the lottie project

Twinsies!!! {Milottie}


Miss Charlotte La Bouff was officially a double major. Political Science and Magick Studies. After her little run in with Dr. Thatch and the mummy, she had met up with him again, just like he had said, for coffee to sign all the official documents that she needed to. It was exciting really, felt like she had just grabbed a brand, spankin’ new book off the shelf and already started reading it. It was going to be so exciting! Going on this new little adventure of hers to bettering herself!

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Thatch told her that they would need to meet up again soon to discuss Lottie’s research project. It would be her main project for the coming semesters in order to officially graduate, and really she was excited to know what he had up his sleeves!

She wondered if it was something to do with the mummy. Perhaps figuring out where exactly he came from, or how he could get back to his own little world, or maybe even the ramifications of him being here!!! That would definitely be a fun project to explore!

Or maybe it would be something involving one of the sites they saw when they explored the cave! Like the Witch’s Fingers or the Bishop’s Fish which meant that she’d need to go back spelunking which she never thought she would have to do again, but hey, Lottie was up for the challenge if that was the case!

So she was more than excited when the day finally came for the two to meet up. Lottie had arrived at the coffee shop early of course because she already felt like she was bouncing off the walls, and got herself a little table that the two could sit at to discuss. She removed the contents of the bag she brought, laying out a notebook and a few pens in order to take a few notes on. Lottie wanted to make sure she got this down perfectly. Lastly, she went up and ordered both her and Dr. Thatch a drink - an iced mocha for her and a black coffee for Dr. Thatch (she remembered his order from last time!) - before taking her seat back at the table where she patiently waited for him to arrive.