the lovely singer

‘If the path doesn’t exist, create it’. 

This image really resonated with me, lately I find myself much more invested in my own personal journey, learning to think differently and becoming more present and conscious. Mindfulness was never something I was able to get into personally, I found it difficult to focus my consciousness and always found my mind drifting. But since beginning to read Michael Singers ‘The Untethered Soul’ (yes I realise I am a little late to the party on this one :) ) I have found my way of thinking has completely changed and I feel much more content in myself. 

If you suffer with your thoughts and emotions but maybe like myself haven’t really been able to relate to mindfulness or meditation in the past I would highly recommend this book. It’s never too late to start living the most contented life you can :) 

Part 1 of a Singer!AU comic that I’m making to practice. High key based on The Voice lmao, Viktor is a famous singer who is lacking inspiration, and Chris talked him into being a coach for the show. 

My mother asking me why I cry over kpop idols
  • Mom: why do you cry about some Chinese girls you'll never meet?
  • Me: they've been my family since day one and will always be there for me. It doesn't matter if we don't live in the same place or speak the same language. They give us hope and something to always look forward too, even when life has us at our lowest point.
  • My dad: ...
  • My aunt: ...
  • My cat: ...
  • My bamboo plant kevin: ...
  • My mom: honey are you depressed?

i love that the lead singer of kansas actually came up to jensen and told him it was cool if jensen wanted to join them on stage like jensen is so freaking amazing at everything he does that actual professional musicians who have been performing for decades want him to sing with them and it makes me so happy that jensen gets to hear that and experience first-hand just how much people admire him and his talent