the lov e of my life


W E ’ R E   F O X E S .

we laugh and we cry
and we break
and we make our mistakes.

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so if you're out of spideypool and think there's nothing redeemable about peter does this mean you won't be doing your askspideypool thing anymore? b/c it's kinda fake to make an entire comic for a pairing you don't like between a character you think is absolute perfection and is just a helpless man-child who is delicate and sacred and another you think is absolute shit. just wondering.

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me reach 5k, never would’ve imagined I would have so many followers…who ended up being friends..even family to me. A lot has changed over the past 2.5 years since Taylor followed me. For instance, she was my 100th follow on a blog I had been running (pretty poorly) for 2 years. You’ve all shared your memories with me, and made life so much sweeter and more enjoyable! I hope all the best for you in the future, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!

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I doodled too much sumeragi shakira stuff…. Imma just dump here and go back to my college assignments :/ *ded*

The hogwarts au was @aquilalyra‘s idea, she’s v good at sorting characters… and everything in general … thank u bb <3

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What is the most annoying thing the boys ever did?

Jin: Well does Joon and Hobi arguing count?? Because it gets really annoying sometimes! and lately, they have been arguing–



Jin: Yea… You see what I mean?


*there r spoilers here, so please don’t get mad if u see them; I warned u!! I can’t do read more on mobile so I apologize for that. I’m not a war expert or an expert in reviews so don’t come into my inbox looking for a fight. Think of this as a rant. Also it premiered on July 20th in the Philippines so that’s why I know all of this so early*

- the cinematography was so beautiful that I think it’s going to win every award at the oscars

- Don’t even get me started on the sound effects/music/soundtrack girl I was so stressed I was literally LYING on my back on the chair in the theatre lmfao (the soundtrack did a good job at deceiving the audience) also the soundtrack flowed perfectly and the sound effects were extremely realistic like I really felt like the spitfire was going to kill me at one point

- Also I have no idea what any of the characters said thanks to their accents and my terrible hearing! If y'all don’t know jack shit about dunkirk or world war 2 then I rly don’t think this is the movie for u

- Peter (tom gc) and George (Barry) are my babies and I love them with all my heart!!! their chemistry was great in this and ur really convinced that they’re brothers who care about each other. Also u kno my ass cried when Nolan decided to do /that/ to my boy George #GeorgeDeservedBetter

- Mark rylance’s character is my actual dad so jot that down! Ok no but seriously he was braver than most ppl would be when it came to a situation like that and even tho ppl were telling him to turn the boat around he was just like not today sweetie! We gon save some lives!

- Tom hardy’s character, farrier, is literally a hero this motherfucker saved so many lives all while his plane was dying???? Also that ending w him tho, where he is looking at his plane and German soldiers (or whatever) come up behind him with their guns (that shit got me crying bro). Like that shot alone can win best picture. I know the ending for him is kind of ambiguous but like I think we can all assume that he gets captured and dies in a POW camp or something. :((

- Onto the first character we see, Tommy (fionn)!!! For his first role, he did absolutely great! I was fully convinced that he was a terrified young soldier. Tbh I lov my boy tommy and all I want to do is protect him. He and aneurin’s character (Gibson, I think??) barely spoke to each other but their acting and their ability to work with each other was so incredible that there seemed to be a genuine bond between them (two soldiers who knew each other for like less than a week). (Also Tommy coming to defend Gibson from Alex?? I loves it!)

- Aneurin’s character spoke like 3-4 words that weren’t even in English but he really pulled me in by the way he portrayed his character. He was quiet and closed off but like he still managed to make me cry when his hand stopped moving underwater :’((

- i absolutely hated cillian’s character when he first came on; of course he was scared and saw terrible things and didn’t want to go back and I totally understand but his anger did /that/ to George and it’s like?? Bitch no. He gets his shit together later on tho so yeah. He isn’t a douche for the rest of the movie; he seemed to regret his actions. (That scene where he asks Peter if George will be ok broke my fucking heart) :/

- Ok me being mostly a harry blog and biased as hell, I really expected that I’d like his character but like……………… He can go fuck himself lmao I hated Alex

- listen,, when Alex held that gun up to Gibson’s face I was about to go on that boat myself and knock that shit right out of his hands!! I fully acknowledge that he was a scared soldier who just wanted to go home and stuff and like he does what he has to do to survive bUT SIS!!!! U DONT FORCE PEOPLE OFF THE FUCKING BOAT. I WAS SO CLOSE TO DRAGGING THAT BITCH’S ASS BACK IN THE WATER. DROWN BITCH DROWN. He did a whole lotta talking but like I said before, I have no idea what he said because he was talking fast and he had a strong accent. In regards to Harry’s acting tho MY BABY WAS INCREDIBLE AND I DIDNT EXPECT ANY OF THAT. HOMEBOY ACTUALLY /GROWLS/ IN ONE SCENE (that scene still stays w me like Idk what tf he said but all I remember was that he growled). HE SURPRISED THE FUCK OUT OF ME IN THE SCENE WHERE THEYRE ALL TRAPPED IN THE BOAT. IF U THINK YOU’LL SEE A HINT OF HARRY’S REAL LIFE PERSONALITY IN ALEX, U WONT LMAO. ALEX IS AN A S S H O L E; HES NOTHING LIKE HARRY. HARRY GOT SO IMMERSED IN THE ROLE THAT HE MADE ME (a person who would die for him) HATE HIS CHARACTER. That scene where Alex’s in the train and His eyes start to water? Not to sound like a cheesy old white lady but that shit is breathtaking (and sad as hell) bro.

- Also my dad was like “he’s really handsome” and I was like “bitch?? I know”

- So basically I lov every character in this film except harry styles’ character and cillian murphy’s character

- The ending was so outstanding and so beautifully edited I don’t even have words for it I’ll just say that I started crying watching that part

Ok so overall watch this film (even tho u read all my spoilers lmfao) because it really is impressive. The cast, music, editing, shots, and everything else was sublime as fuck. Watch it. You won’t regret it.

i was litERALLY itching to draw Hoseok-real life from your au, SO HERE!! (i sorta messed up the stripes but i’m happy with it, i hope you are too 👀👀👀)