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Usagi/Mamoru Manga Kisses Master Post

I’m kind of obsessed with the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga (or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon for those who prefer the Japanese title) and Naoko Takeuchi is ace at drawing kisses. I wanted to see all of the kisses in one place, so I decided to make a master post. I’ll be listing them all from beginning to end, with what Act and story arc they belong in. So… enjoy! (This is a REALLY long post, so I’m putting it under a “read more”)

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In the spirit of the end of the award season here are my Top 10 2014 movies.

Special Mention to: Under the skin, Locke, Interstellar, Palo alto, Coherence, Inherent Vice, Nightcrawler, What we do in the shadows, Camp Xray, Boyhood, 22 jump street The babadook, Deux jeurs, une nuit, The trip to Italy, The raid 2, Enemy, The lego movie, Mistaken for strangers, Jodorowsky’s dune, Citizenfour, Finding Vivian Meier, A most violent year, The lego movie, Guardians of the galaxy.

Haven’t seen:  Big eyes, Song of the sea, A girl walks home alone at night, Timbuktu, Jauja, The better angels, Mr. Turner, Le sel de la terre, Mommy, Miss julie, Cavalo dinheiro, Maidan, etc.

For the Love of Ghibli

A few reasons why I think Studio Ghibli is the best animation studio around today. 

They don’t limit the medium.

Animation can be more than just a medium to instill ‘values’ and lessons into kids. Because traditional animation lends itself to imagery and movement that’s impossible in live action, the studio takes advantage of that, and lets the colours, forms and vistas fly.

Using traditional animation to explore moods, movement and emotions that keep even adults riveted. This frees the medium to become more than just simple morality tales aimed at an unsophisticated audience. Exploring loss, grief, fear and myriads of themes we would normally think of as off limits to kids.

They’re always pushing the art form.

Never afraid to experiment, Ponyo and The Tale of Princess Kaguya are absolute highlights for lovers of traditional animation. The deceptively simple childlike colours and shapes in Ponyo perfectly match the themes of the story and reflect the characters of our two young protagonists.

Princess Kaguya is an absolute wonder of watercolour and brushstrokes. When I saw the film for the first time, I literally couldn’t stop looking at the screen. The technique of implying detail rather that illustrating it works amazingly well here. Objects and characters feel more detailed than they actually are, thanks to the fluid movements.  

They understand light, form and empty space.

Their animation backdrops are a wonder to behold. Particularly, Spirited Away and Ponyo and The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Your eyes are allowed to rest, explore the scene and revel in the detail (or lack there of ) on display.

They don’t talk down to kids.

Disney’s Princess Sofia is a case in point, all ‘goodness’ and ‘sweetness’, encouraging all girls to be princesses… There’s an awful lot of behavior and gender policing going on with Disney. In contrast, Studio Ghibli have given us female characters like Chihiro, Princess Kaguya and Kiki, who face the challenges thrown at them and grow in wisdom and responsibility.

There’s a deep understanding of what it means to be a child at work here. An insight into the strength of storytelling, lovable characters and most of all, imagination free of constraint executed with a skill that is literally timeless. 

anti-trc  asked:

Hello! After starting to watch Crysal, I really wanna start reading the SM manga, but unfortunately I am painfully inexperienced when it comes to mangas and am completely lost as to where I should start. I kinda look to you as knowing all things SM, so I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me where to start? Or maybe a link to a reading guide, anything really. After ep8 I'm itching to start reading, I don't think I can wait 2 weeks haha. Thank you!

It’s nothing to it at all but you can call this Sailor Moon Manga 101. :-)

I’m doing this as a masterpost to help other people who want to read the manga as well. 

The Sailor Moon Manga is 60 acts/chapters broken into 5 arcs ( 12 volumes) which each act/ chapter is roughly 40-60 pages long.Each season of 90’s anime is based off of an arc in the manga. 

Compared to other Manga series, it’s really short series to get through.

1.Dark Kingdom ( Sailor Moon Classic) Acts 1-14 (Volumes 1- 3)

2.Black Moon ( Sailor Moon R) Acts 14-26  ( Volumes 3- 5)( Chibiusa arrives in the middle of act 14 so that’s why it’s counted as DK and BM arcs)

3. Mugen Academy /Infinity ( Sailor Moon S) Acts 27- 38 ( Volumes 6- 8)

4.Dream ( Sailor Moon SuperS) Acts 39- 49 ( Volumes 8- 10)

5.Stars ( Sailor Moon Stars) Acts 50-60 ( Volumes 11-12)

Also you have Code Name: Sailor V ( 18 acts, 2 volumes)  which is the prequel to SM that you read after and the Short Stories that you read after too. One of the Short Stories ” The Lover of Princess Kaguya” is the main Storyline for Sailor Moon S Movie ( Hearts on Ice)

Since Crystal is following the manga closely ,each episode in Crystal is an act in the manga.So Act 8 in Crystal is actually Act 8 in the manga. So if you want to find out what going to happen next, you can read Act 9 which is called Serenity- Princess.

So read the Dark Kingdom arc first to see if you like it and then you read the other arcs.

Those links will take you to Miss Dream where you can download the PDFs or ebook versions of each chapter individually or each volume. If click on each arc individually, it will directly take you to download the rar file of each arc. ( Those are just the scans which are not in PDF or epub format)

I hope that helps. :-)

Day 6: Your favorite Sailor Moon movie and why

While The Lover of Princess Kaguya is one of my absolute favorite manga side stories, something about the S movie fell a bit flat for me.  It kind of feels like an extended episode instead of an actual movie.  

So it’s gotta be the R movie.  The visuals really pop, the action is amazing, the pacing is perfect, and the characters really get to shine.  I feel like this movie really draws on a lot of the core elements of the rest of the series and makes them just a little bit better–even the overused scenario of kidnapping Mamoru works better here.  And then there’s the Moon Revenge sequence, which must certainly rank as one of the greatest climax scenes in the entire anime.

I didn’t talk about this last night since I was put off about the whole thing but.

Was Hime preggo?? “ All three of us?” Yeah The sounds very suspicious.

I mean if she was the only scene that I could think of  it that happen was….

Even tho they still got clothes on look at their positions in the bed… Yep Luna you walked in on them but left before things got really heated…..*sighs* 

The Lover of Princess Kaguya, Page 125 - Naoko Takeuchi

I just wanted to say two things: one, how much I love Luna’s human design she’s so adorable, but I noticed after staring at it for a few seconds just how tiny her ankles are in this drawing.

Two how kind Usagi really is, she’d do whatever she could to make her friends smile, it’s just so refreshing to see that kind of friendship and love 


So I finally finished the Lover of Princess Kaguya.

It was so meh big to me. I wanted to smack Luna a couple times and hug Artemis. I like the back story with  Kakeru and Hime but it started to get boring. It was honestly not enough action in this. Snow Kaguya had more screen time in the movie than in the manga. 

Now I’m reading her notes and she wasn’t too happy with R movie since it was original story….. So that’s why she did Princess Kanguya so one of the movies would be based from the manga. They still change some stuff for the better altho it still the weakness movie while R movie is the strongest imo. I wonder if she knows that the fan favorite of the movies is the R movie… 

So I didn’t like this one at all. 

I wanted to read the side stories for sometime,but thanks to  your reviews on the princess Kaguya side story. I think I will skipped it ,your right Luna was sort off selfish,and stalkerish here. I don’t even like the movie,but I think it was better than the short story it was based on.

I really thought it was going to be better than the movie since I really don’t like the movie either. Moive was way better. The only shiny moments in this was the party at the beginning, Mamo walking Usagi home, Usa/ Luna convo asking about kissing,  everyone including outers at the cafe like one big happy family while inners talking about their first love,Mina telling Usagi that she don’t understand about first loves, Chibs calling Usa/Mamo mama and papa  while talking about the presents she get at Christmas and that’s about it. Hime and Kakeru was cute together tho. Like someone said. I think this would be a  good non Sailor Moon stand only story.