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An appropriate sentiment for Friday Reads! (h/t to The Mind of a Fiction Book Lover).  This weekend I’m taking home an advance of Harlequin editor Patience Bloom’s new memoir, Romance Is My Day Job.

Nicole has a pile of children’s books in preparation for the Caldecott honors. 

Camila reports: “Emmaus, by Alessandro Baricco, an Italian novel (or novella, maybe) about four teenage Catholic boys with a crush on a rich girl. It’s got this lovely fog of ambiguity”

Rose says “I’ve just started The Bend of the World by Jacob Bacharach. So far it’s lovely.”

And New Intern Jordan has Maxine Hong Kingston’s classic memoir The Woman Warrior.

What about you?  What are you excited about this weekend?

anonymous asked:

fem!England/male!Scotland headcanons

gonna set this in a human AU because there is so much I can do with it

  • She only starts dating Angus as a rebound. She just broke up with a “proper boyfriend” and Angus is a friend of a friend, so she reckons he’s hot enough to pass the time while She gets over the loss of her other relationship.
  • —but for some reason his stupid freckled face grows on her, and She gets over her last relationship quicker than she anticipated. Maybe it’s his face and the way he looks at her like he’s staring at stars.
  • (Angus is much more into her than she is into him. he would slay a lion for her if she asked because there’s just something in her eyes and the curve of her lips that makes him feel weak at the knees yet makes his spine feel strong enough to lift his head and make him smile)
  • She is far more intelligent than Angus and she enjoys correcting him, maybe a little too much. It makes her feel better by comparison and that’s a feeling she just loves.
  • —but annoyingly Angus is willing to learn and appreciates what she tells him. He’s never had a girlfriend this smart before and learning about “feminism” and “misogyny” is new to him but it’s something he’s willing to learn if she’s the one teaching it.
  • before she even realises it they’ve been dating for a year and she panics. It was only supposed to be temporary and now he’s booked a weekend in Paris for a lovers holiday, how could he be so stupid—. She breaks it off and stays with her sister for a while. She can’t believe this has happened.
  • (Angus is heartbroken. He listens to Sinead O’Connor and drinks until he cries. His brothers are fucking fed up of it)

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