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This past weekend LJS Reviews Director Kiera Parrott attended the GonzoFest at the Louisville Free Public Library in Kentucky. The festival, in its seventh year, celebrates the life, legacy, and literature of Hunter S. Thompson, who was a Louisville native. This year marks the first time that the festival was sponsored and held at the library—a natural home for the event, as Thompson’s mother was a librarian there for many years. The event featured a mix of live music, arts and crafts, local food vendors, cosplay (Kiera spotted many young men dressed up at Raoul Duke, the protagonist from Thompson’s novel and the cult classic film starring Johnny Depp, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), spoken word performances, and panel discussions. Keira participated on a panel about the first amendment, the role of journalism in the era of “fake news,” and the importance of media literacy.

 Photos courtesy of the Louisville Free Public Library.

Picked up a bottle this morning of Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea (alcohol tip: booze always tastes better when bought in the morning). It’s not a cheap bourbon, but definitely one worth owning.

Back in Louisville a few years ago, I was seated next to Jefferson’s master blender, Trey Zoeller, at a dinner, and he was talking about this bourbon, which hadn’t hit the market yet. As I remember the story (and I was sipping a little bourbon, so my details may be a bit off): Zoeller and the Shark Man from the National Geographic Channel, Louisville native Chris Fischer, had been sipping a little bourbon themselves. They got to wondering what would happened if they aged some of Zoeller’s bourbon barrels in Fischer’s boat on an upcoming expedition. So they tried it. While the boat came back in fine condition, a few barrels had been lost at sea (as should be expected). But what bourbon came back had a delicious, salty and caramel flavor. So Zoeller decided to produce it on a larger scale. What I bought this morning was from the fourth expedition; it’s my first bottle from that journey.

First 4 Names Revealed For WWE's Mae Young Classic

WWE’s Women’s Tournament, The Mae Young Classic, get’s underway next month and the first 4 participant’s have now been named.

26 year old Toni Storm is an eight-veteran and has carved out a reputation worldwide. Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, she is now based in the U.K. and has wrestled in 13 countries, capturing championships along the way.

Hailing from Louisville, Ky. 23 year old Sarah Logan is an NXT competitor and has been wrestling since 2011. She quickly gained notoriety for her rough-and-tumble in-ring style and refined her skills in Japan. She was signed by WWE in October 2016 and has won several Olympic powerlifiting competitions.

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Okay guys! Here is all the information. If you are from any place near one of these beauties then talk to them! Also, I’ll be editing this list so if you want me to put you here, have a look here :

Australia – Brisbane – 16 years - @victoriapatton69

Australia – Gold Coast – 16 years - @katieboo91

Australia – Sidney – 14 years - @whitneywales255

Belgium – Antwerp – 16 years - @thelastjunocorn

Brazil – Mato Grosso – 19 years - @omgcoffeeislife

Canada – Moncton, NB - @kenoria

Canada – Ontario – 19 years - @nikihutch

Canada – Winnipeg – 38 years - @memorylapsinginsomniac

Canada - Toronto – 19 years - @rikierose

Canada – Victoria – 15 years - @k-c-q

China – Hong Kong – 16 years - @unexposedcharlottelarrystylinson

England – London – 16 years - @chrisstaxo

England – London – 16 years - @rosacorinne

England – London - @find-me-at-pizza-planet

England – Lincolnshire – 16 years - @b3caus3-b00bs

Finland – Espoo – 18 years - @lesboqueendom

France – Paris – 16 years - @margalabakagirl

France – Paris – 18 years - @jessicawafa

Germany – Berlin – 18 years - @artismymiracle

Germany – Berlin – 20 years - @larasbli

Germany – Cologne – 15 years - @hurri-c-a-n-e

Germany – Cologne – 17 years - @sandwichvagina

Germany – Frankfurt – 17 years - @i-wanted-to-be-a-hero-for-anyone

Germany – Munich – 25 years - @two-legged-nessie

Germany – North of Germany – 19 years - @intense-pink

India – Mumbai – 15 years - @futureplaymate

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – 30 years - @bootuck

Netherlands – Amsterdam – 16 years - @ballsdeeb

New Zealand – Hamilton – 17 years - @myteenagecollectorstrangerblog

New Zealand – Hamilton/Tauronga – 16 years - @thecoloured

Philippines – Metro Manila – 21 years - @lakbaypotato

Russia – Moscow – 15 years - @npuncessa

Scotland – 18 years - @perks-of-being-an-infj

Slovakia – Bratislava – 19 years - @noworneverr

South Africa – Western Cape – 32 years - @shashakruger

Spain – Madrid – 15 years - @queer-girls-fly

Spain – Madrid – 16 years - @ohmysweetmadness

Switzerland – Winterthur – 16 years  - @longsleeved-soul

UK – Coventry . 36 years - @joyjoy4u

USA – Tuscaloosa, AL – 17 years - @imjustaghostatmost

USA – Fort Smith, AR – 20 years - @foreverher-knight

USA – Mesa, AZ – 19 years - @sagedizzle14

USA – Phoenix, AZ – 22 years - @ririluvselvis

USA – Bakersfield, CA – 18 years - @ecrosth

USA – Compton, CA – 18 years - @depressedbutterfly143

USA – Los Angeles, CA – 20 years - @sexonatoilet

USA – Los Angeles, CA – 20 years - @simmonkayy

USA- North Hollywood, CA – 18 years - @blancaa-28

USA – San Francisco, CA – 40 years - @play2u69now

USA – Santa Clarita, CA – 14 years - @losxrclifford

USA – Denver, CO – 17 years - @ohshitimgay1010

USA – Colorado – 15 years - @cloverbean

USA – Miami, FL – 21 years - @itsjustjenna16

USA – Miami Beach – 20 years - @wearetheyoungwastedyouth

USA – Orlando, FL – 18 years - @riserecklessly

USA – Florida – 17 years - @allyyssaa

USA – Atlanta, GA – 16 years - @mattieninetythree

USA – Chicago, IL – 17 years -@allergic-to-cacti

USA – Chicago, IL – 17 years - @effarig23

USA – Chicago, IL – 18 years - @mraxelon27

USA – Crawfordsville, IN – 16 years - @bukea69

USA – Luisville, KY – 14 years - @itzztayzz

USA – Louisville, KY – 20 years – @acparr02                  

USA – Amite, LA – 15 years - @b47ancedd

USA – Maryland – 13 years - @adreaper1023

USA – Amherst, MA – 19 years - @averageadventure

USA – Allen Park, MI – 19 years - @phantomandfox

USA – Minneapolis, MN – 16 years - @poisonous-charm

USA – Jackson, MS – 20 years - @weve-madeitthisfar-kid

USA – Pontotoc, MS – 18 years - @marcy-cheyenne

USA – St. Louis, MO – 19 years - @recovered-together

USA – St. Louis, MO – 18 years - @live-love-lez

USA – Fayetteville, NC – 17 years - @ethereal-mellifluous

USA – Pittsboro, NC – 16 years - @lo-ho-ze-her

USA – New Jersey – 15 years - @love-me-cut-me

USA – Albany, NY – 20 years - @homoflexible-homosapien

USA – New York, NY – 22 years @lovinteripolo

USA – Rochester, NY – 16 years - @fionabeck

USA – Cincinnati, OH – 30 years - @mysticprose7

USA – Cleveland, OH – 16 years - @shefollowstherain

USA – Cleveland, OH – 37 years - @grrlunedited

USA – Van Wert, OH – 16 years - @princessforhire

USA – Bend, OR – 16 years - @aestheticcacid

USA – Portland, OR – 18 years - @xxmelanierosexx

USA – Oregon – 17 years - @humptydumptyfelloutofbed

USA – Hatboro, PA – 17 years - @dvyjo

USA – Pittsburgh, PA – 15 years - @rebelliouslyss

USA – Pennsylvania – 16 years - @the-region-of-summer-stars

USA – North Logan, UT – 18 years - @youwillalwaysbemyell

USA – Utah – 17 years - @stephany0126

USA – Memphis, TN – 22 years - @whispersofjedi

USA – Nashville, TN – 17 years - @thedaringroyal

USA – Nashville, TN – 21 years - @mittensandsexkittens

USA – Beaumont, TX – 24 years - @shalynnicole

USA – Cibolo, TX – 16 years - @futurequeerofficer

USA – Van Alstyne, TX – 13 years - @d-cosey

USA – Charlottesville, VA – 21 years - @igothurtdoingsafetydance

USA – Washington State – 21 years - @nakedlittlethings

Vietnam – Hanoi – 20 years - @anan13

Wales – Wrexham – 14 years - @celina2001

Signed photograph of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965. Photo courtesy of Becky Krystal, via the Swift family, 2007.

In 1965, Ivan Swift, my husband’s grandfather, was the Washington correspondent for the Louisville Courier-Journal (two years later he was part of a team from the paper that won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage about strip mining in Kentucky). On Aug. 6, 1965, he was covering the signing of the Voting Rights Act. An Associated Press photographer captured President Lyndon B. Johnson speaking in the Capitol rotunda before signing the momentous legislation. Off to the commander-in-chief’s left, you can see Swift’s face, obscured by a teleprompter and other members of the crowd. Swift got his own copy of the photo with an AP caption, circled his face in red – and got the president to sign it. “You know grandpa, he was not shy,” his widow, Ruth, told me. “He was always getting things like that.” Framed and hung at the family’s Alabama farm, it has been and will be a treasured part of family history. 

Story from Becky Krystal

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Stephen Amell – “Protecting Star City” Panel – Wizard World Louisville 2015 (Full Panel - Part 1 of 2) (Part 2)

Captain Amell is talking about:

  • Custody status of the “MTV Ship of the Year“ Award
  • Stephen & Emily’s plans for their Olicity Coca Cola packages
  • Why Oliver loves Felicity

Sorry for the non-art post but I wanted to do a quick shout out for the Louisville Cartoonists Society and their latest anthology project: “Tall Tales & Little Lies”.

I met the original handful of LCS members when I lived in Louisville a few years back and have been involved with several of their previous anthologies. It’s been amazing to watch the group grow from four (possibly drunk) people with access to a xerox machine and a bar to the bustling, home grown, small press project they are today. Some of the nicest and most passionate comic fans I have ever had the pleasure of drawing with come from the LCS and many of them have contributed toward “Tall Tales”. Knowing the LCS guys, the book will be funny, slightly off the wall and most importantly, an excellent read.

If you have a second, please do check it out:

To make up for the non art post I will make sure to post some paint stuff this week!




Thought I would share one of my recent art projects…

It’s certainly not my best work craftsmanship wise but the meaning is the most important element. This was supposed to be a “found objects mosaic” so I began with the medals, all from the Louisville feis over the years and one from CLRG for participating in AD exams. The top half is dark and stormy, representing a bit of how I feel about the competition world. The bottom half, however, is anchored by light, a star, and belief in myself. The seemingly random rainbow of glass radiating out from the center is actually all the colors of dresses I’ve worn over the years. This lighter section of the piece represents my love for performing. The frame consists mainly of all the places I’ve competed (plus Derry, Wexford, and Limerick, where I performed in Take The Floor shows), but has one side dedicated to O-I-REACH-TO-A-STAR, the acronym I was taught as a child to remember oireachtas. The years are all of the years in which I’ve danced. The star motif is a recurring theme throughout the piece. Like I said, definitely not my cleanest work, but I’ve never done a mosaic like this before and it was so intensely personal to me, and to this huge thing in my life, that I felt like this would be a good way to express what I’ve been feeling about dance as of late.

I’m Lex, a 24 year old Louisville native.

I’m a Pisces so I’m pretty intuitive. I’m also a mommy to a beautiful pit bull and I could probably eat sushi everyday if I had the chance. I’m back in the Tumblr world and I’m looking to meet new friends!


Deaf 090 (For Writers)

It’s been a while since I posted anything informative about Deaf and Deaf culture, so here is some (verybasic culture stuff.

But here is my warning: the information below is enough to be dangerous.  Just because you read this little list doesn’t mean you know everything about Deaf people or their cultural practices.  It is merely a primer for you to use as you write to make your characters more realistic, and it’s certainly not comprehensive.  The best way to learn is to willingly put yourself among Deaf people and see how we  interact.

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