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Heart on the Line (part 15)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1217

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What are you favorite Voltron ships?

Hmmmm, well this is a hard question. I love a lot of ships in Voltron, so… Well, I’ll divide this answer into two sections. The ships I would like to see in canon and the ships I am just generally fond of, lol. 

Ships I’d be happy to see in canon (but I wouldn’t honestly be broken up if they didn’t happen. I don’t watch this show for the ships). These are mostly based on my own headcanons and are probably ships that most people don’t even think of, except for the first one. 

Klance: I think everyone who follows me knows I love Klance, lol. Especially in the advent of season 3. They work so well together and they’re growing so much in tandem. I think they could have really natural romantic development that starts from a place of deep friendship and trust. From rivals to partners to friends to best friends to lovers. I love it. I can’t get enough of them to be honest. They learn so much from each other and work so well as a team.  

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Pigtor (or Lotidge, I just learned): Yes. You read that right. I don’t even think this ship has a name? I may have just coined it, hahaha (I’m probably the only person that ships it)! But if it has a name, feel free to tell me. In any case, it’s Pidge and Lotor. “But Skay… what the fuck?” Just HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?! I already think that at some point Lotor is going to switch sides. It’ll be difficult, but I do hope he’ll come over to team Voltron, maybe as a result of something traumatic or learning the truth about his parents addiction, etc, etc. And no, I don’t ship them at the ages they are now–Pidge is 15, c’mon. And Lotor is clearly older. BUT in the future, I have a headcanon that as Lotor tries to rebuild the war-ravaged Galra kingdom, which has fallen apart as a result of no longer being an empire, Pidge is around being the green lion and generally doing genius things. She’s inventing things, working on nature/quintessence research, being awesome. Anyway, she and Lotor see each other once in a while and somehow maybe end up working together. Lotor has always had a deep respect for her intelligence and passion for what she’s doing, and as he watches her, he begins to fall for her. Pidge reminds me a lot of Honerva and I kind of like the idea of their story mirroring hers and Zarkon’s. But unlike Zarkon, Lotor has more self-awareness and sees when Pidge might be getting a little out of control. He loves her passion, but with any resource in the universe at her disposal, she begins to get lost in her work. Lotor could encourage her, but when he sees that she’s dabbling in the dangerous parts of quintessence work, he pulls her back. His own parents were destroyed by such things and he won’t allow that path to be repeated. Pidge and Lotor have formed a pretty close friendship at this point and she sees his point, realizing her own errors. It’s probably a very dramatic part in their story, but yeah. From there things maybe develop more romantically. And then Pidge becomes Queen of the Galra and she and Lotor kind of become everything Zarkon and Honerva could have been, leading their people and doing great things with their research, but knowing from Zarkon and Honerva when something is going too far. This is a huge development for Pidge because, as she is in the show now, I’m sure she’s of the opinion that learning anything and everything is what’s right, similar to how Honerva felt. But I think that, through Lotor, she’d realize that while knowledge is powerful and should be exposed for all, there are also some things that are, perhaps, best left unknown. I also headcanon that Lotor is the only one that calls her Katherine (because I want that to be her full first name) because he thinks it’s a beautiful name. When they were younger, it annoyed the crap out of Pidge, but as they got older, she didn’t mind. Honestly, I love this ship so much. YOU CAN’T STOP ME! PIGTOR FOREVER!  

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Hallura: I read a fic where Hunk and Allura were together and I was like, “huh, that’s interesting…” And from there the ship just got better and better for me. And now that they’re both legs, I’m like “okay, so let’s have some Hunk and Allura development where Hunk is like ‘and this is how you do this move.’” And I just kinda want them to become friends because I think Hunk will become more calm and levelheaded as he gets older, and that he’ll be a good, steady presence for Allura as she continues her diplomatic stuff. Like, she’ll get back from a meeting and Hunk will just be there, ready to comfort her and de-stress her and I just really love them, OKAY?! Like, Allura being upset about her people and her planet and Hunk is just there beside her, saying nothing but being there and just… letting her grieve. I also think his sense of humor would be really good for her. I need Hunk and Allura development so bad…

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Shiro/Romelle: Romelle doesn’t actually exist in the show yet, but I’m hoping that when the rebels get introduced, she’ll, like, be their leader or something. She’s from planet Pollux in the original Voltron, and I think was Allura’s cousin? Anyway, maybe the Polluxians are related to the Alteans, or maybe she is altean and is descended down from the lines of what few Alteans weren’t on Altea when it was destroyed. I don’t know. I just want her to be a badass rebel that saves Shiro and they fall in love. Maybe she’s a lot like Allura, but has a more battle-worn maturity about her, and maybe she and Shiro bond over that. 

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Sibling/Platonic!Sheith: I love sibling relationships, probably because I have a lot of siblings, lol. I love the idea of Keith and Shiro being half-brothers (which would make Shiro and Acxa half-siblings too, if she and Keith are twins, which I hope they are). I just… love the idea of them being brothers so much. And Keith finding his family, and having parts of that family on top of his Voltron family. I NEED IT! 

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Those are the ship I like best when related to what canon we have at the moment. But I also like all these ships to. 

Shallura: They’re both so mature and have their own demons, I think they’d be really beautiful together and balance each other out. They’d be the support the other needs in hard times and I think it’s just a really… bitter-sweetly beautiful ship. They’d become each other’s strength. 

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Hunk/Acxa: I basically like Hunk and Acxa together for the same reasons I like Hunk and Allura together, lol. I also think that Acxa probably has a lot of the same displacement issues that Keith does (if they are brother and sister, which I like to think they are), and that Hunk would be a really steady presence for her to come back to.

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Shance: I love a good “you’re my idol and I might be falling in love with you, but you’re so amazing I’m too scared to say anything” trope, lol. 

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Allura/Acxa: I dunno I just really like them. 

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Allurance: I like the idea of Lance having liked Allura, but then he kind of grows out it. But then Allura develops feelings for him, but doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to act on them. So it’s this long, drawn out back and forth that gets resolved when they’re older and fall in love again, this time at the same time.  

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Um… I think that’s all the ship that kind inspire me creatively? With the exception of a few, I like most Voltron ships, but I think these are the ones I like the best from a creative, personal standpoint, lol. 

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EDIT: I forgot the most important one!

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Sven and Slav XD

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Wow the way you wrote about that whole story involving Louis and Simon, it's just wow. Gives me a reason to hate Simon even more, for doing Louis like that. And I'm glad Louis always spoke up for the band even if he had to be one who got in trouble. It's one of the reason I look up to Louis because he just keeps on going even when they to put him down he continues to strive. I'm sorry you had to go through that yourself. No one should be treated like that

I mean, most of what I’m saying is purely speculation…but I wouldn’t be saying any of it if I didn’t believe it to be true. I know someone who was very close to me who, like I said, told me in no uncertain terms how Simon Cowell treated people and it disgusts me that he is in a position where he is manipulating children like that. Louis may have legally been an adult but just barely. People used to call Liam uptight, but people like Simon can read and assess how best to control others and I would imagine that he struck the fear of God into each of those boys to try and keep them in line and for Liam I’m sure threatening any chance at stardom if the others messed up was enough to make him anal about following the rules. 

My ex-boss was essentially training me to be the next him (like I said the similarities between the Louis/Simon situation and mine are quite stark) and he basically trained me to be a sociopath. Most people who are really great businessmen (businesspeople) can read a person or find out what motivates them most in order to get what they want. These are basic examples, but my boss told me that everyone falls into one category in terms of what motivates them most and it’s called “The Four Fs”: Family, Fame, Freedom, Fortune. Once you know what motivates someone it is very easy to manipulate them. People motivated by Freedom, like myself, are probably the most difficult to tame, which is why my boss eventually resorted to hitting me in the face, but at that point I decided freedom from him was what was most important. 

If you’re motivated by family, as someone who comes from a very large family and has just adopted four younger boys as his family probably is, threatening to hurt the people you love is a huge motivator and there have been very minor instances along the way which would suggest to me that Simon never punished Louis directly for his actions and that when Louis was in trouble the only way to get him in line would be to punish someone he loves. 

Again, these are just things that I’ve been casually thinking about for like four years now.  

for @jikoooktrash and @kookmint (i read that one immature anon on your ask so i decided to type this while half sleeping. i just cant resist im sorry) *note that this post isn’t about me hating on ships. it’s me hating on immature stans that won’t allow jikook stan to be happy for once* friendly reminder to that anon that said jikook moments in summer package 2017 was fanservice: jk sat on jm’s lap then tried to carry jm bridal style, it’s clearly shown on their face that they’re genuinely happy, also when jk was trying to carry jm bridal style at first it was only jm’s right leg, then it’s very clear that jk tried to fix the position, I MEAN HE TRIED TO “REALLY” POSITION HIS ARM ON BOTH JM’S LEGS BUT THEN IT WAS CUT THEN SUDDENLY THEY’RE BY THE SIDE OF THE POOL PUSHING EACH OTHER I WAN TO SCREAM SO LOUD IF IT’S FANSERVICE WHY DID BH CUT IT WHY DONT BH JUST CONTINUE IT? AND LET US SEE JK CARRYING JM BRIDAL STYLE TO THE POOL LIKEEE WHAT THE FUCKKK?!?!!???? here’s a fucking bonus to those who said that jm is hated by either jk or v: jm is loved by jk just as much as jk love all his other hyungs jm is loved by v just as much as v is loved by jm bts fucking love each other ok cant yall fucking shove this facts into your dumb fucking brain????? fun facts that yall immature stans probably doesnt know: - v SAID THAT DURING THE HARDEST TIME (when his grandmother passed away) THE ONE WHO STOOD BY HIS SIDE THE MOST IS JIMIN - V ASKED JIMIN WHETHER HE’S HAPPY (THIS BOY LEGIT CONFIRMING WHETHER THE ANGEL OF BANGTAN IS REALLY HAPPY CAN YALL HEAR ME CRYING FROM THE DISTANCE) - V CRIED IF EVERYTIME JIMIN IS ON DIET (I CRIED TOO AT THAT MOMENT WHERE THE OTHERS WERE EATING AFTER PRACTICE EXCEPT JIMIN. JIMIN KEPT PRACTICE SINGING ALONE THEN THE CAMERA DIRECTOR ASK WHY HE DOESNT EAT. HE SAID HE ALREADY ATE I PRAY TO GOD THAT HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH I DONT WANT MY ANGEL TO STARVE) - V COMPOSED 4 O'CLOCK ABOUT WAITING FOR A FRIEND, NAMJOON ASK WHO IS THAT FRIEND AND V ANSWERED THAT IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT JIMIN (who the hell fucking cuts onions here is it u namjoon?!??!!) - WE ALL SEE IN BV 2nd SEASON V FUCKING CRIED OVER HIS LETTER FOR JIMIN. - V ALSO GAVE JIMIN A LETTER ON HIS BIRTHDAY AND HE GAVE IT IN SUCH A TSUNDERE WAY. IN THE 3RD MUSTER JIMIN SHOWED ARMY HOW V GAVE IT TO HIM. (THESE TWO ARE FUCKING CUTE GOD BLESS) - V AND JIMIN CRIED IN THE BATHROOM TOGETHER AND I BET THEY CRIED OVER THEIR HARDSHIPS FOR BEING IDOLS. HOLY FUCKING FUCK IM GETTING GOOSEBUMP TYPING ALL THIS. I SWEAR THERE ARE SO MANY PROOF OF V AND JIMIN LOVES EACH OTHER listen yall im a new army to be fucking honest, it has been only two months, (and yeas bts is the first group that makes me crazy like this, really ive been living for 21 years and it’s really hard for me to have an interest with kpop then bts come sliding through my life like fuuuuckkkk) and for this past two months i didn’t miss a day marathoning every video of bts that exists on the internet. i start from bangtan bomb, rookie king, american hustle life, their backstage video, their anniversary videos, mv making, every variety shows in which bts appeared, every radios that interviewed bts, jacket making videos, season’s greeting videos, all of their v live including run bts and bangtan gayo, etc etc!!!! do you all immature stans watched bts 3rd muster? in the bonus video v teared up while talking about his grandmother in front of ARMY, and after he was done, jimin immediately back hug him gosh im tearing up again right now! after that, in the backstage jimin was interviewed by the camera director, he said something like “i bet you all are worried about v, but don’t worry he’s fine. we are fine.” (something along those lines) HOW ANGELIC JIMIN IS HE REALLY UGH I CAN BET YOU AN APPLE THAT BTS GENUINELY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE SECOND THEY EVER HAVE THE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING LIKE “ah i wish he’s not in this group”. LIKE NO. OK. EVERYBODY SAY NO. istg if any of you said A hates B i’ll say that you’re not a true A.R.M.Y and you just never watch their videos when these 7 walking memes are being dorks or being mushy with each other. because trust me at first i was into bts i only have my eyes on mr worldwide handsome aka wide shoulder hyung aka jin and also jungkook and i sleep on the others. but thanks to my decision to watch all of their videos i got to know more about all of them. how hardworking and talented they are. and i just cant sleep on or even dislike one of them. been an army for 2 months now but i feel like i’ve been one since their predebut… ps bts love each other and wishes for each others happiness. they even wish for army to stop worrying about them. so let’s stop fighting over each others’ ships. as a jikook stan, i respect taekook, yoonmin, yoonkook, hopemin / jihope stan and all the others’ stan. i don’t say hateful stuff on them. i have reasons to stan jikook. so i’m sure they also have reasons to stan their favorite ships. it’s not right to bash it. let’s just be a good army and learn to respect each other. and start supporting bts as whole! thanks and bye.

GOT7 Reaction // When their s/o is the lead rapper of a group.


Being a rapper himself, he never failed to hype up your parts in a song and literally memorize every word.

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Rapping isn’t exactly in his field but he loves when you rap. He even attempts to rap your lines and fails miserably.

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Another king of rapping. He would give you lessons on how to become a better rapper and would even have rap battles with you(?)

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Jinyoung is also a vocalist, so he wouldn’t be too good at rapping. He would still cheer you on at events and hype up your parts in songs.

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We all know youngjae is the king of vocals so don’t expect him to be spitting your rap successfully. Instead, he’ll be rapping your parts obnoxiously.

Originally posted by yjarssunshine


I swear this boy will just start rapping your parts out of nowhere. Whether it be in the shower, a fancy dinner, or at a supermarket, he will just start GOING OFF.

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He knows a thing or two about rapping, but this boy will always praise your talent and say you’re better than him.

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You know I get that NO ONE could know that Jon was Targaryen and so Ned had to take him in as his own son but why not tell Cat? They loved each other so much yet he thought that he couldn't share this with her? She hated Jon her whole life bc she thought that her husband cheated on her, she hated Jon so much she wanted him to die. And obviously Ned couldn't love Jon because it was something Cat never forgave him. If Ned only told Cat... Jon could have been at least loved. It's just so sad...

Omg I was getting up to leave my office and literally stayed to answer this because I am so glad you sent this. I almost never see this discussed. 

I agree with you so hard it hurts. Ned and Cat obviously loved each other very much and Cat is fiercely loyal. She would not have told anyone about Jon. Ned could have given both his wife and Jon such a better life by telling her. I know that he was keeping his word by keeping it a secret BUT

Can you imagine someone as sweet and deserving as Jon actually having a GOOD childhood? 

Cat hugging him and scooping him up to carry him around on her hip while doing stuff around Winterfell, making matching clothes for him and Robb. Jon getting lovingly fussed at by Cat for teaching Arya to fight, but making it up to her by stopping Bran from climbing when he got to high. Sansa never treating Jon with cruelty to emulate her mother, Theon never having ammunition with which to torment him. Jon never would have felt inadequate or inferior or alone. He never would have envied Robb. He never would have wondered why he was unwanted or what was wrong with him or his mother. 

I wish. I wish so hard. 

Jon Snow deserves only love always.

I know that his hard life made him who he is. Being a bastard is kind of THE THING about Jon’s character. But idk. The Stark kids were loved unconditionally as children and they turned out awesome. Jon would have, too. 

Edit: I know Ned and Cat were strangers when they married, guys. I just think that down the line it would have been cool if Ned had been honest with her but I get why he didn’t. This is just wishful thinking. 

You spun gold out of this hard life.
Conjured beauty from the things left behind.
Found healing where it did not live.
& Broke the curse with your own two hands.

The happiest of birthday’s to @ladyrivienne​!!!! I wanted to try and make a little gift for your bday and tried to finish this before the day ended but alas…. I hope you still like it!!! I tried my best to make her look like Beyoné but i feel like you have to have OP skills in order to completely capture her beauty 

If you haven’t already yet, go and wish Rvi a happy birthday!!! She one of the loveliest people you’ll meet in this community and deserves all the best wishes on her birthday 💖

No Need To Worry

@kpoptive requested: “Namjoon and reader are both leaders to popular idol groups, and Namjoom gets his month off as tge reader has a come back, and the reader doesnt sleep in their apartment with Namjoon as often, and Namjoon gets angry/upset and is about to break up with tge reader but it turns out the reader was preparing a special comeback stage- a song for Namjoon. Idk it just popped in my head you dont have to do it”

Summary: Schedules aren’t matching up, frustration levels are getting higher, and even though the love is there, you aren’t.

Word Count: 1283

*I am so sorry that it took this long to post! I hope you enjoy!*

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“But…” *click* and the other end of the line went dead. Namjoon brought his phone away from his ear, and saw the call has ended after 1 minute and 28 seconds. A call that was longer than he expected. He threw his phone at the ground, and sat on the couch putting his hands on his face. He knew it wasn’t your fault, you were trying your best. You both were. This is what happens when you’re both idols.

Namjoon came back to your shared apartment right when promotions ended and was prepared for their month off. But when his month off began, you were just getting started. Working on a new album, writing songs, singing and dancing - you were never there. Namjoon always waited for you to walk through the door each night, to just relax with him for one night, but you never showed.

He was getting anxious, and nervous, and a bad feeling took over his stomach. The texts were getting shorter, the calls weren’t occurring every day, and he always had to contact you first. Did you still love him? Was he enough for you? He’s been in the same boat as you, everyone has, but somehow he always managed to stay in touch in with you. Why were you being so distant?


“Hey Y/N, I brought you lunch!” He fumbled with the plastic bag in his hand as he saw you hunched over your desk in the studio, finishing up a song. A position he has been way too many times. You just nodded your head, not acknowledging him. He set the bag on the chair next to you, sighing, and shoving his hands down his pockets. “Why don’t you take a break Y/N? Eat some lunch with you boyfriend.”

“Joon, I can’t right now.” You rubbed your temples and sighed heavily.

“Yes you can Y/N. If I can take a break for you, you can for me.” He started to rubbed your shoulders and you wanted to give into him but you couldn’t. “That looks like a nice song.” You slammed the book shut in front of you and stood up quickly. He couldn’t see what you were writing.

“Joon you need to leave.” You opened up your studio door indicating for him to get out. You nodded your heads toward the door, silently telling him leave.

“Y/N come on.”

“No Joon, leave.”

“Fine.” And with that the door slammed shut and you sat back in your chair thinking to yourself what exactly did you just do?


You felt guilty, it was eating you alive. You kept texting Namjoon everyday before your comeback stage happened, and all of his responses were cold.

Y/N: Hey Joon, we’re performing tomorrow, are you coming?

KN: idk

Y/N: Well, I think you should.

KN: I’ll think about it.

Y/N: Oh okay.

You wanted him to be there. You were performing with your group, and you were also performing your first solo song. A song about Namjoon, you wrote it because he was your inspiration, and you were in love, yet you pushed him away, and you didn’t notice it until it was too late.


“Make-up is done Y/N.” The stylist smiled at you and you showed her a smile too. You were getting ready to go on stage to perform your solo, and Namjoon still hasn’t showed. You understand if he didn’t want to come for how you were treating him, but you wanted this to be a surprise.

You looked at your phone again, maybe he texted you, but there were no notifications. You stood up and started walking towards the door when you saw Namjoon leaning against the doorframe.

“Hey.” You said in a soft tone, it was like you didn’t know him. You were scared to talk to him. He just nodded his head at you and walked inside the room, and shut the door behind him. You had a bad feeling about what was going to happen.

“Y/N we need to talk.” He sat down on a chair and you stayed standing.

“About what?”

“Us.” Your breath hitched, and you tried your best to prepare yourself for anything. You walked over to him and took a seat next to him. “I think we need a break Y/N.” You shook your head, this isn’t what you wanted to hear right before you were about to go on stage and perform a love song.


“I’m sorry that this isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear before you went on stage but it needed to be done Y/N.” You nodded your head and the director walked into the room and told you, you were on.

“I have to go.” You said it so quietly that you barely even heard it. Namjoon nodded his head and didn’t even watch you leave. He was about to get up and leave when your other members walked into the room.

“Hey Namjoon.” They all said, and he greeted them as well. He was confused as to why they weren’t on stage with you.

“Aren’t you guys performing right now?”

“Uh, we aren’t but Y/N is!” One of your members said. Turning on the TV in the dressing room to watch your first solo performance.

“Yeah it’s her first solo and the song is so beautiful! She’s so nervous.” Another one said while taking a seat in a chair. Namjoon just watched them from the doorway.

“She wrote the song all by herself too.” Another one added.

Namjoon couldn’t believe it. You were debuting your first solo song and he just pulled this on you. He felt horrible. He walked into the room and stood behind the group while watching your performance.

And they were right. The song was beautiful. It meant more to Namjoon because he knew everything you were talking about. Staying up late on the phone, heart beating faster whenever you were together, the inside jokes, and the love. It was a love song, for Namjoon. How hard did this have to be to perform since he just told you he wanted a break?

This was why you were acting so distant. You didn’t want him to find out about this. He knew that you could never keep your mouth shut about exciting news and you probably would have told him, but you just shut him out.

You walked back from the stage and opened the door to find the members greeting you with smiles on their faces and hugs being thrown around. “Well Y/N, Namjoon is here, we’ll leave you two be.” Your member winked at you as they all ushered out the door.

“Y/N…” You held up a hand to Namjoon.

“I don’t want to hear it Joon, it was hard enough performing that when I know we’ll probably break up.” You walked past him, or tried when he grabbed your wrist and turned you around and pulled you into a hug, his arms interlocking around your waist.

“I’m sorry.” You sighed and hugged him back. It felt great being in his arms again, it was too long.

“No Joonie, I’m sorry.” You pulled away. “I ignored you, and was a horrible girlfriend to you and you didn’t deserve that, it’s just I wanted this song to be special and a surprise and knowing me I would have told you.” He laughed at your confession, and kissed your forehead.

“I’m sorry I got frustrated with you, I don’t want a break babe, I want to go back to the apartment and just cuddle with you.”

“That sounds great.”

With a kiss on the lips, your relationship was fixed and you were both happier than ever.
Marvel Needs its Own Young Animal Line
Marvel would do well to develop an imprint dedicated to encouraging more series along the line of Moon Night and The Vision.

And here, for a change, a good CBR article, where they bring up that Marvel should have a line like Young Animal. Considering the quality presented by Doom Patrol, Shade: the Changing Girl and Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye I hate to agree and would love to see some more obscure Marvel characters get the spotlight in a book aimed at the older audience.

- Admin

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HC - At one point both Allura and Lance have said to each other "You look good in blue"

I absolutely love this!!! Yes, yes, yes, like okay maybe Lance tried pulling that line on some other alien and Allura overheard the line and committed it to memory the same way she did with the particle barrier line. 

So fast forward to Allura piloting Blue now, Lance has stopped flirting with other aliens and he and Allura are bonding a lot more. So Allura decides to take the dive. 


“Yeah, Princess?”

“You uh… you sure do look good in Blue.” Allura chuckles, giving her best mimic of Lance’s usual finger guns. It takes approximately five seconds for Lance to realize what Allura has just said and the implications. His cheeks are the first to flush red, followed by his ears.

“Did you just–did you? Are you flirting with me?” Lance stutters out, positive his face is growing a darker shade of red by the second still.

Panic quickly spreads across Allura’s face at the question, eyes darting around the room and right hand reaching up to cover her mouth. “Perhaps.” a few seconds of silence follow before Lance begins to giggle. “I’ve overstepped a line, I shouldn’t have said that.” Allura quickly adds, waving her hand and shutting her eyes, blush noticeably spreading across her cheeks. 

“No–no, no you didn’t. I just–I wasn’t expecting that coming from you Princess. I would’ve expected that coming from me, but you? No.” Lance explains, cheeky smile still plastered across his face. “I have to say though, it did sound pretty smooth coming from you.” 

Now it’s Allura’s turn to chuckle and turn away with slight embarrassment. “I was simply repeating a line I’ve heard you say.” 

“Well… now that I’m piloting the Red Lion…. I think that line would work better on you. Since you make Blue look so good.” 

Now they’re both a smiling and blushing mess. 

“Thank you.” Allura finally says, surprising Lance.


“For the compliment, silly.” She giggles, corners of her lips turning up in a smile. “Come on, it’s almost dinner time and you know how Coran gets when we’re late for dinner.” she laughs, offering out her hand to Lance. 

One Line Prompts

  1. “When have we ever agreed on anything?”
  2. “Now would I do that?”
  3. “You really do put the hot is psychotic.”
  4. “I am not the person you think I am. I am so much worse.”
  5. “If I am dead, and you’re dead. Who’s still alive?”
  6. “Why do you hate marshmallows so much?”
  7. “I loved you more than my dog.”
  8. “I thought you were better than this.”
  9. “Me? Taking care of a child. Hysterical.”
  10. “Why doesn’t the cat like me?”

Wolf Au part 5! END
I hope you guys liked it I wish I could have done a better job but I’m currently not feeling that well😕BUT I will still be here trying for you guys much love-Sky💕

written for shame

I kept trying to write in journals. Each year, I’d make a journal entry-telling my story, maybe hoping to make sense of everything. I thought if I could get everything down, I’d have my answer. I could go back and read my entries, find what I’d been looking for in between the lines. But there was never enough time, space, or words I could use to convey how it felt to be forgotten by you. I could tell my journal about the time you brought me white roses on Valentine’s Day, and then later marveled to me about another girl’s beauty. I could write that in that moment, I’d never felt so small. I could tell about the time you found me in the night, drunk and upset; how you kissed my forehead goodbye. I didn’t know that would be the last time you touched me. There were no words or stories I could tell that would convey what knowing that felt like. So what was the point? Maybe I was hoping getting all of it down would help me forget. Maybe it would make me angry; make it easier to let go. But all the journal did was scream back at me “You can write down as many stories as you want, but you knew.”

if you guys wanna see jodie whittaker act her socks off in a tense, compelling drama, i cannot recommend bbc1′s ‘trust me’ enough, it’s so good!!

she plays a nurse from sheffield who moves to edinburgh and assumes the identity of a doctor to get a new job and it’s wildly improbable but i love it

three out of four eps have aired so far, catch it on bbc iplayer if you can

minor spoiler: fave line of ep 2, ‘i’m not a real doctor’ / ‘because you’re a woman?’ lmao the prescience! 

kaimystic  asked:

I love the way you draw TATTOOS!! it's always so impressive how much detail they have!

Thank you so much! But they’re really just squiggly lines that are never the same pattern, haha!

But, well, thank you again!

Have some nsfw tattoo wips!