the love i have for ellen

OH, I forgot to reminisce about a good thing yesterday! The one part I really love from that Ellen interview:

Louis cannot RESIST, this felt like a snippet of the endless commentary on Harry that Louis is always holding back…

You know something is a favored story for them when it includes hand motions. Look at how happy Louis is demonstrating the legs, he’s loving thisssss

I bet they’ve been through this many times before. Liam is like “yeah, good one”, Niall still thinks it’s beyond hilarious but Louis is really invested in the analysis and telling of the story. God, I bet they laughed but this flooring mishap must have killed Louis a bit, right?? This is a man who enjoys kicking water bottles out of way so Harry doesn’t trip over them.

Louis has ENDLESS commentary about this, ajsdfjjk, second watch through… time for Louis to go in depth

ZOOMED IN ON HIS POINTING IS EVEN WORSE!!  He’s like “wait wait this is my favorite bit!!” Whyyy does he make even Harry falling seem like the most brilliant thing. That he did well somehow, he looks so proud! He loves him so much, it’s incredible.

roxetera: 💕 Me and this one 💖 I honestly don’t have the words to describe how happy I am right now! We’ve got so much to look forward to 💫 and this year is already flying by, but I’m so glad we took the time out to relax together and celebrate our anniversary 💍👑 @roseellendix I know I already tell you this a thousand times a day but I love you sooooooo much. Lets have more spa days together, I like looking at you in a bikini 👙😉 #alexanderhouse #utopiaspa

guess what.. we.. already have 50 participants for the raffle guys asdasfhjdlkfdsj I’m a happy girl thank you guys I really want to hug you all;; It’s halfway to upgraded prizes and 3rd winner slot!!

Seven is super happy seeing all the notifications;; For you who’s interested in joining, please check in instagram for details! *TUMBLR HUGGIES* I LOVE YOU!!

Celebrity Crush - Part One

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Note: Y/T/H means Your Twitter Handle. Ok, so I know that Ellen isn’t really broadcasted live, but for the sake of this fic, it is. I’m also probably going to be turning this into a series. If that’s something you’d like to see, lemme know. Anyways, enjoy. ;)

Word Count: 1208

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: None

“I’d like to welcome our next guest, singer/songwriter Y/N L/N!”

Applause roared around the studio as you made your entrance on The Ellen Show for an interview. You waved to the audience as you walked to your seat, smiling and giving Ellen a hug before sitting down.

When the applause ceased, Ellen spoke up. “So Y/N, how have you been? What have you been up to lately?”

“It’s been kinda hectic lately, actually.” You smiled. “I’ve been really busy and stressed, but I love every bit of what I do so it’s all good.”

“A little birdie told me that you’re gonna be on the Hamilton Mixtape.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah,” You laughed. “I’m supposed to be on a remix of The Schuyler Sisters when it comes out. It’s gonna be dope.”

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One Hundred Miles Away

Request: oh what about a dad!shawn one where the reader and their 1 year old son surprise him at an ellen interview? (Shawn thought they were in Canada)

Word count: 2,401

One Hundred Miles Away

“Hello everybody and welcome to today’s show! We have the most exciting guest for you and a fully packed show” Ellen started, looking into the camera.

It already gave me butterflies, knowing my hubby Shawn would walk out at any second now. I still can’t believe, I got to keep that one.

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Alien Aesthetic: The Ripleys

“Added report, personal message. This is… for my daughter. Hi Amanda, I’m recording this for you, my sweetheart… and I hope you get to hear it one day. You see, I, um, I got into trouble. Um, my ship… there was an accident, sweetheart, and, um… we found an alien creature. It was very dangerous… and the only way we could stop it was to destroy the ship. Uh, I’m okay. I’m stuck on this lifeboat a long way out. But we had to destroy the ship; we had to destroy the Nostromo. We just couldn’t risk bringing that thing home with us. I needed to protect you. Don’t worry… don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll see you very soon. I love you, sweetheart.”


for the ever so lovely @envydean, my sweet little bumblebee and also the runner up of best original content in my 2k tumblr awards, whom requested a destiel teacher au ages ago (i’m such a procrastinator i hope you can forgive me)

anyway, hope you enjoy it, sweetie <3

Cas doesn’t make it a habit to go out drinking anymore. He has a six-year-old daughter, a job, a mortgage; the kind of responsibilities he didn’t have in his early twenties. His weekends are usually spent playing dress up, making Spongebob macaroni, and watching Ariel for the hundredth time. Only this time Ellen’s husband, Bill, managed to get tickets to some Disney on ice thing, and Claire had wanted to go, so Cas willingly gave up his weekend. It’s just one weekend; they’ll have plenty more before she gets into her teens and resents him. He’s sort of hoping she skips that phase.

Should I Stay or Should I Go is blasting from the jukebox speakers when Cas enters the bar. He remembers his brother used to play this record during secret parties, along with a few others. He finds an unoccupied stool, sinking down onto it, and shrugs his jacket off. A wide eyed man approaches him, raising his eyebrows in inquiry, and Cas orders a beer. Above, the song switches to another old one, Ozzy Osbourne singing about the road to nowhere, and Cas can’t help commenting, “There seems to be a theme tonight with the music.”

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Imagine Sam Looking at You Like This When You Confess You Want To Get Married

You watched his adams apple bob up and down with his nervous swallow. You smiled shrugging “Never asked you or said we had to, I just know that this whole being open and honest with each other works both ways….I want to get married eventually and maybe even have a baby.” you sat cross legged on the bed looking up at him. 

Sam nodded “I figured you would eventually bring that up….I just-” “Dont.” you shook your head “you dont need to justify your thoughts or anything. I just felt like I needed you to hear that” You got up kissing his cheek. “I love you Sam Winchester, that won’t ever change” you smiled and headed toward the bathroom to take a shower. 

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THE ELLEN SHOW: The Final Chapter

A/U: So I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s read this monster. You’ve all been so nice and kind over the past 4-5 months and I cannot tell you how nice it’s been having you get excited or upset about what I’ve written. Having someone telling you how invested they are into something you’ve created is an amazing feeling. I’m bittersweet seeing this coming to an end because I only hope I can make something like this again and have you all support it as much as this. But until that day comes I will give one last thank you and say I love you. 

The Ellen Show Master List

<< Previous Chapter |

“Welcome back.” A guy with a headset said to me as I was waiting behind the set. He must have recognized me but I didn’t recognize him.

“Oh thank you for having me.” I smiled before pushing my hair back behind my ear shyly. He then processed to quickly give me a run down but we had both done this so many times now it wasn’t really needed anymore.

I heard my name a few seconds after the guy waved for me to start walking. A few moments later Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came over the set and I smiled brightly as I came around the corner. Waving to the audience I walked across the flooring before looking up and seeing Ellen standing up waiting for me.

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Since the anon hate disease seems to still be infecting writers’ ask boxes, I’ve decided to spread the love to some of my favorites. Just a little thank you for taking time to share your writing with those of us that actually care and are aware that y’all are human. I’m letting you know that y’all are loved and appreciated. Keep on doing you no matter what. Please and thank you.

Much love to those of you who have to step away for a while because real life shit is happening & you can’t do the writing thing right now. We’ll be here waiting for your triumphant return!

This is just a small list of writers that I follow/reblog as often as I can. Sorry if I missed anyone! (This is in alphabetical order cause that’s how I am. Lol.)

@atc74  @avasmommy224  @babypieandwhiskey  @bringmesomepie56   @chaos-and-the-calm67  @chelsea072498  @cleverdame  @dancingalone21  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  @ellen-reincarnated1967 @frenchybell @hellobitchpudding @helvonasche @idreamofhazel @ilostmyshoe-79 @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious @impala-dreamer @impalaimagining @inmysparetime0 @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps @jalove-wecallhimdean @jessica-bones-winchester @jpadjackles @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @kas-not-cas @kittenofdoomage @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @lipstickandwhiskey @mamaredd123 @megansescape @mrswhozeewhatsis @nichelle-my-belle @notnaturalanahi @redlipstickandplaid @riversong-sam @saxxxology @sis-tafics @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed @whispersandwhiskerburn

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Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen in On The Town (1949)

There was nothing the censors could put their fingers on. The red color, the girl in black and the sailor in white were very sensuous. The moves were sensuous. Yet I never laid a glove on her. There was nothing the censors could say. If they did, I could have said, “What? Do you have a dirty mind?" - Gene Kelly, Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood’s Golden Age at the American Film Institute

It’s Love: Tom Holland x Black Actress

I know I’m already writing an Imagine based on the song ‘Can’t Help Fall In Love’ with Peter Parker but this imagine came is inspiration after listening to the song on repeat and sobbing. 

Reader is on Ellen and her and Tom have been apart for 6 months. He sends her a little surprise to remind her that he misses her and is still in love. 

You had missed Tom dearly but realized that you both had jobs to do. You both had been apart for 6 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds but you weren’t counting. 

You had Facetimed him before you got to Ellen’s show. “Hey love!” He said. “Hi.” You smiled. “You ready to go on?” He asked. “Yeah, I just really miss you so I thought I’d call you before I go on.”

“Okay, well if I could watch I would but I’m sending you all of my love.”, “Thanks babe, I’ll talk to you later?”

“Umm, I actually have to be on set for the rest of the day and I won’t be-”, “That’s fine. I’ll just call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. I love you.”, “I love you too.” He smiled and hung up. You thought it was weird how he was always busy on set as of late. It was a bit unusual for a production to do that. 

“Y/N, you’re on in 5.” You put on your happy face and waited for you cue. You heard your name and you danced your way out to Ellen. You gave her a hug and waved at the audience. “Welcome back to the show!” 

“Thanks for having me again! I’m actually surprised you wanted me back, you know after-”, “We’re going to forget about that.” Ellen joked causing the audience to laugh. 

You were there to promote your new movie and also just to chat. “SO how’s Tom?” She asked. “He’s great. But we’ve been apart from each other for 6 months-” the audience awed. “I know I miss my bay.” You said poking out your lip. “That has to be hard because I know you both are extremely busy and not seeing each other. I can’t imagine.”

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Becka and Johanna’s Challenge Masterlist

Alright guys! There are still a few stories that are needed to be turned in but as soon as they post (and as soon as I can) I will add their stories to the list! But as of now here are the stories that have been posted from the challenge! :) The links to the stories are easy! Just click on the bolded and underlined title or prompt right after the arrow!

Also! I wanted to say thank you to who all participated in this challenge! I loved all of your stories! :)

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Sam x Reader

@sleepywinchester  > Mysterious Hazelnut”  

@ellen-reincarnated1967 > Prompt: Traveling home for a hunt, arguing about window seat. 

@luckynumbrnelly > “Incredibly Foolish”  (It won’t let me tag you for some reason! Sorry!)

@spn-and-daddy-issues“Drama Club”

@neversatisfiedgirl“In My Blood (Part 1)”



Jared x Reader


@impalaimagining“Honey, I’m Good”

Dean x Reader

@frickfracklesackles > “Desire” 

@just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms“Line Dance” 

@bulletscrossbowpie“We Survived”


@yellowtheremarvelfan  > “Forever”

@storyofawinchester“Tout ce qu'il espérait”


@riversong-sam“Hi Daddy!”

@chelsea072498“Somehow Lost”

Jensen x Reader

@padackles2010“Room Decorating”

@plaidstiel-wormstache > “Finding Home”

@jensen-jarpad“The Proposal”

Benny x Reader

@ravengirl94 > “Start Of Something Good” 

Castiel x Reader

@scarygoodfanfics“So Much Blood"

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Bobby x Reader

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Crowley x Reader

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