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Even though we still don’t have a lot of time to play together, we are finishing up a few personal projects. This one is a Martian UFO, based on the design of the Xeno Staff. It functions as a storage for Martian drops.

The build took quite a lot of Martian Conduit Plating (~1000) and Shroomite Plating (~1500), along with Blue Gemspark, Meteorite Brick and Luminite. The screens are made of painted Rune Wallpaper.

cityofinoue  asked:

I just started following you recently but I'd love to know about your clan leaders. Does it have any? Is there 1 or more of a council?

Thank you for your interest!

The Luminites are led by Helios, self-described “God-King” and relatively benevolent but extremely ineffective leader.

He’s pretty lazy, in that he completely ignored:

1. the dragons scheming in his clan to overthrow him (because the dragons in question didn’t believe he was a real god)

2. the dragons scheming in his clan to murder his most powerful High Priest 

3. his most powerful High Priest actually getting murdered (in a pretty horrific manner) by a rival deity who thinks Helios a pretender and wants him dead

4. his most powerful High Priest being brought back as some kind of body-horror zombie by a rival deity who thinks Helios a pretender and wants him dead

In fact, the only thing he’s been paying attention to is the rival deity who wants him dead (currently unidentified, but described by a witness as a guardian with dark colours)

He’s charismatic and has showy powers, which he uses to align dragons to his cause (dominion over the entirety of the world) but really only seems to care about himself. He’s not cruel, not at all, and can be very kind at times, but he prefers to do nothing if he can manage it. 

A lot of the clan doesn’t even believe he’s a real god anyway, they just follow him because he provides protection, power, or cold hard dragon cash.

  • some nerd: youre not even a real gamer
  • me: The developers of Terraria tried their hardest to ensure that there was no sole endgame equipment that all players had, to little avail.
  • Initially, the endgame loadout was Molten Armour and tools, with a Sunfury as the weapon.
  • With the advent of Hardmode, the Hallowed Armour was the endgame, and Excalibur was the weapon of choice.
  • In the coveted 1.2 update, there were several endgame loadouts. Mages ran around in Spectre Armour with their Crystal Storm spells, melee players wore Turtleshell armour and hit with the Terra Blade. Rangers were clad in Shroomite and shot through a Sniper Rifle or the Megashark.
  • That Halloween, the Pumpkin Moon was added, allowing Summoner-class players a chance at spoopy Spooky Armour, and a plethora of minion summons.
  • When the current update, 1.3, was added, the four endgames became Lunar; Vortex for Rangers, Nebula for Mages, Solar for Knights, and Stardust for Summoners. All players use weapons made from Luminite.
  • nerd: holy shit
Noaptea I - Să stăm la povești

Am iesit din casa doar pentru ca nu mai puteam dormii. Sincera sa fiu, eu nu dormeam niciodata, doar ii dadeam o scurta pauza creierului, chiar daca sufletul meu ma trimitea in cele mai dure cosmaruri sau in vise ce nu puteau niciodata sa devina realitate.
Am decis sa merg pe campul din spatele casei unde nu ma poate auzii nimeni. Doar vantul imi poate mangaia urechile cu soapte subtile, desprinse din inima unui tanar distrus de primii fiori ai sentimentelor reale, aproape palpabile. Alerg cu talpile goale care strivesc firicelele de iarba aflate la inceput de viata. Alerg, dar totusi raman pe loc. Nu inaintez, nu dau inapoi. Doar stagnez. Poate pentru ca nu dau frau liber emoțiilor - tot ceea ce simt acum.
Cand iubesti, gandesti prea mult, dar in acelasi timp, ratiunea ta dispare total. Nu mai stii nimic concret, dar simti totul cu o intensitate ce te sfasite, dar care te si intregeste in acelasi timp.
Iubirea este definita de antiteze; iti da ceva, iti rapeste altceva. E un echilibru foarte bine definit si constant, niciodata perturbat de orice fel de energie negativa.
Dar si 0 insemna o stare de mijloc. Nu-ti lipseste nimic, dar nici nu te bucuri de privilegiul de a avea ceva doar pentru tine.
Poate de aceea ma simt goala pe interior. Iar atunci cand esti pe di-nauntru, devii vulnerabil. A fii vulnerabil inseamna ca poti ceda in orice moment, aratandu-ti punctele slabe, iar cele mai mari slabiciuni ale omului sunt chiar propriile sale sentimente.
In seara asta, cerul este senin, nici urma de nor, deci setelele pot visa libere in universul lor dominat de puterea unor mici luminite galbene.
Te-ai simtit vreodata ca mine?
Daca da, ia-ti o patura si aseaza-te langa mine. O sa-ti spun povestea mea, ca sa-mi umplu insomniile. In noapte asta, incep sa-ti spun de ce nu pot eu sa dorm.
Te bagi?


Decided to make a new, more techy ship for Auraion, rather than one that looks so obviously made out of bricks. Materials are crystal block, luminite brick , martian conduit plating, sapphire gemspark, shroomite plating, living ultrabright fire, and meteor furniture (painted blue and sky blue).

I usually over-light things made with martian conduit, but if you leave it slightly darkened, it has a really neat pulsing effect.

The Final

Helios, in his wisdom, had told them not to make the information public. Word got out anyway.

Everyone hid in their towers, fearful for their lives, fearful they might be the final dragon to be killed and brought back. They dared not raise the ire of this guardian deity any longer. They knew it could not end well.

But Helios had had enough.

“If any dragon is too cowardly to leave their rooms, then they shall leave my clan,” said the God-King. “I am your lord, your protector. Do you believe I cannot save you from this?”

“LIke how you saved Ajax, and Patriss, your most devoted? Like how you stopped the deity from taking them?”

To the surprise of everyone, it was Serten who had spoken up, shaking like a leaf as they did so. Yet they held a steely eye on Helios, afraid, but not willing to stay silent any longer.

“They’re - whatever they are now - because you did nothing,” Serten hissed, and murmurs of agreement rose within the clan. “Because - perhaps  - you can’t do anything. Are you really a God, Helios? If you can’t even save your Priest, your Knight?”

More sounds of agreement came following their words, swelling like a storm.

“They loved you!” Serten cried, tears streaming down their face. “They loved you, as I did! And you betrayed that love, that trust! Where are they now? Trapped in a tower, dead, because you are ashamed of them? Because you’re too much of a COWARD to save them? Or too weak to even try?”

“Yeah!” Shouted Ginger, riled up, “you sat by and let them die because you can’t do anything! You’re no God, you’re a liar!”

“Liar!” “Weak!” “Powerless!” “Pathetic!”

There was a blinding flash of light as Helios roared, and the crowd fell mostly quiet, though still muttering among themselves.

“How dare you,” said Helios coolly, focusing his bright light on Serten, who shriveled under it, covering their eyes in pain.

“This deity wants another sacrifice? Fine,” said Helios. “Serten, you shall be the sacrifice. Go, let this deity take you. They will be satisfied, perhaps. Either way, it is no loss to me.”

Serten’s eyes widened. 

“You can’t!” shouted Enuldin.

“Unless anyone else would like to take their place?” Helios asked, gaze burning into Enuldin. There was no reply, and Helios turned his gaze back onto Serten.

“Leave,” growled Helios, “before I end you myself!”

Serten left, fleeing into the ruins, flying desperately as though hoping they could outrun the deity if they went fast enough.

Everyone knew how hopeless it was. They milled around the towers restlessly, some watching Helios with resentment or fear, others huddling in groups or by themselves, staring at nothing.

It seemed the deity had achieved their goal.

No one believed in Helios any longer.

Hey all, I’m a new FR blog for Mayimayo and my dragon clan, the Luminites. I will post mostly art and lore here. I need more dragon blogs to follow so if you post art/lore and are entirely or nearly entirely FR based, like or reblog this so I can check out your blog!

ASCENSION, part three

Helios was alone in his shrine, contemplating his situation.

Betrayed by his own followers. Stalked by some rival deity seeking to dethrone him. It was unthinkable, and yet, it was happening. 

Though he put on a good show for those backstabbers he called his clan, he was shaken. Worried. That deity had caused so much upset and strife in such a short time, it had affected him badly, exactly as the deity must have wanted.

“Are you happy now?” he asked no one in particular, staring out a stained-glass window. “I am broken. My followers do not believe in me. There is nothing left to take from me. Is this what you wanted?”

“No,” said a hissing, and chillingly familiar voice. Helios spun around, heart leaping in his throat.

“You were not meant to suffer,” snarled Echlidemet, wings spread wide. “You were meant to die.”

Helios turned and crashed through the window, out into the open air.

The dragons below him turned and stared at Helios flapped up into the sky desperately to escape. The search-and-rescue party, just returned, watched in horror as the dragon they’d set out to rescue exploded from the tower behind Helios.

Echlidemet snaked through the broken glass, not seeming to care as blood welled up from gashes they left. They seemed to feel no pain from it, their blood streamed behind them while they stretched up toward Helios. They did not fly so much as they seemed to claw their way through the air, and as all eyes watched them, they seemed to… grow.

Larger and larger their body expanded while they twisted and swam through the air, catching up to Helios slowly but surely, claws extending and curling and flashing under the light of the sun.

Finally, it was too much. Helios was snatched from the air by a set of claws each as long as the god himself, entrapped in a cage of golden daggers, and then Echlidemet turned their gaze on the dragons still watching, petrified, as the exchange went down.

“Helios is not your god,” hissed Echlidemet, gaze burning into the hearts of every dragon present, clamping down and making them unable to move. Eyes opened all over Echlidemets body, each one focused on a dragon, each one dripping what looked like liquid gold.

“I AM!” Echlidemet roared, with a voice that shook the very ground the dragons stood on. One by one, they all collapsed, bowing their heads unwillingly, forced by Echlidemet’s power to scrape and serve. Their eyes still were locked with Echlidemet’s, unable to look away.

Echlidemet raised the struggling Helios above their head, and their eyes all focused on him.

“Pathetic worm,” Echlidemet said, “you should not be worthy of a death by my hands.” Helios was pleading, but none could hear what he said as Echlidemet opened their maw impossibly wide,

and swallowed him whole.


They’d been told not to leave the Towers alone.

Patriss was no fool, but she was no coward, either. Raizsel was despairing, her mind engrossed with who-knew-what, and she’d slackened in her duties. Patriss was just doing what was good for the clan.

She ventured out with an empty satchel, intending to gather herbs and ingredients. If she brought back something useful, she thought, it might help Raizsel out of her slump.

“Oh goodness!” she’d say, giving Patriss a tight hug and wiping a tear from her eye. “I’ve been so awful, ignoring my duties… Ignoring you, Patriss!”

The thought sent a wave of warmth over Patriss’ scales and she shook herself quickly from her own thoughts, glancing around as though embarrassed she’d been caught.

But there was no-one there, so she continued, picking up anything she thought could be useful. Hopefully, it would be.

She startled as she heard a sound behind her- claws scrabbling on rock - and she twisted quickly, grabbing her spear.

“Oh,” she said, relaxing somewhat, “it’s just you. What are you doing all the way out here? You scared me half to death!” Only silence followed her words.

“What… What are you doing? You trying to mess with me?” Patriss said nervously, trembling despite herself. “Hang on - where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you around for a while, why… What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Stop! Don’t come any closer,” Patriss raised her spear.” “Have you… What’s… Y-your eyes! Whats wrong with your eyes… STOP!”

There was a flash of red and a single, piercing scream, before the ruins fell silent once more.

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@LUMINITES have taken a trip to the darker side with their new video ‘Bring it’. We’ve even noticed a few changes as they are looking 'fresh to def’. R-tizt has a new nose ring (wonder how he got that in there), Steph looks mysteriously 'fabolouso’ with her lighter locks and purple lipstick, Corey looks dapper with that sleek jacket of his (wonder where he brought it) and for JJ well, his swagger of his rock-street style with his afro is just top off the charts.

Their EP 'Bring It’ is also out too! You can pre-order it today!!! So show some love for a group that are cool and are the UK’s answer to the Black Eyed Peas with a street-edge-twist.

This Day in 1D History - December 15


  • Rays of Sunshine event: “Ahead of their performance on The XFactor finals, One Direction took some time out give an exclusive performance for some exceptional fans. 36 children and teenagers from across the country were fulfilling wishes to meet their idols… Rays of Sunshine made arrangements for each of the families to travel to Wembley from across the country for their own private One D day. Many arrived on Saturday 14th December and spent the night in a hotel. The families were all treated to lunch at Frankie & Bennys in Wembley. Afterwards they made their way to Cineworld next door. Britain’s Got Talent Finalists Luminites surprised the special audience by giving an impromptu performance before the One D movie, This Is Us began. The film was interrupted when the biggest boy band in the world stormed into the cinema shining torches. The stunned audience were then treated to an acoustic performance of one or two of their songs. Afterwards it was time for each of the seriously ill children to meet their idols. All children were also given a signed One Direction T Shirt, a One Direction watch, 2 tickets to the 2014 tour all donated by One Direction.”


  • Niall visits his casual pal Michael Buble at his concert at the O2 


  • 1D are announced as part of BBC  Radio 1’s Christmas Day Superstar Playlist!!