the lunar chronicles [1]

ze'ev kesley who was chastised as a child for being a mama’s boy - but would have listened and done what he was told anyway. ze'ev who was often called the quiet one, who kept to himself and tried to do what was right. ze'ev who has a primal hunger as well as a moral sickness spark inside of him when he can smell blood or raw meat - the animalistic side of him he wishes he could kill. the man who could not look in the mirror for months after returning from luna, who flinches at the sight of his sharp teeth, his coating of hair, his sharp nails. he knows what he could do, what they made him be able to do. he knows the strength he possesses, the lack of humanity that is deep inside him. some days he has to rely on scarlet’s promises that he is a man first; that he has a heart, a soul, free will. it’s scarlet he clings to when he worries about the world being better off without someone like him, it’s her love he thinks of when he wonders how human he can really be anymore. if a woman like her could love something like him, how bad can he be? it’s ze'ev who hugs his friends upon seeing them, wrapping them up in his huge arms, nearly engulfing them. though thorne complains being nearly lifted off his feet is emasculating, he’s never refused a hug from ze'ev. it’s ze'ev who refuses to leave any place of business or restaurant without thanking whoever helped him, it’s ze'ev who has never asked for anything without saying please first. ze'ev who never complains no matter how much he’s hurting, nearly to the point of being bad for him. but its scarlet who encourages him to be more forceful, to ask for what he wants. she doesn’t know how afraid he is of being seen as too aggressive due to his appearance, she doesn’t know how much he wants to change everyone’s expectations and try and be the most polite version of him he can be. ze'ev who can only feel relief once he’s finally at home with scarlet in the silence of their farm. he can only feel safe with his head in scarlet’s lap, the two of them talking about nothing on their old comfy couch. he may not be able to feel fully at ease for some time, but every time scarlet shifts to settle easier into his arms in her sleep he swears life gets that much easier


· YA LIT MEME: ten series or books (1/10) - the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer

“maybe the princess could save herself.“

[In a hotel room at Farafrah]
  • Wolf: Intruder! }:[
  • Cress: Special Operative! D:
  • Cress: Guard! DD:
  • Wolf: Scarlet? O.O
  • Jacin: Hacker? 0.o
  • Wolf: Cinder? :-[
  • Cress: /Cinder/? :-0
  • Erland: Shit... >.<
  • Thorne: Cress! -_-
  • Cress: Captain! 0-0
  • Thorne: CRESS! ||-DD
  • Cress: CAPTAIN!!!1! :DDD
  • Wolf: Thorne? O.O
  • Thorne: .../Wolf/? O.o
  • Cinder: DONKEY!!!!!! D:D