the lovings story

You wouldn’t break
a bird’s wings
just to make it stay.

That’s the reason why
you should let a heart go,
when it feels suffocated
in your embrace.

—  ma.c.a // Free Will

“If Galdin Quay is one of the first places that you visit in Lucis, Cape Caem is one of the last. Previously used as a base and hideout by Noctis’s father, this location is now abandoned, with only Regis’s ship still hidden in the underground dock. We designed the entire location to depict the atmosphere of that time. The lighthouse was then a mere cover: It was actually used as a watchtower and also as a communication tool sending light signals. In Noctis’s days, however, it is no more then a standard lighthouse.“

Yasuyuki Matsunami - Final Fantasy XV Official guide 

I tell myself
Like a record on repeat
That you’re not even that handsome
But when I look at you
My needle jumps
Everything else shifts out of focus
And I’m just buried in the moment
Wondering if your eyes 
Always held that many melodies
I don’t write love letters, I write I-miss-you-letters and nothing else.
—  my journals

“Her face was turned towards the camera, flashing an easy, dimpled smile. It took me a moment to connect the lovestruck gaze to your eyes. I was looking at your love captured on film, only, a love reserved for another.”

- g.e.


Murphy: “Oh god, I can’t read this. Fuck.”

Murphy felt the tears rising as same as the vomit coming up in his throat. He swallowed, stamping down the urge to throw up right in front of Hannah. 

Hannah: “A-And I mocked him about being a v-virgin.”

With a loud sob Hannah bursted into tears and threw herself right into his arms. Murphy grabbed her shoulders, her hair and pushed her as close as he could, burrying his face onto her neck. He felt numb and it was hard to breathe. Murphy pulled Hannah even closer, so hard, it must hurt her, but she didn’t refuse. Instead he could feel her tears soaking his jacket.

some days i’m quite good at reminding myself it’s only emmerdale, and then some days are more like today where just want to cry because i miss them and scream WHY








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