the lost world of communism

When I’m quiet, I’m afraid people think that I feel uncomfortable or upset, but I genuinely enjoy being able to sit in someone’s presence without needing to rely on words. Communication is a precious thing, don’t get me wrong. There’s just something so personal and intimate in sharing silence as well.

but imagine if columbine never happened. innocent lives wouldn’t of been lost. families wouldn’t be distraught. the community wouldn’t be crushed. the world wouldn’t feel the pain or grief. the victims would’ve succeeded in life; they would’ve strived for their passions, completed college, found a job, settled down & created a family. eric & dylan could’ve graduated & forgotten about their dreadful high school years; they could’ve pursued their hopes & dreams, found someone they loved & who loved them back for exactly who they are, they could’ve found the happiness they deserved if they just hung on a little longer.

Libertatem - Part 1

Summary: A Science Station goes radio silent - when Scotty and his engineering team are sent to reestablish communication, things go south fast and hard.

Wordcount: 1500

A/N: Okay, this is a lot darker then what I’ve written previously. I hope you like it, please let me know :) I will also update this a bitslower, sinceI’m getting married in 4 days.

Warnings: angst, injury, combat

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Rain drizzled down on your shoulders - cold and gentle, the kind of rain that didn’t bother you at first but would drench you slowly and treacherously over the course of a few hours. The water had slowly crept through your layers of clothing, first dripping off the water-resistant outer layer - but drop after drop had found it’s way down your neck and into your red uniform until it was heavy with soddeness. After the water had conquered your uniform it had continued to run into your shoes until your feet felt slippery and had lost all feel to them. You longed for the warmth of your quarters and dreamt of fuzzy warm socks. When you had joined starfleet academy you would never have thought that you’d ever long for a pair of fresh dry socks and a mug of hot cocoa like this. You would never have expected to find yourself standing in the dark on an unexplored planet either - it’s lifeless alien rocks stretching out endlessly across you. The small mobile research station was the only spot of light and life in an unfriendly environment. As far as you had caught up on mission papers starfleet scientists were attracted to this Class M planet because of it’s unique structure - breathable atmosphere, water in abundance, but devoid of all life. And right next to the neutral zone. Which was the reason you were standing here, soaking, tired, in the middle of the night with one of your crew mates. You had hoped to chat with him during duty but he had proven taciturn and without much humor, so you’d given up after a couple of failed attempts to strike up conversation with him.

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15 lives, 15 angels

18 years. 18 years, since 13 beautiful angels were wrongly taken from this earth. What happened on 20th April 1999 was wrong and never should of occurred but it’s part of history now, we should look back on this event and mourn for the lives lost but we can’t ignore the fact that 2 other lives were lost that day; Eric and Dylan’s. What they did was far from acceptable but they suffered too, they looked down on their ‘worthless’ lives & were looked down upon by the people who surrounded them daily. Surrounded by hate, they soon formed a extreme distaste for the school; labelling it as a place of hatred, somewhere where they no longer wanted to be. Years of suffering yet no help, no support yet if they would’ve held on for a few more months; we wouldn’t be looking back on this event, mourning the lives lost & the pain that was left within the families, friends, community & world. I hope all 15 of the people who left the earth that day have found happiness, they no longer feel pain & they have found their peace. I hope they spread their wings & fly high on this gloomy anniversary. Rest easy.

15 lives, 15 angels.


@witch-of-ghosts Happy and Blessed Yule! Here are your sigils, advice and guided meditation for the digital gift exchange! I hope you are pleased! :)

When preparing for astral travel, see that your environment is tidy, quiet and ensure (as much as is possible) that your solitude will not be disturbed by visitors or sounds. Astral travel or dreamwalking can be used for a variety of reasons - to heal yourself or others, for divination (to more clearly see aspects of the past, present, or future), to rescue lost souls, to travel other worlds, for distance vision or communication. Before you commit to the process, be sure that your intent is clear in your mind.

There are several types of incense that can assist in achieving the mental state required for astral travel. Some suggestions include amber, lotus, opium, and nag champa - the latter is my personal favorite. Conversely, if scents or the presence of smoke will distract your mind, feel free to dispense with them. Astral work is a deeply personal branch of magic and your preferences matter more than any tradition.

If you are a theistic witch, there are deities from any and every pantheon that can be invoked to aid you on your journey. Some suggestions include Morpheus and Nyx. I have a spellbook that also invites the caster to call upon Archangels from Judeo-Christian beliefs - for example, when using a dream state to heal others, the angel Raphael may be invoked; or Gabriel to send a message. The deity you invoke may change with your intent so be sure to consider it carefully.

Because crystal magic is such a wide-ranging and versatile branch of magic, I am hard-pressed to narrow down the options for use in astral travel. I find that for divination, amethyst is reliable and relatively powerful - not to mention easy to find. For astral travel as opposed to astral vision, you could try celestite or angel aura quartz; something bright with a high vibration. Avoid crystals with a lower frequency such as obsidian, hematite or red jasper, as these may serve to ground you rather than set you free.

You can also use music to help aid your concentration. I enjoy using binaural beat meditation music or music intended to realign the body’s energy centers. Here is an example:

All this in mind, and without further ado:

For Astral Travel or Dreamwalking

1) Set up your sacred space as you prefer it, with soft music playing if desired and your various aids arranged around you as you like them. Ensure that you will not be disturbed - this is important so do your best to make sure you have privacy.

2) Lie back, preferably flat on your back with a pillow beneath your head and your hands at your sides or folded over your abdomen. Measure your breathing in deep, even breaths. Count them. Take your time. Empty your mind of other concerns. Do not even focus on your objective at this moment. Just relax and allow your mind to drift.

3) Clench all the muscle groups in your body in five-second intervals, starting at your toes. Move from your toes, over your feet, up your legs, over your abdomen and down your arms into your hands. Flex each area in turn and let it relax. This will help to alleviate the buildup of tension that we all carry in our muscles daily. Remember to keep your breathing deep and even.

4) When your body is relaxed, imagine a staircase. The staircase can appear in any manner you like, any architectural style. The only stipulation is that it has ten steps. In your mind, slowly, count backward from ten. With each number, descend another step on the staircase, into the welcoming twilight of your mind.

5) At one, picture your body, lying still and silent in the dark. Open your mind’s eye - but not your physical eyes. Imagine yourself staring up at the ceiling, growing lighter, less detached to the form that tethers you to this plane. Imagine yourself lifting from your body like a feather on a gentle wind.

Some people have trouble at this part. The urge to hold fast to one’s physical form is a strong one. The most common technique to overcome the mind’s grip on the body is to imagine a silver rope or ladder leading upwards from one’s own body. Visualize the rope or ladder, again in the form you like best. Inch by inch, pull yourself up and out of your body.

The process takes practice. If you do not succeed at first, don’t give up. You may need to practice this quite a few times before you begin to experience results. Don’t worry - meditation is excellent for body, mind and spirit, and is anything but a wasted effort.

Once you can rise from your form, you should be able to look down with your mind’s eye and see your body slumbering below. Leaving the physical form behind is the hardest part - once your consciousness has broken free from the illusion of a stationary presence, travel should be easy for you. Explore areas you are familiar with - your home, your neighborhood, perhaps your school - and when you gain confidence, strike out for new territory.

Astral travel is an exciting and unique experience that differs for everyone! It is experienced by religious and atheistic people, both with and without the ritual of magic. With the steps above I have tried to outline the bare minimum and most common denominator of practices used to induce a trance state. You are welcome to ritualize the steps as you like, or keep them simple. No one knows your mind better than you, or can tell you exactly how to achieve your goal. However, with patience and practice, I am confident you will succeed! I wish you luck in your endeavors! Have a blessed Yule! 


There’s very few people on this earth that truly understand happiness and how to share it with others.  I firmly believe that the best people are the ones that remind us to be happy and to have fun.  Iwata inspired millions and millions of people for years.  He was one of the few that understood how the world works.

We all, as a gaming community, lost a father.  A brother.  An uncle.  An inspiration.  A man who was there, on the fore front of the revolution of the gaming industry.  Where would Smash Brothers, or Mother/Earthbound, or Kirby be without him?  The DS, The Wii, The Wii U, say what you will, this man loved what he created alongside his team for the rest of the world.

I met him briefly my first E3 ever, before I was The Completionist.  I accidently bumped in to him.  We both said we were sorry and without hesitation I shook his hand and said “Thank You for everything.”  He did one of those awesome thank you bows and went on his way.  I remember trembling.  I told myself “One day, I’m going to meet him professionally”.  

5 years later, THIS year, I told myself this year E3 was going to be the year.  When I went to have my meeting with Nintendo, they informed me he wasn’t there.  It just dawned on me today that THAT special opportunity that I had was now gone.

I just wanted to tell him that he, his games, his company - they inspired so much good from millions of people.  And that I wouldn’t know who I am or where I would be without them.  But I’m sure he knew that.

With that, I leave you with my favorite piece from Mother 3.

Thank you Iwata.   

Today in class the scariest thing happened. I found out three students were killed at Chapel Hill University a school where three of my friends go; one of them being a very close friend and my former roommate. Thankfully it wasn’t her alhamdulilah, but instead Yosur and Deah a newly wed couple and Yosurs little sister Razan. They were SHOT IN THE HEAD for no reason what so ever. This is called a hate crime. The fact that 2 daughters were taken away and a son in law breaks my heart for this family. They were leaders at Chapel Hill. Hard working Muslims in the MSA in the Community and now our world lost them. I’m not sure what to do or say. I already cried my eyes out but I want everyone to pray. I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or atheist. Whether you believe in something, someone, or nothing at all please don’t let this pass. I want to have hope that this screwed up world stops killing the innocent. I didn’t know them personally but my tears aren’t personal at all. I just met them although they died and I already loved them. After hearing my friend on the phone voice crack and tell me how amazing they were and everything they did for the community I just knew this was the beginning of something big. Everyone must know this was just added to the list.. #MuslimLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #JeSuisNigeria #PrayForPalestine #PrayforSyria
Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajioon. To Him we belong and to Him we return. Rest easy Yosur, Deah and Razan. We won’t let your death be in vain.

A Death In The Magic Family

Mike McArtor is my editor. Every week I send him my column. When I mess something up or am too vague about something, he fixes it. When I try to do crazy stuff, he figures out how to make it happen. Every other month, he bugs me to get him a new bunch of podcasts.

I just learned Mike died tonight in a car crash. Suddenly, without my warning, he’s just dead.

Mike was a great guy. He was happy, friendly and always helpful, I literally can’t think of a bad interaction I’ve ever had with him. He was more behind-the-scenes so I’m not sure how recognizable a name he is, but he was part of the life blood that made the Magic site work.

The thought of going to work tomorrow and him being gone forever is truly heart-breaking.

I’m a man of words and I’m really at a loss about what to say. The Magic community, really the whole world, lost a great man tonight.

Bye, Mike. You will missed.

Monty Oum is the man who reminded me why I like to create. Post turned out longer than I expected so it’s below the cut.

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Red Tweets - GoRA's Nostalgic New Year's Eve along with a message to all the fans

Red, from GoRA, was the one to tweet today.

In the tweets:

  • Red wishes a happy New Year to everyone. Red reminds that the K Movie will air on 12th July this year (2014). The theme song of K Project sang by Angela has been played in the countdown live at the end of the year! (This sends such a sweet message. GoRA really is proud of their work and listens to the K Project theme song when the new year came. *-*)
  • Even Red was there with everyone to jump together to the new year. The song “KINGS” started to play and then at midnight, the lyrics BIG BANG was in perfect timing. (OMG. This is so beautiful. We could have done it, K Project fandom!)
  • Angela will work along with GoRA this year. “I’ll also do my best this year!”
  • Not only the K Movie will be released this year, but also the project “Gakuen K”, “K Lost Small World” and other varied projects. Please look forward to them!
  • “I hope you can also keep up this year! Thank you in advance. Let’s carry out this year to rise to the best!” - Red

Please look forward for more informations and the release of this projects!

Everyone, thank you! Have a happy New Year with all the best! :D

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Mission gone wrong and now the two of them were buried beneath the wreckage, confined to a small space neither of them knew if, or when, would give in over their heads.

They had water and some food, which was a small bless, but James’ arm had been partially damaged in the explosion and they had lost all ways of communication with the outside world.

“So… had any plans for tonight?” Christopher asked, throwing a light conversation to keep the tension a bit less thicker. The green light of the emergency glow sticks, another small bless, illuminated the space of confinement. Chris was two or three feet away from James, propped up against the wall and away from the light.

What his partner didn’t know was that Christopher had been injured in the fall, his side impaled by a metal rod, dark and small enough to not be seen in the lack of clarity of the cave in, but big enough to go from one side to another.

James had enough troubles as it was, he didn’t want to add anything else onto the equation…

Genos and Survivor’s Guilt

Genos is motivated quite strongly by a sense of guilt over surviving the rogue cyborg. This guilt causes it to be simultaneously reckless with its own life, whilst also highly valuing when people save its life. 

The guilt primarily arises from a sense of helplessness, and loss of control. In order to regain that control, Genos emotionally imagines a greater capacity to prevent the rogue cyborg, and therefore gains a sense of fault for not doing so.

This guilt is realized by its decision to become a combat-cyborg. Although nominally on a revenge-quest, Genos spends much of its time saving others, therefore retroactively trying to prevent the tragedy it experienced. In this way, guilt is used as a mobilizer towards positive action – however, its intense need to assert this control, whilst devaluing its own life, makes Genos’ behaviour self-destructive.

Further, through guilt Genos can avoid facing other key issues surrounding its trauma. Focusing instead on repeatedly “preventing” the trauma, it refuses to process the events (Chaplin,1975; Nader, 1997).

This refusal is deliberate; In the absence of bodies to bury, the heart may become the graveyards for the deceased (Danieli, Y, 1984). By holding onto this loss, these internally carried graveyards are maintained, and guilt serves as an expression of loyalty, and commemoration of the dead (Danieli, 1984). Without realizing it, Genos is afraid that to healthily mourn its losses may lead to forgetting the dead and thereby committing them to oblivion (Danieli, 1984).

Finally, this guilt provides a sense of connection and stability for Genos. Having lost not only its family, but community, and place in the world, Genos has a poor sense of belonging. It tries to ease this feeling of displacement both by imprinting strongly to people it perceives as saving its life (Dr Kusheno, Saitama), but also through guilt. The desire for justice gives it purpose, and honouring the dead by carrying their “loss” inside it is all a method to contextualize, and connect Genos to both its past, and its future.

tl;dr genos needs a hug.

- Chaplin, J. P. (1975). Dictionary of Psychology. New York: Dell Publishing.
- Nader, K. (1997). Treating traumatic grief in systems. In Figley, C. R. , Bride, B. E. and Mazza, N. (eds.), Death and Trauma: The Traumatology of Grieving, London: Taylor and Francis, pp. 159-192.
- Danieli, Y. (1984). Psychotherapists participation in the conspiracy of silence about the holocaust. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 1, 23-42.


Keoma’s (Abel) Tornado Throw - Ultra Street Fighter IV: Capcom Cup 2015

I’m Brazilian and I was extremely happy to see the excellent performance of Keoma and his Abel at Capcom Cup 2015. One of his great weapons, was the Abel’s Tornado Throw, dubbed by us, Brazilians, ‘TT of love”! He won big names of all Fighting Game Community in the world, and even when lost, did an excellent game. I hope that now the FGC Brazil now become stronger. GO KEOMA! TOWARDS STREET FIGHTER V!

Celebrating the life of John McIntosh

The paleontological community lost a legend yesterday. John McIntosh, the world authority on sauropod (”long-neck”) dinosaurs passed away on Sunday morning. Most famous for putting the correct head on Apatosaurus, McIntosh made many important contributions to the study of the gentle giants he loved. I never met him in person but knew him by reputation; by all accounts he was not only an excellent paleontologist, but a great man. My prayers and condolences to those who knew and loved him.