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Being the biggest garnet fan I've ever met here... Are you satisfied about how her character has been shown in recent seasons? (Don't get me wrong, I love ruby and sapphire and I always will but I feel the personality of garnet is disappearing and it is nothing compared to what she was in the first season And now she only dedicates talk about "fusion this" "fusion that" Is something sad for me because she was my favorite characters and was one of the reasons I endure hiatus after hiatus :(

This got long as shit because I ADORE Garnet of course and have actually a lot to talk about in regards to this!

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Panic! dog ficlet

When Sarah got back from the dog park, she could hardly hold back her giggles. Brendon raised an eyebrow in question. “Penny”, she informed him and her voice sounded like a proud mother, “Penny Lane has found herself a little girlfriend!”

Brendon glanced at their French Bulldog and she seemed to be grinning at him. He picked her up and cuddled her with barely subdued excitement. “You’re all grown up now, aren’t you?”

Sarah eagerly narrated the story of how she’d met a guy while she’d been playing with the dogs and how Dottie had apparently fallen in love with his dog. “It was so adorable. They were totally inseparable!” she gushed. “I didn’t get the guy’s name though. Don’t think I’ve seen him before, but maybe he was a fan. He seemed to recognize me.”

Well, of course Brendon wanted to take the dogs the next time. Parental responsibility- meeting your kid’s significant other and all. Or maybe he just wanted to play with a cute dog. Soon enough, a guy walked by with a droopy eared Bassett hound on a leash. He was clad in a leather jacket and skinny jeans and his face, though partially obscured by his dark sunglasses seemed strangely familiar.. but Brendon was quickly distracted by the way Penny started tugging on her leash. Her girlfriend, responded with a pleased bark. Bogart, Brendon’s older dog, was probably rolling his eyes at the blatant PDA.

The other man watched the yapping dogs bounding around eachother with a little smile on his face. And Brendon.. Brendon was pretty sure he knew that smile.

“A pretty pair of girls, aren’t they? ”, he looked at the guy curiously, “What’s she called?”

The man stared at him and Brendon couldn’t see past his Ray Bans, couldn’t understand what he was thinking. But when he spoke, the man’s voice was low and his smile tired.

“Dorothy, but it’s Dottie to friends..”

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Hello!Can I request a HC in which MC is more of a giver than a taker.And every time the RFA++gives them anything that is material she feels bad.She keeps giving them without wanting anything in return other than their affection and love.I love your b

I gotchu babe.

This might not have been exactly what you wanted, but hopefully it’s good enough…?


  • Hmmm…… I don’t feel like he would notice at first and take it all for granted
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’d happily receive gifts she’d give him randomly, but wouldn’t notice
  • But then, he would notice eventually when he felt like she was giving him too much and not taking enough
  • Honestly, I feel like Yoosung, when he wanted to give MC something, would either scrimp and save to get MC that one really nice and really expensive thing he thinks she’d like, or he would just want to spend a really nice, romantic evening with her
  • And obvs she would enjoy the romantic evening more than an expensive gift because then they can be all cutesy together and kiss and hug and whatever the hell else romantic adults are supposed to do
  • Play LOLOL? (lololololololololol)


  • Jaehee gets MC practical things
  • Spending more and more evenings at her house (totally only watching Zen DVD’s, nothing else)?
  • She gives MC a mug (possibly with her name on it)
  • MC’s doing the baking in the cafe?
  • Jaehee buys her a cute apron she found online
  • She doesn’t realize that MC is so freaking appreciative of these gifts and always feels guilty that Jaehee pays for these things out of pocket
  • MC does the best thing she can think of for Jaehee whenever she can
  • She turns off the alarm clock, gets up early, and takes care of the cafe so that Jaehee can sleep in or take the day off
  • Jaehee always feels guilty about these days, but MC is always happy take repayment in the form of cuddles on the couch while they watch a DVD


  • Ah, with Zen, it’s all about the little things
  • MC leaves him love notes on the fridge everyday because she knows he loves them
  • She kisses him all the time and holds his hand, and he adores that she’s so forward with her affection
  • She cooks, too, and if Zen ever wants to cook for her, he usually has to either alert her ahead of time, or surprise her with a presentation of breakfast in bed
  • MC also likes to find clothes for Zen that she thinks will bring his hotness scale up (not too hot, though, or else she might be in trouble)
  • Her giving nature can be a little bit of a pitfall, however, because, sometimes, she’ll feel jealous when he’s talking to a female fan or coworker and she doesn’t feel like she deserves to feel that way
  • At some point, some tabloid claims he’s dating some model that came to the latest RFA party, and MC goes to Zen and tells him that, if at any point he falls for another woman and wants to end things with her, that’s okay, he just has to tell her
  • He assures her that will never happen (probably pulls out some cheesy romantic line that he remembers in that moment and murmurs it in her ear to make her feel better)
  • With Zen, it’s easy to give him gifts, because he wants exactly what she wants; love and affection from the one they love


  • Oh god
  • Like, no, Jumin would constantly present her with gifts
  • I swear to G, MC would feel guilty 24/7, looking at almost anything he got her
  • If it was expensive, she wouldn’t want to wear/use it because she wouldn’t want to break or lose it
  • Honestly, though, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t keep up with him on returning gifts because the only thing he wants is her
  • MC tries to tell him that she doesn’t want the gifts (not to say she isn’t grateful or she won’t accept them/love them, she just doesn’t want them before hand), she doesn’t need them, and she just wants his love and affection, but his response is usually that he wants to give her everything
  • It’s frustrating and she’s constantly warring with herself, trying to make him happy while also coping with the gifts she receives
  • Maybe MC finds a middle ground for gift giving and manages to find something that would feel equal or superior to Jumin
  • Maybe she starts taking really good pictures of Elizabeth so that he doesn’t have just blurry ones anymore
  • Or she starts painting things for him
  • Maybe she sets up experiences and excursions for when they have days off from work
  • Either way, it would be frustrating for her, if only because he would only grow to love her more for all her gifts and probably present her even more expensive gifts
  • Cue MC trying to rip her hair out


  • MC can sew, so one day, while she’s at home with Saeyoung and Saeran, she whips out her sewing kit and makes little dolls of the three of them
  • Saeyoung thinks it’s so cool when she presents them to him as a gift, and shows them off to Saeran, who promptly grabs his doll form his brother
  • Out of curiosity, Saeran checks the left arm under the sweater and discovers his tattoo, and when he asks about it, MC just explains that he’s great the way he is, so why would she change him?
  • Saeyoung decides to make a exoskeleton for the MC doll so that can control it and has it carry notes from him to MC when he’s busy
  • This starts a small “who can build the best toy for the other” war which results in their house being filled with random toys, 75% of which have a hand sewn element, while 60% have mechanical elements (there’s 35% of overlap)
  • Saeran wades through a pile of toys one day and threatens to sell them because he’s tired of living in this mess
  • This is how they start a toy store
  • She still occasionally makes dolls just for Saeyoung (like one of a little red headed baby when she found out she was pregnant, wearing a onesie that says “My Parents are Error Codes” or “Choi #4”, and when they discover its twins, she makes a second that says “Choi #5”)
  • Saeyoung is Choi #1, Saeran is Choi #2, and MC is Choi #3
  • MC also manages to figure out how to incorporate HBC and Ph.D P into every meal of a healthy, well rounded, meal plan (this just makes Saeyoung love her more)


  • … y'know, I though Jumin might be the worst, and from a certain standpoint, he would, but… V is pretty bad too
  • Like, he feels just as guilty getting gifts too
  • MC gets him a new lens for his camera, he feels bad and wants to return the favor
  • So he gets her a necklace that he saw that he thought she’d like
  • And it just goes back and forth, both of them randomly giving each other small, meaningful gifts to return the favor
  • Emotionally and mentally, though, MC is much better at genuinely helping people (rather than trying to take the burden, like V does)
  • Because of this, MC is the caregiver of their relationship, which makes him a little uncomfortable because he’s just not used to being the one cared for and watched over
  • But he loves it in a guilty-pleasure sort of way


  • Doesn’t really feel a need to buy MC gifts, and doesn’t really understand her desire to give him gifts
  • Probably buys him edgy clothes
  • Like, studded bracelets and Emo stuff
  • One day she just brings home a sweater for him and he immediately just puts it on and doesn’t take it off for the rest of the day
  • In fact, he loves the sweater so much, MC gets him three more
  • His emo stuff is eventually thrown out in favor of cozy clothes, which Saeran didn’t realize he would love so much
  • One day, they’re sitting on the couch and he asks if he should repay her, and she just snuggles up to him and says, “This is all I want.”
  • He doesn’t really understand, but okay
Veronica Lodge imagines - Fallen pearls

Originally posted by conners-kent

AN: Alright, I’m giving in and writing Riverdale imagines now. God dammit, I told myself I wouldn’t jump onto another fandom wagon but here I am, inspired after the last episode and my undeniable crush on Ronnie Lodge. 

This one is dedicated to all my loves out there that adore this chick as much as I but there is no fan fiction to read about her. 

Summary: After the news that Ronnie’s dad has hurt many families, you’re there for Ronnie in a way Betty can’t be. 

Pairing: Veronica x reader

Word count: 790 (short but sweet)

Warnings: None, some strong language 

“Where’s Ronnie?” You rushed up to Betty as she stood by her locker. You had heard from Kevin that Veronica had a melt down earlier that day and you couldn’t believe she hadn’t come to you about it. 

“Woah…Hey…” Betty chuckled as you had startled her slightly with your urgent question. 

“Veronica Lodge?” You asked again, shaking your head.

“Um…I don’t know, she might be by the bleachers getting some fresh air. That’s what she told me but…” You cut Betty short by rushing out to the school field. 

Betty was right, Veronica was sat on the bleachers, alone, watching the guys practice football. You could see Archie’s bright red hair from a mile off and you could tell he was the one that Veronica was watching. 

You didn’t call her name, or try and get her attention; you just silently climbed the bleachers to get to her. 

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Lucio x Dva for the thing

Who said “I love you” first

Lúcio. They were just hanging out like they usually do and one day he just said it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

D.Va has Lúcio’s frog emblem as her background, Lúcio has D.Va’s bunny.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror


Who buys the other cheesy gifts

They’re both up to their necks in cheesy gifts from their adoring fans, but D.Va likes getting little potted succulents for Lúcio since he really likes them. 

Who initiated the first kiss

D.Va! It was a “Yay! You’re not dead!” kiss after a close call on a mission. She didn’t really account for how much force is behind her ejection from the MEKA unit though, and ended up knocking him right off his feet.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Lúcio. D.Va’s sleep schedule is whacked. 

Who starts tickle fights

D.Va. “I play to win!

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

D.Va asks Lúcio. And it’s always with that coy little “Hiiii~”

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Lúcio. D.Va can be pretty bad about eating healthy food, so Lúcio will drop in with like… something really good and healthy.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

They were both a little nervous and a little shy, but they both quickly picked up on the fact that they were still like, total best buds—they just made out a lot more now–and they just chilled out.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Lúcio takes the spiders outside. D.Va squishes them.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Mostly they just make out a lot when they’re drunk but sometimes D.Va will yell out about her amazing boyfriend who’s also her best friend and also beautiful and also sexy and amazing.

Lion Grandpa: Reinhardt Headcanons
  • He’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet ever and one of the most fun. He’s like everyone’s cool grandpa and best friend and it’s amazing.
  • He and Ana had a romantic relationship when they were younger. Things ended after Ana’s presumed death and it hurt him the most, right behind Pharah, to find out she was alive and never told him.
  • Reinhardt has watched most of D. Va’s videos and is one of her biggest fans, it’s adorable. 
  • Reinhardt is the cuddliest man alive, it’s insane. He loves hugs and gives the best hugs out of anyone (unless he’s emotional. Then that bear hug becomes bone crushing in a nearly literal sense)
  • To every new recruit in Overwatch, Reinhardt was the first person to meet everyone and easily becomes everyone’s first friend. Seriously, he’s the most welcoming and the easiest to talk to, so he kinda made it his personal job to welcome everyone and make them feel like they belong. Everyone has a place and he’ll help everyone find it.
  • Ana taught him how to knit
  • Animals just love him, it’s absolutely precious to see. He’ll be walking down the street and just have a line of stray cats and dogs behind him. If he’s going through the park, then ducks are added to the mix. He doesn’t even discourage it, he loves it and has to be firmly told that, no, he can’t keep the fifteen cats that followed him back to the base.
  • He snores. Not at loud as you think, but you can definitely still hear it
  •  He’s super good with kids, especially younger kids who just think he’s the coolest person of all time. Every year around the holidays, he actually reads to less fortunate kids and has dressed up at Santa before for the occasion
  • He loves to laugh and to make jokes, whether the jokes are good or bad.
  • He can cook and he can do so really well, it’s incredible, to the point where everyone is excited if he makes something. Only problem is that they’ll have leftovers for days because he makes a lot
  • He and Torbjörn get along super well and I can just see them as drinking buddies who laugh too loudly and tell everyone stories of the old days like a hundred times
  • Loves older movies and music (he’s tried getting Lúcio into it to), but he can just as easily get into newer things like some of D. Va’s games
  • He’s a very emotional man. Example, after getting over the hurt over Ana, he did cry and hug her out of sheer relief
  • He’s gotten hurt so much in battle solely because he will run in front of everyone and anyone to protect them, be it a civilian or fellow fighter. He’s probably seen Mercy the most because of it all
  • He knew Mercy’s parents before they died and sort of stepped in as a family figure for her after it all. 
  • This man is basically a big child a lot of the time. He just loses it whenever a holiday is coming up, loves sweets, adores small animals, stuffed animals, everything. It’s adorable.

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Headcannons for the Paladins, Allura, and Coran with an s/o that loves performing and is in musicals and plays, and what each of the group's favorite musicals/plays are?

Shiro is very supportive of it!! always offering to help you with things, even just transporting the outfits from place to place or helping you practice lines. Goes to ever show and is the first one to stand and clap afterwards. 

  • His favourite performance you did was the first one he saw you in; The Wizard of Oz. also loves Wicked

Keith Is more proud of you than anything else. he loves to watch you practice, and rehearse, and he gets kinda giddy when he sees the crown on their feet after the performance. even if its a small role he is very proud of your talent. 

  • the most memorable show of yours that he saw was Heathers

Lance is such a huge fan of you, he drags the team and all his friends to watch your performances and is very boisterous. plans it ahead of time make sure everyone is able to come. treats you like a celebrity the day off. wont stop saying how lucky he is. 

  • he loves the classic Groundhog Day 

Hunk is pretty chill about it, but very sportive of course. Doesn’t want to overwhelm you with his encouragements and pride, as he knows how much work it takes to perform on stage. he always finds a way to meet you backstage.  

  • he always has a lot of fun watching you play in School of Rock

Pidge thinks its really cool!! doesnt always watch every showing, but she loves to hear you talk about them when youre home. offers to help you run lines and does all she can to be there for you when you audition for something new. 

  • Huge Hamilton fan 

Allura found it interesting, and had you explain it all to her. very curious and you have to hold her back sometimes from just following you backstage. she adores the whole thespian vibe. 

  • she cried watching you in Les Misérables

Coran, like Allura, is very curious about it, and likes to show off this talent of yours. its one of the first things he mentions when you and him meet new people, he’s just so proud of you!! 

  • he loves to sing along to all the songs in Marry Poppins 

Some thoughts on my dear Abigail L. Yates because she doesn’t get enough love: 

  • Erin was probably Abby’s first real friend and in between the time erin leaves and before Holtz arrives, Abby doesn’t really have friends. She tries but it never really works out bc either people don’t take her seriously or she deems the effort to conform too strenuous and she has work to do. 
  • Speaking of work, although she’s a workaholic, she does have a few outside interests; Abby adores mystery novels. It’s one of the few genres she can really get into. She gets a little tired of the random het romances thrown into some of them. (She’s elated when Patty introduces her to the lovely sub genre of lesbian mystery novels) 
  • Ghost from Our Past asserts that Abby loves 90s R&B and I’m convinced En Vogue is her favorite group (Salt N Pepa a close second). She loves to belt “Don’t Let Go” any time she can. Also she and Holtz love to lip sync “Shoop” by Salt N Pepa, a performance Patty and Erin always get a kick out of. 
  • Abby makes amazing mixtapes. 
  • Other than the X-Files, Abby doesn’t watch much tv though she is a fan of Star Trek Voyager (like any reasonable lesbian, she has a thing for Janeway), and crime procedurals. 
  • She hates romantic comedies and is thrilled when Patty saves her from having to suffer through them with Erin. She does however adore action movies. 
  • Abby may forget to take breaks while working but one thing she never forgets are birthdays. She’s not always the best gift giver but best believe she’s the first to wish you happy birthday and order takeout from your favorite restaurant (as soon as she’s reminded which one is your favorite).  
  • Her favorite dessert is pie. Literally just all kinds of pie.
  • Erin tries to drag Abby to yoga once but it’s not for her. Kickboxing on the other hand is something she takes to instantly. 
  • She’s so good at kickboxing in fact that she gets an offer to teach it. She takes great pleasure in the skinny judgmental women who whisper that she won’t be able to keep up under their breath before they realize she’s the teacher (then they’re the ones crawling toward the door cause her class kicked their asses.) 

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Voltron Paladins wouldn't be antis cause they're fighting a space war and don't care who's drawing pictures of them kissing each other (Lance might be a little concerned about it but that's it) But you know what they would be insulted by? Being constantly called children when they're literally piloting war machines all the time.

The Voltron AU we all deserve

The Paladins of Voltron return to Earth, or rather, a different dimension of Earth, one where they are somehow characters to a really famous and beautiful animated series.

Lance screams as he sees his face on the screen and thousands of fans who adore him and call him wonderful and amazing.

Keith finally feels safe because he has an entire fandom as a family to give him all the hugs he could ever want and all the bonding.

Shiro has received so many blankets and probably a century’s worth of hot cocoa for him to finally get some shuteye from all the chaos.

Pidge definitely geeks it out with all the technology-aligned fans of Voltron. She has not seen these many enthusiasts since the Alkari. She also later figures that she can finally play her most loved video game here.

Hunk is cooking a feast for everyone and he has an entire group of people helping him out. It feels good to be headchef again.

Allura and Coran simply marvel at all the wonderful earthly things, except the ears. Allura still thinks human ears are hideous.

Everyone was having the time of their lives until the everyone felt uncomfortable when the antis arrived.

Screams and shouts were heard. Pointing fingers at innocent people, calling them slurs, putting the blame on strangers instead of actual perpetrators, telling people to jump to their deaths; everything was in utter chaos.

It was only Voltron, the defender of the universe, who could save us all and when the fandom needed them most, they were there for us. Shiro emerges from his mountain of blankets. Pidge pauses her games. Lance tells the ladies, the gentlemen and everyone in between to hold their horses. Keith postpones the bonding moment as the line only gets longer. And Hunk had to stop serving for his even longer line of people crazed by his genius cooking skills. Even Coran and Allura had to stop their earth field trip.

With the power of the legendary defender and their mad skills, Shiro, Pidge, Keith, Hunk, Lance, Allura and Coran, join forces to defeat the antis and save us all.

With their stop-misusing-social-justice-to-force-your-headcanons sword, their don’t-be-a-selfish-prick-and-take-a-step-back-before-saying-anything-else cannons, not to mention their ultracool hateproof shield, they actually get through the thick antis’ heads and bring peace to this once broken fandom. 

And we all lived happily ever after.

-mod Lance

//I think my work here is done

Tied With a Bowtruckle (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by hardyness

Request: From @newt-a-scamander​ “I was wondering if you could write a fan fiction for my friend? She ADORES Newt and really connects with him. She’s nearly exactly like him; extremely shy and in love with animals of every kind. I’m her only friend, and sometimes I feel really bad for her. She’s a really good person and suffers with a lot of anxiety and depression from what I can tell. Maybe you could write a fic where they become friends? It would make her day. Her name is Maggie, she has brown eyes and dark brown hair. If you could write something I would REALLY appreciate that. <3 Have a great day.”

A/N: I am sorry this took so long! I am honored to do something for your friend. While I can’t say I understand exactly what she is going through, I too experience anxiety and depression. She also sounds amazing and like someone I would want to be friends with if I had a chance <3 This is just a little something that I hope makes her smile! I’m sorry that it’s rather short, but I hope Maggie enjoys it nonetheless.

This is also much more platonic than my previous works! It’s a small promise of friendship, and I think hope is a beautiful, wonderful thing that should never be overlooked.

Warnings: Fluff, mention of depression and anxiety

You couldn’t explain it to anyone else. To be honest, you couldn’t even explain it to yourself. You were just feeling a little empty, like something was missing but you didn’t know what. Maybe you needed a remembrall. Too bad it would never be able to tell you what was lost. Perhaps it was you.

Yes, that was it. You were the one who was lost. In fact, the only time you truly felt like maybe you had a real place in this world was when you were out in the Forbidden Forest. Sure, you knew that you shouldn’t be out there, especially alone, but you didn’t have anyone else to go with and you knew the animals that you had met would never hurt you. They loved you, and you loved them, and maybe someday that would be enough.

Still, somedays you wished you had someone to have a real conversation with about these creatures you came to adore. You wanted to share the story about the injured bowtruckle you were able to nurse back to health and now wouldn’t leave your side. You craved to reminisce out loud about seeing a hippogriff for the first time, heart pounding as you bowed and gently raised your arm, a smile breaking out across your face as you felt his strong beak meet your outstretched hand. You wished you could share the feeling of riding his back, feeling the wind in your hair and freedom in your soul.  

One particularly difficult day, when you felt completely outcast, alone, and misunderstood on top of being overwhelmed with work, beaten down by your own thoughts, and crushed by the influx of emotions, you ran into the forest, desperately searching for the calm that would await you there. You ran straight for the clearing where Alastair, the hippogriff who had become your dearest friend, usually stayed. You sobbed through the formalities, and Alastair noticed your distress immediately, coming straight towards you and wrapping you in one of his wings with a gentle strength. You felt Aileen, your bowtruckle, slowly move out of your pocket onto your shoulder, taking tentative steps before reaching your cheek and enveloping it in her tiny arms.

You sank to your knees, clutching onto Alastair desperately, sobs wracking your body.

Suddenly, you heard a twig snap, and Alastair pulled you even closer into his side, and the three of you turned towards the source of the noise. Behind a tree peeked out a curly mess of auburn hair. Not trusting your voice, you waited in silence.

After a few moments, a young boy looked out from behind the tree to find six pairs of eyes staring at him. He looked at Alastair, a brief look of fright crossing over his face as he saw the protective look in the hippogriff’s eyes. Then the boy took a tentative step out, head down, before bowing in front of your hippogriff. Alastair eyed the boy cautiously before returning the gesture and moving between the two of you, still shielding you from the foreign person.

You watched as wonder and admiration sparked across the face of the auburn-haired boy, and you felt a small smile cross your own face as you thought back to the first time you met Alastair. You felt your body begin to relax as the tears slowed down to a trickle along your cheeks. Your cheeks began to heat up as you took in the boy in front of you. He was slight and his face was covered in freckles. He had a wide smile, and his eyes were a brilliant blue-green. Most of all, he looked kind.

Finally, he spoke, not making eye contact with you, but still stroking the hippogriff, “I’m sorry to bother you, miss. I just heard crying and wanted to know if you needed help.”

You took a deep breath, calming yourself before answering, “I-I’m okay, thank you.” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, looking down at your shoes. Then you heard a small squeak right by your ear. You turned your head to look at Aileen before asking, “Yes?”

You didn’t notice that the boy had moved closer until he was just two feet in front of you, staring in awe at the creature on your shoulder, “Is that a bowtruckle? I’ve only ever read about them! They really are amazing creatures, aren’t they? They can have some attachment issues, I hear. May I?” He held out his hand, moving it slowly towards your shoulder.

You watched as Aileen looked warily at this stranger, looking to you for guidance. You glanced back at the boy in front of you, wondering if he was as nice as he had seemed so far. You nodded slowly, and the bowtruckle took a cautious step onto his hand. As he began to pull his hand away, however, she appeared to have second thoughts, leaping for you just as she was getting out of reach.

Panicked, your hand shot out to catch her, but the boy did the same, and your hands became a tangled mess during the attempt. Aileen crawled back up onto your shoulder, and you and the boy took quick steps away from each other, both covered in a blush.

“I’m quite sorry about that,” he apologized.

“No, it is my fault,” you responded. “I should have warned you that Aileen is quite wary around anyone that is not me. You see, I found her when she was wounded by some careless students. It took a long time to nurse her back to health, and she has had a hard time around others since. She even stays in my pocket. Understandably, she doesn’t want to be alone, and I have not been able to find her tree yet, so I have taken her under my wing.”

“That’s a very kind thing to do.”

“It’s nothing really.”

The boy looked you in the eyes, face full of determination, “It’s something. It’s everything, really. Many people do not care about magical creatures. They just see them as ingredients or things to be used for personal gain. I haven’t met anyone else who cares for them the way you seem to. I think that is very special.”

You felt your heart swell at his words.

“I’m Newt. Newt Scamander.”

“I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“And you.”

You both stood in awkward silence for a few moments before Aileen squeaked again. “Would you like to meet her while I hold her? I will try and have her behave properly this time.”

“I would be honored.”

You both spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together, alternating between pleasant conversation about your respective experiences with creatures as well as in comfortable silence. As Newt walked you back to your common room, you thought to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you had finally found a friend and that perhaps you weren’t as lost as you had thought you were.

Mao Asada in the 2010 Olympics was the real reason I got into figure skating. Watching her and Yuna Kim battle it out for Olympic gold was one of the most exciting things I could watch for my first figure skating competition. After Vancouver, watching her go through many hardships around 2011 and 2012, seeing her have to reinvent her jump technique, and then come back strong in 2013 was a roller coaster ride as a fan. Watching her Olympic SP was absolutely heartbreaking, but then seeing her triumphantly return with a career-best, 8-triple free skate (which I woke up early for and then cried through the entire thing) was one of my biggest moments of following this sport.

I feel like as a fan, I’ve been through the highest highs and the lowest lows with Mao. But never once have I doubted her love and dedication to this sport. When I heard she was returning to competition, I was overjoyed. But I was sad when I kept hearing about injuries and disappointing results. Mao loves skating to much, so retiring must be hard for her. However, I hope she knows how much of an impact she’s had on skating in general. Her fans adore her, and the sport has to thank her for making history time and time again. Mao Asada paved the pay for ladies doing the 3A, especially in Japan, and her legacy continues! She’s one of the rare athletes to have won Worlds 3 times, and have won every single Grand Prix competition INCLUDING the final! As a longtime fan of hers, and a fan of skating in general, I thank you Mao Asada. Thank you for introducing me to the sport I love to watch!

so recently in our skype femslash chat me, @hellobeau @seagrot @frantastically and @roses-ebottles PLUS A BUNCH MORE I CANT REMEMBER created and curated what is possibly the cutest and most wholesome post-game earth c lovechildren AU that has ever existed


rose and kanaya have a daughter named lilith (like the demon), a ferocious human girl who gets a buzzcut in 5th grade and also has inexplicable glowing powers, because why not. vriska and terezi have their accidental trollbaby whose name is “spider” (it fits the troll naming conventions ok……. would their hypothetical child ever have a serious name anyways) affectionately referred to as “spiders” who will eat anything if you dare her to, wears kids glasses goggles because her vision is so bad, and is the most sensitive child alive

such shenanigans ensue as:

- spiders and lilith make a blood pact to become “blood sisters” by stealing a staple from the 3rd grade teacher’s wastebasket
- lilith makes up some bullshit about how ladybugs are red because they taste good and spiders not only believes her but actually eats the fucking thing
- lilith buys a sword at an anime convention when she’s 11
- lilith starts learning to fence and spiders assumes she has taken up beekeeping
- spiders gets grounded for collecting rolly pollys at school
- spiders asks terezi 500 questions at 2 am after she couldn’t sleep and terezi answers all of them but the answers become more and more ludicrous. spiders eventually catches on
- lilith and rose practice “screaming exercises” where they go down to the basement stand on the table and just scream and jump around to let off emotional stress. it works very well, but not as well for kanaya
- lilith takes an immediate shining to the sewing work that kanaya does. kanaya starts teaching her and she’s so thrilled until lilith immediately asks her to make her and spiders cosplay for the next anime convention
- whenever spiders can’t sleep vriska tells her “stories” but she makes them all about herself + tells them in the first person and pretends it really happened to her. spiders spends many years believing these stories until one day she asks terezi about “the time mom fled from two troll cops and one human cop while riding two motorcycles at once” and terezi just takes off her glasses and holds her face in her hands
- davekat has a kid too. they’re around. the first swear spiders ever said was because vriska gave her $5 to say “fuck you karkat” to his face and she actually did. terezi grounded both of them. dave and lilith get along pretty well though
- roxy callie and jade are all like Cool Aunts to lilith (and spiders too by proxy) and teach them all sorts of neat things, like how to shoot a gun and clean out an NES cartridge


truly the adorable nonsensical “your otp has kids” AU femslash fans (read: probably just me) have been waiting for

Red Velvet Reaction To You Being Jealous

Irene: Joohyun would find it really cute when you were all jealous and insecure over another girl trying to flirt with her. She would later reassure you that you’re the only one she wants and loves.

Seulgi: She would be blown away to how much you cared for her. It is funny to watch you being grumpy and pouty over some fan. She would also find adorable the way your cheeks went red every time you get jealous.

“don’t worry Y/n, you’re the only one this bear has eyes for.”

Wendy: “Come on jagi, don’t be jealous, you’re the only one that get to kiss me.”

she would be a 100% sure that you understood that she loves you and only you and that no other girl could take your place.

Joy: Sooyoung would definitely tease you about your jealousy, making fun jokes to try to make you smile, which would end up working out with her silly jokes and imitations about your mini jealous attack.

Yeri: She was happy and flattered that you like her so much that you feel jealous about her. She would probably poke your cheeks and say how cute you looked all grumpy like that.

(gifs not mine, credit to the rightful owner.) 

Eugenia’s Body Is Not Up For Discussion

YES. We get it, Greg and all his fans, she has an illness. Scream it from a fucking building if you must, but if you think you’re helping by badgering her and giving her “tough love”, you’re far from correct. Miles from correct. You are so far from correct, NASA can’t track your fucking signal. 

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YouHane Dating Headcanons

Just some random YouHane things because I should be doing homework but I love them oh so much:

  • People asking about Yoshiko’s relationship with You, and instead of telling them that they’re dating, Yoshiko claims that they’ve, “formed a powerful soul contract that binds them together”. In reality, she’s just too embarrassed to admit that You is her girlfriend and this is her weird way of doing so. You just plays along with it.
  • You taking Yoshiko out on one of her dad’s sailboats at night so they can look at the stars together on the ocean. While they’re out there, they sit huddled together under a blanket as You shares all of the old sailor’s tales that her dad used to tell her when she was a kid. Yoshiko gets especially into the ones about sea monsters–claiming that one day they need to go find it for themselves so that “Yohane can claim it as her own little demon”.
  • They really like going on dates to the arcade. It’s largely because Yoshiko is so good at the fighter games there that she almost always ends up getting a high score. You, on the other hand, loves getting the bragging rights that her girlfriend is the coolest person in the arcade right now.
  • You making new fallen angel outfits and accessories for Yoshiko to use in her livestreams. And, on the same topic, You gladly wearing any type of fallen angel costume if Yoshiko wants her to (or even if she doesn’t bring it up at all), and enjoys doing it.
  • You reading Yoshiko’s books about black magic and looking up information online in an attempt to understand the things that she likes better. She’ll do it without even being asked to do so by Yoshiko. Yoshiko actually feels touched that You would take the time to learn about it, even if she doesn’t get it, instead of just brushing it off as lame or weird like most people do.
  • Yoshiko going to You’s swim meets in order to support her (sometimes accompanied by Chika and/or Riko). She makes for quite a cheering section, getting looks from the people around her as she yells to You that she’ll curse her if she doesn’t win. Whenever You finishes, no matter how she places, she always turns to where Yoshiko is sitting, grins, and pumps a fist in her direction.
  • Yoshiko not caring much for PDA, but rather, preferring to have private, romantic moments alone with You instead. You doesn’t care either way–she just wants to do what makes Yoshiko most comfortable. Though, during the few instances where Yoshiko desires to display affection for You in public, You will lightly tease her, claiming, “What ever happened to not liking PDA~?” This only serves to make Yoshiko flustered.
  • Going along with that, Yoshiko being more clingy and affectionate than she might appear to be. If they’re alone together, Yoshiko will gladly cuddle against You, or give her light kisses along her jawline, or intertwine her fingers with hers, or giggle lightly when You presses her nose against hers. She might not admit it to anyone else, but she loves the special attention.
  • Yoshiko actually being kind of the jealous type. When flocks of girls surround You, Yoshiko is quick to creep behind her and bitterly stare them all down. And while Yoshiko doesn’t say a word, her dark aura looming over them is enough to make the girls laugh nervously and back off. You doesn’t even notice Yoshiko standing there until she turns around.
  • You helping Yoshiko out during her streams by doing camera work and taking care of any flashy special effects Yoshiko wants going on. Yoshiko’s audience has no idea that You exists, because she doesn’t think that they’ll approve of a fallen angel dating a mortal (she calls it their “forbidden romance”). But once they do inevitably find out about You her fans just find their relationship adorable.

you know who we don’t deserve

Jenna fuckin Joseph

she actively goes out and talks to fans in line
she’s always happy to chat to any of us if we ever are lucky enough to meet her
she dotes on Tyler, adores him, loves him to pieces and is the dime piece wife he always wanted
she’s friends with josh and makes him happy too
she doesn’t try and steal the spotlight from the boys, yet she has her own and she rocks it
she isn’t just known as “Tyler’s wife”, she’s Jenna Joseph and nobody can fuck with her
she is going to be an incredible mother someday
she is the reason Tyler wrote his first ever love song
she absolutely knows about all the smut and theories and shit the clique has, and she just takes it all in stride
she’s. a. fuckin. queen.