the love i have for these two


happy birthday, seyma! @doumekism (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

It’s so easy to forget with all of the drama that keeps creeping up in this fandom, but I am here for these two people and the show that we all love, as I know many of you are too.  In a little over a month, they’ll begin filming the 11th season of The X-Files.  Let’s not forget how truly blessed we are to be receiving this gift.  I am beyond excited, as excited as I was the day we found out that a new season was finally happening.  Let’s enjoy this time instead of making it miserable.  Let’s remember why we’re all here in the first place, and let’s enjoy the wonderful friendships that have been made along with the way.  We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s time that we put things back into perspective again.

Discovery - Deniall fic

Today is my buddy Simon’s birthday (happy birthday bruh!!) and he is deniall trash so I wrote him a deniall fic for his big day. This is for you @lifegoeson-wecarryon​ <3

word count: 696

In which Baz finds out about Deniall and Dev and Niall find out about Snowbaz


“Baz, when was the last time you spoke to Dev and Niall?” Simon asked, leaning over the counter and reaching for the flour.

   Baz held the sieve over the bowl as Simon poured, reading “150g” from the scone recipe on his phone.

“Well, I suppose the last time I saw them was at the Leavers Ball”

“Don’t you think you should give them a call, catch up?”


   Baz put the sieve in the sink and leant over Simon for the bag of sugar, attempting to ignore the sudden questioning over his childhood friends.

“Baz, you were friends for seven years.”

“And I haven’t seen them in four.”

“I think you should call them.”

“I think you should preheat the oven.” Baz dusted Simon’s nose with excess flour.

   Dev and Niall didn’t want to hear from him, he was sure. Regardless, how would he explain that the boy he had them scheming against for years was now his boyfriend?


Dev pulled away from Niall, met with the frowning face of the boy he was just kissing. “My phone,” he said, reaching for the coffee table to answer the call.

   A look of surprise spread across his face, and he answered the phone while locking eyes with Niall.

“Baz Pitch?”

Niall mouthed a shocked ‘No!’, leaving his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

“What in Merlin’s name do you want?” Dev smiled into the phone, his voice laced with the light heartedness of the comment.

   Niall moved closer on the sofa, trying to listen into the conversation. When Dev put the phone down, Niall immediately asked, “Well?”

“He wants to meet us for coffee.”

“Baz Pitch wants to ‘catch up’ with us?”

“Why shouldn’t he, you numpty. We knew him for seven years.”

“He just…never seemed like the kind of guy who would be interested in a reunion.”

   Dev had to admit, he was surprised to hear from Baz after all these years of radio silence, though he was interested to hear what he was up to now. He never did learn what came of his feud with Simon Snow. More importantly, how would he explain that the boy he’d been best friends with for years was now his boyfriend?


“So Baz, let’s cut to the chase, why the sudden interest to reunite with your childhood cronies?” Niall asked, prompting Dev to shove him in the shoulder.

“Idiot.” Dev whispered, rolling his eyes while Niall grinned back at him.

Baz raised an eyebrow at the exchange across the table. “To be honest, this was Simon’s idea. Though-” He was cut off by Dev.

“Simon…Simon Snow?”

“Don’t tell me you’re now friends with Snow,” Niall scoffed, then continued, “after all those years of plotting.” He and Dev both let out a sigh, but neither of them could say they were at all mad.

   In fact, it hadn’t taken long before the three were comfortably chatting, just like old times. Dev and Niall were pleased to see just how happy Baz seemed; after years of teen angst and a pretty depressing childhood, they were beyond glad to notice that post-Watford life seemed to be treating their old friend well.

“Friends with Snow?” Baz repeated, “You could say that.”

   The look in his eyes told the two sat opposite him everything. After years of friendship with the heavily guarded Pitch boy, both Dev and Niall had become experts in reading him like a potion recipe.

   Taken aback slightly, they shared a glance, while Baz continued “And you two, still friends I see?”

Niall turned back to Baz, always the one to speak without a filter, and simply replied “You could say that.”

   A smirk fell onto his face as he leaned closer to Dev, the other leaning closer to and shrugging at Baz indifferently.

   Baz merely raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was glad that the three of them had finally grown up into lives that they were happy with.

   Even though he was pushed into this meeting by Simon, Baz was pleased to see his old friends after so long, and to see them happy together.

“About time too. Good men.”  

a list of Little Things I love from Great Comet (Act 1 Part 1)
  • that first accordion note!!!!
  • the way Pierre says “GOing”
  • when the ensemble joins in for the first time!!
  • the doOR SLAM
  • when Marya says “old-schooool”
  • that clarinet going NUTS

  • the entire ensemble in “Pierre.” Just. All of them. All the time
  • “I used to be better I used to be better I used to be better” SLAY ME
  • the way Pierre says “hours” like. so smooth??
  • “I pity you I pity me I pity you” AHGHSFGHW
  • is the above bullet me or the ensemble at the end of “Pierre”? we just don’t know

  • that double clap Marya does
  • Natasha humming with that clarinet!!!!
  • WELL! Now we’ll Talk!
  • the ooOOOOOOLD fellow’s crotchety!
  • the way Marya says “clever girl”
  • basically everything Marya does tbh

  • I’ve aged so very muuuuuuUuuuUUUUuuUUUUUUCH
  • that slight pause right before everything dissolves during “The Private and Intimate Life of the House”
  • never go ANYwhere
  • and tiiiiiiiiiiiime moves onnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • that descending violin after Bolkonsky rejects Mary’s suitor
  • the dissolving instruments during “where are my glasses”
  • “I disgust myself” ahhh Save and Protect Mary

  • oh. oh hello.
  • iiiiiiiirrrrrrrksome iiiiiiiirrrrrrrrksome
  • “says the mean old man in his underthings” pffffft
  • the way Mary says “head to toe” GOSH 

  • the initial piano in “No One Else” like hoo boy here come the Feelings
  • “I love you I love you I love you I love you” like if u crie every time
  • that one note Natasha has on “oh” in the line “oh the moon”
  • did I say one note? I meant all of them
  • and flyyyyyyyyyyyying away
  • those strings during the second chorus!!!!!!!!
  • “maybe he’ll come today. maybe he came already. and he’s sitting in the drawing room. and I simply forgot.” WOW UM that sure is a FEELING I’m having right now

  • “Welcomeeee to the ooooooperaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” those Notes tho
  • Natasha smooth your gown NATASHA SMOOTH YOUR GOWN
  • a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a   a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a
  • the way the music INTENSIFIES the second Dolokhov appears
  • now all the Moscow ladies are MAD ABOUT HIMMMM
  • “No I am enjoying myself at home this evening!” bless Pierre 
  • began to pass into a STAAAaaAAAAaaAAAAAaaAAaaAATE
  • the entire ensemble in “The Opera” like DANG
  • that tiny pause before “and then, a rush of cold air” HERE WE GO
  • the music just. Shifting the SECOND Anatole appears
  • those funky BEATS
  • every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at himmmmmmmm

★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o  


Marinette: biracial (Chinese and French)
Alya: Martiniquan
Nino: Moroccan
Alix: Arab
Kim: Vietnamese
Max: West African

Sometimes there’s whitewashing in fandom but none of these kids^ are white

other ya characters: this guy…he’s so dark and mysterious, the way he just hurts everyone around him…including me. i’ve cried so much since i’ve met him, but no no he’s just misunderstood, you don’t understand him! and sure i’ve only known him for 2 days and he has a million secrets, but i’d forfeit my life for his

inej ghafa: kaz is a literal piece of crap. he treats everyone badly, and though he’s never treated me horribly, i still won’t give in unless he shows me he can be more than all of this. until then i’ll be out saving the world because my goals are obviously more important than a relationship


a blessed fancam.



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It’s been a while! Glad that we’re finally getting somewhere ^^ A nice long update for all the nice patient folks :)

Also hey that last bit there looks familiar

Also I took it a bit easier on glitching out Error’s text this time. I remember last time it was a bit hard to read.

Error Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies, Ink Sans belongs to @comyet!

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation


Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.

I haven’t animated in so long??