the love embrace of the universe

reminders for all witches

♥  you have the power within you to change your world

♥  your magick thrives in every cell in your body

♥  your practice, or lack thereof, is valid and good

♥  the universe loves you and you should listen to it

♥  many will not understand you, but nonetheless you are wonderful

♥  it’s okay to take breaks from practicing; you’re still a witch

♥  don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch

♥  embrace the way that others practice their craft; learn from them

♥  everything you do has magick woven in it

Just be free. Love Unconditionally. Forgive every single soul that’s hurt you. Forgive yourself too. Release everything old back into the Universe. You are born anew. The God within you is stirring. Embrace your Truth.
safe haven

Summary: Eggsy’s safe haven is in the last place he would’ve thought to look.

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: This is somewhat rushed, but I just had to get this out, especially after seeing K:TGC. Hopefully you all enjoy this! | masterlist

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embrace the flame within: vesta in the signs

vesta in aries: the warrior priestess… brave, courageous, impetuous 
vesta in taurus: the earth mother… stable, loving, beautiful 
vesta in gemini: Athena… knowledgeable, coordinated, mental
vesta in cancer: the universal mother… maternal, caring, instinctual 
vesta in leo: the geisha… joyful, proud, original, enthusiast 
vesta in virgo: the nurse… healer, understanding, devout 
vesta in libra: the queen… diplomatic, harmonic, cooperative
vesta in scorpio: Persephone… driven, authentic, deep
vesta in sagittarius: Artemis… truthful, explorer, restless
vesta in capricorn: Horae… disciplined, commanding, order-loving
vesta in aquarius: Janus… free, progressive, visionary
vesta in pisces: the high priestess… magical, intuitive, universal healer


There once was a girl & boy who lived in Charolette Lane
The woman was gracious as ever
As she embraces her beauty
Her greatness in her skin
Her knots in the locs of her hair
She rides alongside her man
Seeing him
Seeing his reflection
She begins to stare at his soul
All of the hurt and all the pain
The universe moves faster
The air pushes faster
Brushes her away
God willing she wants to glide with him
But can’t leave her daunting past
As time knocks on her door ever single damn time like an overfull sock drawer
She wants to move
She wants to run with him
But she can’t because he must love the two of her
He must decide if he wants two of her not half
Slice a peer in half and give her one
But finish both and you have ate the seed of life
We join together as one but we live separate in the temple
He loves her just the way she is but finds faults in everything she does even though he loves her effortlessly
Your hair Is like a BRAIDED antenna touching the universe.
Your hair is made to fly
The best way to speak to God
We were created
We are one
We are love
We are one but separate in the temple a poem by Africancreature

Art & Creative Directors: @StevenOnoja
Photographer: @alherath
Wardrobe Styling: @StevenOnoja
Hair: @africancreature
MUA: @lilymoralesmakeup

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You know…it always made me sad how nuWho Doctors treated the companion who came after “their” companion. Ten was so hung up on Rose that he completely overlooked how sharp, kind, and devoted Martha was. Eleven was so bitter everything that happened with the Ponds that he became less trusting and questioned Clara at every turn, when she was only ever just a regular young woman. They both deserved better than what Ten and Eleven gave them. They were bright, brave individuals in their own rights who deserved to be treated as such, but Ten and Eleven never really saw them as their own people—as a friend, as a fellow traveler.

And then there’s my Twelvey. Twelve, whose older and less charming traits were embraced because Clara knew him so well and loved him so much. Twelve, who was so intensely close with and similar to Clara that he had to remove himself from her in order to keep the universe safe. There will never be a pair quite like them again. I couldn’t blame him if he couldn’t bring himself to make a new friend. 

Instead of retreating into himself and refusing to let another young human into his life, he…did the opposite. He noticed a young woman who is clever, who loves to learn, and he wanted to meet her. He took it upon himself to teach her, because she can’t afford to attend the university. He went out of his way to get to know her, to learn her story, and to give her a glimpse at her late mother, because it mattered to her. He acted so very much like a Doctor. Like the Doctor Clara deserved when she first met Eleven. Like the Doctor Bill deserves now. 

Clara must be so proud to call that guy her Doctor. I know I am.

Sun in the 5th: protector of children and celebrates childhood as a special period in an individual’s life. actively validates children and promotes them to freely express their identities and creativity. children see a father figure. 

Moon in the 5th: resonates emotionally with children and receptive to their emotional needs, encourages children to convey emotions, imagination and kindness. children see a mother figure.

Mercury in the 5th: connects with children, emanates genuine youthfulness and playfulness. teaches children to be open-minded, animated, ever-questioning and to speak their minds. children see a young sibling figure.

Venus in the 5th: appreciates children and understands how to relate cohesively with them as to accommodate to their needs. advocates to children fairness, creativity and wholesome love. children see a big sister.

Mars in the 5th: defender of children, fights for their right to self-expression and understands the strife of childhood. readily shows children to be spirited, active and independent. children see a big brother. 

Jupiter in the 5th: radiates a jubilant nature to children and preaches to them the importance of “right and wrong(ethics),” exercising the mind and charity. children see a teacher.

Saturn in the 5th: recognizes the lonesome, cautious and withdrawn child. Respects children and vows for their safety and to be providers of support. instructs children to honor patience, perseverance and civil principles. children see a guardian figure, a wise mentor. 

Uranus in the 5th: the liberator and spark of inspiration for children. energetically advocates to children to practice inventiveness, progressiveness, impartiality and togetherness. children see a friend.   

Neptune in the 5th: the divine savior of children. psychic receptivity and sensitivity of children’s needs as to safeguard their welfare. expresses to children the importance of dreams, mercy and universal love. children see a personified sanctuary.

Pluto in the 5th: the wayshower of children. spiritually resonates with the misunderstood and emotionally disturbed child. seeks to empower children, motivates them to embrace change, inner discovery and to critically analyze everything. children see a guardian angel, a psychic therapist.  

perks of your rising + lessons to learn from your descendant
  • Your Rising can certainly bless you with characteristics you can use with ease. However, the people you meet in your life, represented by your Descendant, teach you what you need to learn from your interactions with them.
  • aries rising//libra descendant: you are blessed with the potential to lead others, but the people in your life will teach you how to lead correctly through compromise and peace.
  • taurus rising//scorpio descendant: you are blessed the potential to stay stable and calm, but the people in your life will teach you how to stay stable through the exposure of chaos.
  • gemini rising//sagittarius descendant: you are blessed with potential intelligence, but the people in your life will teach you how to gain true credibility by believing in yourself.
  • cancer rising//capricorn descendant: you are blessed with the potential to comfort, but the people in your life will teach you how to gain true comfort through the exposure of reality.
  • leo rising//aquarius descendant: you are blessed with the potential to shine, but the people in your life will teach you how to go against the norm to keep the spotlight on yourself.
  • virgo rising//pisces descendant: you are blessed with the potential to appreciate details, but the people in your life will teach you how to love the details by embracing the disorder of the universe.
  • libra rising//aries descendant: you are blessed with the potential to love others, but the people in your life will teach you how to love yourself so that you can love others properly.
  • scorpio rising//taurus descendant: you are blessed with the potential to be passionate and transformative, but the people in your life will teach you how to balance out your extremes and relax.
  • sagittarius rising//gemini descendant: you are blessed with the potential to believe, but the people in your life will teach you how to stick your beautiful ideas into the ground instead of the clouds.
  • capricorn rising//cancer descendant: you are blessed with the potential to change the world, but the people in your life will teach you that you must accept and embrace your roots first.
  • aquarius rising//leo descendant: you are blessed with the potential to bring a group together, but the people in your life will teach you that in order to do that, you must bring yourself together first.
  • pisces rising//virgo descendant: you are blessed with the potential to understand the universe, but the people in your life will teach you that to truly understand, you must not skim over the details.
Imagine how differently you might approach each day by simply stating: God is good. God is good to me. God is good at being God. And today is yet another page in our great love story. Nothing that happens to you today will change that or even alter it in the slightest way. Lift your hands, heart, and soul, and receive that truth as you pray this prayer: My whole life I’ve searched for a love to satisfy the deepest longings within me to be known, treasured, and wholly accepted. When You created me, Lord, Your very first thought of me made Your heart explode with a love that set You in pursuit of me. Your love for me was so great that You, the God of the whole universe, went on a personal quest to woo me, adore me, and finally grab hold of me with the whisper, “I will never let you go.” Lord, I release my grip on all the things I was holding on to, preventing me from returning Your passionate embrace. I want nothing to hold me but You. So, with breathless wonder, I give You all my faith, all my hope, and all my love. I picture myself carrying the old, torn-out boards that inadequately propped me up and placing them in a pile. This pile contains other things I can remove from me now that my new intimacy-based identity is established. I lay down my need to understand why things happen the way they do. I lay down my fears about others walking away and taking their love with them. I lay down my desire to prove my worth. I lay down my resistance to fully trust Your thoughts, Your ways, and Your plans, Lord. I lay down being so self-consumed in an attempt to protect myself. I lay down my anger, unforgiveness, and stubborn ways that beg me to build walls when I sense hints of rejection. I lay all these things down with my broken boards and ask that Your holy fire consume them until they become weightless ashes. And as I walk away, my soul feels safe. Held. And truly free to finally be me.
—  Lysa TerKeurst, Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely
You are love, you are light
You are compassion, you are strength.
You are as awake as each sunrise
And as beautiful as each sunset.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Remember: stress is your motivator,
Critiques are your fire, failure
creates your courage, and
nothing can stop you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Be kind.
Be honest.
Embrace change.
Never stop learning.
Trust in the universe.
And be true to all that is you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
And I will never stop.
—  christopherpoetry, A poem to your soul.

I loved the recent Steven Universe episodes! Gotta love that development! And how could I not draw Cotton Candy Lars? I don’t know about you guys but part of me wants him to stick to his normal fashion and rock the pink look and another part of me wants him to embrace his new cotton candy aesthetic and wear cosy jumpers… that last part might just be me though.
I’ll probably post a quick speed drawing of this later.

Holding on to negative belief-systems such as of fear, hate, victim-hood, separateness and personal limitation will be a heavy, self-inflicted burden to carry on your journey to self-awakening. Trust in the wisdom of non-identification/detachment and embrace all that you are, as Universal Consciousness”.   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! Although it’s been a while, this will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university :)


I wish I had known that there’s a lot more work that you can binge in university. It is super easy to fall into the trap of leaving everything to the last minute. Revise regularly and finish all your recommended reading. The workload is a lot more than I ever faced in my final year of high school, and somehow I did get used to doing more in a shorter period of time. 

Keep up with your tutorial homework. Especially for subjects for maths, I can’t stress this enough, especially since this was the one of the causes of my subpar grades the first semester of uni. Even if you have to stay up late to finish it, I’d suggest that you do it. Because if you don’t finish it this week, you’ll just have more to do next week. 

Make study notes for everything at first. To be absolutely honest, there are a lot of subjects where you don’t end up needing study notes all that often. But I’d suggest making notes for everything the first week, because very often I’ve done notes for a subject, decided that I didn’t need any, then regretted it later on in the semester when there was too much to study. If you’re a notes person, make notes for everything. 

That being said, know that you can’t write notes for everything forever. Sure, first and second year you can. But keep in mind that notes are time consuming to make, and tbh not the most optimal way to get the most information into your mind in a short time. It’s good for when you’re trying to learn each and every thing in a subject, like in high school for your HSC for example, but in uni, it’s better to understand concepts and memorise big picture things at the end of the day. 

Learn as much as you can in class. Skim through the lecture notes before class, and write down any questions, but you basically want to understand the concepts in class. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, try and ask the teacher and follow up on it at the end of the class if there’s not enough time for questions. Try your best to follow what’s happening at the moment it happens. 

Revise regularly. The reason for this is so that you can change the shape of the forgetting curve. This is the number one easiest thing to procrastinate, because it is probably the hardest to do regularly. I find it easier to set aside one large chunk of time to revise, even though it’s not optimum. The reason is because if planning one hour a day to revise, it’s usually at the end of the day after all your homework is done… and homework almost always runs over the time that you set aside for it. In addition to that, you want to avoid having to write anything new in that session, so make sure you have your study notes already done

Don’t forget who you were in high school. I can’t count the number of people who have studied their hardest in high school and scored ATARs of 95+ and yet completely bum around in uni, and don’t seem to care as long as they pass the course. Idk, personally, it’s just not an aesthetic that I would want myself to have; you tried that hard in high school, was it just a means to an ends? Now that you’re in your dream course, it suddenly doesn’t matter if you can’t make heads or tails of it? My cheesy message is: You made it! Celebrate it! Embrace it! Love learning it! Evolve and develop your mentality for university now that the goals are not a 99.95 ATAR, but a goal of your own choosing. 

Explore new methods of note taking. There is a plethora of information concerning lecture note taking, writing summary notes, and specifically for university too. Or try your own thing. I personally am someone who likes taking notes in red font on my lecture slides - any explanations or emphases that are expressed are highlighted, without missing anything while typing up the main points. And I don’t bother to rewrite things in my own words, as long as I understand a concept; I know this is heavily emphasised as a good way to take notes in high school (in almost all the note making tutorials I’ve read), but in uni you don’t have the luxury of time. Lecture notes usually are anywhere from 3 to 6 A4 pages per hour of study notes, so it’s unfeasible when you have 8 hours of lectures a week. Try something different!

Do a brain dump on paper. My friend swears by this method. You go to a lecture, and straight afterwards write down everything you remember from that lecture right there and then. Then the day when you sit down to study it, do the same thing. The amount of things you’ve forgotten will be in plain view, which gets you to put the hard yards into memorising. Do the brain dump again once you’ve finished everything to check that you’ve memorised more than you did that initial brain dump.