the love embrace of the universe

your spirit
comes to me
this woman
that it sees
i simply long
to rest
in the warmth
of your embrace
your silhouette
I will trace
with imaginary
search for love
while it lingers
in this
our tiny universe
where these bodies
will converse
made of light
from the stars
that fill the night
our bodies blend
as they collide
there is nothing
left to hide
you search
my heart
my soul
my flesh
this is where
we come to mesh
enjoy the solace
that we do find
inside this home
within our minds


You are love, you are light
You are compassion, you are strength.
You are as awake as each sunrise
And as beautiful as each sunset.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Remember: stress is your motivator,
Critiques are your fire, failure
creates your courage, and
nothing can stop you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Be kind.
Be honest.
Embrace change.
Never stop learning.
Trust in the universe.
And be true to all that is you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
And I will never stop.
—  christopherpoetry, A poem to your soul.


Blue Diamond!

I have way too much love for my Diamonds, of course I had to make Blue as well (Yellow is still my main bitch tho). As you might notice I took some liberties with her look, tried going for sad and devastated, with colder shades of blue to fully embrace her character. Might have shaved off half of my eyebrows again for this, hahaha.

A full video makeup tutorial is on its way!

I’m in love with her. I know because her voice brings more calm over me than I ever thought was possible. I’m in love with her. I know because her smile warms my whole body and I can’t help but smile myself. I’m in love with her. I know because her laugh is a laugh I want to hear for the rest of my life. I’m in love with her. I know because no matter how many disagreements we get in I don’t want to walk away, I want to work it out. I’m in love with her. I know because we talk of our future, and it no longer scares me the way it used to. I’m in love with her. I know because I found my soulmate, I have the most beautiful girl in the universe, her smile, her laugh, the way she scrunches her nose when I call her cute, she’s stunning, and I once feared the feelings I have now, but with her I embrace them. I am in love with her, and I can’t wait to spend forever by her side.
—  I’m in love with you
Something in the universe loves me. Something in the universe loves the entity that is me. I will choose to call this something, “God.” A singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being. If you look inside yourself, you will find this spark too. You will. But you have to look deep. Love your faults. Embrace them. If God embraces them, then how can they be faults? Love yourself. You have to love yourself. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love others? And when we know what we are, then we can find the truth about others, see what they are, the truth about them. And you know what the truth is, the truth about them, about you, about me. Do you? The truth is we are all perfect. Just as we are. God only loves that which is perfect, and he loves you. He loves you because you are perfect. You are perfect just as you are.

It is all within YOU! Love yourself and the rest will follow… Love is the foundation of life. Love your body, your soul, your mind, your life, you are this way for a reason! Embrace it. Nourish yourself with proper foods, go for a nice walk every day and take in the nature you see all around you! Connect yourself to Mother Earth, to Gaia, to the sky… You will start to realize how everything is connected✨ you will see the beauty in everything… It will take practice, awaking to your truth is a journey, but in the end you will feel so free and full of Light, Love and Oneness💗 I want to share this way of Being with everyone… It is truly liberating✨
It all starts within YOU!✨🙏🏼🌟 🙄☪👁💜👁

flat-san  asked:

I love all these questions about Elsewhere University, because your story is 100% up my alley. I guess what I want to know is, do surnames carry power? Not giving out your birthname is important, but if someone went by their surname would that be okay? Similarly, are the fair folk interested in people with certain name meanings over others? My last name means "royal bard", which I have embraced as a storyteller- could I have used that as my given name, or would the meaning prove to be dangerous?

You could technically go by your surname, but it’s a fraction of your full birth name, and that’s more than most people probably feel comfortable going by.

Also, that is a bomb last name, and it would probably depend on how loudly you broadcasted it.

Imagine Request

Since I’ve received several requests around the same theme, I’m merging them into one full imagine. Hope you like it x


The crowd pop was deafening. Y/n looked to the heavens as the realisation hit her. She was champion. She was the new face of the women’s division and the crowd reaction just made it all the better. The WWE Universe already loved her and that’s saying something for someone who had just recently made the move from ROH.

She made her way back through the gorilla to find two strong arms engulf her in a warm embrace.

“I’m so proud of you, love” Finn kissed her temple.

“I’m all sweaty Finn” y/n giggled. “But thank you. I’m proud of myself too!” She beamed.

“Y/n, you’re being called in the office.” A crew member interrupted the moment.

“I’ll be right there.”

She told Finn to wait for her outside the arena as she went to meet Stephanie for a little while.

“Main eventing a pay-per-view. You sold it so well y/n! You are already legendary!” Stephanie gushed.

“I want to thank you and Paul for the opportunity! I can’t believe it’s all happening.” Y/n chimed.

Stephanie handed her a couple of papers and unofficially briefed her on her upcoming storyline with Karl Anderson. “David and Steve will speak with you in detail regarding this.” Stephanie informed her.


“Took ya a while.” Finn commented casually with his hands in the pockets of his jacket.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Stephanie went on about my new storyline.”

Finn raised his eyebrows, bemused. “What did she tell ya?”

“She said something about playing Karl’s love interest.”

“Karl, Anderson?” Finn guessed.

"Yeah. Honestly, I’m so glad it’s Karl otherwise it would have been so awkward for me, I would have probably refused but I was like it’s just Karl…” Y/n kept talking unassumingly as Finn’s forehead creased with uncertainty. Y/n and him had just started dating two months ago and a storyline like that could adversely affect their blossoming relationship. I mean, sure the three had been friends for quite some time but Finn and y/n were dating now. Things were different now.


“I’ll come in to tag you like this” y/n attempted a cartwheel but stumbled and quickly grabbed onto Karl’s arm for support, making Karl erupt into a fit of giggles. They had been practicing for their tag team match for a while- rather actually they had been goofing off all the while. Their storyline was coming to a close after 5 long months of on screen flirting. Y/n was meant to stab Karl in the back with a last minute pull on his leg as he crawls for a cover.

Finn silently sipped water in the corner of the room, watching the two intently. He had kept his mouth shut for the past five months, telling himself that it was just work. But each day, he noticed y/n and Karl grow closer to each other, somehow more intimate. It didn’t seem like they were “just friends”. Y/n was almost always with him, she brought him along everywhere they went and when he wasn’t around she would be texting him.


“What are ya laughing at?” Finn smiled at y/n as she stifled a laugh while scrolling through her phone.

“Look at the meme Karl sent me” She showed her phone to Finn cheerily, who had to keep himself from rolling his eyes at the sound of his name.

Finn zapped back to reality as he noticed Karl’s hand lazily roam around y/n’s waist as they took their positions for a joint finishing move.


“Hey, why didn’t you say you were leaving early today? Good thing I ran into Sami, he told me I’d find you here.” Y/n exclaimed while catching her breath. Finn quietly placed his clothes back in his bag, not bothering to look at y/n as she continued to speak.

“You didn’t even reply to my text. Anyway, are you going back home?”

“Yes.” Finn stated flatly.

“Okay great, I’m off too. Let me just change and I’ll see you in parking.” She scurried away clumsily.

Finn was seething on the inside and he didn’t even know why. Everything was irritating him beyond belief. However, he patiently waited for y/n in the parking lot. He turned around at the sound of some people talking at a distance behind him. Y/n was gleefully speaking with Karl Anderson who then pulled her into a quick embrace as they said bye to each other. Finn scoffed at the sight before him. He knew exactly what was bothering him now.


They drove in silence as Finn let his thoughts consume him. How could Karl be such an asshole to him despite their friendship in the past? He obviously knew y/n and him were dating, yet he would continue to flirt with y/n off screen. And why didn’t y/n ever stop him, especially when he would callously wrap his arms around her? Did she like him too? Finn shook his thoughts away and dropped onto the couch as soon as he entered his apartment. Y/n followed close behind but went straight upstairs. She came back downstairs after a couple of minutes and took a seat on the couch where Finn lay like a helpless puppy.

“What’s wrong?” Y/n asked running her fingers through his short, spiky hair.

“Nothing.” Finn mumbled.

“You’re obviously sulking. Tell me what’s wrong Finnie.” Y/n brought her hand down to gently caress his face.

Finn wrapped one strong arm around her waist and sat up straight. He looked her deep in her eyes, that searched his shiny blue ones for answers. Unable to find the right words to express himself, Finn leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips. Y/n returned the kiss passionately, delightfully overwhelming him and shunning his insecurities away, albeit temporarily. The kiss grew deeper as Finn leaned forward, now on top of y/n, gently straddling her waist with his knees. His hands nimbly reached for the buttons at the bottom of y/n’s plaid shirt, working his way in reverse.

“Finn-” y/n tried protesting against his attempt at undressing her but Finn continued with the kiss. She then took him by his dextrously working hands, gesturing him to stop.

“Okay, love. If that’s how you want it.” Finn smirked at her and pulled his t-shirt over his head, quickly throwing it away behind him.

“No Finn. I mean, we can’t do this right now.” She spoke firmly.

“Why?” The crease reappeared on Finn’s forehead in disbelief.

“I have to leave in like the next ten minutes.”

“Where are you going?” Finn got off of the couch, now clearly out of the mood.

“I told you in the car! I have plans with Sasha today. Weren’t you listening?”

Finn ran the palms of his hands across his face in frustration. “Is Karl going to be there too?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask her if she invited him. Why are you asking?”

"I don’t know, I just assumed he’ll be there like he is everywhere you go.” Finn answered tauntingly.

“He isn’t everywhere?” Y/n played off the exaggeration in Finn’s comment.

“Yeah he isn’t, I’m surprised he isn’t in my bed yet.” Finn spat angrily.

“What’s gotten into you Finn?” Y/n sat up straight on the couch now.

“What’s gotten into me? You just fucking refused sex with me because you have “plans” with Sasha and god knows who else when you’re probably not being felt up by fucking Karl Anderson!!“ Finn was yelling now.

A tear rolled down y/n’s cheek. "Y. You. You’re accusing me…” Y/n stuttered, unable to finish her sentence. She stood up from the couch and reached for her bag.

“No.” Finn’s voice drained to an apologetic whisper now. “No, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” He tried to grab y/n’s wrist but she flinched away from his touch.

“Y/n, I’m sorry just please listen to me, love!” Finn pleaded, as his anger washed away with y/n’s stream of tears.

Y/n briskly walked out the door before Finn could stop her.

“Oh god, what have I done.” Finn sighed to himself, running a hand through his hair in agony.

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Happy Birthday to a cartoon that changed my life

Steven Universe has brought wonderful new friends into my life and has allowed me to connect with old friends near and far. I finally have a piece of media that celebrates queerness in many forms and gives me an outlet to express the many facets of my own queerness. Steven Universe inspires me to not only accept my body and my disabilities, but to embrace and celebrate them.

I can never thank the Crewniverse enough for creating a show that is boldly and unashamedly pushing the boundaries of representation and love. Thank you to the Crewniverse and every Steven fan I have met this year: I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all