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(un)superheros: A Peter Parker Series (part #1)

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Part: 1                    

Plot: You and Peter Parker have both been called to be part of the Avengers. You’ve always gone to the same schools, but never knew the secrets each other held. Him about his powers, and you about yours. But now, in this world of heroes and villains, you’re all each other’s got.

“Peter…is this your apartment?” you ask cautiously as you creak open the unlocked door, “I hope this is, because if not then that’s gonna be really-”

“Y/n! How nice for you to join us.” comes a voice you recognize only from YouTube clips and Television broadcasts.

“Tony Stark?” you mutter, stumbling through the doorway with wide eyes. 

“Pretty sure that’s me.” he says with his trademark smile, “You and Peter both got the scholarship you applied for together remember?”

I pause. What is he talking about? Why is Tony Stark in Peter Parker’s living room? And why does he know my name? 

“Y/n! Hey, yeah, um. Why don’t we go over these…scholarship papers Mr.Stark gave me. In my room.” Peter says, suddenly appearing from the hallway, his eyes urging me to play along. 

You don’t even know Peter that well. You’ve been going to the same schools since you were in kindergarten, but your paths have never really crossed other than a shared club or lunch table every once in a while. And now of course.

“Alrighy.” you say lamely, rushing into his bedroom.

The moment he shuts the door you freak.

“What the hell Peter! For once in all of forever we share a class and get paired on a project. So I come over here, which is in the complete opposite way of my house by the way, to do the stupid project that I could probably do on my own and you don’t bother to tell me that Tony friggin Stark is gonna be here?” you whisper-shout, poking his shoulder.

“Well in all fairness, he didn’t know I was gonna be here either.” someone says from behind you.

You turn around so quickly a sharp pain shoots up your neck.

“Oh shit.” you say under your breath, falling back against Peter, who in turn falls onto his bed with you on top of him.

“Woah there kids, they’ll be plenty of time for romance later. Right now, we kind of have to go. And by kind of, I mean not kind of. I mean definitely.” he says, looking at the watch on his wrist.

For some reason, you find yourself looking at Peter for the answer to a question that you don’t even know. 

“I’m guessing this isn’t about a scholarship…” Peter says, letting his voice trail off.

“Oh, no. That was just to keep your very attractive aunt off our case. I sent an email to your folks y/n. I figured I wouldn’t need to make an appearance.” he says bluntly, but you don’t take offense.

You could leave the house for two years without so much as a note on the fridge and they wouldn’t notice.

“Then what is this all about?” Peter asks, his hands fidgeting.

“This is about your secrets. Which I know, but you don’t know I know. And neither of you know what I know about the other. Which makes me the most knowing person in this room.” Tony says with a satisfied smirk.

“What…what do you mean?” Peter asks with that same nervous tone. 

“I mean, I know about your powers. And I need you to use them.” 


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