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get to know me meme: [1/20] favorite celebrities ♥ lucy hale
I don’t think young girls are told enough that what makes you different is what makes you cool. I didn’t really feel that way when I was younger and had big eyebrows and braces, but that’s unconventionally beautiful. And I wish girls could embrace their quirks a little more, because I’ve always thought that the stranger-looking people are the most beautiful, and most confident. Plus, I think it would be boring if we all looked the same.

Οταν ήμουν μικρή αναρωτιόμουν πως θα ειμαι οταν θα μεγαλώσω.
Έπαιζαν συχνα ερωτήσεις στο μυαλο μου:“θα ειμαι χαρούμενη;” “θα ειμαι ευτυχισμένη;” “θα αγαπώ και θα αγαπιεμαι;”
Και τωρα που μεγάλωσα ρωταω αυτο το μικρο κοριτσάκι “τι λες; εισαι περήφανη;”.
Ακομα δεν εχει απαντήσει.
—  Katetrkl