the love so

I commissioned the lovely and extremely talented @meowpolis for this beautiful man and his best boy. I’m beyond pleased with how it turned out!! My heart is bursting with love 😍😍😍😍. So thank you again (I really can’t say it enough) for your wonderful work and blessing this fandom with such beautiful art.

All credit goes to @meowpolis and I was given permission to post! Please do not repost anywhere without her consent! I cannot stress that enough!

#1 Harry Styles “Sign of the times”

…exceeding just about everyone’s expectations but his own with a solo debut that came fully formed as something close to instantly timeless. “Sign of the Times” was so much more than the sum of its influences; a power ballad that synthesizes the best of U.K. rock history into something important, almost entirely cliché-free, and, well, meaningfully timely. It spends six minutes climbing its way skyward and just keeps going once it gets there, not ostentatious so much as naturally weightless, the first One Direction solo single to truly achieve escape velocity from the group’s gravitational pull.