the love i have for these two knows no bounds

Time is passing in Yuri on ice

I don’t think people realise how much time has passed in Yuri on ice. Like Yuri loses in December and comes home in march of the following year

Victor arrived in April

 in episode 4 Yuri’s phone says May 7 

 and now as previously stated they’re at the preliminarys which is in september. 

So a lot of time is passing between each episode and the creators of the show want us to explicitly know this. That’s important because it means that they’re not making leaps in bounds in a few days. It’s not as if Yuri said no to being Victors boyfriend and then in a day says he loves him but instead this has happened over four- five months the two have become much closer and much more comfortable with each other. This anime is allowing them time to naturally grow close and I think that’s incredibly important because it allows everything to feel more genuine and organic.


“The first draft of my vows - which I wrote the day after we got engaged - clocked in at around seventy pages. But I don’t have them with me today… Here’s what I’ll say, then. The things you have done for me - to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy - go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.” 
“I love you and I like you.” 

love will have its sacrifices

when you think about it, Carmilla ultimately gave up everything she knew for Laura. her sister. her immortality- which, while it came from and bound her to an abusive parental figure, was really the only way she could clearly remember being

Laura gave up her chance for a normal life (because they may get domestic but I don’t believe those two can ever achieve “normal” with what they know and what they’ve been through). she kept her ideals but lost a lot of her innocence about the world and the evil that exists in it

I love the web series on its own, but I also love the idea of it as an origin story for the movie. two girls, traveling the world on the back of a motorcycle, fighting evil. one sunny and kind but so stubborn she’d fight a god; the other dry and sarcastic, her eyes hinting at an age far beyond twentysomething. lovers bound as much by what they lost as what they gained

who, to quote the book, died together so that they may live together

Ever since I could remember, I had feared being found wanting. If I did the work I wanted to do, it was certain not to measure up; if I pursued the people I wanted to know, I was bound to be rejected; if I made myself as attractive as I could, I would still be ordinary looking.

Around such damages to the ego a shrinking psyche had formed: I applied myself to my work, but only grudgingly; I’d make one move toward people I liked, but never two; I wore makeup but dressed badly. To do any or all of these things well would have been to engage heedlessly with life — love it more than I loved my fears — and this I could not do. What I could do, apparently, was daydream the years away: to go on yearning for “things” to be different so that I would be different.

—  Vivian Gornick, The Cost of Daydreaming -

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Will there be more writing for Love Knows no bounds

of course! i’m currently working on part 3 and i’m not gonna lie, i’m kinda slacking off haha. i’ve just been really busy with school and extracurriculars lately, but i’ll try my best to have it up in the next week or two :)

So, you want to tell me that instead of an unique relationship between the Hellhound and the Banshee, two fucking Harbingers of Death, a relationship we have never seen before in a tv series, a relationship between two supernatural creatures bounded by death and complementing each other and finally a relationship that is, so far, not fucked up and works perfectly fine, you want to tell me that instead of it we are probably going to get a typical and cheesy romance between a loser and a popular girl, and writers and producers want us to believe it was planned since the beginning and it’s an amazing “love story” because fanservice, duh?

I don’t know what pisses me more: the fact I will be forced to watch it, or the fact the producers think that I’m a brainless idiot that can swallow every shit, or the fact they could break the typical tropes and do something more than a mediocre story but decided to fuck it, or the fact they will screw characters to make it happen or all above.

Oh, the sweet problems of the First World.

Gravity Falls: Road Side Attraction (S02E16)

Did anyone get the impression that this was bound to happen to these two ever since they saw this in Mabel’s Guide to Life (Color)?

Honestly I think she’d be a good match for him.

There wouldn’t be a problem with age difference since they’re both within range,

She’s a pretty clever girl who comes up with plans like Dipper,

And since she’s charmingly weird like Mabel, she can handle the strange and hair-raising adventures the Pines’ family get into (having already participated in many of them so far).

Like Tambry and Robbie, their personalities would have a good synergy that could develop over time, which would then help sooth the unrequited feelings Dipper had been holding for Wendy these last few weeks.

Though that’s not to say he can also be a good match with another person who’s shown equal probability of being a match.

And by that I mean Pacifica Norhtwest.

Likewise she is within the age range for Dipper, so things won’t be weird between them.

Although unlike Candy she’s kind of the opposite of Dipper; but that can be a really good thing.

Being a person who is logical and has difficulty in trusting people he doesn’t know that well, Pacifica would be able to help him become a little more open-minded of things; just as he would be good for her to open up to the “normal” world…for the most part. ^^;

She didn’t exactly give the best impression to him the first time they met, however in time he’d come to understand that she wasn’t what he thought she was, and in truth was a good person at heart.

And while her initial immersion into this mysterious world of fantasy and super natural wasn’t the best, she’s actually pretty adaptable to the situation; as was clearly shown in her team battle at the Putt Hutt with Mabel.

Personally I think Dipper could end up with just about anyone. Even Wendy.

I mean, come on guys, let’s face it. Age becomes less of an issue the older you get; and it won’t be long before Dipper catches up with Wendy a few years from now that even she’ll start to look in his direction. ;D

And who knows, maybe Alex and the gang might treat us to AUs in which we can see what becomes of Dipper should he end up with one of these three girls…or none at all and just become a badass guy like his Grunkles. >:D

But no matter what I just hope whoever he ends up with ((if they choose to be)) it’ll be someone who he can be truly happy with and grow stronger as a team.

Bookstore (Yoonmin)

You fell asleep reading a book at my bookshop and I tried to wake you up but you got surprised and hit me and I’m pissed but you’re really cute and I don’t know what to do AU

YES! THIS PROMPT!! Thank you so much for requesting this, anon. I love you so much -

Also, I know I asked already, but let me know if you want more of the surpirse date fic or if you’d rather have some taekook. I love yoonmin to bits, but I can write for the other five as well, so it’s whatever you guys want~

Word Count: 1575

Yoongi sighed as he picked up a small leather-bound book off of the ground. It was an old copy which was easy to see from the yellow pages and faded ink, but the title A Tale of Two Cities was still clear to read. Why someone had decided to throw it on the ground was beyond him. As Yoongi flipped the sign on the door to ‘closed’ he stretched his arms and let out a small groan.

It was already 11 and he’d had quite a long day of answering a wide range of questions from the polite “Where can I find this book?” to the not so polite “This store sucks, I can’t believe you don’t even have that book”. Although he loved working at the bookstore, Yoongi could honestly admit that sometimes, it was just too much for him to handle on top of school and music.

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Gone Girl Quotes Sentence Starters (Warning:Swearing, Spoilers and Suicide Mentions)
  • +"What are you thinking?"
  • +"How are you feeling? "
  • +"What have we done to each other?"
  • +"What will we do?"
  • +"You fucking cunt!"
  • +"I'm the cunt you married"
  • +"I'm not a quitter, I'm that cunt."
  • +"I killed for you.Who else can say that?"
  • +"We caused each other pain"
  • +"You two are the most fucked up people I've ever met and I deal with fucked up people for a living."
  • +"I picture cracking her/his lovely skull, unspooling her/his brain, trying to get answers. "
  • +"What's the laptop for?"
  • +"You ever hear the expression the simplest answer is often the correct one?"
  • +"Actually, I have never found that to be true."
  • +"Whoever took her/him is bound to bring her back."
  • +"Everyone knows that 'complicated' is a code word for bitch."
  • +"We're so cute. I wanna punch us in the face."
  • +"I will practice believing my (enter relationship status role) loves me but I could be wrong."
  • +"Whatever they found, I think it's safe to assume that it is very bad."
  • +"Amazing fucking (enter name here) is getting fucking married!"
  • +"When two people love each other and they can't make that work, that's the real tragedy."
  • +"(Enter name here) took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. "
  • +"She/He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That's murder."
  • +"Go, you're my voice of reason. I need you with me on this."
  • +"I didn't touch you!"
  • +"I want a blood test! I want a paternity test!"
  • +"I love tests."
  • +"Come home, (enter name here). I dare you."
  • +"The girl with the giant cum-on-me tits."
  • "Octopus and Scrabble?"
  • +"(Enter name and surname here). You're probably the most hated man in America right now. "
  • +"Did you kill your (enter relationship status role ex;wife,husband,fiancee,brother,etc),(enter name here)?"
  • +"Your parents literally plagiarized your childhood?"
  • +"I'm so much happier now that I'm dead."
  • +"All I'm trying to do is being nice to the people who are volunteering to help find (enter name here)"
  • +"Boo hoo, I got laid off. Guess I'll fuck a teenager."
  • +"Well, we have our first clue."
  • +"Life. I don't remember the point."
  • +"Do you really want to be the couple that has a baby to save their marriage?"
  • +"To fake a convincing murder you have to have discipline."
  • +"You need to bleed. A lot"
  • +"Happy Aniversary"
  • +"Make sure the cops will find it."
  • +"I'll go out on the water with a handful of pills and a pocket full of stones."
  • +"I forged the man/woman of my dreams. "
  • +"We were happy pretending to be other people. "
  • +"We were the happiest couple we knew. "
  • +"And what's the point of being together if you're not the happiest?"
  • +"She/He actually expected me to love him/her unconditionally."
  • +"You think I'd let him/her destroy me and end up happier than ever?"
  • +"She/He doesn't get to win"
  • +"Grown-ups suffer consequences"
  • +"(enter name here) loved who I was pretending to be"

I love how in “Rip-Penn” Penn immediately reacts and becomes more urgent and stressed when he finds out he just drank poison in and will die in two hours if he doesn’t find the cure. In “Totally Into Your Body”, Penn was also dying from something and actually pretty much did for a few seconds, only saved barely in time by Boone. When put in a similar situation, this time having more control of the outcome instead of just leaving it to Sashi and Boone, Penn is bound to be more panicked than usual, agitated, and desperate to avoid the same potential outcome. Learning that he changes into Rippen and will overtaken by Rippen if he fails does not make him feel any better, either. If impatience is one of Penn’s greatest flaws, it can only get worse for him when the fear of death after a similar, very close near-death dilemma takes him over.

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Even though we're not women, what about doing something about badass gays (and bi guys), cause I'm pretty sure there are a lot, even ones who were like "fuck your laws, I'm going to express my love"

Respectfully, that’s outside the bounds of this project. That said, I am slowly collecting potential Rejected Princes for some future date, so if you have any really good ones, let me know. But it’ll likely be a year or two before I do anything with it, if I do anything at all.