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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

I’ve really been having mixed feelings about tonight’s Bones finale. I mean, think about it. For twelve years or so, I’ve faithfully settled in front of my television to follow the continuing adventures of Booth, Brennan and their team of misfit toys. I’ve rearranged date nights, drinks with friends, telephone calls and work schedules so that I would not miss an episode. I had a streak of 199 episodes viewed live before my son’s Christmas program blew that out of the water. (Some things just don’t rank below even Bones.) Basically, this show has been a huge part of my life since the day it premiered on September 13, 2005. I’ve given birth, welcomed a sister-in-law, lost a mother-in-law, lost a teenage cousin and my favorite aunt, quit my job, established one fan board, left that board and started this one, had my heart broken by someone I genuinely loved, made friends with the best group of women I’ve ever known, and managed to stay married to a pretty tolerant guy that whole time.

It’s safe to say that since Bones came into it, my life has changed in many ways. And so, it’s bittersweet to have to say goodbye to this show and this cast and, in a way, this fandom. Yes, we are going to leave the board up and running and we will continue our re-watch series, but eventually the posts will stop and the visits and views will stop and Bonesology will be nothing more than an archive for our mutual obsession. Don’t get me wrong, it will be a wonderful archive, filled with love and friendship and fights and make-ups and tears and happiness and fun and Bones. Always Bones. But we’ll find new shows to obsess about, new series to talk with friends about and we’ll all move on. (Don’t you hate that phrase? I know I do.)

So, it seems like the only thing left to do is to thank everyone who enabled made this crazy obsession possible, starting with the obvious.

To David, Emily, TJ, Michaela, Tamara, John, Patricia, John, Eric, Ryan and every single squintern imaginable…there is no way I can every truly express how grateful I am for all the hard work, dedication, love, laughter and tears you’ve put into the twelve seasons of my all-time favorite show. I know we’re all sad that Bones is ending, but for me the good memories of fantastic episodes and scenes and characters and single lines and the appreciation for what we’ve been given will always overshadow the sadness at the finish. Always. And this cast is the reason why. So again…thank you. Sincerely.

To Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and Kathy Reichs…it’s safe to say that without the three of you, we would not be here ready to say goodbye. Your imagination and faith and genius have carried us through a dozen seasons of the most fun television we’ve ever watched, and I for one am so grateful. Thank you all.

To the admins and moderators here at Bonesology…. including the two who helped me start this place, BrainySmurf and DME82. One, of course, is no longer involved here and the other has drifted away to real life but remains one of my most beloved friends. I will be forever in their debt for their support. Among the various moderators we’ve had over the years (including Skole and Rankor01, who ended up meeting and getting married!), I need to thank all the current group, Frankie707, someone1tookmyname, Angiebc, Stayuff, thevaliumsofa, PolamaluGirl, CarlaM2190, squinttoyou, and Laffers18…you’ve all become real life friends and I feel like I should pat myself on the back for picking you to help run things here. You’re loyal, steadfast, brilliant and just the best kind of people and I am genuinely and completely grateful for everything you’ve done for me and Bonesology. And last but definitely not least, to my co-admin, Rynogeny. I don’t think anyone would argue when I say that you, my verbose friend, are the biggest and best Bones fan there ever was or ever will be. We all stand in awe of your insight and attention to detail and absolute dedication to Bones and all its fans. And on a personal note, there is no possible way Bonesology happens on a daily basis without you and even if you weren’t one of the best people on the planet I would love you for that fact alone.
Thank you to every single one of you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys.

And finally, thanks to all of you, the fans, our amazing Bonesology members. We didn’t always agree on everything (Ha!) and I know that you all wanted to punch me in the face at one time or another, but you stuck with us and you embraced what we were trying to do here and I just don’t have the words to express what that means to me. You, above everything else, are the reason we started this board and you’re the reason it stayed afloat and honestly? I’ve run out of words to express my feelings for each and every single one of you. Just…thank you. Truly.

For the six years and four months this board has existed, you’ve all allowed me to hang out with you while you’ve laughed, cried, screamed, begged, hoped, prayed, cursed and celebrated the amazing show we’ve all come to love. I am honored to have lived this obsession with you, and I will miss the shared excitement of new seasons, episodes and story lines but most of all, I will miss all of you. Thank you for letting me be your Head Bitch in Charge. It’s been my privilege.


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Talking about love letters.. How do I tell my straight flatmate I might have a thing for him? - John

JOHN YOUR FLATMATE IS NOT STRAIGHT !! HE IS AS STRAIGHT AS A SPIRAL SPIRALLING FOR ETERNITY. HE FUCKING GAY. HIS GAY ASS HIS PINING FOR YOU FOR LIKE FUCKING AGES !!! FUCKING KISS SHERLOCK AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS .Trust me both of you will end up having the best shag of your life. I have read tons of fanfiction and I can confirm that it always ends up like that. After that you two will confess the hell outta yoself and please get married within a year. Love ya now go get your man.

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Could you write about how murdoc would be in a relationship? Please and thank you!!

- With all of the money he has from the band being such a success, he’d buy you anything you’d like. He’s constantly surprising you with gifts and things you’ve mentioned wanting.
- He doesn’t like cuddling as much as you’d like him to, but he does kiss you a lot. 
- But with that being said, for someone who doesn’t like cuddling, he wants your attention quite a lot. He’s constantly wanting to be with you.
- He calls you pet names a lot!!! Expect the typical pet names like love, baby, darling, etc. but he also makes them up based on your appearance/personality (i.e if you had freckles he’d just call you “freckles” a lot.)
- He’s very protective over you and likes showing others that you’re his. While in public he constantly has his arm around your waist.
- He’d talk about you a lot during interviews. 
- The both of you have pillow talk fairly often
- He writes songs about you. He shows you some, but most of them are hidden.
- Sometimes when the two of you are sleeping together, you’ll wake up to him holding your hand or being snuggled up against you. Every time you bring it up he always says that you must’ve done it while you were sleeping (He lies).
- Occasionally you and him spend the whole day in his Winnebago. Watching movies, listening to his old records, etc. He enjoys your company 
- He would ABSOLUTELY teach you how to play bass. 
- He’d never admit it, but he loves it when you show him genuine affection. It makes him feel valued.

Why I ship darus

Okay first things first I’m writing this at about midnight and just can’t get my mind off of it so if this doesn’t make a lot of sense well I’m sorry. Second of all, i don’t really need to explain why darus is my life but this is more just some back story as to why i would want this to be canon –and even if it won’t then I will still love twd–

So my main and number 1 reason for shipping darus is because of Daryl’s backstory. We know he is from Georgia which is a southern state, we also know southern states are notorious for being homophobic/racist (not saying all are, I’m saying thats where you’d typically think to find them). So with this we can imply that his father was most likely both of those things and not to mention a drunk asshole who abused both Daryl and Merel. We still don’t know why he abused them, it could just be that he was an abusive father but I think that it’s something more than that especially with Daryl. I think that Daryl’s dad thought Daryl was gay from his lack of being sexual with women. We know this from his encounters with Carol, but I do believe most of the beating were because he thought Daryl was gay. Then we get to the fact that Merel had always questioned Daryl’s masculinity calling him “Darlene” ect. We already know Merel is racist, at least a little from season 1, so we can also guess he would be homophobic again based off of where they are. This all in mind now we get to the biggest turn of events, I believe Daryl is asexual and demiromantic. Woah I know big twist but let me explain. Daryl has never been sexual with anyone, at least not that we’ve seen, and he’s never -really- been romantic with anyone either. This is where the asexual comes from and the demiromantic comes from the fact that he never really got a connection with anyone again at least that we have seen. But as time goes on he’s starting to grow closer and closer to Jesus. Yes this sorta happened with Beth but him and Beth were forced together, he choses to be around Jesus (that or Jesus forces him but then again he could just leave in that case) and he seems to look at Carol as the mother he technically had but lost at a young age. With that being said I think that if he does like Jesus romantically he was taught by his family that it was wrong and that he shouldn’t and that he would have a rather rough time coming to conclusions with it himself. With his backstory and what I think his sexuality is, I 100% think that he likes Jesus in more of a romantic way than a platonic way, and that because of the way he was raised and the lack of sexual desire he doesn’t know how to express it. There’s a lot more detail I could go into but I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it.

My second reason and probably not as good as my first is the chemistry between them and the richonne parallels. It’s obvious these boys both have trust issues and both feel useless when they don’t have something to do. They have so much in common with each other that they both have yet to learn about (broken families, past relations ships *platonic and romantic* ect.). With that they are also two completely different people that i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be that different. I’m pretty sure you’re all like how tf is that a reason to ship them and well I’ll tell you why. This just shows that they are going to grow and need each other to help themselves and the other grow and learn to move on/get passed certain things. Both of them are very stubborn so it’s gonna take awhile but if they were to get into a relationship i fully with everything in me believe that they would help each other cope and grow into stronger people even more then already. We know Daryl is at a rough spot and Jesus can definitely help him with time and a lot of patience. Not to mention that during that time Daryl would also help Jesus to learn to trust more and open up. They would be such a good couple for each other it physically pains me i stg. And the richonne parallels are kinda self explanatory but definitely what made me start shipping them to begin with.

So i could go on with a few more reasons but these are really the reasons and theories that make me ship darus and hope that the writers make it canon. Again no matter what happens I love the show and even if darus never happens I will still love Jesus and Daryl and continue watching. I just think with all of this plus the added fact of how awkward and raw the relationship would be would just make it feel even more like real life then before. Sorry for making this really long and hey if you still don’t ship it thats cool too dude. And also again sorry if this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but to me my reasons are very clear and hopefully some of you get it too, especially the first one because i don’t think I did a good job explaining it even tho it’s the longest of the reasons. Anyways have a lovely Darus filled night - Brad

It's been one year

It’s been one year since I started doing crystal meth.
365 days and I can count how many days I’ve been sober on 2 hands.
Everything in my life has changed in one year.
In one year I
Started using
Got really skinny
Met a person from tumblr
Fell in love
Got attached
Became pregnant
Went crazy
Got an abortion
Lost my job
Became dependent
Ruined every previous relationship I had
Ruined the relationship I was in
Got raped
Lost the best cat I’ve ever known
Lost the place I called home
Lost my boyfriend
Isolated myself to
Gave up trying

I’m not saying this drug was the cause of any of those things, but if I hadn’t used on March 27th 2016 none of those things would have happened. One thing did not change this year, that’s how much I truly hate myself. I did a lot of stupid things so I could get high. If someone that follows me is curious about trying meth, I can tell you that the first high isn’t worth it. You’ll get addicted and it will control all the things you thought you had control over. I don’t regret any of the things I’ve done, because I got to know what true happiness felt like. I got to know what loving someone with you’re entire heart meant. And it fucking hurts.

And to all the hate I’m going to get for my abortion calm the fuck down before you say shit. I was told that I was too thin to try to give birth. If I did decide to keep it, the baby and I would have died. I know I was too skinny because of meth, I know I had to end a life because of a drug. I’m reminded of that every day when I wake up until the time I go to sleep.
I hope someone takes something away from this.

As i am awake at night,
I keep thinking of you,
I keep wondering,
What is life without you?
What will happen to my heart?
I feel like a lost soul,
When you are not here,
I wanted every part of you,
The deepness of your soul,
The soul i always love,
I wanted you eversince,
I needed you here,
Regardless of the bad things,
I will still love you,
And I wanna say this,
I want to spend with you,
Every waking moment of my life.

concept: a sanvers spinoff where we focus on how these two lovely ladies work throughout their relationship despite their issues and also cuddly moments and sexy moments and also a kara and maggie dinner where kara tells maggie about a really embarrassing thing that happened alex when they’re younger but also kara telling maggie she trusts her and also a family dinner with earth dad BASICALLY I JUST WANT A FULL EPISODE OF SANVERS EVERY WEEK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE 

If I’m being honest, you were the worst and best thing to happen to me.
—  a lesson in disguise

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hey so i love ur blog. but i just wanted to share a noodle thing. maybe it's already shared but still. in the UK it's difficult to get those shirataki noodles at common supermarkets. but I've found that Morrison's stock Bare Naked's 12 cal per serving noodles. they taste great with light soya sauce etc. they're super filling too!! i just had them with veggies and it's the best low cal meal I've made! hope this helps someone. was a life saver for me personally as i love noodles but hate calories

^boom! To all my friends in the UK, I hope this helps. Thank you anon :)

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I'll have to disagree with you on your belief in reincarnation. There's no way we have past lives. We have one life and it's the one we're living right now. After that you either go to heaven or hell. If you have any links to anything to maybe educate me more on reincarnation and past lives I would love to read them. I respect your belief, I was raised in a Christian home and still am very close to that religion.

And that’s totally fine! Reincarnation is a part of my religion and has been confirmed by a lot of trustworthy spirits I’ve spoken to over the years. I’ve also done past life regression, which took me back to the last few days of my previous life, which pretty much correlated with a lot of things I do in this life (particularly hating certain things and places for no reason). It’s totally cool if your religion doesn’t believe it and mine does.

Here’s my Order’s main ideas summed it, and included is the belief in reincarnation.

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Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!

@whalesharks you’re the love of my life and i love how kind and big-hearted you are, i love the passion you have about the things you love and care about, and you’re the most trustworthy person i know (i literally trust you more than anyone else on the planet) you’re such a good person and i love you so so much. it was rly hard to pick just 3 things. ur great sense of humor was a close runner-up

@papatulus you’ve gotten a lot of hate from anti-sjws recently and i just wanted to remind you that you’re loved!! you’re a great friend who cares geniuinely about others, you have such a talent for creativity with your storium things and your long-form jokes, and and you speak up when you see injustice despite the fact that it garners you hate.

@lulu-69 you’re one of my best friends and ilu so much!! i love how you take absolutely no shit from anyone, it’s smth i really admire from u and a quality i wish i had myself. you’re a great friend and i care about you lots!!! and you’re always introducing ppl to new stuff like touhou and precure, there’s a whole lot of interests i never would have gotten into if u hadn’t said “hey check out this cool thing”, u have rly good taste!

What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

see above where i tagged tumblr user whalesharks

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Hello, hope all is well with you! I'm getting concerned because I don't really have a passion or purpose in life and I really want to find it. I have an idea of things I like doing but I have no idea what I'd be doing if money wasn't a object, if you know what I mean? What could I do to find my passion because sometimes I feel like I'm forcing it. I want something that I would love doing so much, I would lose track of time while doing it. Thank you!

First set an intention to discover and do things that you are passionate about.

“I am in the process of attracting and allowing all that I need to be do or have in order to discover and do what I am passionate about doing on a consistent basis in positive and healthy ways.”

The thing about the Hairspray musical, is that when I first saw it, I actually, literally thought that my life would never matter at all, to anyone and that nothing I did could ever mean anything because I was fat.  I would never find love (I did!), I would never get a good job (hey, did that too!), etc.  All because I was fat.  I thought that even if I made some huge scientific discovery or wrote the best symphony ever (neither of these happened, lol) it wouldn’t matter at all. Because I was fat. 

It was a turning point for me, to see a fat girl actually accomplish anything.  To find love and respect and to live with self-respect, too. It was just this huge thing in my life. I was 22 when it came out (I first saw it a few years later, I think) and hadn’t encountered any fat acceptance or HAES or anything. Just people hating me because I was fat. People telling me I’d die in 10 years because I was fat. 

People cracking fat jokes made it seem more realistic to me.  Because that was my life. Being bullied for being fat was just how life was. 

I really ought to rewatch it and see what I think now.  If I can get through the racism and transmisogyny without getting too angry that I have to stop.

-Mod Siarl

Another year with this Angel, the woman who changed my life and saved me from myself.
I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you, I really don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t for you; On my roughest times you’re the reason why I kept waking up everyday.
I really hope you’re having the sweetest day, and I wish all your days to be full of happiness and love, ‘cause you deserve nothing less than the best things in this world.
One day I hope to be able to return you the happiness you’ve given to me, unfortunately I don’t think it will be possible, since you fulfill my heart with love and joy everyday, but I’ll keep doing my best and at least make you smile every chance that I get.
Happy Birthday my Sparkly Star, you’re the brighter soul in this universe 💖

Story Time

When I was fifteen. There was this guy that was so in love with me he literally told me he was willing to cosplay SNS with me (at that point everyone and their mother knew of my obsession) and I thought it was the worst thing Ive ever heard cuz all I could think about was the fact that he wasn’t hot enough to play either Sasuke or Naruto.


Yeah. I was terrible.

I need everyone to know two things about my day:

I got an email from Martin Sheen asking me to donate money to DCCC, which I gladly did because I will do literally anything my husband asks.

It is wellness week at my school so there are dozens of tiny rubber ducks of various colors and designs that we are encouraged to write our stresses on and “set free” around campus.  It is causing chaos and also I kept two of them – a yellow duck with a purple hat and purse (”Ariel, look!  This duck can accessorize!” –my friend who handed me that duck), and a giraffe duck that I have named Angela.