the lovings story

Because now I realized
that I don’t need someone
who keeps on babbling
about my mistakes,
who look at their fingers
and count all the wrong things
I have done within a day,
I knew then that who I need
is someone who is aware of
my bad days when I failed
to do my best,
but still encourage me to learn
all the lessons I have
to face and take.
—  ma.c.a // I knew, I can never be perfect

Some random school hundreds years after Praimfaya – History lesson:

Teacher: So kids, who can tell me what this is? *shows them Clarke’s list*
Random kid: Oh, I know, I know. It is the list that was written before the second nuclear apocalypse. It contains 100 of the 1200 people that were chosen to survive, our ancestors’ names are on it. 
Teacher: Nah, please, who cares about that. This list, *looks at it with teary eyes*, this list, kids, is the most valuable treasure the human race currently owns. Now, look at the last two names on the list and listen to me very carefuly, because I am about to tell you a story that will forever ruin your life. Story about two legendary heroes – Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake. Story about the greatest love ever known on earth and in space.

Bloom — Part IV — Spring

REQUEST: Can u write a fan fic about the girl owning a flower shop and Harry coming in to get flowers for someone else but then they fall in love because love is beautiful like a flower

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part of this story! I may add an epilogue afterwards, but this will be the last weekly update. Thank you all so much for the feedback and the support that this story has received—this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope that you enjoy! x

Bloom: Part I // Bloom: Part II //Bloom: Part III //

The day had arrived.

Harry had been talking about it for weeks and weeks—he’d had such a good time writing his first album in isolation, that he decided to do the same thing for his second album. He was heading off to a remote island off of the coast of South America, and he had booked out studio time for two whole months.

The two of them spent hours together talking about his travel plans and getting him a head start on the writing process. He would spent days sitting at the counter of her little store—he would even occasionally ring in the customers, teasing her about how he deserves to be on the payroll. For the most part he sat and played the guitar, or brought her fun things that he’d purchased to take with him.

She did her best to distract herself from the fact that her best friend in the world was leaving.

It had been almost a year since Harry walked into her flower store that first night, and now she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She understood why she wouldn’t be able to have any contact with him during his writing process—he needed to focus on his music, and she respected that entirely. But it would be the hardest two months of her life, because Harry was her favorite person in the world.

And because she was in love with him.

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She was blue,
Like the sea.
A mind like the tide,
Calling, come away with me.

He was peach,
Like the sunset.
Or he was Amber, Pink… soft hints of Green.
The prettiest shades she’d ever seen.

She was quite shy,
Her waves were ripples and bare.
But when she wandered from her ocean,
She’d find him, waiting there.

He was kind, bright and true,
All the things she’d never knew.
Her colours changed, against his beam.
Now she too, has hints of green.

—  Maddie Preston // falling in love #11

A previous post about memes got me thinking about animation. (Consider the coconut! Okay, let’s consider it!) I think the Fair Folks would LOVE animation! The coming together of storytelling, drawing, music, acting, and the optical play that allows still images to move, and all done collaboratively. I imagine a projector and screen set up on the soccer field once a month, and students, teachers, and Gentry alike would chill out on the grass and watch animated movies, always carefully chosen of course, to not depict the Otherkin too negatively. Anything with witches or fairies is generally out, for starters. You don’t want to offend the guests. Movie Nights are usually really well attended, and there’s a general truce that holds around movie time. No spiriting away students traveling to or from the event, or any other otherworldly shenanigans that tend to happen after dark. The weather is always particularly lovely on Movie Nights.


I wish to spend the rest of my life subtly admiring your existence.
Dear soulmate,
Where are you? How much longer do I have to wait? You have no idea about all the things I have thought of for us, the love, the fights, the heartbreak, but then the patch up. The commitment. I imagine us camping out on a sandy beach with hundreds of trees and wildlife wrapping us up in a blanket of nature, as the ocean waves along the shore, almost like a calling for our love. There’ll be a campfire in front of us as the smell of burning wood disintegrates in the air and the breeze swiftly carries it west. You and I would be laying back on our towels, staring at the night sky. That night, the stars will shine for us and the moon will radiate a reunion. Then I’ll tell you all about my life, where I grew up, what I like, what I don’t like. And then you’ll tell me where you grew up, what you like and what you don’t like. We’ll exchange stories and wonder why we haven’t met earlier on, but we will be glad that we did meet, now. Then you’ll bring out your guitar and start singing a tune, I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting you to be a singer, but you’ll try and so will I. We both will get so lost in each other’s tune that we won’t even know when, or how we fell in love. That song that we were singing, well let’s just say that from then onwards, it’ll be our song. The song that can break fights, the one we dance to in the kitchen, the one that the other puts on when one of us feels low. The song that the universe smiles at every time it’s played. Right there, on that beach, we will make stories enough for a lifetime, but the only problem is, you aren’t here yet. We haven’t met yet. But hey, I hope you get this letter and that you come soon. Don’t think that I’m incredibly lonely and that this is a desperate plea for you to come along faster because right now, I am beyond happy with my life. But I don’t know, sometimes there’s this craving for someone that isn’t there, someone I haven’t met but I feel like I’ve known all along. I guess it might just be me. I’m writing this to you because I need you to hear me out, and although you don’t officially know me, I guess I’ll feel better knowing that it’s out there in the universe. Listen, I have way more planned for us than just the beach and I just have so much to tell you, till then, I’ll be waiting.

yours always

the part that complements your whole

Words can’t describe the dull, everlasting ache I feel deep in my chest when I see you with her.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Alex ‘I’m going to jump off this tall ass building and assume my sister will catch me’ Danvers blurting out 'Marry me’ to her girlfriend is absolutely in character.

Alex goes HARD at everything in life, with the previous single exception of her love life.  College-aged Alex went hard, throwing back shots and putting her life in a negative spiral.  DEO recruit Alex goes hard, completely turning her life around and making herself indispensable.  Hell, even now, when she’s essentially second in command behind J'onn, she’s still going hard and doing things like 'Thursday morning knife throwing practice’, which you know isn’t necessary, it’s just who Alex is (and the other DEO agents find it a little terrifying and intimidating, but it also motivates them to be BETTER, because if Alex Danvers is still pushing herself like this…).  Sister Alex goes hardest of all. She was willing to die in a damn plane crash to avoid the risk of Kara exposing herself.

Anyway, the one area of her life she never went hard in, because it never previously made sense to her, was her love life.  And now she’s found someone who fits perfectly into her world, and we think she wouldn’t go all out hard on that?  Maggie gets her, knows about the DEO and Kara, doesn’t show a bit of jealously or desire to come between Alex’s relationship with Kara, they have similar likes and interests, of course Alex is going to grab onto that with both hands and ride it at full speed.  Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer were pretty much made for each other.

Mileage will vary, and maybe it’s because I just watched every single Sanvers scene of the season last week (for science/research reasons, okay?) , but I think the progression felt realistic.  If Maggie and Alex were younger, say, 23 or under, I might be more inclined to think Alex shouldn’t be proposing to her first girlfriend so soon, but they’re not; they’re around 30, and they both know their own minds and have strong personalities.  Not to mention, they’ve already declared they want a lifetime of firsts together, which is a kind of proposal in itself.

Alex knows how fragile life can be, knows she and Maggie both work extremely dangerous jobs; add on top of that Kara’s plea for Alex to 'Never let her go’, and how close the entire city came to being destroyed, and I just think the moment played out right.  It doesn’t mean I want to see a wedding in like episode 2 of season 3. Engagements can last a long time, and there’s plenty of material for them to mine from before an actual wedding (more Maggie Sawyer character development and back story, damn it), but the blurted out proposal felt right to me.

Love is so annoying now days. Everyone has to make it so complicated. If you love someone, you hurt them. You push them away. And when they’re finally moving on, that’s when they appear and realize what they’ve done. They would rather live with a lifetime of regret then actually showing their feelings and going out and getting what they want. It shouldn’t be like that. If you love someone you should go get them and quit being scared. In reality, isn’t everyone scared of love? You’re giving someone everything and trusting them. Yeah sometimes it doesn’t work out, but sometimes it does. Or you have the ones that self sabotage. They ruin it because they’re afraid that they’re going to ruin it anyway. Or they’re “not good enough for you.” Well make yourself good enough for that person. You’re in control of your own actions. People are so full of excuses now days. Everyone makes things so much harder than they need to be. Yeah, you can get hurt, that’s life. But sometimes, the risk is worth what you gain in the end.
—  Chapters from my life