the love embrace of the universe

Noora is being set up as a foil to Sana. In many ways, they are the same: they’re both smart, pretty, and opinionated, and neither of them drink or do drugs. The difference lies in how other people perceive them. 

Noora is white with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is a perfect representation of what most people would consider a Norwegian person to look like. Sana, however, has always been perceived as an outsider due to race and religion. Sana has had to face many struggles that Noora will never understand, because Noora has the privilege of being accepted and embraced without question due to the way she looks. 

I think the reason that we are seeing Sana reacting to Noora the way she is (not opening up to her about what she’s been feeling), and the fact that many of us are questioning Noora’s allegiances, is related to Sana feeling jealous of Noora. She’s feeling the unfairness of the fact that Noora is virtually universally loved and accepted, while Sana is ostracized. Remember those awful girls in the bathroom, and how they fawned over Noora right after disparaging Sana? It must feel so unfair to her given how superficial a lot of the differences between her and Noora are. Also Sana is still clearly upset over the Yousef thing. Noora seems to have no idea what she did, but Sana is still stinging. Still wondering, “why is it that everyone wants her and not me? Why can’t it be about ME for once?” 

…Some rambling bathtub thoughts.

You know…it always made me sad how nuWho Doctors treated the companion who came after “their” companion. Ten was so hung up on Rose that he completely overlooked how sharp, kind, and devoted Martha was. Eleven was so bitter everything that happened with the Ponds that he became less trusting and questioned Clara at every turn, when she was only ever just a regular young woman. They both deserved better than what Ten and Eleven gave them. They were bright, brave individuals in their own rights who deserved to be treated as such, but Ten and Eleven never really saw them as their own people—as a friend, as a fellow traveler.

And then there’s my Twelvey. Twelve, whose older and less charming traits were embraced because Clara knew him so well and loved him so much. Twelve, who was so intensely close with and similar to Clara that he had to remove himself from her in order to keep the universe safe. There will never be a pair quite like them again. I couldn’t blame him if he couldn’t bring himself to make a new friend. 

Instead of retreating into himself and refusing to let another young human into his life, he…did the opposite. He noticed a young woman who is clever, who loves to learn, and he wanted to meet her. He took it upon himself to teach her, because she can’t afford to attend the university. He went out of his way to get to know her, to learn her story, and to give her a glimpse at her late mother, because it mattered to her. He acted so very much like a Doctor. Like the Doctor Clara deserved when she first met Eleven. Like the Doctor Bill deserves now. 

Clara must be so proud to call that guy her Doctor. I know I am.

things about the types that don't get mentioned enough
  • estj: will go out of their way to make sure you are supported emotionally as well as physically
  • istj: has some of the best and funniest sarcasm you will ever hear
  • esfj: has a deep-rooted sense of adventure and embraces new experiences
  • isfj: will constantly surprise you with how creative and resourceful they are
  • estp: will never back down from defending what they believe is right
  • istp: care deeply about everyone's well-being, even if they mask it behind a guise of nonchalance
  • esfp: has laser focus on the things and people they deem most important to them
  • isfp: are unflinchingly loyal and devoted to the people they care about
  • entj: has some of the best and most well-timed humor you'll ever hear
  • intj: embrace their creative side as well as their logical side
  • entp: are always (ALWAYS) ready to cheer their loved ones up with a well-timed joke
  • intp: have an incredibly strong internal idea of right and wrong about the topics that matter most to them
  • enfj: are unafraid to stand up when they know what everyone needs (even if it means forgoing the coddling)
  • infj: are intellects at heart and crave the pursuit of knowledge
  • enfp: will stay up until three am discussing about the complex mysteries of the universe with you
  • infp: are as sharply analytical as they are emotionally aware and empathetic

There once was a girl & boy who lived in Charolette Lane
The woman was gracious as ever
As she embraces her beauty
Her greatness in her skin
Her knots in the locs of her hair
She rides alongside her man
Seeing him
Seeing his reflection
She begins to stare at his soul
All of the hurt and all the pain
The universe moves faster
The air pushes faster
Brushes her away
God willing she wants to glide with him
But can’t leave her daunting past
As time knocks on her door ever single damn time like an overfull sock drawer
She wants to move
She wants to run with him
But she can’t because he must love the two of her
He must decide if he wants two of her not half
Slice a peer in half and give her one
But finish both and you have ate the seed of life
We join together as one but we live separate in the temple
He loves her just the way she is but finds faults in everything she does even though he loves her effortlessly
Your hair Is like a BRAIDED antenna touching the universe.
Your hair is made to fly
The best way to speak to God
We were created
We are one
We are love
We are one but separate in the temple a poem by Africancreature

Art & Creative Directors: @StevenOnoja
Photographer: @alherath
Wardrobe Styling: @StevenOnoja
Hair: @africancreature
MUA: @lilymoralesmakeup

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You are love, you are light
You are compassion, you are strength.
You are as awake as each sunrise
And as beautiful as each sunset.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Remember: stress is your motivator,
Critiques are your fire, failure
creates your courage, and
nothing can stop you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
Be kind.
Be honest.
Embrace change.
Never stop learning.
Trust in the universe.
And be true to all that is you.
I love you.
I believe in you.
And I will never stop.
—  christopherpoetry, A poem to your soul.
Initial Thoughts: Doug Out

I’m rather glad that what I’d predicted for Doug Out came to be. You can tell very early on in the episode that Mr. Maheswaran isn’t used to “exciting” things happening in his job.

At least twice he was caught off guard as strange things happened around him. And it’s a perfectly understandable reaction. Even Steven had to adjust to the things going on around him.

But what he says at the end, about wanting to be taken seriously and wanting to be more than just the goof in Connie’s life really puts his actions into context.

The foreshadowing with the clown nose was especially telling.

But little things before that, such as when he asked Steven and Connie if they wanted to join the stakeout. In hindsight, all of it appeared very planned.

Even his driving up to the two now seems like a deliberate attempt instead of a chance encounter. I mean, he probably wasn’t expecting a job in Beach City, but once he knew he’d be assigned there, he probably started formulating a way to spend time with his daughter.

But I really enjoyed the way his talking about his feelings wasn’t contrived. It felt very organic that he was vocally disappointed that something “cooler” didn’t come up (at the very least a teen using some strong language). And this prompted Connie to ask him what was really wrong.

And I liked how Doug didn’t make a big show out of feeling like he wasn’t cool enough for his daughter. He wasn’t blaming her for whatever feelings he thought she might have for Dr. Maheswaran. He wasn’t asking her to choose him.

I feel the episodes with Connie’s parents always stand in stark contrast to the episodes that focus on the relationships between Steven and the Gems or Steven and Greg, or Greg and the Gems, where often, Steven must act as mediator (Mr. Greg and Keystone Motel come to mind).

It’s a far cry from Fusion Cuisine, when it appeared as though Steven’s family was more together and open than the Maheswarans.

Of course, Greg and the gems are doing a lot of things right. I think it does serve to highlight though how differently these two groups handle the youth.

He was just expressing his feelings. By the way he pushed the marbles around with his feet and looked down, it’s likely something that made him feel uncomfortable.

I liked how he framed the situation as his not having an exciting career, and how he wanted to give Connie the experience of having a cool dad. He didn’t frame it in a way that pushed responsibility on Connie, and he gave her the space to respond in a huge number of ways.

And I really liked how from the beginning, Connie’s response wasn’t contrived either. Even before he finishes speaking, Connie already has an answer. She didn’t have to think up a way of explaining away what her father felt was his inadequacy. She wasn’t going to deny that he wasn’t the same as her mother.

Connie embraces her father for whom he is. And I think in light of his becoming more supportive of the life she’s leading, it’s a lovely way to develop their characters. 

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! Although it’s been a while, this will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university :)


I wish I had known that there’s a lot more work that you can binge in university. It is super easy to fall into the trap of leaving everything to the last minute. Revise regularly and finish all your recommended reading. The workload is a lot more than I ever faced in my final year of high school, and somehow I did get used to doing more in a shorter period of time. 

Keep up with your tutorial homework. Especially for subjects for maths, I can’t stress this enough, especially since this was the one of the causes of my subpar grades the first semester of uni. Even if you have to stay up late to finish it, I’d suggest that you do it. Because if you don’t finish it this week, you’ll just have more to do next week. 

Make study notes for everything at first. To be absolutely honest, there are a lot of subjects where you don’t end up needing study notes all that often. But I’d suggest making notes for everything the first week, because very often I’ve done notes for a subject, decided that I didn’t need any, then regretted it later on in the semester when there was too much to study. If you’re a notes person, make notes for everything. 

That being said, know that you can’t write notes for everything forever. Sure, first and second year you can. But keep in mind that notes are time consuming to make, and tbh not the most optimal way to get the most information into your mind in a short time. It’s good for when you’re trying to learn each and every thing in a subject, like in high school for your HSC for example, but in uni, it’s better to understand concepts and memorise big picture things at the end of the day. 

Learn as much as you can in class. Skim through the lecture notes before class, and write down any questions, but you basically want to understand the concepts in class. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, try and ask the teacher and follow up on it at the end of the class if there’s not enough time for questions. Try your best to follow what’s happening at the moment it happens. 

Revise regularly. The reason for this is so that you can change the shape of the forgetting curve. This is the number one easiest thing to procrastinate, because it is probably the hardest to do regularly. I find it easier to set aside one large chunk of time to revise, even though it’s not optimum. The reason is because if planning one hour a day to revise, it’s usually at the end of the day after all your homework is done… and homework almost always runs over the time that you set aside for it. In addition to that, you want to avoid having to write anything new in that session, so make sure you have your study notes already done

Don’t forget who you were in high school. I can’t count the number of people who have studied their hardest in high school and scored ATARs of 95+ and yet completely bum around in uni, and don’t seem to care as long as they pass the course. Idk, personally, it’s just not an aesthetic that I would want myself to have; you tried that hard in high school, was it just a means to an ends? Now that you’re in your dream course, it suddenly doesn’t matter if you can’t make heads or tails of it? My cheesy message is: You made it! Celebrate it! Embrace it! Love learning it! Evolve and develop your mentality for university now that the goals are not a 99.95 ATAR, but a goal of your own choosing. 

Explore new methods of note taking. There is a plethora of information concerning lecture note taking, writing summary notes, and specifically for university too. Or try your own thing. I personally am someone who likes taking notes in red font on my lecture slides - any explanations or emphases that are expressed are highlighted, without missing anything while typing up the main points. And I don’t bother to rewrite things in my own words, as long as I understand a concept; I know this is heavily emphasised as a good way to take notes in high school (in almost all the note making tutorials I’ve read), but in uni you don’t have the luxury of time. Lecture notes usually are anywhere from 3 to 6 A4 pages per hour of study notes, so it’s unfeasible when you have 8 hours of lectures a week. Try something different!

Do a brain dump on paper. My friend swears by this method. You go to a lecture, and straight afterwards write down everything you remember from that lecture right there and then. Then the day when you sit down to study it, do the same thing. The amount of things you’ve forgotten will be in plain view, which gets you to put the hard yards into memorising. Do the brain dump again once you’ve finished everything to check that you’ve memorised more than you did that initial brain dump. 




your spirit
comes to me
this woman
that it sees
i simply long
to rest
in the warmth
of your embrace
your silhouette
I will trace
with imaginary
search for love
while it lingers
in this
our tiny universe
where these bodies
will converse
made of light
from the stars
that fill the night
our bodies blend
as they collide
there is nothing
left to hide
you search
my heart
my soul
my flesh
this is where
we come to mesh
enjoy the solace
that we do find
inside this home
within our minds



Prompt: Could you write something about Tim having a s/o who’s a doctor or nurse? Love your writing!

Requested by: ANON

    Your relationship is a bit unorthodox. You know this. You embrace it. As you trudge into your apartment, you open the doors on the balcony before sliding your shoes off. You pad into the kitchen, take out the two cartons of Thai food, and pop yours into the microwave first.

    A few moments later, you hear the rustling of curtains, and Tim comes in. It’s six in the morning, and the sun is just starting to rise. Tim is dressed in his full suit, and you smile as he pulls off the hood. A moment later, he’s left in nothing but his pants. As your food finishes, you pop his into the microwave.

    With a smile you watch him move around the kitchen pulling out glasses of water and silverware. When the microwave dings you pull out his food and bring both plates to the table. You eat in silence, both reading and unwinding.

    Dinner is followed by a quick shower together before collapsing into bed. You wake up six hours later to the sound of clacking. Dressed in one of Tim’s shirts, you pad out to the den and take a seat next to him while he taps away on his laptop. You open your book and wait for him to finish. He wraps things up fairly quickly before sliding the laptop away.

    Finishing your page, you slide the book away before saying, “You sent seven henchmen to my ER tonight.”

    He smiles, “Jason and Bruce sent seven henchmen to your ER. I was busy hacking a security system.”

    You scowl, “It’s not funny, Tim. The doctors always get cranky when they have to work on bad guys. Not to mention it backs us up big time, and then there’s the security protocols.”

    He leans over and kisses you, “Next time we’ll deposit them closer to another hospital.”

    You smile, “That’s all I ask.”

    You sit there for another minute before saying, “We have to go to the store.”

    “Why, did the take-out menus catch on fire?”

    “Not since Alfred was here last time. We’re out of food, and just about everything else. We really need to clean too.”

    “You only have one more shift this week, right?” You nod, “Then I’ll take the rest of the week off and we’ll run errands and clean, and all that good stuff.”

    You smile, before saying, “You are such a liar.”

    He laughs, “I’ll call the cleaning service tomorrow. Alfred’s due for a visit, and I’d rather not get a lecture again.”

    You nod, “Okay I’ll make a list so you can run to the store.”

“Why do I have to go to the store?”

“Because I’m the one that can cook.”

He shrugs, “Send it to my phone.”  

You nod before curling up next to him. Your relationship is weird and you love it.

I’m in love with her. I know because her voice brings more calm over me than I ever thought was possible. I’m in love with her. I know because her smile warms my whole body and I can’t help but smile myself. I’m in love with her. I know because her laugh is a laugh I want to hear for the rest of my life. I’m in love with her. I know because no matter how many disagreements we get in I don’t want to walk away, I want to work it out. I’m in love with her. I know because we talk of our future, and it no longer scares me the way it used to. I’m in love with her. I know because I found my soulmate, I have the most beautiful girl in the universe, her smile, her laugh, the way she scrunches her nose when I call her cute, she’s stunning, and I once feared the feelings I have now, but with her I embrace them. I am in love with her, and I can’t wait to spend forever by her side.
—  I’m in love with you

There is Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong. Sadness is not wrong. Fear is not wrong. Confusion is not wrong. Our pain is not wrong. Resisting our pain is what makes everything seem wrong. And yet here is a deeper truth, for those who are open: even our resistance of pain is not wrong. If that’s what’s happening, it cannot be wrong. It is a valid expression of life in the moment. Beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This love even embraces resistance. This Now is vast, and forgiving. Yet even ‘resistance’ is just another concept. Another judgement. Another way to make ourselves wrong. “Resistance bad. Acceptance good.” That’s what we learn. It’s not that we “resist” our pain. We just never learned how to be with it. How to sit with it. Stay with it. Have a cup of tea with it. See it as a beloved friend, at home in the vastness. Our ignorance is our innocence. We just never learned. Our pain is not wrong. It is an invitation. An ancient teaching. Universal. Free. Life invites us to come closer… Falling through imagined layers… Into great mystery… 

- Jeff Foster


For @supremeoverlordletters…enjoy!

Y/N stared, wide eyed, at Loki. He was holding her by her shoulders. His expression was desperate. He also seemed liked he was holding something back. A tear pricked at the edges of his stunning green eyes.

“Hey,” she cooed, “what’s wrong?”
He swallowed. “Don’t you remember any of it?”
She knit her brows. “Any of what?” she whispered.
“Us,” he replied shakily, “What we used to be.”

Y/N narrowed her gaze, attempting to understand what he was saying. A few images were attempting to blind her, but they needed a push. It was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t articulate it. The concept still seemed foreign.

“When?” she gently inquired, “When was there…an us?”

Loki closed his eyes and placed his forehead against hers.

“A few hundred years ago,” he replied sadly, “A previous incarnation.”
“Your previous incarnation was my first love.”
“How…How can you tell?”
He smiled softly. “I could never forget those eyes.”

Before she could fully understand, Loki brushed his lips softly against hers. Her breath hitched, but she didn’t move away. She didn’t want to. Taking the silent permission, Loki kissed her as he used to: passionately. This was just the push her memory needed. Images, conversations, and moments flooded her psyche. She let out a small gasp as he pulled back. She cupped his face in her hands, tears of her own threatening to leave.

“Loki,” she stated. She pulled him into a desperate embrace. “I remember.”

At those words, Loki tightened the embrace. He allowed himself to release the tears that were threatening to tear him up a few minutes before. Y/N buried her head into his chest.

“I love you, so much Y/N,” he told her.
“I love you too, my King.”

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A Lasting Memorial: Part 3

AN: This is the third and final part of the I Love you trilogy. The response to this series has been amazing. I hope you enjoy the finale.

Part 1, Part 2

    Selena stares at the picture; she just stares. Life had never been fair, she had learned that early, but this was downright  cruel. To have one’s child taken from them was a cruel and horrible punishment. And though she knew it wasn’t her fault, Selena blamed herself.

           She had left you with Bruce not long after you were born. A series of nights had led to your conception. She had been young then, only twenty, and she had not been ready to be a mother. Her lifestyle didn’t allow for it. You couldn’t be a cat burglar with an infant at home.

           She had placed you in a stunned Bruce’s arms, and thought that would be it. She’d had no intention of seeing you again, or going back. Your presence was left as a mystery to the public.

           And then one night, she had snuck back in. Through the window and into your nursery. You had been awake, staring up at s kitten mobile. Bruce had been snoring in the chair near your bed. She had picked you up and cuddled you. You had been her kitten.

           Over the next eighteen years she had come in and out of your life a various times. She had always made sure to bring something with her. She had snuck into your birthday parties as a member of the help, to watch you blow out candles. She had followed behind on your first date.

           She had been there for big moments, and Bruce Wayne, man that he was, never said a word. He had allowed her the access you needed. He had allowed her to be a mother from afar. But she wasn’t a mother anymore, because her daughter was dead.


           She doesn’t turn around; her fingers just clutch the picture tighter. “Selena.”

           A light green hand lands on her shoulder, and Selena can’t help it, she lashes out. Her fist flies, and she hisses. Harley catches it. Slowly she lowers her fist but Harley doesn’t let go. That’s what does it, the tears start to roll, followed by sobs, and gasps for air. Harley holds her as she sobs, as she fights, and screams, and lets the emotions run through.

    It takes upwards of an hour before she simply collapses. They sit in silence for several hours, when the first vine comes through. Ivy follows a second later. She joins the silence as she sits on the window sill.

    “She didn’t do anything wrong.” Selena’s voice is rough from crying. “She was a good girl, an amazing student. She didn’t steal or do anything bad. She got citizen of the month, and perfect attendance. It’s not right. She had a life ahead of her.”

    “This world is screwed up Selena. We know that better than anyone.”

    Selena nods, “Still, it should have been me. She was good, I’m bad.”

    Ivy stares out at the window, “The world is rarely that black and white. Remember the night she was born?”

    Selena lets out a laugh, “I remember being scared out of my mind.”

    Harley laughs, “We were all scared. You were screaming, and had fluids coming out of you. But that first cry …” Harley smiles at the memory.

    Ivy smiles, “We vowed to keep her safe.” There’s another moment of silence before she asks, “Have you talked to Bruce?”

    Selena shakes her head, “Not since he told me. I doubt he’ll ever want to speak to me again, I clocked him pretty bad.”

    “You were upset. You’d just lost your daughter.”

    “So had he.”

    “Yeah, but he got to say goodbye.”

    Selena nods her head, “He raised her, was there for her. He deserved a goodbye. I didn’t even give her a way to contact me. She only saw me when I wanted her to.”

Harley places her hand over Selena’s, “You need to say goodbye.”

“I’m too late Harley.”

She shakes her head, “No, you’re not.”

It doesn’t take much to break into Wayne Manor. Selena had been doing it for years after all. Harley and Ivy follow behind her, right to the headstone. Selena stares at it for a moment, before her eyes flicker to her friends. They both give slight smiles before backing slowly away.

Alone, she faces her daughter. “I’m fashionably late … like always. This time I missed the party. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold you, or reassure you. You must have been so scared. My little kitten. You deserved a better mother than me. Better than a woman who snuck in your window to read you a bedtime story, or talk about boys. Someone who could have celebrated your birthdays with you, or at the very least attended your funeral. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Selena.” Bruce’s voice is soft, as his arm wraps around her. And for the first time in years, she allows him to hold her. She curls into his chest, and allows herself to fall apart, and like always Bruce supports her.

When she can’t cry any more, he hands her a tissue, and piece of paper. Hesitantly, she takes it, and begins to read,


We’ve had an unconventional relationship my entire life, it seems only right that we should have an unconventional goodbye. I want you to know that you were enough. That I love you, and I know you loved me. You did what you could to give me my best shot and I’m so grateful.

Thank you for being my mama.

    Selena clutches the letter to her chest, and turns to Bruce. He opens his arms and she walks into his embrace. Silently they feel the ground begin to tremble and watch as a tree slowly comes to life behind the head stone.

    Selena smiles at Ivy, “Thank you.”

    The woman nods, “It seemed appropriate. A lasting memorial.”

anonymous asked:

You're taking requests??? YES!!! How would the crew react if Ryder surprised each of the with a Christmas gift they've been working on secretly for a while, just for them? Like a home-made scarf, or a weapon they upgraded, etc?

I live to serve! Hope this was ok! :)

Here you go my dears!

The small potted Christmas Rose was found on her desk in the hydroponics lab. It took her a moment register. She inched her way over and she touched the large unfurled red flowers in the tiny bush. Next to the potted plant was a small hand written note.
“Not quite the roses you were after but I hope it will do. Merry Christmas. - Sara.”
A smile broke her lips and she placed the flower in the middle of the room. She kept it well watered and cherished the flower.

He was tinkering away with his dual omni-blades when Sara appeared, holding something behind her back. Liam raised a brow.
“Happy Christmas!” She yelled, pulling a home made scarf from behind her back.
A badly knitted home made scarf with what looked like a terrible attempt at a love heart on the end of it.
“Wow, you.. Really shouldn’t have!”
Liam embraced her, kissing her on the top of the head and immediately wrapped the scarf around his neck. It was itchy as hell, but God be damned if we wasn’t going to show off his gift. Especially to Jaal.

She had heard a little about the earth holiday and was determined to be the first person to give out gifts on the tempest. Sara beat her to of however. A remnant sharp that was put onto a long cord necklace. “No one in the universe has one of these.” Sara smiled as she presented the gift to her. Peebee should have been mad at her for beating her to the gifts but instead the settled for tackling her in a one of a kind Pelasaria B'Sayl hug.

Vetra Nyx
She was used to giving. Never receiving from anyone. So when the new modded visor was placed in front of her with a crude red bow, Sara smiling, waiting in anticipation for her reaction, she couldn’t help but pull the squishy human in for a hug that nearly broke Sara’s sternum. Sara didn’t mind though. Seeing Vetra this happy was worth bruising for.

He was well over 1,000 years old. Been through wars great and small, watched friends and family die, killed and maimed. But here was this blood sack, holding out a newly modded krogan shotgun, smiling ear to ear at him, “Happy Christmas Drack!” and Vaul’s quads he though he felt one of his remaining intact hearts warm. Just a little. Only a little. Barely. Tiny little bit.
And he wasn’t smiling, did not at all get in the least bit tears eyed, because Krogan don’t cry, and he did not nearly crush her in a Krogan hug. Because Krogan don’t hug. Much.

A tin box of Sumatran tea had made its way to her desk. She didn’t know how it was possible another box even existed in Andromeda. But she could take a wild guess at who gave it. Mainly due to her peaking from the armoury door over at her. Suvi smiled at the note “One more box couldn’t hurt right? Merry Christmas. - Sara”
Suvi hugged the box to her chest and smiled over at Ryder, who blushed and disappeared back into the armoury.

“It’s an Earth thing.” Sara had said as she held the small snow globe in her hands. A small, seemingly being like structure made of plastic circular snow balls with an orange nose and dotted eyes and mouth and buttons down his person, standing in the centre of the globe. At the base read “Merry Christmas From Nevada!” Fake snow fluttered about the ‘snowman’ when she shook it.
“Didn’t know what to get you so I thought this would be cool. My dad got it for me when I was small. I was sad because it was our first Christmas away from home and on Earth so he went into some cheap Nick Nack store and got it because he thought it was funny since it doesn’t snow in Nevada…” She babbled. Jaal took the gift from her hands, turning over a few times, observing it. “An heirloom from your family? I am honoured.” He smiled. Sara snorted a laugh. “Something like that. Glad you like it.”
“What’s a “Ne-vaa-da”?“

She had finally pieces together the SR-1 model and placed it in a box with a bow. She knew he liked the ship models she collected and had heard that he was quite fond of the Turian-Human ship collaborations. Leaving it on his pilot seat she waited for him to find it. However, Salarians can be a little… Muddled sometimes. The pilot didn’t even glance down at the gift on his seat, too busy with his omni-tool, and instead sat in the model ship. "AHH! WHAT THE-!?” He yelled jumping back up from his seat. Ryder was at a loss. “Uh, Merry Christmas?” She laughed. “RYDER!”

A printed Ai shirt with “Poker Face” written on the front was hanging on his console in the drive core room, along with tinsel, which he had no clue were Ryder could have gotten it from, draped all over said console and a heap of mistletoe around his work space. Anyone else would have been annoyed but Gil could only laugh, mauve ring his way around the room that looked like a Christmas elf threw up in.
Gil wore the shirt all the time. The bragging seemed to get even worse on his side but he may have let Sara win a round or two after her thoughtful gift.

Sara really was at a loss for what to get her. Lexi seemed to only like fussing over the crew and being an all round mother hen. The only thing she new she really liked was Drack. And this sparked an idea in Ryder.
Every time she took Drack out with her she would snap pictures of him in action with her visor. Having them printed out and shoved in an envelope she placed them on her desk, then waited out at the comms area. When a rather flushed Lexi came out, Ryder laughed shooting finger guns her direction “Merry Christmas Lexi!” “RYDER!”
Although Lexi… Appreciated the thought deep down, Ryder was still getting a proper giving out to later.