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here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of june. I recommend that you read these great fics in july, if you haven’t already!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Your Mess Is Mine (176k)**

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.

2. If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You) (66k)*

When Harry Styles sets off for Provincetown, MA from his tiny hometown of Kerkhoven, MN, he’s facing an uncertain future. He’s always planned to leave, just…not like this. When he meets a gorgeous cabaret performer on his first night in P-town, little does he know how his life is about to change, or how much he has yet to learn. When they become more than just friends, Louis makes it clear he’s not looking for anything serious, but at least, Harry consoles himself, they’ll always be friends. Over one extraordinary summer, Harry learns to navigate life on his own through a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. But when Harry’s past tragically reappears in his life, will his friendship with Louis be able to hold on?

3. Do Not Go Gentle (70k)*

When Harry Styles starts his first day as a surgical intern, he expects a lot of things: to treat patients, to observe a surgery, to feel a bit overwhelmed. What he definitely doesn’t expect, however, is that the handsome guy he kicked out of his bed this morning is also an intern.

A Grey’s Anatomy AU where tensions are high, Harry and Louis are hooking up in secret, and no one has time for love. Or do they?

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electronique-brain  asked:

I wish you'd write a fic where Daenerys and Viserys were swapped in the birth order.


“I am three and ten,” he says, her little brother with beaten-silver hair and beaten-bruised face - boys in the street, unamused by the Lysene looking brat claiming dominion. “I am a man grown, or near as makes no difference - we will wed as soon as we can find a septon, so that our marriage will be unquestionably valid when we reclaim Westeros.”

Daenerys, eight years Viserys’ senior, too young to have been of use to one brother and too weary for the other, sighs.

“We will not find a septon here, little brother,” she points out evenly, not looking away from the special performance Illyrio has ordered for them. The dancers are lithe, beautiful, pale and fair-haired to a one, and Daenerys has seen both the bed slaves Illyrio favours and the statue he claims is himself in his youth, and wonders just how safe Viserys is in the cheesemonger’s manse. “The furthest east any septon will wander is to the Sept-Beyond-The-Sea, in Braavos. You know that, Viserys.”

His face, as beautiful and pale as any of the dancers, goes violently scarlet at the quiet reprimand. Her brother thinks himself a true dragon, and is therefore ready to breathe fire in any moment of temper. 

“Do not shame us,” she warns him, smiling and raising her cup to far-away Illyrio, resplendent in golden silks, laid on blue velvet pillows. “The magister has been generous, and need not be any longer if we seem ungrateful - your ill temper has cost us much already, little brother.”

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feybarn  asked:

So for your VampObi-All212 story... In one of them you mentioned that Obi-Wan was going to leave the Jedi for them after the war. Do the clones know that? How did they react when they found out he was willing to do that? How do other people react when he does do it? (And this is me sincerely hoping that in this AU the war ending is nice and Sidious free...)

There is happiness beyond the horizon.

Obi-Wan knows there’s a future out there and does his best to keep his mates alive throughout the war. And he grieves when they fall. Oh does he ever grieve, curled up against a chest with hands rubbing his back, Mando’a cooed softly into his ear to ease his heart.

He gets better and quicker, he starts carrying a second saber on his belt for the sole purpose of going double bladed if necessary.

He works harder and he works faster, he plots and plans until his head aches and gentle hands pull him back to bed to coddle him. He gets his temples rubbed and feet massaged before he’s truly distracted and nude between the ones who love him.

They work him to a puddle, make sure he sleeps and feeds, gets him tea and makes sure he takes breaks.

He does love them, but honestly, he’s trying to keep them alive!

“And we’re trying to keep you alive.” Longshot offered dryly one night when he voiced his complaint.

There were a few sniggers across the bridge and Obi-Wan huffed loudly at them all, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Cyare, you only look kissable, not annoyed. If you don’t stop that I might have to do something about it.”

Obi-Wan raised a brow at Cody who smirked in return.

“Oh really, what would that be?”

“See if you’ll let me fuck you against the holoprojector?”


“Oh you like that idea! Our kinky cyare.”



There is happiness beyond the horizon and Obi-Wan can almost see it, can almost taste it in the air. He can feel that he’s close, the Force tells him he’s CLOSE to the end goal, he can almost feel the Sith Lord they’ve been searching after for so long.

The flavor of change was in the air and Obi-Wan could feel it coat his skin.

“Mace! Would you mind sparring with me?”

“Depends if you’re going single our double saber on me. You’re a might of Force Obi-Wan with one, but two and I can’t land a hit on you even once.”

“Oh come on Mace!” Obi-Wan laughed then cocked his head, glancing about and giving a wide grin. “How about you and Depa joins up against me then?”

The Council master in question looks up from where she’s instructing her young padawan, raising her brows at both of them.

Mace did so too.

“If not you’ve both become a feathered poultry instead of Jedi Masters.” Obi-Wan challenged, giving a fanged smirk.

They accept the challenge.

Obi-Wan starts sparring with two councilor at a time, he loses the first few but holds his ground. And then he starts winning against both when he spars, regardless of the mix. Mace and Depa. Depa and Plo. Adi and Kit.

He wins. He throws himself into the saber forms and Soresu is defensive in nature but Obi-Wan has turned his own defense into a weapon based on speed, dodges and tightly locked saber movements. He proves those capabilities on the field

“Skyguy!” Ahsoka jerks Anakin by the elbow and gestures with a saber.

Anakin follows the gaze and almost drops his own lightsaber in surprise as Obi-Wan is moving like a glowing blue blur through the ranks of droids, decimating them as if he’s a blue orb made of destruction. “Holy kriff, I see those saber duels with the rest of the councilors has been paying off for Obi-Wan.” He gaped before shaking himself. “Okay focus Ahsoka!”


There is happiness beyond the horizon and Obi-Wan can almost touch it.

He knows he’s SO close and his fangs itch at the sensation, the hairs on his body rising as if close to a lighting storm ready to blow.

“Are you alright Obi-Wan?” Anakin questioned quietly as they observed the 501 and 212 getting the shuttles stocked with supplies for both the Resolute and the Negotiator.

“Hmm? Yes, why?” Obi-Wan tilted his head to look at the other, smiling ever so slightly.

“You just…you seem different lately. Different good but still…and you keep throwing yourself into duels when we’re back at the temple. If I didn’t know you, I’d think you were preparing to take on the Sith lord yourself.” Anakin laughed to hide the nervousness he felt at such a thing.

The copper haired master chuckled at that. “No, no I’m not planning that but it never hurts to be prepared.” He lifted his chin to the sun of Coruscant and let it shine over his face, sighing a bit. “There’s change in the air Anakin, can you feel it?”

“I feel…something.” The blond offered cautiously.

Obi-Wan hummed at that and two descended into comfortable silence for a bit.

“Anakin, do you have plans for the future? After the war I mean?” Obi-Wan kept his eyes closed.

“Not sure really, continue training Ahsoka into knighthood at least.” Anakin offered cautiously. “And you? Become Grandmaster of the order?” He teased despite the sharp ping of pain it gave his chest, the idea of leaving Obi-Wan behind in the order when he went to Padme.

The other turned his face from the sun and looked to him, a slow smile growing on his face. “I’m going to be selfish Anakin. When the war is done, I’m leaving the order for a future I wish to experience.”

The two stared at each other, Anakin with his jaw dropped and Obi-Wan smiling at him before looking back at the sun. “There is change coming Anakin, I can feel it brush my skin and itch my bones. And with that change, I’m going to let myself be happy, and stop giving of myself. For once, I will be selfish…but only once the war is done.”

“…Do…do you think I could be selfish too?” The blond swallowed.

“I think Padme would love it if you were.” Obi-Wan chuckled and Anakin smiled sheepishly.


“I know. I’ve always known. I will never be that injured that I don’t notice you kissing a foot away from me Anakin.” He winked at the younger man who promptly covered his face with his hands.



“So, I heard a little rumor!” Trapper offered while straddling Obi-Wan’s lap, grinning at their General when all he did was to sigh and wrap his arms around the troopers waist so he wouldn’t fall.

“Did you now Trapper. You are aware that this is the bridge and this is not the best chair for lap straddling?” He drawled, raising his brows.

“Uhu, I know that! But this rumor is important.” Trapper leaned in, grinning as he gave Obi-Wan a slow nose nuzzle and then rested his head against the others in a Manda’o greeting. “Someone told me that you were going to be selfish when the war ended and leave the Order.

The Jedi in question blinked the nodded. “I am. I want a life after the war. I want a future and…I want in with my men.” He smiled a bit.

A hand rested on his shoulder and Obi-Wan pulled enough away to look up at the owner of said hand, smiling a bit at Cody.

“…You’re leaving for us?” Cody whispered, voice sounding choked.

“I want to be selfish. I want you all and Force if that doesn’t already make me feel greedy but I also want to be selfish and live after the war and not…” He looked away for a few moments, eyes focused on Trapper’s chest plate with a small frown. “…I don’t want to continue fighting after this. No. I want to make things grow.” He gave a low chuckle at that. “I want to be farmer of all things or…or perhaps a daycare… I don’t know.” He looked up at Cody again. “But I know I want to see life with my riduurs.”

Cody knelt down and drew him into a kiss before giving his place to Trapper.

Obi-Wan was kissed to an inch of his life that day and the night was full of every touch he could wish for, gentle and strong as they made sure he fell into pleasure only to be caught again and held safe, curled against warm flesh.


There is happiness beyond the horizon…

And Obi-Wan is almost there.

He just has to get past this yellow eyed snake of a deceiver.

“Sheev Palpatine, you stand accused of treason against the Republic, how do you plead!?”

The clash of lightsabers is the answers.

Monday Fic Rec

Hello! Guess who almost forgot it was Monday again! Anw, enjoy: 

Don’t Bite Your Tongue by Anonymous:

Summary: Louis looked down at Harry’s chest, and… shit. He was wearing a Manchester United shirt.
“You were right.” Harry inhaled through his teeth. “Someone stole your seat. A horrid little Man U fan, at that.”
“Are you seriously not getting up?” Louis laughed humourlessly. “You little shit.”
“You didn’t call me and then you ask me for a favour? Please.”
City and United are competing for the Premiership but, for Louis and Harry, it’s not just the title that hangs in the balance.

Word count: 4,643

evocatio by lapoesieestdanslarue:

Summary: Evocatio; a latin word, referring to the method of how an army would try to tempt out a god or goddess from a city in order to ransack it.

or; Louis is torn between the dead-end life he’d had in Doncaster and left long ago, and his new life in London. Mostly he’s just confused by and halfway in love with the farmer that has long hair and green eyes.

Word count: 13,817

You Can Take Her Place Tonight by inkedlads:

Summary: After Harry got what he wanted, he would never call Louis again. He is just taking the place of his girlfriend tonight but Louis didn’t know that. He thought Harry actually had interest in him.

Louis is a sweet 19 year old omega who happens to be a fan of Harry’s. Harry is a 22 year old rising rockstar, the alpha of every omega’s and even some beta’s dreams.

Louis is going to find out that Harry isn’t everything he is made out to be. Louis’ dreams come true but now he feels like he is living a nightmare instead of a dream.

Word count: 3,018

In My Dark Times by Styles9491:

Summary: “Some things once you’ve loved them become yours forever, and if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you. They become a part of who you are… or they destroy you.”

Louis Tomlinson begins college in London after transferring from Doncaster and meets Harry Styles who will change his future. Somehow, he gets caught up in Harry’s world, and soon realizes things aren’t always as they seem.And things aren’t at all what they seem. Harry holds a secret that Louis soon discovers. And Harry’s secret, Darren Johnson, will do anything to keep Harry to himself.

Or the one where Louis moves to London to attend college and he meets Harry, who just happens to be the fuck boy to a well-respected professor.

Word count: 168,283

Your Hands are like Stars by Harry_heUnicorn:

Summary: Louis’ not sure whether Harry ever really noticed how sad he was, but Louis knew. He saw it every time his eyes flickered over to him. The air around him was so delicate and breakable, icy to the touch and acidic in taste.

Two boys, broken and hurting, but clinging on to the world and each other. This is a story of pain and desperation, of hope and an amazing strength to keep on going, to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Word count: 12,013

Your Side of the Bed by stormquotes:

Summary: Louis doesn’t believe in walking out of anyone’s life even when they’ve walked out of his.

Basically, Harry is trying to cope with the loss of his mother and he unwillingly abandons his husband and their family in a time of need. Louis just wants him to come back to bed with him before he can’t feel him anymore.

Word count: 19,641

Brooklyn Saw Me by Anonymous:

Summary: In the cold and unforgiving city of New York, Louis doesn’t have a home and Harry wants to give him one. But as their heartstrings become increasingly intertwined, and the snow continues to fall, home is getting harder and harder to find.

Word count: 28,537

Tiny Little Mouth Kisses by louismodel:

Summary: “Second of all, how do you want to kiss me? Like properly?”

“Erm…” Now it’s Harry’s turn to stutter and be nervous. Louis fights a smile, they’re even now. “Like, you know? When you get angry you look really… um, adorable? Like, ugh, you pout and… oh god, do I really need to say it?” Louis nods. “Oh my god, well, okay, it’s my fault anyway. So, when you’re being pouty, it looks like, oh god, you want to be kissed? Does it even make sense? No, no, it looks like your lips want, need to be kissed. Just a small kiss. Baby kiss. Tiny. Little. Whatever.”

Word count: 11,250

Save Me by Anonymous:

Summary: Without much panic, but with a plan in mine, only hoping it wasn’t a stupid one, he turned around and let his body fall in the water.He yelped loudly to make sure he was heard by the people around the pool, especially Harry, and stayed underwater, counting until ten. The temperature of the water was cool, a very welcome change from the merciless sun he had been under all morning. When the air inside his lungs wasn’t enough anymore, Louis resurfaced, flailing his arms around and pretending his was coughing water.

“Help!” he yelled, putting his natural acting skills in good use for once.

Harry is the new hot lifeguard and Louis decides to fake drown to get closer to him.

Word count: 22,007

Lose Myself in Time by Anonymous:

Summary: When Harry is sixteen years old he works as an intern at his favorite theater in the world nestled up in the mountains of rural Vermont. He takes one look at the older, more mature, Assistant Master Electrician Louis Tomlinson and falls in love. From afar.

Word count: 14,480

Positive and Paint

Pairing: Saeyoung x MC/Reader

Summary: The RFA and MC experience complications with their pregnancy.  After the Extra Story.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff…?

Rating: PG (I dunno, I mention sex?  She’s pregnant; how do you think it happened?)

Word Count: Approx. 1800

Protip: Listen to “He Won’t Go” by Adele.

Of all the stupid things, it was a meme that tipped you off.

You were both at home, one night, having a quiet night in.  You were on the couch, chatting with your friends on the messenger app, while Saeyoung was on the floor beside you, looking up baby things on his laptop where you could see.  You hadn’t told the rest of the RFA about your pregnancy, yet; it was too early.  But, not too early to look up kitten or space-themed onesies!  His favourite, so far, was one with a hood that made the baby look like they were an astronaut.

“…you know what meme that I never got?” you said, out of the blue.

Well, not quite out of the blue.  You and your husband usually started random conversations like that.  Explaining one’s train of thought was almost never necessary.  And internet jokes were how the two of you bonded.

But also, something was bothering you, and a meme seemed like a good segue.

“There’s a meme you don’t get?” Saeyoung said melodramatically, a hand over his heart.

You nudged his head playfully with an elbow before continuing.

“That one where it cuts to the guy and his wife in the hospital bed?” you said, trying to jog his memory, “I don’t get it.  It’s supposed to be funny, but what’s the joke supposed to be?”

“Yeah, I stick to the wholesome memes,” Saeyoung smirked, “Unfamiliar shoes and green things.  That’s where the real comedy is.”

You rolled your eyes but grinned.  Your silly husband.

“Anyway. That’s not all.”

“Listening,” he said, eyes still glued the screen.

“Well…” you put your phone away nervously, “Maybe I’m being paranoid, but…I read the webcomic that that meme is from.  The couple in the comic lost their baby because of a blood type thing.  Um…”

You glanced down at him.  He was looking right at you.  You had his full attention, now.

“I did a little research on it…” you hesitated, then shook your head, “It’s stupid.”

“Yeah,” he nodded vigorously, a little frown on his lips, “Stupid.”

“Yeah. That would never happen.”

“Of course not,” Saeyoung nodded again, this time slower, more thoughtfully, turning back to his laptop.

There was a tense silence.  Nothing but him clicking on space-themed mobiles, now.

“…but what blood type are you?” you blurted, breaking the quiet.

“AB positive,” he replied without hesitation.

More silence.

“…I’m nothing like Ethan,” he cracked a smile.  

Ah, so he had read the webcomic, too.

“I mean, I’m quirky and I’m fun, but our situation’s completely different,” he added reassuringly.

“But…actually, I’m O negative,” you cut in, before he got any further, “I did some research, and…well…”

He turned away from the screen to look at you, again.  You held his gaze steadily, waiting for it to sink it.

“…we might have a problem?” he asked, his chipper attitude completely gone.

“We might have a problem,” you nodded seriously.

“…I’ll make sure you get an appointment with a doctor tomorrow morning.”

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Why Her? (Part 18 - FINAL)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama

Word count: 827

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1998 @sandlee44

Chris Evans Tags: @nedthegay @camigt1999 @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange

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After a year of dating, you two took another camping trip, it was sort of your thing. You didn’t do them too often, so you looked forward to them every time. Chris and you had made a yummy meal over a small campfire before he suggested going out on the lake. The air was warm and perfect, with a full moon and stars sprinkling the sky like twinkling glitter. He helped you into the row boat and he began to row you out to the middle of the lake.

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Witch Au Fic Rec

The Sweetest Incantation 40k

Harry has been alive for decades, and yet he’s never been as confused and dumbfounded. He’s a witch, for God’s sake. Can’t get much weirder than all the magical things he’s experienced throughout his lifetime. Never in a million years, however, would he have expected to be mere inches away from a hybrid.

Or: Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

love is divine 25k

Being a witch doesn’t help when it comes to unrequited love.

you’ve got this spell on me (everything you do is magic) ˜3k

Harry accidentally turns Louis into a cat. He doesn’t know how he’s going to fix it, but he does know he’d better do so before he has to deal with Louis’s wrath.

come on, jump out at me 7k

(first one of the domestic monsters series)

Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to.

And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses.

(Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

wherever you are is the place i belong 10k

(second one of the domestic monsters series)

So a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, and a siren all move into a house together… It’s not a joke, it’s Harry Styles’ life, but sometimes it feels that way.

(Niall and Zayn get jobs, Harry cleans out his feelings, and Louis learns some very interesting things about one of his new flatmates…)

spaces between us hold all our secrets ˜20k

(third one of the domestic monsters series)

The house in Greater Gloomingshire just gets stranger and stranger: Mysterious comings and goings, sneaky glances, and secrets that nobody seems willing to share. Yet.

(Zayn threatens Louis with bodily harm, Niall wolfs out, and when it comes to investigating his flatmates, Detective Harry is on the case!)

i wanna reach out for you (i wanna break these walls) 31k

The wolf’s out of the bag, the witch is out of the broom closet, the siren’s out of the ocean, and the vampire’s out of the…coffin? Everybody knows about everybody now, but it’s not always so easy, rooming with the supernatural.

(the household shifts and changes, Detective Harry is on the case again, and Louis has to come to terms with who he wants to be.)

if i didn’t have you, i’d never see the sun 16k

Everything changes when you have a roommate who doesn’t Get It.

(Liam has trouble with inanimate objects, Harry blows things up, Niall is a brat, and Louis finally talks about his life B.V. - Before Vampirism.)

you will find me in places that we’ve never been 12k

1313 Willow Wisp Lane has seen many things over the course of its long life as a house, but never has it seen a surprise party consisting of an undead king, a witch who can conjure sunlight, a werewolf who doubles as a pastry chef, and a mystery.

(Louis reveals more about his past, Harry makes it rain, Niall makes food, and everyone wonders about Liam.)

i’ll make this feel like home 42k

It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the house in Greater Gloomingshire….in September.

(Liam’s “secret” is revealed, Zayn returns, Niall eats some cupcakes, while Harry and Louis both have to face the past - and the future.)

when the wolves come out 62k

Halloween is swiftly approaching; now, if only they could enjoy it.

(Gemma comes to visit, the crows may or may not be spies, and a spirit is laid to rest.)

we will find a way through the dark 31k (wip)

Louis is tired of running and Harry’s got his back.

(Harry sort-of exorcises a ghost, a Mustang is destroyed, and Louis discovers travel by mirror is not at all what it’s cracked up to be.

Far Afield 11k 

  • (part 1)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

Suited for You 4k

  • (part 2)

“Louis Tomlinson, you have had that suit for almost ten years. It is time to get a new one, and it is time to get a good one.” Unfortunately, he could tell his mother wouldn’t budge. The discussion was over. They said goodbye, and Louis immediately dialed his sister Lottie.

She picked up straight away, “You have to get the suit, Lou.”                          

“Argh!” Louis yelled, hanging up on her. He missed his old flip phone, hanging up on someone was so much more satisfying.                                   

Louis’ family convinces him that he needs a new suit for some upcoming special events in his life.

It’s All Been Done (Before) 17k

  • Lilo 

Zayn isn’t normal for two reasons. One, he’s a warlock. Two, he’s Crown Prince of said warlocks. Witches too, actually. Not Wizards though. Those imbeciles give magic a bad name. Especially the one named Liam. He’s particularly awful. It’s too bad that they end up falling in love.

Through centuries of war, revolution, art and innovation; Zayn tries to stay away from Liam, until he can’t

Bewitched 160k

“So what’s your problem, mister?”

“I’m married to a witch.” says Louis, disbelievingly, shaking his head slightly, swirling the ice around in his shot glass. “My spouse is a witch.”

“Cheer up.“ says the Bartender “You should see my wife.”

Louis doubts that his wife is a real spell-casting, cloak-wearing, cauldron stirring, witch, like his new husband, Harry.

But, Louis suspects that nothing could surprise him anymore. Not Harry’s magical friends, not his literally disappearing sister or even the way that Harry’s able to clean a kitchen in 2 seconds.

Louis had always thought that Harry was charming, he just didn’t know how much.

Adaption of the hysterical and wonderful 1960’s tv show, starring, of course, 1D; each chapter is self contained within the universe.

Spellbound 62k (wip)

Louis Tomlinson leads a charmed life. Not because of his good job, nice house or the fact that he’s happily married; despite all those things being true.

No, Louis lives a charmed life because of the fact that his best friends, in laws and (perfect) husband all happen to be magical beings.

And just as he’s getting used to things like his sister in law literally popping in unannounced, or watching his husband turn people into animals, a new bundle of joy arrives and throws a wrench into the works.

But, you know what? Louis wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sequel to Bewitched

a long way down (to the bottom of the river) 24k

“ Most people would call Harry silly for believing in curses. Childish would also be a probable insult thrown his way. In their little town full of little people, Harry’s whimsical nature and beliefs mean that he’s subjected to frequent judgemental looks and whispers. It doesn’t usually bother him. Most people don’t know about the magic thrumming through his veins or about how powerful words can truly be. Most people don’t carry around their ancestors grief like a burden. They don’t have to pay for deeds hundreds of years old like Harry and his family have. They get to love freely without fear.

Harry and his kin aren’t so lucky.”

a practical magic au in which Harry and his sister accidentally kill her abusive boyfriend with magic and Louis is the D.I working the case.

wash him deep where the tides are turning 3k

"When Harry finally tells Louis about his family’s curse and the true love spell that broke it, they’ve been dating for seven months, nineteen days and about twelve hours and Louis’ cock is buried deep inside his arse.”

Part two of a practical magic au.

taken by the wind 8k

When he decided to move to London with his sister, Harry thought he would finally get to learn how to control his magic. He couldn’t possibly have predicted that he would fall for her neighbour.

Or the one where Harry is a clumsy witch and Louis is making everything worse just by existing.

baby, we could be enough 3k

  • ot5

A few weeks later, they’ve finally begun to settle in, and it’s time for Liam’s first in-home transformation.

He’s dreading it.

Keep Me In Your Pocket 3k

Louis has been living in a teapot since he was miniaturised by a witch, but Harry is determined to break the curse.

take a sip from my secret potion (falling in love) 6k

After running away to Pendle, Louis is being haunted by some angry spirits, and so he seeks solace in Worst Witch Harry Styles. Louis is looking for a potion to fix his problems, but the answer may be a bit simpler than that.

Nocturnal Creatures Are Not So Prudent 24k

  • Witch!Louis

Louis spins a finger in midair, like he’s indicating someone to turn around, staring pointedly at Liam as the faucet turns itself on and the can rinses itself in the sink behind him. Liam, moon burn him, doesn’t rise to the bait, choosing instead to lean back on his stool and wrapping his hands around his own mug.

“Anyway, like I was saying and that you were ignoring, there’s this new club near my school and I want you to go with me. Could do you some good, getting out once in awhile.”

Louis is a white witch with a little black cat named Hemlock and a best human friend Liam (they’re a lot like Samantha Stephens and Louise Tate). When he’s dragged out to a new club Liam’s heard about from a friend and classmate, Louis comes face to face with that which witches do not touch: a charming vampire by the name of Harry.

Everything You Do Is Magic 5k

October is a month of magic. Most carry on with their lives thinking that leaves change color from science and that the pumpkins no one has seen growing all year actually came from the ground. But others know the truth. That some possess the power to create life and take it away. Harry was one of those people.

(or the one where Harry and Zayn are witches, Liam and Louis are new in town, Niall may or may not be magic, and Harry thinks nothings better than the feeling of magic, till something is)

Try Refusing A Million Times (But You’re in Love) 16k

Harry’s a witch selling tea and sweets in The Umbrella, a shop he and his best mate Niall have just opened. But on ‘Official Opening Day’ he runs into Louis, and there the chaos ensues when Harry’s magic trickles into Louis. With Niall and Zayn at his side, it’s a regular quest for love: either Harry gets his magic back from the forbidden Louis whose dating Liam, or he performs a dark ritual on himself to save himself from Louis’ madness that he most certainly will not survive

DAY 3481

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Oct 7/8,  2017                Sat/Sun 12:08 AM 

Tomorrow will be ‘karaka chaturthi’ or the day of ‘karva chauth’ .. the day the wives shall fast for their husbands’ long and prosperous life .. they shall break their fast after seeing the moon at night, through a sieve .. they shall dress in their finery the entire day .. do prayers and rituals in the early hours .. and when the moon is sighted, the prayers are repeated ..

Husbands shall remain by them the entire day .. trying their best to keep them entertained so their minds are driven away from consumption of and the temptation to eat .. the husbands seldom succeed .. the wives are stronger and do better than the men .. the men at times and in some homes keep a sympathetic fast too .. most do not .. 

The sanctity of the festive day is ever maintained .. the sighting of the moon has always been a trial .. attendants are asked to perch themselves at vantage points so they can sight the moon at the earliest .. on most occasions the Moon plays tricks .. hides itself behind large dark clouds, making it even more torturous for the wives to hold back .. I think this is a little unfair on the part of the Moon .. but its status is such in all our lives that one dare not take umbrage .. 

The domesticity for the Blog over it is now to the business end - the chatter the talk of the normal and Ef oriented banter .. tell me then what goes, or if it is comes, then what comes .. 

What comes to me are some serious questions on the work schedule ..

That is all that invades my mind , for the present .. for the future there is always the elements to react to and with .. known futures are unwelcome .. better be taken by surprise than to wait for it to happen .. astrologers will and shall not love or like this .. but there you are .. they discover the study of the stars and their values through those complicated charts the ‘janam patri’s’ .. one that fascinates most of the world population .. the desire and the need to know what shall come to them tomorrow, what shall be a good object to possess, a stone a band a ‘jap’ that needs to be done to ward off the negative elements .. so much study and science in its working .. a most revered document in the lives of all that be around .. countless interpretations and endless hours of study and research, they shall predict and tell you what shall happen with you the very next hour and minute .. those lucky days, those lucky colours to wear on particular day, those signings for deals sand those opportunities that are to come your way and the cautions that need to be executed ..

I would rather die on my own than be told of my death ; to be commissioned on a particular day and time .. its that rather valid debate on Capital Punishment that has plagued the legal system for years .. the sudden and unexpected killing by the murderer, or the capturing of the villain, putting them in prison, subjected to life or hanging, but not telling them when .. so they wait knowing they are to be hanged, but when .. is the question under debate .. is it rather more cruel to get them to wait where they do not know when they shall be executed .. or more cruel to be suddenly without warning be given an end to your life ..

NO .. there is no celebration of any kind for the 75th .. and there is no possibility of my presence here in the city .. they speculate .. they aver .. they get to know from their ‘sources’ , details which can be completely wrong .. at times one wishes to be those sources - for we never ever know who or what they are … and the state of this state would be the largest wonder .. but so is the business that that Omerta is beyond all .. the code of conduct, of silence, that they sign is invaluable remote and unbreakable in the entire universe .. one that only justifies silence .. but one that has deep and final penetration in the conduct of them that pay allegiance to it ..

Why does the controversial always have the code of perfection - silence ! its a world wide phenomena ..एक चुप , सौ सुख  ।। k chup, sau sukh !! … one silence, a hundred happinesses ..

And here I am breaking all the ‘omerta’ .. by breaking every code of silence ..

Good night 

Amitabh Bachchan

And… now I’m rummaging through my story drawing folders and thinking about all the story ideas I came up but never put down to words. This is one of the good ones. This is concept art for a Sesskag AU spin story based on an old Chinese fairy tale and movie.

The tale here isn’t exactly fairy. It’s a revenge story. The main character is the son of a governor, whose family is massacred by a gang of assassins because they happened to hold a treasure. The son escaped death on mere luck and tried to seek revenge on the assassins who killed his family.

The son seeked out a famed doctor and had his face transfigured into a new one so that he could pursue his enemy in secret. he looked far and hard and after many years arrived at the Southern citadel. There, he met a woman, fell in love with her and married her.

Ironically, he woman he loved was actually one of the assassins. After many years of bloodshed and killing, the assassin regretted her crimes and wanted to live a normal life. She too found the same doctor and got her new face from him.

These two lived with each other as husband and wife for many years until the truth came out.

This was actually a pretty mediocre story in the ghost story staples of China, but funnily, in 2010 , John Woo decided to make it into a movie (named Reign of Assassins, starring Michelle Yeoh). I went to see it and got a big surprise. The movie changed many aspects of the original story, giving soul and depth to the characters and really made me think about it. It also incorporated many other Chinese folktales ( The killing bride, death powder, one of the many myths of the Bhodi who visitted China, etc…)

The best part of it, imo, was the incorporation of a Buddhist love story into the plot. The story is about Buddha’s disciple who fell in love with a beautiful woman. Buddha asked him:

“How much do you love her?”

And the disciple answered:

“I would turn into a stone bridge… and endure five hundred years of wind, five hundred years of sun, and five hundred years of rain. I would only ask that she walk over that bridge.”

This story within a story became the emotional focal point of the movie and changed the ending. Instead of the tragic ending, the couple managed to overcome their grudge and their bloody past.

A revenge story became a love story. An old tale made new.

I decided that I liked it so much that I wanted to draw something inspired by it.

The above scene is a depiction of their marriage: Sesshomaru wearing Inuyasha mask and Kagome wearing Kikyo mask. All the things that they built together were lies, but somehow their feeling for each other remained the only truthful thing. That’s why Sess is reaching out for Kagome, almost like he’s about to take off her mask, but also like he’s afraid… what’s behind it? The future? Nothing?

The red sash between them is an old Asian symbol of marriage and love.

I never wrote it into a story. I never had the time. I was super busy back then, having only just become a journalist and spent much of my time on the road hunting for news. This is… bringing back a lot of memories… 


Kenny Omega - All Hearts Return For The Holidays.

Kenny Omega - Who’s in the Christmas spirit? xD  Reader is a retired wrestler and her and Kenny spend their first Christmas together with their newborn son. Really fluffy.

- Warnings - Fluffffff

Word Count - 1,159 words.

Requested by: Anon.

A/N - If you’d like to be tagged in any future fics, feel free to message/ask us :)

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You stretched your arms and rolled onto your side as the sharp crack of your back reverberated around your and Kenny’s shared room. The soft winter sun seeped through tiny cracks in the shutters- the light momentarily blinding your dazed irises. You lazily slumped your arm to grab your phone off the bedside table, only to realise how much time you’d actually spent under the warm sheets of your king sized bed… Then another thought crept over your mind; the sole fact that your barely one-month-old son, Brayden should have already woken you up by now with his never-ending pitiful wails. Hastily, you pulled on your pink, silk robe and scurried down the hallway to your son’s room; already in a pure state of panic - the mess of a person which instantly vanished as you stepped through the door. Warm tears seemed to well up in your eyes as your heart warmed seeing the far too familiar muscular build of you husband, rocking your newborn back and forth in his arms, in a successful attempt to comfort him. The rapid thumps echoing in your chest returned to their normal pace as you simply stood, staring at your perfect little family and only when you saw the small little reindeer hanging in the corner of Brayden’s room did you remember that it was in fact, Christmas Morning.

Your frame toppled to the side, consequently creating a small creak as you leant against the pristine white door frame. That feeling never quite goes away, the moment the love of your life looks you straight in the eyes; the exact moment butterflies take over your entire body, causing your knees to quake in complete adoration. And just hearing his voice after 2 months of him being on the road, well that was the star on top of the tree. “Merry Christmas baby.”

“Kenny, I thought you weren’t back ‘til later!?” You exclaimed, your bare feet stepping from the hard, cold wood to the plush carpet as you began walking towards your boys.

The mere sight of Kenny holding the tiny bundle of joy delicately in his arms made this Christmas all the more merrier, “Couldn’t miss this morning could I?” His raspy tone spoke above the light melody playing from the lion-themed mobile hanging above Brayden’s crib.

You wrapped both hands lovingly around Kenny’s arms, resting your forehead on his perfectly chiseled biceps. Looking down upon the ever-so-slightly blushed cheeks of your newborn along with the tight curls forming on their head, it seemed almost impossible to see this moment as anything less than perfect. Kenny was just such a natural with Brayden… ever since he was born he just seemed to have those fatherly instincts- it was just a shame Kenny had to miss a good portion of the first month doing his shows; even if he was kick-ass at doing them. It would be an understatement to say you didn’t miss Kenny like absolute crazy whilst he was away but the single fact that he was here with you on what was the most magical day of the year was more than enough for you. The tiny body of Brayden was cautiously handed to you, Kenny being 100% sure that you had hold of him before releasing his hands. 

With Brayden nuzzled closely to the crook of your neck and Kenny to your side, you made your way downstairs, eager to begin the day that holds no stress at all; something you were so used to in your previous hectic career. Reaching the living room, your mouth instantly fell agape as you saw the tree, literally bombarded with tons of wrapped presents, masses more than were there last night. “Kenny, did you actually get this many presents for us!? Are you serious!?” You shrieked seeing all the tiny boxes, tied with cutely coloured ribbon along with the huge tags with yours and your sons’ names on.

“No, question is; are you serious? Obviously, it was Santa Claus.” Kenny winked at you, simultaneously heading to the decked out tree, grasping onto two silver boxes. 

“Oh yeah, well who knew Santa had a six-pack.” You sat Brayden onto Kenny’s lap, picking up your present as you watched Kenny hand your son his. You weren’t the one to neatly fold away the wrapping paper; instead more of the ‘I’ll use my claws’ approach to be completely honest. For that reason, your gift seemed to be revealed in nothing but a matter of seconds. “Oh my god Kenny, you didn’t…” Anybody at this point would think he’d got you a ring, or some nice perfume you’d spotted on one of your recent shopping trips but no… Kenny being Kenny decided to get you an all-black onesie with the bullet club logo branded across the front.

“I did” He chuckled before turning to Brayden, playfully motioning his hands up and down as he had a gentle hold on your son’s dainty wrists. “Now let’s open yours shall we buddy, go ahead.”

It was unbearably adorable, witnessing your husband interact with the product of purely your love in this way. But jeez… the silence in the atmosphere at this moment was insanely thick. Both of you were sat staring at each other with entirely different expression etched upon your faces; his simply of delight, yours read pure confusion. “Hold up, did you really think our one-month-old son can open a present!? He can’t even control when he poops yet Kenny?”

Kenny raised an eyebrow at you and moments later turn to a quiet Brayden. “Yes, nothing’s impossible. I mean if he’s my kid, he’s sure as hell gonna be able to do it.” He spoke, ruffling the small tufts of hair sprouting from your kids head.

What was he implying right now? “Kenny, are you seriously considering Brayden not being your child- look at him, he’s literally a miniature you.” You snarled, your eyebrows closely furrowed together.

“No don’t be stupid, I just thought it was worth a shot you know? Maybe he’s like secretly superman.” Kenny began to rip open the paper covering your baby’s gift, pulling out a much smaller version of the present in which you’d just received. 

“Jeez I love you so damn much Kenny, I don’t actually think you understand.” You leant over, pecking your lips upon his ever-so-slightly stubbled cheek, placing another delicately on the crown of your son’s head. Kenny wasn’t usually the one to go over the top on celebrating anything but you were damn sure, he was going to make his baby’s first Christmas one to remember, whether that means spending an overly large amount of his hard earned money spoiling the people he loved most. Not that you would be the one to complain anyway… He made sure to make it a certainty that this day would mark the end of one of the most momentous years with a day full of happiness, nothing short.

A/N - Kenny fic’s done, Sorry if this isn’t up to scratch with my other ones, I don’t really know what happened; I just don’t feel like this is my best work at all ;/ Well I hope it was alright Anon :)


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With The Stars as Witnesses - Saeyoung x MC oneshot

Warning: There is sexual content under the read more.

-On AO3-

As MC gazed up at the sky, she smiled at the sight of the sun beginning to fall low. Today was an important day for both herself and Saeyoung, and as the evening approached, she could feel an intense fluttering in her stomach.

“A sunset wedding… It is very you and Saeyoung, I have to say…” Jaehee smiled as she helped MC with adjusting the final part of her hairstyle, and straightened out her dress. “Is it true what I heard that he chose the time of the wedding based upon when the stars will begin to appear?”

“Yes… He wanted it so that we could finish exchanging our vows when ‘the stars can be our witnesses’. It’s so sweet…” MC then went over to a table, and picked up her bouquet of flowers. “I can’t help but feel… anxious though… We’re finally getting married today…” She ran her hands slowly across the petals of the flowers, before she turned to Jaehee with a teary smile. “Let’s go…”

The affair was a private one – only those close to MC and Saeyoung had been invited. The thing was… Nobody in MC’s family had been able to attend. Only the RFA and Saeran were there… Not that the bride really cared – the RFA was more of a family to her than her own family was, and the same went for Saeyoung.

Either way, Jumin was waiting for MC near the piece of private land in which the ceremony was meant to take place. There had been roles decided for the RFA members through the ceremony, seeming as they were the only ones attending beside the officiator. Jumin would walk MC down the aisle, whilst Jaehee was the bridesmaid. Both Yoosung and Saeran were Saeyoung’s best man… or perhaps best men? Zen had been asked to play the piano for when MC walked down the aisle, and of course, V was the photographer for the event… After that, there were the two obvious roles in the wedding - MC was the bride, and Saeyoung was the groom.

“MC… Well then, are you ready to have no choice but to end up committing the rest of your life to Saeyoung?” That was the first thing which Jumin asked, just for V to quietly laugh in the background.

V ended up snapping a quick photo of MC as he approached them, rolling his eyes at his friend’s remark. “You make it sound as though it’s a bad thing, Jumin. They’re happy together!” He then smiled at MC, before he turned slightly. “I’m going to go and tell everyone that you’re here, MC. The sun has almost completely set, so you’ve done well with your timing…”

Just mere minutes later, MC’s heart was racing as she slowly walked down the aisle. She could see her future husband in the distance, anxiously tugging at his sleeves as he attempted to speak to Saeran about something. However, he stopped as soon as his eyes met hers over the slight distance. His face reddened, before he quickly turned around so that he wasn’t facing her.

All that Saeyoung could think about was just how beautiful MC looked in that dress… She had decided to go for something which wasn’t completely traditional, and was wearing a deep crimson coloured dress with intricate silver details on it. She was… beautiful… so beautiful… He knew it was a cliché thought, but he had just fallen in love with her yet again.

Eventually, she was by his side at the altar. Both of them were blushing, and grew even more flustered every time that they dared to make eye-contact as the ceremony began. Thankfully, the ceremony was only meant to be a short one due to the time of it. Introductions and thanks, vows, rings, then kiss.

Saeyoung was a blushing and stammering mess as he read his out vows, and MC couldn’t help but smile at him as he spoke. He did, however, calm down and become more confident as he went through his vows. “U- Um… I, S- Saeyoung Choi, take you, MC, the D- Doctor pepper to m- my Honey Buddha Chips, the 606 t- to my 707, to be my w… wife… to have and to hold from this day forward- y- yeah, from this day forward unt- until the stars s- stop shining, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part…”

MC was able to flow through her vows swiftly and confidently, giggling slightly at Saeyoung’s deep blush as she spoke.

And finally, it reached the exchange of the rings. Saeyoung was trembling as he took hold of MC’s hand, and gently slipped the ring onto her finger. For that matter, MC was shaking too. It was a huge combination of anxiety, anticipation, excitement, and love.

The moment that they were pronounced husband and wife, Saeyoung hardly waited for the ‘You may now kiss the bride’, and leaned forward so that his forehead was pressing against hers, and he was cupping her cheeks. “Look… The first stars are out… They must have realised that the brightest star was down here on Earth, by my side…” He then gently pressed his lips against hers, tears of joy beginning to stream down his face. “I love you, MC… I love you so much…”

“I love you too, Sae…” She kissed him back quickly, before closing her eyes. “I’m so happy to be Mrs. Choi now…”

The ceremony ended with the flash of V’s camera, capturing their kiss forever in a photo.

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Nesta Agnst

I don’t know who’s more masochist. You for asking it, or me, for writing it. But as you wish.


I cried twice in my life.

Obviously, during my childhood, I cried thousands of times, but I’m referring to the two times I cried. The two times that still burning inside me, eating every good feeling I have.

The first time I cried, was when my mom passed away.

I remember her grey-blue eyes, as mine, closing slowly, while her breath got heavier, and her hand squeezing mine weaker.

I remember the big, hot tears coming down my face. The little sobs coming out of my throat. My mom leaving me.

Since that day, crying remember me of my mom. But not the happy, beautiful memories where she was playing in the garden with Feyre and me, while dad helped Elain with her flowers.

No, the memory of her cold, beautiful body letting go all the life, all memories, was what come to my mind.

So I stopped crying.

My sisters, my friends, even my own dad, started calling me cold, but they didn’t know what I was feeling. The ocean of emotions I was trying to control, because I promised my mom I would take care of my sisters. And I would.

Then the hunger came. My sisters and I were created to have everything we wanted, we used to have money for that. But after years mom passed away, the money went with her.

We didn’t have many options, so Feyre started hunting. Seeing her everyday, going to that horrible, dangerous forest gave me headaches.

Every time she came by the door after the hunting, I wanted to hug her and say that she would never come back to that place, that she would never put herself in danger again.

But I didn’t.

Because I was a coward.

Because Feyre was the brave one. The only one that really fought for our family. And I know that this is not an excuse for letting a teenager risk her life everyday, and that’s why I thank to the cauldron everyday for letting her live. For letting her find the love of her life, and finally be as happy as she deserved.

I thought we were going to get over all the pain when Feyre was taken away.

But then I cried again.

I was trying my best to not go to the other side of the wall and get my sister back. Because I knew what was going to happen to me, to Elain, and, mainly, to Feyre.

Everyday was a constant waiting for Feyre. A constant hope that she would walk through the door, saying her debt was paid.

This never happened.

Bad, evil thoughts came to my mind daily.

What if they abused her?

What if they locked her?

What if they killed her?

The feeling I had about Feyre’s absence got worse. I got worse. I was colder, meaner. I felt all the guilt.

Because if I wasn’t a coward, she would be here.

So, to occupy my mind, I searched for a marriage for Elain and me.

I don’t know if Elain loved her ex future husband. If she was happy. She seemed like she was, though. He gave her an iron ring, a constant reminder of what Elain had to be protected from. The same monsters that got my little sister.

What a fool I was. How stupid I was of thinking that the people from the other side of the wall were the monsters. The monsters were here.

And I was going to marry one.

It was a normal day. Graysen came to take Elain to a walk, leaving me alone with my books.

She asked if I wanted her to stay, and I obviously denied. If my sister was getting married, I’d hope it would be with someone she loved. And spending time with Graysen would help it.

By the end of the afternoon, after the sun was down, I heard knocks on my door. I got up from my old armchair and went to open the door.

My dad was sleeping in one of the bedrooms, and nothing would wake him up.


I opened the door waiting for Elain, but I found Thomas instead.

The man I was going to marry.

The dumbass I was going to marry.

Before Feyre was taken, I was even excited with the idea of marrying Thomas. He was tall, handsome and enough smart.

Thomas wasn’t a monster, not yet, but he annoyed me. Not in a good way, I have to admit. And I knew that my hate for him was without a base, but something, in the deep of my mind came every time I was with him. Run.

He asked if we could walk a little.

I was ready to say “no” and slam the door in his face, but in my old world, a woman would never do this if she wanted to get married.

Stupid sexist world.

So I said yes. I stepped out of home, letting the cold, but not too cold, air involve me.

We walked a little, not walking much, so he turned back and we walked home again.

Without asking, as the house was already his, he entered.

The same feeling— the little voice— snapped me again. Run.

This time I listened to it.

Without saying nothing, I went to the small yard behind our house.

I could hear his footsteps behind me.

I stopped in the middle of the yard, staring at the stars, asking if anyone could fly over here and save me now.

But my flying hero didn’t showed up.

The next thirty seconds that followed were a complete blur.

Although, I remember Thomas walking until he was with my back was cast on his chest.

I remember trying to run, and I remember his hands in my arms, stopping me from going anywhere.

I also remember when my body crashed against the wood fence, Thomas hands all over my body.

I remember begging for him to stop.

I remember crying.

The tears came down my face as my clothes were being ripped out of my body. The sobs as he pressed his mouth against mine.

No no no no.

I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t find the strength I found. Because in that yard, in that night, no one heard my screams.

No dad.

No sisters.

No flying savior.

Just Thomas, and his damned body.

I could feel him against me, and I almost threw up. Laying on the fence, I tried to change the positions, so I could get free from that nightmare.

The tears, the despair, was blurring my vision, so I punched him.

I punched him with a strength I didn’t know I had. Thomas stepped back, and I could hit him again. And then kick him.

But I knew this wouldn’t last. He would beat me back. He would beat all my naked body, and then do what he was planning since the beginning.

So I ran. I ran as fast as I could to get to the house fast enough to lock him outside. I waited a little, until the punches in the door stopped.

I went to upstairs’ bathroom. I closed the door and looked at myself in the mirror.

If I was wearing any clothes, I could have pretended that nothing happened. That I was crying for anything else.

Slowly, painfully, I wiped my tears. I put an old dress I left in the bathroom’ floor in that morning. I got myself a beautiful braided bun. I opened the door, went to my old armchair, and opened my book.

Without looking down, looking through the window to see if Thomas still in the yard.

A small, shiny and warm tear came down my face, falling in the book.

I wiped this one, too.

And I never more cried.

Not until I almost lost my flying savior, but I wasn’t letting a part of me dying that day. I was going to die with my other half.

And I cried again many times while I spend all my years with my flying savior. But they weren’t sad tears, they were tears of joy, happiness.

After my flying savior saved me, I stopped crying. And come back living.

Night on the town, part 11

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1960

Warning: Fluff

 Part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10

There was no doubt your face was frozen in utter shock at his declaration.  “Umm what?”

Leonard frowned the typical Leonard frown.  “We are gonna get married today.”

“Like hell we are.  I don’t even know if I am going to get off this floor today.  Let alone feeling well enough say my vows.  And I sure as hell am not getting married in the bathroom.”  

“Well, we are getting’ married.  I love you and that’s my baby in there.”  Leonard set his hand on your still flat abdomen.  “[Y/N]… we are havin’ a baby.”  The last part was so quiet you almost didn’t catch it.  But it made you beam at him as you leaned your head against his shoulder. Your hand covered his.

“Yes we are.  I’m scared but I am so happy.  It was something I did not even know I wanted until I knew it happened.” Leonard wrapped his arms around you, holding you close and enjoying the feeling.  It was something he did not think would happen again.  That was how Jim found you both.  Clinging to each other on the bathroom floor.

“Well my work here is done. I have less than forty-eight hours before we report back to the ship.  I plan on being drunk for all of them.  [Y/N] I deleted your resignation. You’re welcome.  Night kids, have fun.”  He was out the front door without another word.

You grandfather returned home not long after you peeled yourself off the bathroom floor.  He found you and Leonard sitting at the kitchen island talking.  Leonard stumbled over his words, fearing what the old Admiral would think of the man who hurt his granddaughter.  “Umm good day sir, Admiral [Y/L/N].  I’m… uh. Leonard McCoy sir.”

You snorted then laughed from behind him.  Leonard turned to frown at you over his shoulder.  Your grandfather stepped close to Leonard with his stern face.  He appeared to look over Leonard, as he did with those who were under his command.

“So you are the one that stole my girl’s heart then broke it?  And you impregnated her?  What do you have to say for yourself?”  It took everything you had within you not to fall on the floor laughing.  Leonard broke out in a cold sweat, mumbling his apologies.  “Well son? Did you beg her forgiveness and promise to marry her?”

“Ye…yes… sir…”  Your grandfather narrowed his eyes as moved close to Leonard’s face.  You could see him shaking at the scrutiny.  After about five seconds your grandfather pulled back and smiled like the wonderful man he was and looked over to you.

“Good.  When do I get to walk to down the aisle, my girl?” Grinning you walked around Leonard to give him a hug.  Leonard look confused for a moment before he realized what happened.  Then he started to relax.

“Soon I hope.  Leonard this is my grandfather, Sean.  Grandpa, this is Leonard.”  Both men shook hands though you could tell that Leonard was nervous.

“It’s good to finally meet you son.  [Y/N] has told me a lot about you.  I’m happy you made the right decision and came here.  My great grand baby there needs to strong man in his or her life.”

After a few minutes of small talk, Sean retired to his office for the evening.  After the day of discussions with Star Fleet he has several reports to finish.  Leonard looked as though he had been holding his breath the whole time.  He was almost gasping as his nerves were finally relieved. “I don’t know if I have ever thought someone was gonna stab me like when he walked in here.  And you laughing like it was nothing.”

“Leonard, he has been waiting to meet you since I first told him about you.  He looks scary but he is a teddy bear.  He has been saying since I got here that we deserve to be together. I think he wanted to see if he could scare you.”

“Yeah he scared me.  I think I may need some clean pants now.”


The rest of the night you talked a lot.  Every feeling and hurt was out in the open.  He told you of Joanna’s apology and how she wanted to tell you herself soon. Sometime in the near future you would talk to her and you would forgive her.  For the moment you just wanted to be held in his arms. The time apart had caused enough hurt for you both.  Every so often he would whisper how much he loved you in your ear then would run a hand over your abdomen.  It would send a thrill through you knowing in the not too far future you and Leonard would have this new little life.  You had no doubt that Jim would demand the baby be named after him for his role in saving your relationship.  It was something to think about over the next months.

When you woke in the morning Leonard was staring at you.  He had been memorizing every inch of your face.  “See something you like, handsome?”  That easy smile of his appeared as you slowly got used to the morning sun.

“More than like, darlin’. I am looking at the woman I love. Will you do something for me?”

You curled up into his chest closing your eyes.  “You know I would do anything for you.”

“Marry me before we go back? I don’t want to spend another day without you as my wife.  It’s not about the baby.  I came here wanting it before you told me you were pregnant.  But that little one in there only seals it.  I want you with me as Mrs.… Dr… whoever McCoy.”

Once the words had time to process in your mind, you pulled back to look at him.  “All right Dr. McCoy.  Let’s get married.  Better tell Jim though he might be upset if he misses it.”  He smiled down at you, then kissed your face all over.

“You just made me the happiest man.  I will work every damn day to make you happy I swear it.”

It took a most of the day but you were able to pull together a small wedding.  Your grandfather arranged for a chaplain he knew to come perform the ceremony.  Those closest to you from the Enterprise gave up their last day of freedom, to join you in the backyard to celebrate.  Your dress was not traditional with its flowy green skirt.  But you felt beautiful as you walked on the arm of you grandfather towards Leonard.  Jim stood at his side with a knowing grin on his face.  Like he had predicted this from the beginning.  Well you guess he did.  From the time you first stepped aboard the ship, he had said it.  Damn that smirk of his.

It only distracted you for a moment before looking at Leonard.  His face was alight with pure joy.  Your grandfather kissed your cheek as he joined Leonard’s and your hands together. The chaplain began speaking in a soft baritone that felt like it was made for this.  The theme of love and joyfulness left not a dry eye in those gathered.  “An’t tha lovely.”  Could be heard as a loud sob from the Scotsman in the back.

When the time came to recite your vows you found the strength to speak the words of love that you both would always remember.  Between the pregnancy hormones and the emotions of the day you could not keep the tears from slipping down your cheeks.  Leonard had his own tears as he stuttered of the words.  But he kissed your clasped hands as he pledged his faith and love.  As you were pronounced husband and wife, Leonard breathed a huge sigh of relief.  “’Bout damn time!”  He pulled you close, kissing you like you were the air he needed to live.

Everyone clapped and cheered their happiness for you.  It wasn’t long before you were being hugged by all of your friends and your grandfather. Once the crowd was sat at the scattered tables, Jim stood to draw the attention for his speech.  “Almost five years ago I met Bones on a ship headed for Starfleet.  I certainly didn’t know then, when I met the cranky bastard that he would become one of my closest friends.”  Everyone laughed other than Leonard, though he did crack a smile.

“Over the time we have all known him our friendships grew.  We relied on each other and became the family that we all missed and needed. Bones was like the crotchety grandpa, no offense Admiral [Y/N] …”  The laughs were louder this time.  Your grandfather laughed as well, clapping his hand and motioned for Jim to continue. “He is the person we all go to, to complain, to vent, and to be healed.  Whether he liked it or not.  Though we know that secretly he needed it as much as we do.  We all need something that keeps us going and for the longest time he did not have that.  Until that one night.  That night where his whole life changed and he has not ever looked back.  Now [Y/N] has brought out the best in Bones. I for one, will forever be in her debt.  [Y/N], you have turned more than just Bones’ live upside down.  You are not just the woman he loves without question, but also have become a friend to everyone here.  That smile of yours has brightened many a day for whoever has needed it and been that ear when I had too much to drink.  After scaring the hell out of me this week, I can’t tell you how happy I am to stand here to toast the two of you.  Bones, [Y/N] be happy and love each other.  Make us all sick with the lovey dovey crap and let us share in the story that you are going to write from here on out.  That baby better be named after me when he is born.  To Bones and [Y/N]!”  

“To Bones and [Y/N]!” Everyone raised their drinks toasting for you.  Leonard and you sipped at your drinks, your fizzy juice was not what you wanted but you were so happy you could not complain. The rest of your night was like a dream.  As a married couple you laughed, danced and ate like there was nothing else in the world to do.  It was one of the best nights of your life.

Jim managed to push off departure for an extra day so that you and Leonard were able to have thirty-six hours of a honeymoon before have to return to duty.   So there you sat with your new husband curled up together in front of the fire.  You looked at your wedding band in the glow of the firelight and sighed contently.  “Are you all right Mrs. McCoy?”  

You could hear that a million times and never grow tired of it.  Mrs. McCoy…  now Dr. McCoy.  Yeah, that wouldn’t get too confusing in the medbay. “I’m happy.  So very happy.”

“Me too darlin’.  I wish we could stay like this forever but…”

“But we have our duty to do.  I know but at least we have something to look forward to.  Thirty-five weeks or so and we will be adding to the McCoy family.”  Leonard rested both his hands over your lower abdomen. The warmth seeping through the thin fabric of your nightgown.”

“Yep.  I can’t wait.  You are going to be an amazing mother, [Y/N].  Thank you for starting this new life with me.”  His soft kiss turned into so much more.  The two of you taking advantage of the few hours you had left alone.

Part 12

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Can you please rec some yoonmin pinning fics (chapetered or not) I really like pinning to!! Thank you 😚

  • of heartbreaks and not-too-hidden solutions: jimin couldn’t breathe, then yoongi slipped into his life along with summer breeze.
  • tu me manque: jimin thinks they broke up because yoongi got tired of him, but a box of letters he finds underneath his bed tells an entirely different story. 
  • senses: yoongi wants somebody he can’t have (or so he thinks). 
  • limerence: yoongi’s new year’s resolution is to fall out of love. (jimin’s is quite different.)
  • i want to wake up (i hate this dream): he wants to kiss jimin. he wants to kiss jimin so fucking bad. when they’re out at night with the others, and the moon casts a silvery halo around his hair, yoongi wants to pull jimin to his chest, and bleed out everything he can never vocalise. maybe in another profession, another country, another lifetime, then he could have had jimin. but, for now, he must content himself with watching. 
  • caramel macchiato: yoongi found himself falling in love with the boy who always ordered the caramel macchiato 
  • the agony of the nearness of the distant: a completely ordinary monday night takes a turn to the unordinary when phography student min yoongi meets a genie and makes the stupidest (the best?) wish of his life. 
  • standing out of the line (that i’ll never cross): if he could have it any other way, yoongi thinks he’d like to meet jimin at an amusement park. at the same time, there is an infinite number of maybes in this world; of what could have been and should have been, if only it had it doesn’t work out like that. (in this world, there’s a girl, and an infinite number of reasons why park jimin isn’t for him.)
  • secret affairs: jung hoseok is one of south korea’s most famous baseball-stars and his girlfriend, model kim hyeri, thinks he might be cheating on her. she hires private detective min yoongi to find out the truth - and little did yoongi know that he would fall in love with hoseok’s secret affair, an awfully endearing boy named park jimin. 
  • crossing distances: “do you want to drink coffee at my place?“perhaps jimin’s not the only one willing to make up for the lost time―and make the remaining ones count. 
  • late nights, red eyes: late nights like this always ended the same way; the seven of them pouring into bed as the sun came up, stars from the night dying down to nothing but a low buzz in the base of their skulls, eyes bloodshot and red, yoongi and jimin alone together. 
  • does he love me? (does he love me not?): yoongi will never know of the way jimin’s eyes light up when he keeps finding yoongi curled into a blanket-wrapped ball on the couch on his studio at four in the morning, snoring lightly. he takes no notice of how jimin sneaks his hand into yoongi’s when he thinks no one is looking. 
  • 난 니삐 모른다 (i only know you): fem!yoonmin all-girls’ high school au (aka i’ve read all female yoongi fics in this goddamn website and i really need more dammit) 
  • headlines: “i know it doesn’t seem so, but i will take care of you. i know that this is…it isn’t what you wanted but, i’m glad that it’s you okay?” yoongi explains and jimin feels bashful. really bashful, and slightly giddy. [jimin falls in love with his beautiful husband.] 
  • it’s your birthday but you’re my gift: yoongi celebrates 5 birthdays with jimin over the course of 20 years. (aka yoongi growing up with jimin only to realise he’s falling for his childhood friend). 
  • holes (give and take): every summer, yoongi goes to the beach.every autumn, he returns with a new hole in his head, but the old hole in his heart has healed a bit more. 
  • if you: jimin has a reputation as a bit of a playboy, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. his stoic roommate seems to be the only person who doesn’t believe the rumours. 
  • step lightly, fall gently: by meeting jimin, the whole course of yoongi’s future changed. it started with friendship, and ended with something more. 
  • we’ll be together at the end of life and creation: min yoongi is the ice queen of no-strings-attached until a smiling munchkin flings him forcibly from his throne by his heartstrings. vive la révolution.
  • smoke and mirrors: jimin went out for a night-time walk a few times a week, maybe just to see the man smoking outside. his life was suddenly not so boring, his routine not so strict, and the friendship with his room-mate not so great. 
  • a game of three (and won by two): yoongi was content owning his video games shop. the pay was steady, and he was his own boss; but it always came with a down side. it came with pretentious mothers and whining children and no it all teenagers; and park jimin showing up at the least convenient times.
  • chasing in circles: it’s a bed made for one and with the two of them tangled together in this crowded mattress, yoongi doesn’t know why he feels like there’s an empty space big enough for one more person.

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Older Noctis x Reader are married and while they're on a date, Ardyn shows up and wants revenge on Noctis so suddenly Noctis leaves to get desserts and Ardyn appears and kidnaps the reader and takes her away. Then Noctis finds out and goes aftet Ardyn to get his wife back. And Ardyn almost beats the reader for not telling him where the crystal is.

I changed this a little to work in my crazy brain, I hope that’s okay.

Major warning here. This story contains some Ardyn x reader abuse and just some general Ardyn being an absolute creepy freak. I honestly got chills writing this. Please don’t read this if any of this bothers you. Don’t worry, Older! Noct is there to save the day.

(Also, sorry I didn’t post this correctly the first time.)


Becoming a queen had never been part of your life plan. Hell, falling in love had never actually been in your plan either. Then, one dark haired, sleepy prince with a smirk that could break hearts and a smile that could cause the Astrals to swoon had passed through your sleepy town all those years ago and everything you had ever wanted for yourself and every plan you had ever made flew out the window just like that.

You had denied your feelings for months as you traveled on and off with the young King and his friends/personal guards. The two of you flirted, stole kisses, and reveled in the innocent love that blossomed and thrived between you. When things got tough, you were right there to fight and defend your king along with everyone else. It was standing on the underground dock at Cape Caem with Iris and Talcott that finally broke down the walls that guarded your heart. Your threw your arms around a very surprised Noctis as tears poured from your tightly shut eyes. He stumbled but managed to catch you and hold you closely while the tears fell. He reassured you that no matter what, he would come back to you and that he felt everything you did for him as well. His kiss stole your breath before he was forced to part with you and head for Altissa and ultimately Gralea where he would begin to fulfill the prophecy.

Those ten years were hard. You lost nearly everyone close to you and found yourself in Hunter HQ with Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis where you learned to fight and to be a proper hunter. All the while, you kept the hope in your heart that you would see Noctis, that he would return to you just as he promised. When he finally did return, you refused to allow him to face his future alone. It was by the grace of the Six that Noctis survive the final battle with Ardyn against all odds and finally took his throne and his kingdom.

The wedding was beautiful and small with only a handful of friends – just the way the two of you had wanted. You found the crown weighed heavily upon your shoulders, though not nearly to the same degree as your husband, and the two of you found strength in one another in the darkest of times. Nightmares still plagued you from the journey that had left you with the love of your life and a title of your own. Noctis usually found himself, with the help of a certain adorable fox-like creature, within your dreams world and was always the one to pull you out of the night terrors.  

Ardyn Izunia was the monster you couldn’t shake. The way he had sneered when he saw you enter the throne room just behind Noctis with a look of determination made your skin crawl. He had attempted to entice you to choose him over your love, promising that he would protect you from the darkness Noctis could never hope to dispel. His words still filtered through your mind and made you want to wretch with their forced sweetness. The worst part was that it was always so hard to know when you were dreaming.

The word “exhaustion” took on a new meaning after you become queen. You did everything in your power to lighten Noctis’ load and the two of you often fell into bed during the late hours of the night only to rise with the sun a few hours later. There were the rare occasions where the two of you would shirk your duties and find time to yourselves. Your favorite place was a small restaurant that specialized in pastas and desserts, tucked into a backstreet of downtown Insomnia. The small shop was rarely too busy and the two of you enjoyed the near privacy the shop afforded you. The twinkling lights of the patio mimicked the nearly invisible stars of the night sky blocked by the light of the rebuilt city.

“I’ll go in and grab our dessert,” Noctis kissed you sweetly for a moment before pulling back. “Do you want the usual?”

Giggling you brushed some of his eternally messy hair from his dark blue eyes and nodded. “How about we try the strawberry this time, though?”

“I like the way you think,” he stole another quick kiss before slipping back inside the small diner to purchase a dessert for the two of you to share. You couldn’t help staring lovingly after your king as he went, resembling a loves truck school girl as you rested your hand on your head.

The door had no more than shut, leaving you on the isolated patio when chills raced down your spine and your breath hitched as the voice that whispered so softly into your ear. “Come now, my sweet little queen, do not let such an…unfortunate king keep you from me,” Ardyn traced a finger along your exposed shoulder and up to your neck. Terror kept you frozen beneath his touch and your fear widened eyes remained locked on the door Noctis had just disappeared through. “I’m going to take you away from here and when your dear little prince comes looking for you, he’ll be forced to tell me where the crystal has been hidden.” The power and the dark joy hidden in his singsong voice nearly had you gagging.

Finally coming to your senses, you opened your mouth to scream when a large hand covered your mouth and pinched your nose so that you could not breathe. “Ah ah,” Ardyn tutted into your ear, “can’t have you spoiling our fun before it’s begun.” You struggled beneath his grip as your heart hammered into your chest. You could feel the oxygen in your veins wearing thin as you began to feel dizzy, your efforts to free yourself only making it worse. “Sleep, little queen, and I’ll be waiting when you awaken,” he licked your earlobe as your world faded to black.

It was the feeling of a hand on your cheek, gently caressing your sleeping face that woke you. Your eyelashes flutter open as you pulled yourself to sit, surrounded by the plush covers of your bedding. You expected the navy galaxies of sprinkled silver that were Noctis’ eyes but were met with the frozen golden depths that haunted your darkest moments. You gasped and attempted to flee the room but found yourself chained to the bedpost.

“There, there, my little queen. No need to be frightened,” Ardyn dipped his head slightly as he offered you a trademark smirk.

You had to swallow several times before you could finally foce words from your throught. “What do you want? Why are you doing this?” Tears of anger and frustration leaked from your eyes. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

The façade Ardyn so often kept of an eccentric gentleman faded as his eyes hardened. A slight frown pulled at his lips and his voice deepened to a near growl. A hand wrapped around your throat as he forced you to look at him. His grip tightened enough to restrict your air supply and hold you in place. “Why am I doing this?” he scoffed. “Because this,” he swept a hand wide as if to indicate everything around you, “was meant to be mine. Was mine, until it was all taken from me.” His grip tightened around your throat and you knew there would be bruises later. “Tell me where the crystal is and I will let you live. You can even keep your crown and be my queen once I’ve taken back what was supposed to be mine.”

Mustering every ounce of strength that remained in your body, you managed to spit directly into the face of your enemy even as you gasped and clawed at his hand for release. “I would never betray Noctis,” you stammered and gasped between each word.

Ardyn laughed and tightened his grip enough to cause your vision to crumple around the edges before releasing you. Falling into a gasping heap onto the bed you cradled your neck. You were jerked forward by a firm grip on your hair and tears stung at your eyes once more. Your face snapped to the side as Ardyn connected the back of his hand to your face in a swift smack, the metal of his ring splitting your lip in the process. “You are trying my patience, little queen. I will not ask you again,” he seethed through his teeth.

Licking a drop of blood from your split lip, you still attempted to even out your breathing. The burn in your neck was nearly as much as bad as the stinging of your face. “No.”

There was no stopping the whimper that escaped you as Ardyn’s hand connected with your face once more. This time, the pain centered around your left eye, certain a blackened eye would be in your future. Ardyn seemed to be in a daze as he struck you several more times. His face never betrayed any sort of emotion as you accepted your punishment, your body too tired and oxygen deprived to put up a proper fight. You closed your eyes and awaited the death that would surely meet you at the hands of this crazed man.

A bright light sparked just behind your closed eyes before soft hands cradled your face and you were enveloped by the comforting scent of your king. Trembling fingers wiped away the tears that naturally leaked from your eyes. “Shh,” Noctis hushed you, “I’ve got you.”

Sitting up with a start, you glanced around the darkned room of your royal bedchambers. Noctis immediately wrapped you into his strong arms and pulled you against his chest. “He was here, Noct. I-I, oh Six,” you sobbed as you clung to him. “I was going to die. He was going to kill me.”

You could feel Noctis shaking as he held you so close it was difficult to know where you ended and he began. You could tell by the silent wracking of his body that he was also crying into your hair as he rocked the two of you. “I would never let that happen. It wasn’t real. I promise you’re safe,” he mumbled again and again to reassure you both.

One the two of you had calmed, Noctis released you enough to look at your face. He traced an unsteady finger over you lip and you winced though there was no physical mark. You lip throbbed exactly where you were certain Ardyn has struck you in your dream. “You looked so broken,” Noctis breathed. “I thought I was too late this time,” he hung his head in shame.

A breathy laugh escaped you as you snuggled against his chest once more. You were beginning to regain some sense of composure as the remnants from your dream began to leave you. You inhaled deeply the musky scent of your king and tangled your hands into his shirt. He was warm as his arms encircled you carefully and the two of you lie there. “You always find me.”

“I made you a promise once. One that I will always keep. You’re my queen, my love, and my life,” Noctis breathed against your forehead before kissing you there, his mouth gradually trialing southward in a wake of kisses before taking your own lips with his. He kissed you with enough gentle passion to chase away the lingering pain and fear of the dream.

Fire and Ice

Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Mchanzo
Rating: Teen and Up
Prompt: Day||Night (Both)
Warning: Fluff… so much fluff

A/N: I apologize in advance.

The sunrise was one of the most beautiful things in the world to Jesse McCree. It was more than the colors in the sky, the sun taking it’s place in the sky, or the birds and insects making the morning sing. It was the chance to start again, to start anew. To take all the pain of the day before and wipe it clean from the mind.

Jesse stood on the balcony of the base of Gibraltar, overlooking the vast expanse of the world around him. The mountains, rolling hills, and gentle clouds painted the most beautiful picture when bathed in the sun’s rays. No matter how many times he saw it, it would always feel so… enchanting.

“Is there a reason you were absent from last night’s briefing?” The thick Eastern accent turned Jesse from the scenery to the gruff and discontent archer standing behind him. The morning light really did give everything a certain glow, “The ape was not pleased in the least.”

“Sorry, Hanzo, but night ain’t really my style, that’s the time a man aught to be resting for the day ahead,” Jesse sauntered up the the man and looked him dead in the eyes. Hanzo didn’t flinch or look away, stared right back. That’s what Jesse liked about this one; he gave just as good as he got.

“If you miss another one, you will not wake again,” Hanzo huffed, folding his arms over his chest. Jesse’s heart melted. He tiped his hat back and placed a light kiss on the archer’s lips.

“Awe, you worried about me? I didn’t know you cared,” Jesse chuckled. He pulled a puppy dog look and hooked his arms around Hanzo’s neck. He could see the archer lose his composure little by little until he was forced to smile.

“If you must question it, then I have done something wrong,” Hanzo laughed. The way it rumbled from his gut and danced in his chest before it sprung from his lips was hypnotic. Ever since the first time he heard it, he knew it was magical. It was meant to be heard as often as he was privileged to be there to experience it.

“Just making sure, darlin’. You know I have a hard time believing this ain’t a dream,” Jesse whispered.

“I assure you I am real. After these past two years, I would hope you would have come to terms with it like I have,” the archer unfolded his arms and cupped Jesse’s face.

“Even if you’re not, I don’t mind it much. Best dream I ever had,” he quipped.

“Now you are just being absurd,” Hanzo dropped his hands and made for the door back inside, “Let us go to breakfast. We only have an hour before it is over.”

Jesse turned and gazed at the sun one last time. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box he’d been carrying since he’d picked it up last night. Taking a deep breath, he opened it and watched the diamonds sparkle in the sunrise, the interwoven dragon design on the band holding them in place. He was ready for his own sunrise, to put the life he had before behind him and make a new start.

Jesse pocketed the box and ran after Hanzo to catch up before he got left.

There were so many stars in the sky. Each with their own story, their own wish that someone had made on them. Small prayers to some unknown force in hopes that someone was listening. Hanzo Shimada could count all the ones he had made to them.

‘Give me the strength to seek forgiveness’

'Carry my feet forward, don’t let them turn back now’

'Don’t drive him away, don’t let my past ruin my future’

'Bring him home, don’t take him from me now’

The moon was full on this night. It was bright against the dark sky, illuminating the silence of the late atmosphere. Hanzo always took this time alone to think about all the things he never had the time to during the day. He appreciated the world of the night, and how beautiful the simplicity of it all could be.

In his hands was the serape of the man he loved. He smiled as he hugged it close to his chest. It had been years since the morning Hanzo had given his life to him. The ring hung from the silver necklace around his neck. He loved it the moment laid eyes on it. He’ll never admit it, but he did cry when Jesse proposed.

“Hey,” came a voice from the interior of the simple brick home.

“Yes?” Hanzo turned and raised an eyebrow.

“You know Robin and Joey can’t sleep without that,” Hanzo’s husband pointed at the serape in his hands, “And I can’t sleep without you. When are you comin’ to bed?”

“Soon, Jesse,” Hanzo smiled, “The children are merely restless because my brother will be here to see them tomorrow.”

Jesse McCree approached Hanzo from behind and wrapped his hands around his husband. Hanzo almost purred with contentment. He would never tire of this, no matter how much he indulged in it.

Hanzo grabbed Jesse by the hand and led him inside. Reflecting on the past every now and again was fine, but now he could also look forward to the end because it was only a prelude to new beginnings.

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Bob ships in single dad AU. Who's the single dad? How old is their kiddo? Is it a boy or a girl? How do they meet? How the other gets along with the kiddo?


  • lew doesn’t quite know what he’s going to do when his ex-wife ships their daughter, madeline, off to live with him for an entire summer.
  • she’s going to tahiti, because of course she is. with her new beau. and lew’s money.
  • his only consolation is that maddie seems just as disgruntled about the whole thing as he does. he knows what to do with her about as much as she knows what to do with him. they’re both at a loss… so they come to a mutual agreement of tolerance.
  • lew goes out in the daytime; maddie is left to amuse herself in lew’s penthouse however she likes. lew comes home; they have dinner together, and don’t talk about anything. then, they go to bed, and the day repeats.
  • it’s not a life for an eight year old, but lew… just doesn’t know what else to do.
  • this goes on for about a week before something happens that really shakes lew up – his father hires a new company manager.
  • richard winters is the polar opposite of lew in every way. maybe there’s some truth to the saying “opposites attract”, because lew finds himself inexplicably drawn to the serious man who he can’t quite understand. 
  • at first he’s convinced dick has a stick up his ass larger than new york state – but then he actually talks to him. 
  • lew, who’s made himself comfortable in his father’s office (while his father’s not there) is spinning around in the chair like a little kid and musing to himself how this whole set up wouldn’t be so bad, were it not for the whole work aspect of the gig, when –
  • “i don’t think you’re the mr. nixon i’m looking for.’
  • lew looks up at his father’s newest employee and smirks. “what, you’ve never seen the old man do this?”
  • “not this early in the afternoon,” dick replies. nix’s eyes drift to the empty brandy glass on his father’s desk (by the end of the day, he’s usually put away a bottle) and grins.
  • it turns out dick winter does have a sense of humor after all.
  • that’s the start of an unconventional and kind of beautiful friendship. lew hangs around dick any chance he gets. rather than being annoyed, dick tolerates his presence gladly. he isn’t just grateful to have the company – he finds lew wicked smart, and a companion who understands him better than anyone else he’s ever met.
  • lew finds himself coming home in a great mood every night. he brings maddie back gifts, takes her out on surprise trips to the movies and amusement parks, teaches her how to dance. dick makes him happier than he’s been in a long time. for the first time, maddie gets a chance to know her dad.
  • he and dick hit it off so well that it’s only natural that dick meets maddie too. lew is nervous about introducing them at first, but maddie approaches dick with her usual fearlessness. dick, in classic dick style, is a perfect gentleman.
  • “madeline nixon. nice to meet you.”
  • dick takes her proffered handshake and smiles into that dark-eyed face, such a perfect echo of lew’s own. “richard winters,” he says. “it’s lovely to meet you too.”

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anonymous asked:

Arranged marriage obikin, the first time they meet is on their wedding day as it's a political marriage based on a treaty. Neither wanted this wedding but when they see each other the first time at the altar, both are very attracted to each other. Maybe a ficlet of that moment?

Anakin gave himself the once over in the floor-length mirror. He reached up and combed his fingers through his hair, freeing the tangled knots. He dropped his arms to his sides, craning his neck from side to side looking to at his reflection in the mirror. Face somber, expressionless, Anakin tugged on the lace lining of the coat, tightening it over his chest and buttoning the two golden clasps. The clasps shaped like the flatleaf that used to grace Tatooine’s surface, a painful reminder of what life had been like on the planet before the Sith’s curse. The blonde ran his hands over the coat, breathing out as he felt the onyx threads run up against his palm. The silver and gold beading that trimmed the jacket lightly reflected onto the stone walls of the room he was getting ready in. He pulled on the hem of his sleeves, pulling the shaped fabric further down his arms. A light breeze attracted the young prince to the window, and he approached it, clutching and holding his hands behind his back. He looked out onto the lush green planet that would soon be his new home. Anakin scowled at the peace and beauty that engulfed him. He resented the advice of his Council, resented the tragedies that’d brought him to this moment. He was being used as a political pawn, and he hated it. The idea of an arranged marriage disgusted him. There’d be no love there, no trust. Anakin couldn’t bear the thought of spending his life with someone who was picked for him to further the standing of his country.

Anakin loved his kingdom, he did, and he would have done anything to help them. Force knew they needed it now. They’d been in a drought for decades, their vegetation and water had long become scarce, all because his parents had gotten on the bad side of a Sith Lord. The Sith had killed his father outright, striking him down as he slept, leaving only his pregnant mother to tell the tell. His mother had been a kind soul, always caring for others. She instilled those qualities in himself, too, but he was struggling now. She’d been taken from him by the Blue Shadow Virus while on a trip to Naboo. Anakin need her, he knew she never would’ve let things get this far. He leaned onto the stone opening, his forearms resting under him.

“I’m scared, Mother.” He whispered into the howling wind.

“I know it’s my duty to do this. My duty to the kingdom, the citizens…My duty to you.” He exhaled heavily. “I should be honored to serve Tatooine, I’m just not. To doom myself to a life with no love? How can I do that to myself?” He wrung his hands together, feeling the bones crush against each other. “You told me stories of you and father, how much you loved each other. That’s all I want.” He sighed, his head dropping to rest on his fists.

Obi-Wan stood in the field, the knee high blades of grass swaying in the breeze. The turf brushed up against his legs, as if silently consoling him, trying to quell his fears. He looked out at the flora that graced the whole Kingdom. They had always had wealth on Stewjon, but of late, the problems were coming beneath the surface. Corrupt officials, espionage and treason within the militia- the Kingdom was struggling, and needed the firm hand of another to set things right. Obi-Wan squinted up into the sky, arching his hand above his brow at the blistering sun. He nibbled on his bottom lip, the wind picking up and dropping his auburn locks into his eyes.

Obi-Wan looked out onto the horizon of the land that he’d grown fond of. Orphaned at an early age, he’d been taken in by the widowed King, Qui-Gon Jinn, his family eliminated by the plague. The man had taken him in as his son, educated him, trained him in all ways suitable for a royal. Stewjon had thrived under his reign, loved and trusted by the people. When he had passed, though, seeds of distrust and manipulation were planted, and Obi-Wan had been forced to mature quickly to deal with the problem. The union with Tatooine had been his idea. They were struggling just as much, but they were strong where Stewjon lacked. Their ruler, Anakin Sykwalker, was emotional and brash, but ruled with a strong hand. That’s what the kingdom needed, and it was worth the sacrifice of happiness. According to Qui-Gon, though, love was overrated. Losing it was a devastating price he’d warned Obi-Wan not to buy into. “Love leads to attachment. An attachment, when broken, leads to devastation and emptiness”, the older man had said once, and Obi-Wan had taken it to heart.

The sun bored down onto his fair skin, and he gulped when he heard the sound of the steeple bells in the distance. He fiddled with a blade of grass tickling his fingertips, uprooting it and placing it in his pocket. He dug the toe of his boot in the ground, hesitating for only a few moments before turning and heading to the ceremony.

The scene was set. The chapel had been filled with Council members from both Kingdoms, and the clergyman was present at the altar. Tapestries bearing both house crests with subtly waving in the breeze creeping in through the drafty structure. The candelabras had their waxy sticks lit, providing an intimate aura to the ceremony. Obi-Wan stood facing the bishop and the lectern, his left hand clutching his right, and his head hanging towards the cobblestone. The man sucked in a breath when he heard the screeching moan of the cast-iron door and a gush a wind rush into the cathedral.

The auburn haired man straightened his posture and closed his eyes. Be brave, be bold, he whispered to himself, a murmured prayer to the Force. He turned then, and laid his eyes on his future husband. His mouth parted into an ‘O’, and his eyes raked up and down the man swaggering towards him. The obsidian coat hugged the man in all the right places, and the collared shirt allowed a sneak peak to the sun kissed skin below. The ensemble providing a striking complement to the blonde’s haunting blue eyes. Obi-Wan felt dizzy, breathless almost, and turned back around, his eyes looking for any kind of anchor to stay his emotions.

He felt when Anakin reached him at the front of the little chapel, and he licked his lips. Obi-Wan turned around and offered out his hand to his betrothed. Anakin looked almost hesitant, and he met Obi-Wan’s eyes. Obi-Wan watched as a fluster of emotions flashed across Anakin’s face. Anakin’s eyes settled on what seemed like surprise. Happiness maybe? Anakin reached out and clutched Obi-Wan’s hand, a spark of electricity surging through them. Anakin’s eyes widened, and Obi-Wan’s mouth curved into a smile. The two men turned and faced the official.

“Are we ready to begin?”

Obi-Wan looked down at his fingers- intertwined with Anakin’s, a man he expected to be indifferent to, perhaps even despise- and smiled. An unknown future now ahead.

“Yes.” Obi-Wan stated, plain and simple.

“I think we are.” Anakin finished. A flash of his teeth in Obi-Wan’s direction and a light squeeze on their hands.

Did they believe in love at first sight? They were about to find out.

A Tattoo on my Heart [GMW Soulmates AU] - Part One

A Tattoo on my Heart

A soul mate touch happens only once in a life time, the moment you touch their name appears above your heart. Some are lucky and meet their soulmate early in life, others wait years to find them. This is the story of four couples who found their soulmate at a young age, through friends, through rivals, by chance, and by luck.

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anonymous asked:

I know your requests arent open but i just had to ask for a lil smth in your jikook mafia au where yoongi dies or nearly dies and anGST ensues (it can just be a stand alone idc i just rly need it pls)

You never  really know what real true pain is until you see the person you love most break right in front of your eyes.  

It’s almost like a movie the moment the great Jeon Jungkook meets his greatest weakness. It plays through his mind, now with a deep heavyset pain he’s never felt before. A younger version of himself coming home late from a date with Jimin only to stop dead in his tracks when he notices a shaking bundle curled up on his doorstep. He remembers moving slowly towards the bundle with confused furrowed eyebrows only to stop with a hitched breath when he realized it was a little boy with too pale skin and silky black hair. Yoongi had been so small, almost too small, for the age that had been written on the simple letter that claimed the boy to be his son. He could remember picking up the shivering boy and the feeling he felt when the small hands gripped onto him almost begging him not to let go. He never wanted to be a father, not with the life he led and the dangers it carried, but if he was being honest with himself there was always a part of him that knew he was made to be there for Yoongi the way Yoongi had been there for him. The little boy had saved Jungkook in ways no one else, not even Jimin, had and now Jungkook was so close to losing it all.



Jimin flinches as he watches Jungkook lift up a picture frame just to smash it against the wall. The small office they stand in is a complete mess of broken glass with vases laying on the ground shattered. Jimin thinks they represent how Jungkook’s heart must be feeling.  He stands there watching his lover crumbling and has never felt so useless before, has never been so lost as he watches the way Jungkook falls apart slowly.

“Baby please look at me.”

Nothing prepares Jimin for the way his heart breaks at the sight of Jungkook. Nothing compares to the the pit that swallows him as he sees the tears running down his lover’s face. He’s by Jungkook’s side in an instant with his arms wrapping around his husband as they both sink to their knees in the mess of Jungkook’s outrage. The sobs are the worst. The way Jungkook is shaking with his tears soaking into Jimin’s shirt as  Jimin strokes his hair and rocks them back and forth hurts more than any bullet every could and if Jimin had it his way he’s rip all the hurt from Jungkook and take it for himself.

“He’ll be okay, he’ll live and make it out through all of this okay.”

Jimin brings Jungkook’s face up so they can stare into each others eyes.

“He’ll be okay because he is a Jeon and Jeon’s are strong.”



“Daddy is mama really going to come back for Yoonie one day?”

“Do you want her to come back for you?”

“No…. Yoonie wants to stay with daddy forever and ever til forever”

The moment the door to Yoongi’s hospital room opens Jungkook is struck with guilt. He’d been so lost in his own darkness, lost in his own thoughts of his son, he’d completely cut himself off from the world and hid in Jimin’s arms. He’d forgotten about the person who was in just as much pain as he was.

“Yoongi… You gotta wake up baby remember all our plans together? The big house in Daegu and the kids. You gotta wake up and be there for me baby I got no one I need you.”

Jungkook has to fight back a sob as he listens to Taehyung. In all the years they’d known each other, from the time they were kids to now, Jungkook had never heard his best friend sound so defeated.

“My moon, I need you please don’t leave me please please Yoongi please there is no one else baby if you go I go please.”

Jungkook knows he means it too. He knows damn well Kim Taehyung could not exist without Yoongi. The way his son had came into his life and made him want to be a better man was the same way Yoongi had entered Taehyung’s life and made him live again. The teen had breathed life into Taehyung’s breathless lungs. They were two halves, two souls, that had been separated only to join again in the chaos of the underground. Jungkook watched the way his son made Taehyung shine in a way he hadn’t since his father had been murdered and it only seemed fit he watched the man dull and blacken as he held onto his everything’s hand and begged for a life they had planned, begged for the future that was now fading.

Yoongi looks so small in his bed, almost like he did the day Jungkook first saw him. The tubes connected to his body look too scary, too big, on the teen’s body. He places a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder and his best friend stiffens.

“He loves you, you know, I think he always has. Even as a kid all he’d ever ask for was his Taehyung hyung, I nearly killed you because I thought my own kid liked you more.”

He’s not sure if it’s a sob or a laugh that leaves Taehyung’s mouth but he continues anyways.

“He always smiled most when he was with you. Holding your hand, shit just talking about you, he always had the biggest fucking grin you’d think you hung the stars in the sky.”

“I would have if he wanted me too.”

Jungkook doesn’t doubt it for one second.

Jimin’s snap happens when he’s cleaning. It was always his way of dealing with things. When it was all too much for him he’d distract himself with the chores cleaning everything and anything he could until exhaustion hit him and he collapsed. Of course it would backfire on him now.  

“Papa chim?”

“Yes my bubble bee?”

“I made you this picture in school!”

The red on the paper darkens with the tear drops that fall from his eyes as he stares at the purple and blue stick figures that smile with giant grins scribbled on them. The taller one is holding hands with the smaller one as they walk in what seems to be a park with a green sun shining on them and the words “I love you papa” draw out a chocked cry.

Jimin holds the drawing to his chest as he sobs. He sobs harder than when his father made him choose between Jungkook or his own family, he sobs and sobs. His baby, his small Yoongi, was laying in a hospital bed with dozens of gunshot wounds on his body and all he can do is hold any piece of the boy he can get closer to his heart while begging a god, any god, to just spare the boy that held them together.

“I’m sorry. God im so fucking sorry.”

It’s been weeks. Jungkook is starting to lose hope.

“I never meant for this to happen. I never wanted you to get hurt.”

He’s a bit thankful Seokjin stopped by to drag Taehyung away to force the man to eat and shower. It’s just Jungkook and Yoongi in the large room with the sounds of the machines beeping as their background music and he slips his hand into his sons.

“I remember the first time you called me daddy, you know. The first few months you only called me Kookie but then one night you snuck into my office. It’d been storming outside there was a lot of lightning and thunder and you had walked into my office looking for comfort, I was just a fucking kid, I had no idea what to do with a scared toddler. You curled yourself onto my lap and held onto my shirt so tightly all I could do was hold you and then you said you loved me and called me daddy. My whole fucking world stopped spinning and you didn’t even realize it you just fell asleep in my arms and I hated I had missed the first seven years of your life.”

As he stares at the broken body of his son he lives through every memory of them all over again. The last picture in his mind being that night. The night his heart tore to shreds. He can still see it so vividly, he can still remember every emotion as Yoongi had been tied to a chair begging for his life. He’d been forced to watch the sick bastards he’d burned alive as they shot bullets into his son as he fought against the ropes holding his own body bound and the tears fall again.

“I was so scared I would fuck up your life the moment we got back the results from the DNA test. Me, Jeon Jungkook, Busan’s biggest fuck up, father to a toddler. Fuck the only thing I could think of was screwing you up and raising another me, I never want that, I wanted you to have the life I didn’t , wanted you to be a kid. I killed them you know. I hunted them all down and killed them. I need you to wake up so I can tell you sorry, I need you to wake up and tell me I’m not completely fucking up, I need you to call me daddy again and go back to being my baby that needed hugs during storms.”

As he presses his face into the hospital bed and sobs his misses the way eyes open to expose chocolate orbs. He misses the way Yoongi slowly turns his head to look at his sobbing father with a slight frown. He doesn’t miss the rush of emotions as a voice he’s missed so much reaches his ears.



I wanted to focus more on the emotions of almost losing Yoongi rather than on the more direct scenes of Yoongi getting injured or Jungkook hunting down the killers because i wanted to show the emotions and impact Yoongi has had! I hope you liked it!