the lovers the dreamers and you

A beginning

A #microfiction for lovers and dreamers.

As Nick walked through the market, taking care to avoid stepping in discarded goblin fruit with his bare feet, he noticed a woman with roses for hair.

Seeing him staring, she stopped and stared back. Her eyes were two bulbs that nonetheless swivelled in her head and were very clearly looked right at him.

Slowly, she walked up to him. The thick stalk of her body sashayed back and forth as she approached.

“Here,” she said, “for you.”

And in one swift motion, she plucked a rose from her head and held it out to him. The rose was jet black, but had little flecks in it like stars that glowed in the moonlight.

“Didn’t that hurt?” He said, his eyes wide in surprise and wonder.

“Oh yes,” her voice rose around him like spring mist, “if it hadn’t then it wouldn’t be worth anything.”


“Besides,” he felt faint and light-headed, all wrapped up in her treacle voice and the musk of the rose, “blood makes the best soil for stories.”

And he saw across his thumb, where the thorn had pricked him, words beginning to write themselves in blood and starlight.

“Oh,” he said, fascinated by the flow of red light across his canvas. “I’ll look forwards to reading it later.”

“You’ll have to come back and tell me about it.” Her smile was all pale roots, glowing like a milky galaxy. “I’m excited to hear how it ends.”

Suppose, for instance, that men were only represented in literature as the lovers of women, and were never the friends of men, soldiers, thinkers, dreamers; how few parts in the plays of Shakespeare could be allotted to them; how literature would suffer! We might perhaps have most of Othello; and a good deal of Antony; but no Caesar, no Brutus, no Hamlet, no Lear, no Jaques –literature would be incredibly impoverished, as indeed literature is impoverished beyond our counting by the doors that have been shut upon women.
—  Virginia Woolf (A Room of One’s Own)
BIG BANG Masterlist

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Smut =  ♋


Daesung ‘I am your instrument’  ♋

Daesung ‘Fluffy smut’

GD #113 “Babe, stop it, or I swear I’ll tie you down”, #16 “We can’t keep doing this”, & #4 “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore”

GD ‘MalexMale, date night’  ♋


GD ‘Older brother returns’   

GD ‘Hostess’

GD ‘Man’s best enemy’  

GD ‘Let me on top, sub GD’  ♋

[Royal au] GD ‘Unlucky lovers’

Seungri ‘Giving him a handjob’

Seungri ‘Submissive’  

Seungri ‘Replacement’  

Taeyang ‘BFFs’

TOP ‘Forgotten birthdays PT 1’  ‘Forgotten birthdays PT 2′ 

TOP ‘You’re sick but you don’t want to tell him’


How they react to you asking for a baby  

How they react to you hiding your face in their chest in embarrassment  

How they react to their pregnant gf/wife being grumpy  

How they react to your boyfriend cheating on you  

How they react to you being horny and grinding down on them  ♋

How they react to you taking control during sex and using handcuffs on them  ♋

How they react to you quitting your job because your boss was harassing you  

How they react to you giving them a love letter and running away  

How they react to their crush wanting to be on WGM with them  

They catch you masturbating  ♋

When you’re too shy to ask for them to buy you something expensive  

When You tell them you’re pregnant  

Falling asleep with them after having a rough day  

When you reveal to them you’re a virgin  ♋ 

When you get jealous and have rough sex with them  ♋

When they realize they’ve developed real feelings for their WGM partner  

How they react to a fan hitting you  

When you tell them you can’t have kids *trigger?*  

When someone thinks their child isn’t thier own because their S/O is a foreigner  

How they react to you being depressed *trigger?*  

Meeting your parents

When they get a call from their frightened child 

Making out with them  ♋  

Waking them up with a blowjob  ♋

When you slap them during a fight and they start bleeding *trigger?*  

When you’re in public and you whisper that you aren’t wearing panties  ♋

How they react to you leaving a love mark on their neck  ♋

How they react to their crush being forced into an arranged marriage  

Favorite sexual positions  ♋

How they react to you being good at puppy dog eyes   

When their toddler runs on stage  

When another idol kisses their gf in front of them and she didn’t want it  

When you tell them you like anal play  ♋

When you give them the silent treatment

When you tease them under a table in public  ♋

When their GF is so short she has to jump up to kiss them  

When you get bitch slapped by a fish

When you have a pet goat that screams if they come near It and their things

When you call them asking to speak to your kid but he lost them

When you swing your hips while giving them a BJ to feel the friction  ♋

How they react to their Korean GF having blue eyes

How they react to you sexually teasing them in front of the other members  ♋

When their child asks if he’s really their dad because they’re absent a lot  

Favorite position for eating you out *nsfw*  ♋

When you tease them by sexting them at work  ♋

When you love each other mutually, but you’re scared they’ll play you

How they react to their GF going all out for their birthday

When your mother starts pressuring you two for grandchildren

When his 4 yr old daughter starts opening a present excitedly  

When their 5 y/o wants to go trick or treating with them

How they react to their BF adopting a child without telling them

When their daughter gets chased by a chicken

How they react to you fangirling over another member

When they come home and find you watching tv naked

When a peacock starts chasing them

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

When you get insecure about your weight because someone insulted you

As sloths




Sexy texts cause they miss you  ♋

Everyday texts with GD Pt1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 ♋


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Being INFP

I love being INFP

I admit it, I love being INFP! There is something about us. There is a way, an air. I love the fact that there seems to be nothing in our minds that can stop us. We can be determined and unstoppable. We have that fire in our soul and so long as we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything and move mountains. We are dreamers and lovers. I love the fact that we can think progressively. Even though it hurts us, I love the fact that we can feel so deeply the plights of others that our hearts can literally hurt for them, it is just so beautiful and poetic to me.  As much as sometimes it feels as a burden and it can weigh me down a bit, I am happy that people come to be and unload their problems on me. To me, that means you have to have large shoulders and are a reliable and kind person to merit the trust of those that do so.
I’m proud of my ability to have empathy for those around me. I am proud that when I need to, I can speak up.

I love that we feel love so deeply. Never have I seen a type that can love so deeply that it goes without a word or expression, but we all know what this feeling is. Wordlessly we love because there are no words to describe how deep into every fiber of our being it goes.
I love how when I look at a person, I may make a speculation and check their body language and overall vibes and I can get their number pretty quickly. The INFP magic~

I love that we are for peace. There is nothing worse than today with the divisions of everything against everyone. I for one as an INFP believe that there is no difference. It hurts me to see people struggling with hatred and though I know it is a very prominent thing these days, I for one will not be part of it. Because, when I look at a person, unless I know their true person, I only see a heart and a soul. Nothing more or less, a fellow human being. It has never been upon my mind to treat any one person better or less due to age, size, walk of life, race or sexuality. Because why does any of this matter in the first place?

I love being INFP because I feel connected to the world around me. Sometimes this is true and it plays to my detriment when the world has a dark outlook, but would I trade this special power? No, I cannot say I would.
Though it gets us into more trouble and can cause frustration sometimes, I love the fact that we are walking contradictions. Sure again sometimes it can be detrimental, but it is something that we are and because of this, it makes each and every one of us unique. We are different. We are a type that doesn’t follow the crowd.  I, myself like to think that because we are different we can be kind hearted and see the world in different light.

I love being INFP because yet again though it can be frustrating, we can see both sides of the coin. I know other types can do this as well, especially fellow diplomats, but it is that thinking that spurs a lot of my decisions and take me from acting in a way that would be hurtful to one of a peaceable manner.

I LOVE being INFP because it means that, sure we’re introverted, but we can speak when we need to. Our moral compass guides us as we make choices, and if things go against us, we are not afraid to go with our heart and our gut and stand firm in what we believe in, even if it is not the popular thing.
Sure there are times that we have our emotions take over, and it seems as though we are too sensitive, but if it came to being this way or being another type, would you trade it?

I love that we are creative, even if it is not in a physical way, even in our thinking or how we take in a piece of art and appreciate it. Writing, art, music. It’s all so beautiful to me, and our connection with music, is so very deep, and so very moving.

There is so much to be grateful for with any type that you are. I for one will always be a proud INFP

Couldn’t bring myself to truly fall in love ever again; and yet there I was falling for you — hoping you weren’t just another muse.
—  @the-thoughts-ill-never-speak

I’m perfectly fine with a little rain, I’m excited about tomorrow. My current feelings resemble a candle on a desk. I want to be okay, so trying requires that I sleep. The energy of a dreamer fuels his everyday– the stoners like the feeling– just let go. It’s not worth it. The drug addicts love the feeling– I don’t feel shit. The sober remembers everything. The living relives everything. The writers of tonight kiss you into metaphors and prose pieces– The lover, the lost, the gone– they are just shades of who I used to be. I’m not perfect, but they still read– each broken line, every emotion splattered into a poem– a journal entry only reveals its content if cracked open, my heart is all the same– each heartstring, every little beat, every time you’ve made a home out of me– I feel it every night. You… it’s this cycle, this loop of depression… one day it’s everywhere… and then the next… it’s gone.

Rupi Kaur Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "I was made heavy
  • half blade half silk
  • difficult to forget
  • and not easy for the mind to follow"
  • Taurus: "you smell like
  • earth
  • herbs
  • gardens
  • a little more
  • human than the rest of us"
  • Gemini: "your body is a museum of natural disasters can you grasp how stunning that is"
  • Cancer: "i don’t know what living a balanced life feels like
  • when i am sad i don’t cry i pour
  • when i am happy i don’t smile i glow
  • when i am angry i don’t yell i burn"
  • Leo: "the world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it"
  • Virgo: "I am timid
  • cause falling into you
  • means falling out of him
  • and I had not prepared for that"
  • Libra: "i am hopelessly
  • a lover and
  • a dreamer and
  • that will be the
  • death of me"
  • Scorpio: "she is water
  • soft enough to offer life
  • tough enough to drown it away.”
  • Sagittarius: "i do not want to have you
  • to fill the empty parts of me
  • i want to be full on my own
  • i want to feel so complete
  • i could light a whole city"
  • Capricorn: "of course i want to be successful
  • but i don’t crave success for me
  • i need to be successful to gain
  • enough milk and honey
  • to help those around
  • me succeed"
  • Aquarius: "i am sorry i made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with
  • is all you have to be proud of
  • when you have broken mountains with your wit"
  • Pisces: "I didn't leave because
  • I stopped loving you,
  • I left because the longer
  • I stayed the less I loved myself."

The sun and moon dance round the earth
Ever spinning, opposing forces
Beautiful, lonely, and detached.

Of course the sun envies the moon; 
When the sun deigns to think of anything other than itself,
it thinks about the moon.
Floating on the sea of dreams,
shining benignly over lovers, dreamers and the mad.

Yet the moon worships the sun,
reflecting its light to all in its domain.
Gently pouring out its adoration
Over all who seek the night. 
Burning, ever yearning
For the sun’s resplendent light. 

-Collab between @phoenixheartsongrising and @voidlightmoon 

Natures of your kind, with strong, delicate senses, the soul-oriented, the dreamers, poets, lovers are always superior to us creatures of the mind. You take your being from your mothers. You live fully; you were endowed with the strength of love, the ability to feel. Whereas we creatures of reason, we don’t live fully; we live in an arid land, even though we often seem to guide and rule you. Yours is the plentitude of life, the sap of the fruit, the garden of passion, the beautiful landscape of art. Your home is the earth; ours is the world of ideas. You are in danger of drowning in the world of the senses; ours is the danger of suffocating in an airless void. You are an artist; I am a thinker. You sleep at your mother’s breast; I wake in the desert. For me the sun shines; for you the moon and the stars.
—  Hermann Hesse

I often wonder what life would’ve been like if we took a different direction. Would we have still been together? Would our love have blossomed to the ideal lovers portrayed in romance films and novels? Would we have seen the world through one pair of the five senses? Would we have become “one” entirely that a moment apart is a moment of agony and never ending sadness? Would I have been able to save you from your demons and bring you to the light that you were too blind to see? Would we have celebrated this day conventionally on a daily basis without the mark on a calendar? Would you have saved me from myself? So many questions unanswered but one is for certain. I still think about you, but not as positive recollection but gratitude. If it wasn’t for you i’d still be a ignorantly loving fool. So I thank you. Where ever you may be.


A fever you can’t sweat out intro:

Ladies and gentlemen,

tonight we proudly present a picturesque score of passing fantasy.

For your pleasure, at one, Panic! At The Disco.

A dreamers dream:

“Have you ever had a dream, where you were running through a sunflower field with clouds dancing across a crystal blue sky, your lover’s running towards you, the wind whipping through your lovely lavish locks, (you reach to your lover) for that first passionate kiss! This is not that dream. This is hard sweaty crazy angry monstrous fucking.”

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to the wisher,
to the dreamer,
to the sidekick lover,
this will all make sense one day. and you will find happiness in all the seeps and crevasses of your home. oceans will rise in your body for a love that is so pure, it’s undeniable.
—  Excerpt #249