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Gryffindor Aesthetic

Created by Godric Gryffindor
Ghost is Nicholas Mimsy-Porpington aka Nearly Headless Nick Notable Gryffindors include Nearly Headless Nick, The Potter Family (excluding Albus Potter), The Weasley Family, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, The Fat Lady, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall, Peter Pettigrew (🖕🏼), Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson-Weasley, Hermione Granger-Weasley, Lee Jordan, Cormac McLaggen, Katie Bell, Dean Thomas, Lavender Brown, The Dodderidge Family, The Longbottom Family, Parvati Patil, Seamus Finnigan, The Creevey Family, Romilda Vane, J.K. Rowling, Lily Evans, Alicia Spinnet, and Demelza Robins. Source: Pottermore If you have any other notable Gryffindor, please comment below and I’ll be happy to add them.

Ugh, this gives me so many Marauders feels. Cause, first of all, Remus is immediately comfortable with teasing Harry like he would have teased James (well, he would have been much ruder to James, let’s be real, but this is only his first conversation with Harry). And second, because what do you want to bet Remus spends lots of time asking McGonagall and the other professors about Harry so he can know as much about James’s son as possible?

Actually, let’s be real. What do you want to bet he just straight up handed out this form for the rest of the professors to fill out on his first day?

The Marauders + the Hogwarts Express

So, we all remember how in the cursed child we learn that the marauders tried to get off the Hogwarts express. Headcanon that this is how it went down.

•So they’re all chilling in the compartment that the four of them always sit in together

•Remus is reading, Peter is snoozing, Sirius is gazing dramatically out the window, and James is bored as shit

•So he comes up with an idea

•He suddenly shouts “GUYS!”, effectively waking Peter, making Remus drop is book, and causing Sirius to hit his head on the window

•He quickly explains his grand plan of getting off the train, which Remus throughly tries to prove to be stupid, but Sirius is having None Of It™

•Him and James quickly run off, leaving Remus and Peter just sitting there like “the fuck just happened”

•Remus goes back to reading

•Peter has his head stuck out the window

•"They’ll be back, Pete. Give them ten minutes to wear themselves out"

•"Are you sure-AAGH" Peter says as he almost falls out the window

•Remus has to pull him back inside


•Sure enough, ten minutes later, a very frazzled James comes back and sits back down, staring out the window with a very contemplative look on his face

•Followed by Sirius, who immediate starts rambling to Remus about how the trolley lady is a demon

•Remus eventually has to give him the rest of his chocolate bar to chill him out enough to let him try and smooth his hair, which is in every direction

Thanks to the lovely @frodoseveruswho for helping me come up with this <3

228. We are not allowed to stand outside the Gryffindor common room at night and yell random words.

We were just trying to guess the password! - PP

And I suppose that’s why Sirius was insulting the fat lady ten minutes later? - RL

She was asking for it. She knows us! Why can’t she just let us in! - SB

She’s not allowed to. - RL

She was rather harsh though, she called McGonagall over to punish us! - JP

It was eleven o’clock, so that seems quite reasonable to me. - PP

Just be glad she let you in at all. - RL

That was only after McGonagall asked her to! Paintings these days … so rude. - SB

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was saying the same thing about you. - RL

Credit for prank and commentary to @fandom-ideas.

okay so i was wondering.....

If a guy took polyjuice potion and became a woman in the hour and got pregnant, would he still be pregnant when he turned back?

I love that Remus calls her Professor McGonagall, because to him, she’ll always be his teacher. Do you think McGonagall asked him to call her Minerva, or was she instead like, “you know what? You and your best friends made your seven years here an utter nightmare for me. You will call me Professor.”

Ah, Severus, Thanks very much. Could you leave it here on the desk for me?

 Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch. 8

Despite Snape’s coldness toward Lupin, Lupin is making a concerted effort to be civil to him. He was markedly less openly antagonistic toward Snape when they were young than James or Sirius, and while he can’t have thought the animosity would be entirely gone, it’s reasonable for him to assume that Snape would have been more of a *cough* grown-ass man about the entire situation.

29. We are not allowed to unleash a colony of cockroaches in the ladies lavatory.

My ears are still ringing from the screams. - SB

I’m still scared a couple of the girls are going to retaliate! - PP

I’ve never been slapped so many times in my entire life. And that includes the time I asked Lily to dance for me. - JP

This was an important lesson to learn. Don’t mess with Hogwarts Girls. - RL

HP NOIR AU: Remus Lupin

“It is not the storm that makes the ocean dangerous.”

“Fresh meat.” That was the name of the operation, or so Lupin was told. Maybe it was an inside joke he wasn’t let in on. An unpleasant man by the name of Crouch drilled him for about an hour, reminded him about the honor of being chosen, remarked through teeth about the feeble expectations for the operation to succeed, and off he went, right into the belly of the beast.

Deep undercover, with his files sealed, his distant friends crossing him off as a traitor, his loved ones doubting he wasn’t one, Lupin let go. The Wolves (that’s what they called themselves, “The Wolves”) soon began trusting him blindly, seduced by his polite demeanor, his cold intelligence, his ability to rationalize every act of cruelty, every act of stupidity, without ever losing his patience. For that, they nicknamed him “The Professor”, though he never taught them anything. Or maybe they were just terrible students.

It was years before they noticed patterns in his behavior: how he never actually participated in the raids, never hurt anyone in front of witnesses… how he always rolled his eyes upon the mentioning of Tom Riddle, planting the seed of doubt in their minds… how it didn’t work, and so, one day, he simply went away. It was not until he reappeared as the prime witness at their trials that they figured out what his coldness really meant.

After the trials, no one saw him for a while, not that there was anyone left to care enough to keep tabs. Four years later, Crouch found him in a shelter somewhere. Lupin’s skin was covered in wrinkles not suited for his young age, his hair was getting gray, his clothes were torn in too many places to ever be properly sewed again.

“What happened to you?” Crouch should’ve asked, but he didn’t, because nothing could’ve happened to Lupin except himself. Instead, Crouch bought him a drink and said, half-questioningly: “I didn’t figure you’d be so afraid of The Wolves you’d let yourself become this.

Lupin politely declined the drink. “You misunderstand.” He said simply. “It was not The Wolves I was afraid of.”

Crouch shrugged. “I have a job for you. We need to clean you up first, of course, you smell like rotten meat. Tomorrow, if you want to, you’ll be a whole new man. There aren’t many people of your talents left, you know. We need you. What do you say? Not interested? Well, too bad. Pity, really. But not surprising, I mean—“ he sneered. “Look at you. I don’t know what you are anymore. So long, then. Try not to die in a ditch somewhere.”

“I know what I am.” Lupin whispered, watching Crouch walk away. “I know what I am.”

He put on his hood, curled up in a corner on the floor next to a window, and watched the night creep up until he fell into a dark, dreamless sleep. A star was dying in the skies, but he had no wishes for it.