the lunatist

Sorry… I just loved the magical luna thing… (but I kinda wanted to improve my art a lot before doing this….)

(and sorry I missed a lot of details. I totally dropped the ball on some of them. But now my computer refuses to open the file soooo crudnuggets.)

Well… Hope you like it?

As always, tell me what you think!

After I posted the drawing of Kiwa, I wanted to draw lunast in the similar style.

Weeelllll, it isn’t really similar, but I think this is better, then it would’ve been in Blue colours or so.

I am no english person, so if there is a mistake in the writing, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

I Love her art, her style is unique and elegant. And pretteh *__*

She is with Kiwa one of my favorite artists ^^

I’m sorry. I just… I needed something to help me feel better, and I guess drawing Luna was how I felt like going about it.

Sorry about that.

And sorry it’s really… eh. I’m challenging myself to only draw in pen for the next couple of days or until I’m tired of having ink on my hands.

(Also, since my handwriting is illegible, the ‘text’ is Luna’s quote thingy)

(I really like that quote.)

Anyways. As always, tell me what you think.