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Ben & Sophie arrive at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016
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i love that “everybody” has become like… the Happy Bendy song. like i first saw it on that meme created from the song for bendy specifically, and i watched that little video so many times it did, and still does, just make me so dang happy. and then i saw it on nirami15′s speedpaint video of bendy, and like, if you didn’t think it was already in my lampblack playlist you’re crazy

i think what i appreciate about it as a song that’s connected to him in any capacity is that it’s incredibly happy and soulful and has heart and it seems so opposite to everything he seems to represent, but like it doesn’t have to be..? i think bendy’s got a lot of soul. deep down there somewhere. the only lyric is “everybody ask me how i know, i smile at them and say she told me so” it’s so simple and like, that one line clearly comes from a place of love. like please can bendy have a life where none of this is ironic

anonymous asked:

What is your favourite tension filled moment? Like if there was a scene that was leaking sexual/romantic/love/longing tension which scenes would you pick? You can pick whichever you want, you don't need to pick one ;)


Well laying next to each other in a bed sure as hell counts right?

I mean literally just a foot away from each other and we are all just hanging there, the tension could be cut with a knife I mean THEY ARE IN BED TOGEHTER and yeah… I think we all were thinking the same thoughts..

And of course there’s this..

Innocently giving Carol the shoulder massage that started it all..

The infamous ‘Wanna screw around?’ scene, where Carol actively flirts with him and Daryl actually turns a little red cause dammit he’s thinking about it in spite of himself. I mean this is one of his best friends and he is thinking about… that.. yup.

There’s this too..

checking him out the eyes going up and down as she looks him over..

And Daryl really didn’t seem to mind this this time..

And of course there is this little look/exchange following the hug..

A lot of looking into each others eyes before he dropped his head onto her shoulder, like you two seriously need to get a room because the heart eyes and the touching and the tension was and is killing me here..

Or even when he looked at her like this in 7x10

(gifs by @oohhshiny)

I mean seriously the way he’s looking at her in these instances… yeah.. He could not remove his eyes from her, he tried but was unsuccessful. 

But I think my favorite still is from Season 3 right here…

I mean they literally stared at eachother for like 10 seconds and It was the first I recall yelling at my tv set (when it came to them that was) OMG WILL YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY!!!!  Cause damn the way they were looking at each other it’s like yeah…  I mean it was too soon at that point, but this tension was just really getting started in a big time way here. 

I just keep thinking that magnet that’s pulling on them is going to pull them together sooner or later and watch out when it does.

I mean pretty much any time they lock eyes with each other, or hell are even in the same room there is tension but these are my favorites by a mile because it’s just heavy you can actually feel it..

(other gifs by others who I can’t remember at the moment)

i just wanna say, if you were around gemsona week 2015 then CONGRATS, it was probably the best gemweek there ever will be and you witnessed me and saru falling hard for each other, climaxing on april 1st when we sealed the deal as boyfriends and watched the gusite crossover episode together omg which of course confirmed that i’d been drawing with ian j.q. and possibly other crew members the whole gemweek

like honestly *clutches chest* if you were there…. you saw something crazy happen and stars just dont align like that all the time


O L I C I T Y -  T H R O U G H   T H E   Y E A R S

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Olicity - Arrow 5x05 | 5x19

Oh. Hi. - Felicity  

Hey. - Oliver 

Nice of you to use the front door for once. - Felicity

*nervous Oliver*