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Jon and Sansa’s wave goodbye is literally the same as Jaime and Brienne’s. 

And the anger on Jon’s face isn’t that of a brothers- LF just said he loves Sansa, that truly should not bother a brother- I’d know, I have four of them. And the last dude that claimed he “loved and cared” for me was met with glares and annoyed groans, a bit of warning like “Please go, no one wants to hear this”, not choke holds and death threats. Plus Sansa can deal with him, she has Brienne, Pod, and her wit. She’s smart and deal with him herself. Jon wouldn’t have left her alone if he didn’t think that. Choking him like that is overboard, and you know Jon tried to talk himself out of it:

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But that was not brotherly. That was a warning used by another lover. And it’s shown in so many other series. The Vampire Diaries, Outlander, Comic’s such as Batman, Clark even chokes a man who suggests he loves Lois (I can link it if y’all want) and other shows and movies have put it to good use. That’s all I’m saying, it’s a tactic used for a potential Love Interest confronting another that is damaging to said potential relationship. 

Also, it’s a fucking  parallel to Ned choking LF because he suggested Cat was doing something she shouldn’t in a whore house. But a whorehouse is a lot more terrible than being compared to love. Which by default is innocent. I repeat- CLAIMING THAT YOU LOVE SOMEONE SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED WITH A CHOKE HOLD AND A DEATH THREAT. 

Okay, now I’m leaving, goodbye. 

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Why do you love allurance but hate ka//ura? (I feel like I have to censor it. Everyone seems to do it?) I don't understand it ._.

bc lance at least wants to be with allura or at least tries and flirts


keith wanted to leave her to die,,,, keith had no reaction to holding her bridal style but WAS FUCKING SMILING AND MAKING THE :O FACE AT ROLO SOME DUDE THEY HAD JUST MET?????

also during the whole run away scene allura is so annoyed lmao she has the body language and when she confronts keith about leaving her only concern is that no one would be able to fly red,,,, soooooooo??

like if one if them at least showed interest maybe but yeah,,,, i hate the ship i would literally take anything else like it makes me so annoyed to even refer to those scenes as the ship bc they are so dry and emotionless??

even the hug was awkward??? it had no impact personally and i remember cringing like they have this bland ass scene where they run off and and then they suddenly have this hug scene that’s awkward?? lmao like that was probably the worst way to go?? NEITHER OF THEM EVEN SMILE DURING THE HUG,,,,

anyways I’m just salty esp if its endgame bc they fucked up the beginning execution majorly :/ like even in s1 the interacts between keith and allura were good and if they had done the interactions better in s2 i wouldn’t be so mad that ka//ura could possibly be endgame,,,,

its just bland and when compared to klance or shallura or even allurance its laughable???? bc at least those two have chemisty??

like allura hates lances flirting and i still see it as a better match than ka//ura ha

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i don't know why i never thought to ask you guys for song recommendations too ??? so how about like sexy overload songs? body rolling type, get me poppin and feelin myself songs

Jay park- yacht: my recent favorite

Dean- Pour Up: I fucking love this song, it’s the type to make me wanna have to bomb ass sex dude. Sensual and just yes

Jay Park ft Okasian- You Know: this is a “wanna make sweet sensual and sexy love” song

Jay Park & Ugly Duck- Ain’t no party like an AOMG party: this is more of a party remix, fucking shake to this shit dude

Simon D- Simon Dominic: This is more of a jamming and chill song but still litty kitty

These are my off the tops, sorry for the majority of Jay Park , he’s a lot of what I listen to. But ask me for more if you what ..


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My dude. You should so totally do a "Dating Alex Would Include" list. I would love you forever if you did that โค๏ธ

Dating Alex would include:

* Tons of stories from the battlefield
* Calming him down when he’s terrified
* Long walks hand and hand to get his mind in a better place
* Sometimes aggressive but passionate sex so he can relax
* Overbearingly protective of you and your whereabouts
* Never having to worry about a man approaching you that you’re not too fond of
* Long, wine filled nights of giggling, cheese and crackers, and ending up cuddling next to the fire, falling asleep
* Sweet reunions when he feels like you’ve been gone too long, even if it’s been a day
* His undying devotion
* Holding him when he cries
* Love letters if you’re not living together yet

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Dude I've seen your art here and there and I love it! Your style is cute and everything you draw looks amazing, I also really like your bill drawings they always make me smile! Keep up the awesome work you deserve all the praise in the world! Stay awesome and have a great day~


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I like that you make art of Drift and Rodimus (together) because that's kind of rare nowadays because of Ratchet and Drift are a huge thing, so bless you.

Hey my dude I love em i might not know much about them cause i don’t read mtmte/ll but i do always wait for something new to come os i can find it around here i really like them together 

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Haiiiii! I love your blog and OMG vanilla and lance is a boy ARE SO GOOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH also are you gonna continue lance is a boy?

Definately! I promise! I’m going to upload the next part either today or tomorrow (hopefully) I just got dragged into the vanilla series!!

Sorry Lance is a Boy fans!!!

Ok guys I’m going to use this post for like a slightly serious (but not really) update.

In the past 3 weeks I have gone from 16 followers to 533 and I just

I can’t fathom that it’s so insane dude.

With that comes slight responsibility.

All of the sudden in the past 3-4 days I have gotten A BUNCH of asks and with my deepest regret, I cannot answer them all. I will most likely answer any questions (such as this post), and thank you for asks that are compliments! I read every single one and they really do keep me going!!! And the fact that some of you have turned on notifications??? WOAH MAN.

There was an ask if I could link the user all of the current Lance is a Boy series and I want to but I have no idea how to link posts so I’m going to figure that out and respond to you asap!


Thank you all for undying support!


Even after…uhm……after hours ended people still follow this blog. F*ck, i’m gonna have to get off my ass to finish and post the art i was supposed to have here.

Also like……dude/dudettes/etc….send me asks to draw for this occasion if you want.

P.S. Thanks so much. I never thought anything i made would ever get this level of love or attention.

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hey i thought you didn't ship supercorp? why are you defending them dude?

my dude,,,, some things are more important than ship wars. this dismissal and casual homophobia that has upset a lot of people is something all wlw shippers have felt at one time or another. it doesn’t always have to be about ships. in fact, i have many sc mutuals that don’t ship sanvers that are lovely. cool ur jets bro

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Hello! I heard you weren't feeling good about your art, so I'm here to (hopefully) help with that! When I discovered you and your art, I was in a really rough patch. I hated my art, and didn't think I was ever going to improve. Then, I saw your art. It made me so happy, your art style was amazing, and it still is! It made me strive to improve, and really try my best. I love my art now, because of you. Because you inspired me. You are a great person and you have beautiful art. Just remember that.

woah dude i don’t know what to say

this made me feel a lot better thank you 

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I know a lot of people have already told you this but thank you for translating and posting the Nanbaka manga. My fave is Mitsuru. I know his wingdings give you problems but he's just so hot. :)

(/)///v///(\) ahhhh thank you!! you’re welcome!!

and lol my dude same, mitsuru is absolutely up there near the top of my list of faves, wingdings notwithstanding. how could I possibly dislike someone with such a great ass personality as his lol

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Hellow, I just started my simblr, and as you inspire me a lot ( I love your legacy, Sky is my faveee ) I was thinking if you could give me some advice about this simblr thing? :)

hi hunnie!!! welcome to simblr! its nice here youll like it i promise ;) okay so theres this rly good post right here that will give u some top notch tips!! much better than wat i could tell ya. just have fun and post wat u enjoy and usually, other people will enjoy it too! ur sims r super cute and i already like wat ur doin w ur legacy so ur golden my dude <3 lots o love and have a great day!!

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I spent last night with my gay guy friend from high school and I do really love him, but as a lesbian, he's really lesbophobic and it just makes me really uncomfortable. Like we were watching Black Mirror and he said how straight it was so I mentioned that we could watch the San Junipero ep and he just "I don't want lesbians. They're gross." Like??? Dude, you know I'm a lesbian. What the hell? And he's said other shit like this too. Sorry, I just had to rant.

have you tried talking to him about this? a lot of gay guys think they’re being funny by saying shit like that but don’t realize how it devalues lesbians (and honestly it can come from misogyny too bc of the inherent devaluing of women’s sexuality)

mr lid has this friend who i have decided to refer to as mlb (short for mr lid’s bae) and we hung out with him n his wife yesterday. anyhoo this dude was talking rapturously about how how much he loves david tenant n i was like oh do you watch broadchurch? and he was like No, i love him because of hamlet. and then i told him about my robert pope leonard dream, even tho i knew he wouldn’t get it

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Thanks omg!!

OH!! I’m glad I brought the subject back up hehe yeah it’s such a fun show honestly! Yeah same it’s such a major nostalgia trip for me and I love my kids;;
GO WATCH IT! It’s on Netflix so yeah there’s 2 seasons worth of fun right there for you