the lost voices

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Your Coughin' Crybaby fic came at just the right time-I've had laryngitis since Wednesday-which makes me think, our dear sweet Nevada would probably be overjoyed if his little Crybaby lost her voice XD

ahahah oh my gosh I am sooo sorry you have Laryngitis and I hope you get feeling so much better so soon!! And I have to agree, I’m sure it’d be a good relief… but Crybaby isn’t one to be ignored even if she’s rendered silent… lol!

Nevada woke up to the sound of wheezing? Gasping? He’d seen a horror movie like this before, it was too early to deal with this shit. In very barely the breath of a whisper, he thought he heard his name. Creepy. Very cautiously, he rolled onto his back, and took a quick peek beside him. 

Crybaby was staring straight back at him, bottom lip trembling as she pointed mutely to her lips. 

“What’sa matter with you?” Was she choking? He sat up quickly, cupped her face up in his hands, craned her neck just to end up accidentally causing a coughing fit. “Speak up, what’re you fussin’ about?” 

Her mouth moved- it was familiar, he expected a sharp whine to come out but instead only a low wheeze rumbled through. Nevada squint, and moved his face closer to hers while his wits came back to him. “Baby, you alright?”

She dramatically shook her head, sending blonde curls flying about her face. While grunting, he leaned back, avoiding the whip of her tresses. “Will you fuckin’ talk to me, you’re always bitchin’, just tell me what you-”

Defiantly, Crybaby lolled out her tongue, and pointed back in her throat. Again, a weak whisper that didn’t turn into much of anything; Nevada curled fingers around her neck and flinched at her hot skin. Still sick, apparently, but now they were stuck playing goddamn charades at seven in the morning? What was in those cough meds that chico at the store sold him? He prepared to berate her again, until the dawning of realization came over him-

Wait… she lost her voice? Really, that really happened?

“Fuck yea,” Nevada teased, and shamelessly let her go so he could roll back over to his own side of the bed. Silence? What a blessing. That could happen? Light fists hit at his back; he could take that, though. Easy. “Sorry, Baby, I caaaan’t hear you, I’m goin’ back to beeeeed-” he jut his arm behind him to slap her away, much like he would a bug buzzing in his ear. “You need somethin’ you tell me all ‘bout it cariño, otherwise go the fuck back to sleeeeeeep.”

Crybaby sniffled, scowled, then boldly went to pinch at the meat of his arm. Her tired man howled, and bolted up quick enough to accidentally ram a shoulder against her. The impact caused a gruff ‘ooph’ to rattle in her chest. Nevada went to give her a shove, force her on her own side of the bed, but she stubbornly coiled herself around his arm so he couldn’t rid himself of her. His hand was forced between her thighs, her cheek pressed hard against his shoulder- he was trapped.

Little tears sparked in her eyes, Nevada could feel them fall down his bicep. Why the Hell did she look so cute when she was so goddamn pathetic? “Stop, stoooop,” he begged sleepily, and lay kisses atop her head until she was finally convinced to release him from her vice grip. “You want water?” He rubbed at his eyes, and took a look to see her nodding. Obviously, there was only one way he was going to be able to get some good rest: “You need more meds? That fuckin’ tea shit?”

Sullenly, with her bottom lip plumped proudly, his Crybaby bobbed her head up and down. All of the above sounded lovely. While Nevada started throwing blankets and sheets at her so he could crawl out of the bed, not without a large amount of obscenities spoken in low Spanish mumbles, she worked hard to overcome them. Before he could get too far, she grabbed hold around his wrist, and tugged him back towards the mattress after he rose to his feet.

“You are the most demanding bitch, I swear,” he wagged a finger in her face, prodded at her pout, “even when you can’t fuckin’ talk you manage to really screw up my plans, you know that?”

Ignoring his rather commonplace complaints, Crybaby sweetly lifted herself to her knees, and left a loving kiss delicately on his jaw line. For one of the very few times ever, she managed to tell him exactly what she thought without a whimper or words. Nevada had to crunch his nose to bite back the smirk threatening his face.

“Yea, yea, yea-” he pulled away and sauntered down the hallway, still grumbling to himself and running his fingers through his bed head hair. Quicker he took care of his Crybaby, the sooner he could go back to sleep, but hopefully her being stricken silent would last at least a day or so…

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