come a day when it becomes brutally clear to all that Ichigo and Orihime will never be a canon couple.”

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please enlighten me on why you enjoy servamp so much (genuinely curious) - i tried watching it a while back but it just didn't get me hooked. what am i missing??

030 hoo boi. Okay, as much as I wanna go into a hyper deep analysis like I normally do and list 800 reasons why. I just gotta say anon. It might just be a personal opinion for you and I can’t shove opinions down your throat. ^^;

But how I came to like it WAY MORE was reading the manga afterwards. Cause oh boy I was NOT really fond of the anime’s ending. AT ALL. I watched the anime first and then was just EXTREMELY CONFUSED and was honestly ready to dub this as a “bad series my dude.” But then I kept hearing so much talk about the manga. 

Anon. Amigo. Buddy. Pal.


  • They legit removed characters. Like they suddenly don’t even exist anymore. 
  • SKIPPED AN ENTIRE ARC FOR LUST PAIR. (and tbh one of the best ones, they basically skipped Lust Pair so we could get to Greed Pair quicker instead. -w-)
  • left out some important dialogue (imo)
  • introduced some characters WAYYYY earlier than they were supposed to be shown.  
  • they also left out some funny/kinda cute moments
  • some scenes are shortened.
  • lots of character development that we don’t get to see in the anime, or characters like Snow Lily, Mikuni, etc. have a less major role in the anime. WHICH SUCKS cause they are so much more than the anime gives them.
  • and so on…..

the whole anime ending is completely made up. Like it’s similar up to a point and THEN BOOM nothing makes sense anymore. There is quite a bit of anime only moments too. So yeah. It doesn’t match up in many ways…. it’s cool we have a anime, but gosh they butchered this series. So maybe give the manga a chance anon???? I see a lot of people say the ending sucked or “didn’t make sense” and they are anime only people.

 and EVERYONE ends up saying “just read the manga” just like I’m saying right now. That’s usually the case with anime vs. manga.

Thank you for your question. Hope you check it out! ^^ or not. It’s up to you!! Have a good day!  ❤❤❤

Ichigo x Orihime = Tanabata lovers

Okay I wrote this in a reblog about Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach being based on the Tanabata lovers from Japanese/Chinese folklore, but I thought I’d rather put it in a separate post. 

1) Orihime’s name is based on the legendary Orihime/Vega (weaver princess) in the Tanabata story. In Bleach, Orihime is part of the sewing/handicrafts club at school.

2) Orihime’s english-translated name by Kubo himself had her as ‘Vega Highwell’. In Japanese/Chinese mythology, Vega is another name for Orihime, and is linked to the Tanabata story.

3) In one colourspread, Orihime’s symbolic number is written as 7/7, indicating 7th July which is the date of the Tanabata Festival in Japan.

4) Ichigo’s hollow form in the Lust arc is in the motif of a bull/ox, which is a reference to Kengyuu/Altair being a cow-herder in the legend.

5) Ichigo’s birthday is on 15/7, which falls on Obon Festival, which is part of the Tanabata Festival.

6) In the legend, the lovers aren’t able to meet if it rains because the rivers would be flooded over and the boatsman can’t ferry Orihime to Kengyuu. In Bleach, Ichigo hates the rain.

7) Fun fact: In one of the illustrated Karakura town maps, Ichigo and Orihime’s homes are separated by a river and connected by a small bridge. In Chinese/Japanese mythology, Orihime (Vega) and Kengyuu (Altair) are separated by a river (which is a metaphor for outer space, where Vega and Altair are constellations). 

8) The Bleach pilot chapter had stronger hints to the Tanabata legend, where Orihime and Ichigo are separated at the end because Orihime had died and become a ghost/soul, but it was hinted that she would come back to visit him.

9) The chapter after Orihime confesses to Ichigo and leaves for Hueco Mundo is called 'Eagle Without Wings’. Vega (Orihime) is also known as 'the falling eagle’ in medieval astronomy, and both Vega and Altair are depicted as birds.

10) The chapter when Ichigo goes off to rescue Orihime is called 'Winged Eagles’. Altair (Kengyuu) is also known as 'the flying eagle’ in medieval astronomy.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kubo-sensei keeps referencing the Tanabata legend when it comes to Orihime and Ichigo’s connection together.

(Also, when people try to deny Ichigo’s links to Tanabata, I get confused  because the legend involves a PAIR of lovers so it doesn’t make sense to have Orihime being linked to Tanabata but not have a male counterpart in the series to foil her.

And seeing that Orihime’s canonly in love with Ichigo and no one else, so who else is her ‘Kengyuu/Altair’ supposed to be anyways? Of course her Kengyuu is Ichigo. That’s basic logic.)

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I've been readin comments/fans reactions to episodes and it's well-known how Orihime gets bashed for 'Kurosaki-kun!' tendencies but I'm noticing Rukia constantly does the same with 'Ichigo!' but no one takes notice; or later they bash Orihime for being kidnapped and being a damsel, but their fave arc is SS where Rukia sat in prison the whole time as a damsel and only repreated 'Ichigo!', but no one has a problem with that. What is up with that? And I say it as someone who likes both girls

yeah, it really doesn’t matter what Orihime does, people are just determined to hate her. Some people even claim that she went to HM because she wanted to “copy” Rukia and create her own rescue arc just to get Ichigo’s attention all to herself. And all of the bashing over her saying “Kurosaki-kun” never made sense to me, because that’s just such a common thing in manga?? for characters to repeat people’s names a lot. That’s just how mangakas showcase reactions, create a sort of back-and-forth in dialogue, or set up the tone of a scene (i.e. by having them yell the name/speak it softly/follow it up with the “…” ellipses to create a sense of worry or foreboding, etc.) In the lust arc for example, Orihime keeps repeating “Kurosaki-kun” to showcase how she’s panicking, in a moment of desperation, etc. Similarly to how in the flashbacks of Kaien’s death, Rukia is panicking and keeps yelling “Kaien-dono” over and over again. 

And honestly I feel like the bashing over it has a lot to do with people to whom Japanese is a foreign language, because they’re probably not used to hearing the “-kun” or other types of honorifics in their own native language, and so I think to them, Orihime saying “Kurosaki-kun” stands out a lot more than someone simply saying “Kurosaki” or “Ichigo” and so they fixate on it more and, because they hate her and the fact that she has feelings for Ichigo, it’s fixated on in a negative way. So a lot of the times it seems like it’s not just about her saying Ichigo’s name—they’re mocking her for saying “Kurosaki-kun” and it’s like…dude. that’s the language 

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To me the Lust arc is very big IH scene. Althought, Hollow saved and turned Ichigo into monster, we can deny that his desire to save her and his will to fighting for her gave his inner hollow the opportunity to take over completely. So that's why this arc is called "The Lust Arc". His desire made him commit sin. That's what I think, so can you tell me your opinion in the lust arc. Thank for reading! Btw, I love your posts about Bleach, you truly understand it more than anyone I've met.

Thank you very much it really makes me happy to hear that ! 

For the Lust arc there is 2  theories out there . With one being much more probable than the other . 

Either ichigo , hearing Orihime’s cries , turned into a monster to protect her . 

Either the hollow inside Ichigo was anyway programmed to save Ichigo in case he got hurt real bad and his awakening coincided with Orihime’s cries . 

I think the second theory is the one in the real because of this : 

And this works just as good for Ichihime than the first theory actually  . This post words it perfectly but to sum it up in a few words : 

The hollow woke up , saved ichigo and defeated Ulquiorra . Only instinct was at play here because ichigo’s hollow is pure instinct . 

But the goal of the hollow was to protect ichigo , only ichigo . He did not care about Ishida or Orihime ( zangetsu/ hollow mixed said to ichigo “ the things you want to protect and what I want to protect are different things” before ichigo turned into Mugetsu . Meaning Ichigo wants to protect those he cares for but his powers want to protect only ichigo ) . 

So how come ichigo says this while he turns into a hollow ? 

We know the hollow doesn’t care at all about Orihime . So the person thinking this is Ichigo himself and not his hollow . Meaning that while he was dead the only part of humanity remaining in him was his desire to protect Orihime . Fucks me up every time 

Maybe , as you said his desire to protect Orihime helped to trigger his transformation into a hollow but I don’t think that’s it . I think his desire to protect Orihime is what helped to trigger his transformation into a dead boy . 

And that brings me to the most important idea which you brought up in your message. His desire to protect Orihime as a sin . 

The thing is that Ichigo and Orihime are both people with very good intentions and their very good intentions turned their reality into a nightmare during the lust arc . 

Like when he went into Hueco Mundo Ichigo’s only motivation was his desire to protect Orihime . He affronted Dordonni and Ulquiorra and grimmjow and then Ulquiorra again because he wanted to bring Orihime back home  . 

Wanting to protect someone you love is a good thing right ? 

And Orihime , since she met Ichigo her faith in him was unwavering . She would always be there to support him , she would watch him from afar even if it’s killing her not being able to help ( see : Orihime having to physically restrain herself to stay back during ichigo’s fight with Byakuya ) because she believes in him . 

////A lot of people have twisted this faith in him into a bad thing but it isn’t presented by the narrative as such . And it’s making me so angry to see that when the doctor says about Rose “Well, I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods. I’ve had the whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing… just one thing… I believe in her!” It’s seen as so romantic and amazing but when Orihime expresses the exact same feelings through her actions then this is bad for her and her love for ichigo is toxic ( I’ve always been baffled by this fandom tendency to infantilize Orihime ) . ////

So just before the lust arc you have ichigo motivated by his desire to protect Orihime and Orihime believing in Ichigo with all her being . 

They’re both good people with good intentions and good motivations . Then why did it turn so bad ? Why is the Lust arc so tragic ? 

To me it was Kubo’s way to show to Orihime and Ichigo that they were  humans and not characters . 

It feels funny to write that but that’s exactly what happened . In Shonen usually the good intentions of the protagonist is often enough to give them unlimited amount of powers and a guarantee to beat their opponent . 

Not in Bleach . When Ulquiorra invoked his second resurrection we knew ichigo was fucked . We knew that no matter how strong he had gotten he wouldn’t be able to beat Ulquiorra . But he was the hero so surely something would happen to help him beat Ulquiorra . He is the hero he cannot die trying to save his friend . 

And yet he dies . I think that is something that is not often reflected upon . Ichigo was dead . It was over . He wasn’t strong enough . 

He went to such terrible length to protect Orihime that he died . His good , pure desire to protect Orihime got him dead . 

And same for Orihime . 

Her feelings which were pure and true pushed her to cry for the help of a dead boy . ( I’ll fucking fight you if you try to see this in a negative light . Orihime’s depression which premises we are shown in the Vizards arc just went worse and worse during the Hueco Mundo and in the lust arc she just snapped . She was no longer herself when she called for him . She never believed in herself , always thought she was useless and completely disregarded her own life but she believed in Ichigo  . He was her pillar and now he is dead on the ground . She doesn’t know what to do , she sees Ishida’s arm being tore off from his body , she is desperately trying to heal ichigo but she can’t do it so she just turns for ichigo , for his guidance for his help . She doesn’t do it consciously she just snaps and is not herself anymore when she calls for his help ) . God this scene is so powerful , the lust arc is really the peak of Bleach . 

So here it is . Two kids who have the best motivations are confronted with realities . 

They are both 16 here , very young and this moment is what will turn them into adults ( I am convinced that without the lust arc the whole arc about ichigo giving up his powers to defeat aizen would have gone differently ) . 

They are both selfless and both have the flaw to completley disregard themselves and ALWAYS , ALWAYS put other’s people needs and wishes before their own . 

During the lust arc they went to terrible lengths to protect the other . Lengths nobody should ever go . And while doing so they completely disregarded their own lives  . 

Ichigo died for Orihime and Orihime constantly throughout all the Hueco Mundo arc showed a total disregard to her own life and well being . She let herself be beaten by Loly and Menoly ( because she was sure she deserved it because her friends got hurt getting in Hueco Mundo trying to save her ) , she let herself be strangled by Grimmjow because she did not want to heal ichigo to have him be even more hurt by grimmjow 

And during the lust arc she is healing ichigo and protecting ishida with her shield while herself remains completely unprotected ( she already did that during the fight against Nnoitorra shielding Yachiru and healing nell while she remained in the open completely unprotected ) . 

The lust arc is what made them grow up . What made them understand that good intentions often aren’t enough in the real world and no matter how much they want to protect the other , how much they believe in the other sometimes they just won’t be strong enough . 

To Orihime the growth triggered by the lust arc is clear as day . 

Here we have everything . Orihime understands that Ichigo is human and no matter how much she believes in him he will sometimes fail . She also understands that , in order for him to get up she would have to be strong . She does not think she is useless and weak anymore , she does not think her own life is worthless . 

She grew up . She understood that both her and Ichigo were human . She got out of the vicious circle of self loathing . All of that because she saw him died . 

As for ichigo I think the Lust arc , along with learning the truth about his mother and making peace with his powers is what made him understand he had to rely on his friends during battle . He cannot shoulder it all alone . Sometimes he’ll need the help of his friends in order to win . His desire to protect them is strong , he cares for them very much and wish to be able to shoulder the burden on his own . But he cannot . He realizes he needed his friends help in order to win and that is why this : 

( along with him trusting Ishida and then Ganju and Chad to affront their opponents alone ) is one of ichigo’s biggest character development . We all know how over protective he is with Orihime ( certainly because he is in love with her ) but having him bring her voluntarily into the battlefield  is completely at odds with the dynamic they had before where he asked orihime to stay behind while he protected her ( see all the vizards and Hueco mundo arc ) . Here he understand that his desire to protect her should not cloud his judgment and that he would need her shielding / healing abilities against an opponent as strong as Ywach especially because he needed someone to protect him while he awoke his hybrid powers . This , coupled with the realization that Orihime trained so hard to be able to fight alongside him that he discovered during the fullbring arc is what brought up this character development . 

So in summary the lust arc is a story of two selfless kids with such good intentions and such love for the other that pushed them to go to terrible lengths for the other . Lengths no one should ever go to and living this nightmare is in part what shaped them into the wonderful adults they became . 

So sorry this answer is not exactly answering to your ask I talked more about the consequences of the lust arc and its implications than of the lust arc itself . The point you made was good and from a narrative standpoint the transformation of ichigo into full hollow seems to be triggered at least in part by Orihime’s cries so I think you’re right there isn’t nothing there but even if indeed it had nothing to do with orihime the lust arc is still one of the greatest ichihime moment and the one with the heaviest implication of Ichigo–> Orihime which had been later proved by canon . Their relationship was actually unbalanced before the lust arc ( Orihime relying too much on ichigo and Ichigo being too over protective of Orihime ) but this had been changed by the lust arc . It allows them to become more mature , including in the way they act upon the feelings they have for each other . It allows their relationship to evolve to become one of the most healthy in the history of shonen mangas. 

On Orihime Inoue and how a decade has changed very little

In 2006, I watched my first episode of Bleach, dubbed in English, on Youtube. I was fourteen, and wasn’t aware that I’d already known about anime for years. I’d grown up watching the 4Kids dub of Pokémon and Yugioh on American TV, but had just thought of them as Saturday morning cartoons.

Bleach was a turning point, a catalyst. I watched the dub, then the sub, and then tried my hand at the manga, and the rest – as they say it – is history. My recent re-introduction to the series, and the novelty of a decade-plus time-skip separating the storyline’s final arc and the manga’s ending, has prompted me to look back on a fandom that has changed, perhaps a bit, but not very much in the decade I’ve been aware of it.

You see, in 2006 I loved Orihime Inoue.

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Why you being so stubborn, kubo self said ichihime, ichika and kazui already planned since beginning. In pilot chapter, he even make ichihime interaction and he also SAID BY HIMSELF he wanted a ending of ichigo child and rukia child meet each other since beginning ! Stop being delusional, ichiruki is nothing but platonic and bromance ! Ichiruki is worse than Kazuchika ! Deal with it you sucker !

have you considered that people……………………………………………………………………………. lie

i mean. i know that’s a very complex thing since the most complex thing you guys do is find our inboxes so i’ll let it pass

But let’s assume he meant the pairings all along (which I think it total hooey)… how can you fail that badly at showing your intended pairings to have reciprocated (take note of this word, reciprocated… it means both people visibly have to have feelings for each other, NOT one) feelings for each other? He had 686 chapters. 15 years. Sweeping aside the Western fandom, how come the Japanese fandom is so big on IchiRuki? How come the RR/IH fandoms are so microscopic there? Well, there’s two possibilities:

  1. Kubo is a terrible writer who can’t write to save his life and Bleach was only accidentally good in the beginning. He actually meant for IH/RR to become canon but utterly failed to show it, and accidentally wrote an amazing relationship between two “bros” that caused it to become the most massive coupling base in Japan at Bleach’s height.
  2. Kubo is not a terrible writer, he actually knew what he was doing. Something happened to him between the Rukia’s peach joke in the Springs and the time of the ending, so he made the snap decision to fuck over his own Japanese fandom and make both of those ships canon and destroy his own series. He lied so he doesn’t look worse than he already does. How many of ya’ll would actually want to stand in the eye of a few thousand people who are very mad at you for ruining something they love and tell them “oh yeah I was going with IchiRuki for like, more than half the manga but I changed my mind at the end! I dropped all these important plot threads just to get a last laugh!”. You can be my guest if you’d actually do that.

Honestly? The first option sounds totally bullshit if you actually read Bleach and I’m not sure even Kubo could be that bad at writing. Besides, it has so many problems: why did Kubo choose to very obviously parallel Isshin/Masaki to Ichigo/Rukia? Why all the color spreads, the extra unnecessary content if endgame was going to be IH/RR? Why the Honeymoon Spread and its infamous dick palm tree? Why Fade to Black? Why are Rukia and Ichigo plastered together on so much merch, especially after the ending, if Rukia even isn’t the heroine? Why the focus on Ichigo’s determination and drive to save Rukia in the Soul Society Arc? Why was Orihime jealous of Rukia’s bond of Ichigo if it was just friendship? Why does the height of the Lust Arc – apparently hailed as the holy grail of Ichi//Hime – end up as the emotionally lowest point for both Orihime and Ichigo in the whole series? Why was Renji never shown to apologize to Rukia for ignoring her for several decades and throwing her around like a ragdoll at the end of the Shinigami Substitute Arc? Why were Rukia’s supposed romantic feelings for Renji never touched on, ever? Why even write in the peach double innuendo joke if IH/RR were meant to be canon, and IR meant to be just a “bro bond”?

I could be forever listing off the things that made this IH/RR thing total hooey. We could be here all day.

anyway, if those holey ships helps you get off and sleep at night… go off, i guess. i prefer a ship with actual depth myself, but who am i to judge your innocence fetish?