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Stardust Powder Variants ✨

Based on my original recipe for Stardust Powder, here is a list of 26 variants based on intent! (this is a long list, so click “keep reading” for the rest.)

Banishing/Binding Stardust
Herbs: Basil, black pepper, black salt, cayenne pepper, chamomile, garlic, juniper berry, onion, rosemary, sage, sea salt, thyme 
Essential oils: Basil, chamomile, clove, juniper berry, sage, thyme
Glitter color: Black
Associated constellation: Aries, Gemini

Cleansing Stardust
Herbs: Garlic, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, sage, sea salt, thyme
Essential oils: Cedar, lemon, lavender, lime, sandalwood, sage
Glitter color: White
Associated constellation: Aquarius, Canis Minor, Lynx, Ursa Minor

Confidence/Courage Stardust
Herbs: Allspice, basil, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, sunflower, thyme
Essential oils: Grapefruit, neroli, nutmeg
Glitter color: Red
Associated constellation: Hercules, Leo, Orion

Creativity Stardust
Herbs: Lavender, lemon verbena, orange, rosemary, tangerine, valerian
Essential oils: Orange, tangerine
Glitter color: Yellow
Associated constellation: Boötes, Cancer, Hercules, Monoceros, Pisces, Scorpius

Cursing Stardust (see also: Baneful Stardust Powder)
Herbs: Black salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder, clove, dragon’s blood, onion, patchouli, wormwood
Essential oils: Clove, lemon, lime, patchouli
Glitter color: Black, red
Associated constellation: Canis Major, Capricornus, Cygnus, Grus, Lyra, Scorpio

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Taking Chances [Part 8]

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Warning: none

Wordcount: 2402

*A/N: okay, so for now this is supposed to be the last part unless anyone wants more than the bonus chapter I wanted to add. :)

Aaaalso AGAIN thanks to @jaxonah for going over ideas with me. this part would definitely be different if she didn’t help me. ILYSM bby 💘


You were sat in the back of a taxi to the Korean BBQ place the boys had picked. This was a bad idea. Recently it seemed like you were always making the wrong choices. You shouldn’t have agreed to sleeping with Jungkook and again, you should have stayed home tonight. The conversation you’ve had with Namjoon weighed heavy on your mind. Was it possible that Jungkook actually had feelings for you? You had never even thought about it. The last two days you had franticly been piking your brain, trying to remember times when you had hung out with the boys. It all didn’t make sense, he had never made a move on you, nor had he been really shy when you were around. Could this be a prank to scold you for agreeing to the dumbest idea ever?  It was possible but unlikely; you knew the boys well enough that this wasn’t the type of prank they’d pull on you.

When you got out of the taxi, you straightened out your clothes and readjusted your bag on your shoulder. You were hoping that the nervous feeling, which was brewing in the pit of your stomach, would subside once you were actually hanging out with them. Maybe you were overreacting, it couldn’t possibly be that bad, now could it? They were your really good friends after all.
You made your way inside; the restaurant was quite busy for a weeknight. “Noona, over here.” Jungkook got up and waved with a bright smile on his face. “Hey.” You said shyly and made an awkward wave-like movement with your hand when you arrived at the table. Normally, they’d all get up to hug you but Namjoon and Hoseok didn’t this time. So it definitely wasn’t a prank, they were clearly not happy to see you tonight. Jungkook pulled you into a tight embrace. “You look so pretty.” It was a faint whisper in your ear, so no one could hear him apart from you.

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Perseids Meteor Shower Magick 🌠

The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower that is associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. It occurs this year from July 17th through August 13th, with the peak occurring on August 12th. They are named for their radiant point in the constellation Perseus, where they are seen to originate from in the sky.

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The constellation Perseus is associated with hope, desire, wishes, manifestation, and power; therefore magickal workings having to do with such things would be appropriate to perform during this time.

Associated Herbs:

  • Bamboo, Bat’s Head Root, Bay Leaf, Beech, Bergamot, Black Haw, Black Walnut, Blowball, Buckthorn, Carnation, Cinnamon, Dandelion Leaf/Root, Dogwood, Ebony, Echinacea, Frankincense, Ginger, Ginseng, Job’s Tears, Lotus Root, Mugwort, Myrrh, Rowan, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Sage, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Star Anise, Sunflower, Tonka Bean, Walnut, Willow, Wormwood

Associated Crystals:

  • Carnelian, Celestite, Diamond, Goldstone, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Merlinite, Opal, Quartz, Scolecite, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tsavorite

Associated Colors: 

  • Red, Gold, Silver

Magickal Ideas:

  • Make Star Water using a pinch of red, gold, or silver glitter
  • Create the constellation Perseus out of crystals
  • Carve the constellation into a wax cube or candle and let it melt 
  • Use the constellation pattern as a symbol of power
  • Burn a blend of corresponding incense
  • Brew up a potion for power, hope, or wishes and drink it under the stars
  • Make offerings to Perseus
  • Go outside, locate the meteor shower in the sky, and harness energy from it 
  • Use the energy from the meteor shower to charge various items
  • Summon the spirit of Perseus to aid in your spellwork for the evening of the meteor shower
No one cares about Reita’s birthday (Radio Jack June 9)

(Everyone is giving a little update of what they’ve been doing)

Kai: What about you Aoi? Are you into anything recently?

Aoi: Hmmm….recently….well, I’ve been playing the guitar.

Kai: No I mean, weren’t you talking about something on social media? This thing you liked?

Aoi: Oh, yeah. My old equipment…

Kai: You decided you like it?

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes…

Kai: I see, well…we have festivals and stuff coming up

Aoi: Yeah, so I hope I’ll be able to use it there. 

Kai: Are you practicing at home? (giggles)

Aoi: Well, I am writing songs. 

Kai: (trying not to laugh) I see

Aoi: What’s wrong with you?

Reita: Leader, you’re so bad at this!

(Kai bursts out laughing)

Ruki: He can’t keep a conversation going

Reita: Was something even funny!?

Aoi: Seriously, calm down. 

Kai: Okay, anyway, what about you Uruha?

Uruha: An, update? Hmm…well, same as Aoi I guess.

Kai: You’re playing the guitar?

Uruha: Yeah

Aoi: What a coincidence. 

(Kai giggling)

Uruha: Yeah, I’m trying to write songs.

Kai: Do I have to keep this going?

Reita: Keep it going!!

Kai: Hey,,,,,June 9,,,,,,,you,,,,,,,don’t you have.,,,,,,,,,,

(everyone except Uruha is laughing)

Uruha: I didn’t even mention my birthday tf

Kai: Well anyway it’s Uruha’s birthday!!! 

Everyone: Yaaaay!! (clapping)

Uruha: Thank u 

Kai: And we’ve prepared something for you! 

(it’s a cake) 

Reita: WOW!!! He did that!!!

Kai: Well then let’s sing!! Shall we sing? (he sounds like a mom istg)

Ruki: Yeh sure

Kai: Okay! Readyyyy, go!  

(Supposedly Kai is clapping to keep the rhythm while everyone sings very half-assedly and awfully)

Uruha: Just stop.

(They don’t stop)

Uruha: Okay can I blow the candles out?

Kai: Yes go ahead!

(Uruha blows out candles)

(Everyone claps)

Aoi: Yo how many cakes we must have eaten in 15 years….

Reita: Damn….how many cakes…

Uruha: This is a really fancy cake. 

(Everyone talks over each other for like 15 seconds)

Kai: Well anyway, this is still just the recording day, but [when this is broadcast] I hope you are having a good birthday. 

Uruha: Thank you –

Reita: But – wait a minute !

(Kai bursts out laughing)

Reita: Mine will have passed already…so it doesn’t matter!? 

Uruha: I mean…the recording day is closer to his birthday….

Ruki: Yeah…..

Kai: Are you mad!? Are you mad!?

Aoi: Sorry! Sorry!

Kai: Reita is mad!! Do we…do we have anything for Reita? No???

Uruha: Okay then, we can share this cake! 

Reita: No it’s really fine!

Aoi: Sorry, sorry, sorry! 



(They start clapping and singing happy birthday to Reita but mostly just laughing)

Ruki: Omg he wasn’t joking

Reita: (laughing) They’re so small

Aoi: Damn they brought out some lotus root looking thing 

(I’m so confused)

Kai: Happy birthday!

Ruki: Happy birthday

Kai: Reita’s mad

Reita: Whatever, should I blow out the candles now?

Kai: Okay!

Reita: Okay everybody gather round!

Ruki: They’re gonna fly everywhere

(Everyone laughs)

(Reita blows out candles)

(Everyone claps)

Kai: Happy birthday!

Reita: I really don’t care tho, this is your day! [to Uruha]

Kai: I was just going in order, Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, and then you.

Uruha: I knew this would happen

Reita: But before I could even say my update you did Uruha and brought out the cake and everything so I was like ‘hm okay so that’s how it is’

Kai: Yeh I thought you might get mad

petit dejeuner aujourd’hui.

lady-hallowtide  asked:

Omg Lost Toddler is so cute!! Can we have tiny Obi run into various Jedi??? Mace, Plo etc ect and he charms them all?

Sucking on his thumb, Obi-Wan sniffled lightly.

Yalanda had managed to leave him behind again, this time in the commissary so at least he wasn’t all alone like when he’d wandered off into the dark halls where Master Dooku had found him. But he still was all alone in the way that no one was talking to him.

“You don’t look happy little one.” Obi-Wan looked up quickly and sniffled a bit more as he stared at the kel dor who seemed to loom over him, peering down at him with what Obi-Wan guessed was a kel dor form for smile.

Pulling the thumb from his mouth, Obi-Wan shuffled on the bench he was sitting on. “Yalanda forgot me behind…” He whispered, barely heard over the dim of the commissary and other Jedi but the kel dor made an understanding noise.

“I see, you were here for lunch little one?” He questioned, reaching out and carefully picking Obi-Wan up and settling him on his feet. “My name is Plo Koon. And yours little one?”

“Uhu and its Obi-Wan master Koon.” Obi-Wan sniffled and rubbed his face before accepting the offered claw and holding on tightly. “We had toasted rodian grain bread, boiled valla eggs and steamed lotus roots.” He sniffled.

“That is a wholesome meal for little ones.” Plo hummed, carefully guiding the boy with him out the doors to take him to the creche. He knew the way easily.

“I don’t like rodian grain bread, its heavy.” Obi-Wan clung tightly to the hand and moved closer to him. “And grit…grit… um…”

“Gritty?” Plo questioned gently, chuckling when Obi-Wan nodded. “What do you like to eat then young one?”

Pondering that while reaching up with his second hand, Obi-Wan held on tightly. “I like fruit porridge… and blue milk cheese.” He gnawed on his lips before beaming up at Plo. “And dried fruits. And protein pasta with lum sauce!” Happily distracted, Obi-Wan continued telling Plo about all the different food things he liked that they served in the creche as Plo continued slowly walking the toddler towards the creche.

Or he was until a frazzled looking teenage togruta came sprinting through the corridor, halting to a stop when she saw Obi-Wan with Plo and breathing out in obvious relief.

The redhead perked up when he saw her and Plo let go to let him move on chubby legs towards the togruta. “Yalanda!”

The woman picked him up and settled Obi-Wan on her hip, laughing breathlessly. “You need to stop scaring me like this Obi-Wan, I swear I keep losing track of you every time we go somewhere.” She laughed, her voice faintly tinged with hysteric before she looked up at Plo, and bowing faintly. “Thank you master, I am so sorry for this. It was the four year olds first visit to the commissary to start getting them used to eating out of the creche and it was…a bit overwhelming.” She flushed darkly, tucking Obi-Wan closer to her.

Plo chuckled and reached out, patting her lightly on the shoulder. “Accidents do happen young one and he came to no harm even if he was a bit sad all alone.”

She relaxed under the assurance and smiled slightly before looking down at Obi-Wan on her hip again. “How about I get you back to the creche eh? We’re about to play hover ball.” She enticed the boy who perked up with big eyes.

Plo hid an indulgent smile at the game designed to help the young control their Force ability. “That does sound like much fun. I wish you luck Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan waved eagerly at him in return, his delight filling the Force as Yalanda smiled slightly. “Byebye Master Koon.” He beamed before looking eagerly up at his creche teacher, ready to go back to what he knew.

‘Cute.’ Plo chuckled quietly.

Saika Little Lady’s Day Festival & Basket Auction!

To celebrate the Little Lady’s Day festivities Saika has decided to host a basket auction on Monday March 13th at the Lavender Beds Ward 11 Amethyst Shallows! We’ll have different yummy festive foods, games, and the basket auction of course! Feel free to stop on by between 10pm to 1am EST ( 7pm to 10pm PST )!

As with everyone else, with stormblood promising new housing plots Saika is in much need of a larger upgrade! Our smoll cottage can only fit so many… The auction and booths will be taking actual gil for this event. Donations are also welcome and loved!

Our Festival Games

100gil Kingyo-sukui Booth ( Goldfish Scooping ) : “Each person plays individually. The basic rule is that the player scoops copperfish from a pool with a paper scooper called a "poi” and puts them into a bowl with the poi. This game requires care and speed as the poi can tear easily. The game is over when the poi is completely broken or incapable of scooping properly.“

Player will pay the booth runner then /random to see what happens, RP it out however you like!:

  • If Random is 499 and under their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 500-799 they win a Copperfish, their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a Copperfish, their scoop DOES NOT break and can go again.
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Coral Butterfly, their scoop DOES NOT break and  can go again.

This Booth will also sell Tier 1 Aquariums while Supplies last at 10,000gil (Much cheaper than current Market Board Price) for you to put your fishies in!

100gil Chō-Han Bakuchi Booth ( Even Odd Gambling ) : "The game uses two standard dice, which are shaken in a bamboo cup or bowl by a dealer. The cup is then overturned onto the floor. Players then place their wagers on whether the sum total of numbers showing on the two dice will be "Chō” (even) or “Han” (odd). The dealer then removes the cup, displaying the dice. The winners collect their money.“

  • Player will pay the Booth Runner choose either Cho/Even or Han/Odd to place their bet on then /random.
  • The Runner will then take the first two digits of the roll and add them up before revealing the results to the Player.
  • Winners will receive an option of either box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie) or a small box containing a Mini Rolanberry Cheesecake ( Rolanberry Cheesecake)!

100gil Cork Gun Booth :  "Each person plays individually, player is given an air shard loaded gun and a colored chalk coated cork as ammo. The rule for this game is to point and shoot at the target! Try to aim for a bullseye!”

After paying the Runner, Player will /random to see what happens!

  • If Random is 699 and under they miss.
  • If Random is 700-799 they win a booby prize box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie)!
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a booby prize Fresh Fruit Basket (Assorted Fruit)!
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Stuffed Moogle or Chocobo!

Other Booths!

Refreshments Booth

  • 200g Tea Smoked Raptor (Smoked Raptor) - Raptor Shank that had been smoked in coerthas tea, toasted rice grains, pearl ginger slices, and maple sugar in a box next to a bed of homemade garlean garlic noodles and pickled vegetables.
  • 800g Slow Grilled Fish (Grilled Raincaller) - A variety of whole descaled and gutted clean fresh fish on bamboo skewer and lightly salted before placed next to the fire pit to slowly fry in it’s own juices.
  • 200g Shoyu Sesame Akami Tuna Kabobs (Tuna Miqa'bob) - Larger chunks of our Akami Tuna bowl mixture coated in sesame seeds then skewered onto bamboo sticks before slowly roasted next to the fire pit for a rare kabob.
  • 200g Teriyaki Shiitake Kabobs (Forest Miqa'bob) - Dragon Peppers, Shiitake Mushrooms, whole Mini Ruby Tomatos, skewered on bamboo then dipped in our teriyaki sauce and then slowly roasted next to the fire pit!
  • Zoni - A traditional eastern soup that is served during special occasions. We make our stock from dashi and kombu to give it a light savory fish flavor. Within the stock we add Young Cieldalaes Spinach, simmer Coerthasian Carrots, simmered Lotus Roots, and some of our fresh pounded mochi that we toast over the fire pit. [ This is an IC RP dish that will not need gil to take and can be asked for at any time or picked up in cups beside the booth vendors. Have your characters help themselves to some warming soup during the event! We also have an actual stack of this stuff if you wish for one just ask! ]

  • 250g Taiyaki (Pastry Fish) - A slightly sweet pancake-like batter that has been cooked in an iron fish shaped grill. Served within is your choice of a sweet anko, creamy vanilla bean mousse, smooth silky chocolate cream, or luscious custard.
  • 350g Fluffy Doman Cheesecake (Cheese Souffle) - A mini fluffy eastern version of a classic cheesecake that’s more cake than cheese. Dusted with powdered sugar and packed in a decorative small box.

  • 100g Sencha (Chamomile tea) - One of the most common forms of Green Tea, Sencha like most of our teas is steamed instead of fermenting for preservation. It is then kneaded and rolled into needle-like shapes.
  • 200g Genmaicha (Thanalan tea) - Sencha that is mixed with roasted brown rice and small amount of matcha. It has a nutty flavor and aroma thanks to the roasted brown rice and a soft greenish color thanks to the matcha.

                                             Survivors Booth

Donation Booth

Had fun? Feeling generous? Donate with Kyuu’sae at our donation booth! Remember all donations are optional and if you feel like it, you don’t have to donate–but we do ask you at least have fun or try to during the event! Enjoy yourself, relax, make new friends even!

Those who donate over 50k will have the option to receive a raffle ticket and be asked to /random for him! For what? It’s a surprise!  *NOTE: IF YOU DONATE AND GET A RAFFLE TICKET WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING THE THREE WINNERS AND THREE PRIZES AT THE VERY END OF THE EVENT. IF YOUR TICKET IS CALLED AND YOU ARE NO LONGER THERE YOU FORFEIT YOUR PRIZE.*

                                           Basket Auction

Basket auction will be held at the docks at 12:30am to 1am EST ( 9:30pm to 10pm PST ) and will be in real gil to help fund for a larger home.

Basket 1 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, a friendly Roleplay ‘date’ with one of the following; Oyun, Chanto, Mimi, or Trishelle, and an *IC set of Dolls made to look like the Saika crew! It is a doll festival after all!

Basket 2 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Kadomatsu, Hard Rice Cakes.

Basket 3 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Hard Rice Cakes.

*Dolls are ICly given and made by Chanto and Oyun. OOCly they will be a custom drawn doll chibi of the Saika crew! These drawn dolls are purely IC and the drawings are simply for viewing pleasure so you know what your character is getting. You are in no way, shape or form–buying these dolls with gil for ownership. These dolls that will be show are for visual reference only and belong to the character’s said owner and drawn by me. These dolls are a gift to my fellow Saika members and staff for staying and supporting me all this time.

*Inspired by SquareEnix Events, FFXI’s festival events(remember going to to the ponds outside of town to scoop fish with your paddles?), @thaliaksembrace @gildedpony-ffxiv and @crescent-ffxiv

**Gil prices were adjusted on food to cover the crafting cost to make it with only a bit of profit. All food is HQ and cheaper than Market Board price. All items while supplies last!