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This is my theory about The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild:

In Hyrule Historia is mentioned that Link dies in the ALTTP timeline wich i believe that somehow The sages sealed Link 100 years in a Sheikah chamber to restore his life energy and Zelda traveled to the future to find Link to fight again vs Ganon.

Link and Zelda (OoT) share a few things with the (Botw) “Incarnations”.

In the Ocarina of time manga link reveal his hair and so a ponytail with it, Zelda shares the hair and a lot o physical similarities with the Oot one.

Also they live in a close era because you can see that Gorons, Zoras, Kokiri-Koroks, Gerudo and Sheikah are in both games in comparisson to TP where the conections of the tribes looks lost or a few tribes are gone.

here’s my ideas for the Lost Continent (i’m stuck between Elanfo & Misoneiuff for names, but i’m not sure i like either)!! this continent is BIGGER than the other one, and i… tried… to make the geography make sense but yikes. posting under the cut because it’s so long, this lame map features eight tribes;

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The Legend of Zelda Redux:

NPCs: Ganon the Sorcerer (pre-transformation)

Hailing from a long-lost tribe from the desert, Ganon and his people were banished from Hyrule, upon the realization of the kingdom that one of the tribe’s own descendants had nearly brought upon the realm’s destruction generations prior. Consequently growing up in the desolate wastelands near Death Mountain, Ganon had made bringing justice to his tribe his ultimate goal in life. Starting from humble beginnings and learning from the tribe’s shaman, Ganon found that using magic could, in given time, grant him what he sought. As Ganon became more talented and driven with the forces of magic and started to delve into the occult, more of Ganon’s people passed on, and less of them believed he could actually do what he intended. With his motivations dwindling and his power and prowess growing, Ganon eventually lost sight of what he was fighting for to begin with, coming to realize what the use of dark magic could do for him.

Years passed, and Ganon’s knowledge of occult magic grew stronger, and the procurement of fabled objects and weapons magnified his strength further. An enchanted trident said to have belonged to an undersea king became Ganon’s staff, triplicating his output of destructive power. With much of the world’s knowledge now known to him, Ganon’s aging, dying mind resulted in changed goals. Reading of the great power contained within the triangular ancient runes known as the Triforce, Ganon sought to procure them in hopes of saving his frail and withering body. Securing the Triforce of Power and Wisdom, the sorcerer became more powerful and influential than ever before, but at the cost of his body rapidly changing to reflect what he had become; a monster motivated by an insatiable greed.

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Request: Can I request an imagine where you live in neverland and there are other lost girls who love pan so one day you all play spin the bottle and you always get to kiss pan making the others jealous

A/N: OOC Pan, playful fluffy(?)


The sun was setting upon the horizon, its light disappearing from the island. The rays that lightly kissed the sea around us was soon gone, leaving us waiting for its next arrival in the morning.

We had finished the day’s chores early, leaving us with a large celebration and a huge chunk of time before it. I was surely not the first Lost Girl to be taken into Pan’s tribe of Lost Boys. Over time, we lost and gained members, but now we were about even.

Pan always feared the girls of being clever enough to disband from the group and create their own, so he made sure to treat everyone equally. He made sure not give anyone any special treatment–unless you were his right-hand man and your name was Felix, of course.

There was not a single girl on the island that did not resist Pan’s looks and clever wit. His cold and controlling nature seemed to draw girls in, including the mermaids that occasionally appeared on the island. Every girl wanted a turn with him–they wanted a chance to change him.

The few boys that felt that same way for Pan were no different, either. I felt like it was wrong to try and change him, but I thought it would be best if his true nature was embraced and accepted. Pan took notice of my different approach to him in comparison to the other girls, so yes, we have grown closer. I guess he’s intrigued by me.

Nonetheless, I’ve made little to no attempts to approach him. In contrast to his competitive, mind-controlling form, I was not one for competition. I didn’t participate in games that much. Luckily for me, he let me off the hook.

I was warming myself by the campfire that I set up for the rest of the camp to use when I heard my name being called by one of the Lost Girls.

“Y/N! Come play with us!” they shouted from across the camp.

“You know I don’t like games.” I shouted back. They knew better than that, so what king of game could they be playing to invite me?

“Don’t worry, it’s just spin-the-bottle. A few of the Lost Boys and Girls are playing. Will you come join us?” I’ve played the game only a few times, and I was about to roll my eyes and decline the invitation when I felt an eerie presence approach by my side.

“Yes, will you be joining us tonight?” I was met with emerald orbs. I jumped in surprise, still not used to being startled so easily by him. Pan raised his left brow and had a large smirk planed on his face.

“I guess so, if you would like.” I shrug my shoulders and he held his hand out for me to take. I felt my cheeks flush from this public display of affection. He let my hand go as we approached the circle and took a seat in between the Lost Boys directly in front of me.

During the first few rounds, I tried to do everything I could to make the bottle miss me, such as discreetly blowing on it to keep moving. Sadly, the attempts proved futile. It seemed that the girls were trying to make the bottle land on Pan, but it wasn’t working. I noticed that he’d have his hand up every time it’d spin. He was cheating completely to make it miss!

One of the girls got bored quickly and stopped the bottle mid-spin. Everyone groaned and turned to look at her.

“We might as well be playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. Why don’t we add a twist to this game of chance?” Intrigued, everyone nodded in agreement and allowed her to move forward with her idea. “Well, what if every time the bottle hits someone, the spinner has to ask them a question pertaining towards to spinner personally. If they get it right, they have to kiss them. If wrong, the person can’t spin.”

“But we don’t really know each other that well.” I commented.

“It tests how much we know about one another.” The girl explained. We all agreed on it, and so it began with her spinning. It almost hit Pan but it missed once more. I could definitely tell that Pan was manipulating the bottle so it wouldn’t hit him. A few rounds later, the bottle managed to hit me. Felix was the one who had spun it.

“So, Y/N, how did I get the scar on my face?” Felix smirked. I made it seem like I didn’t know the answer, when in reality I knew it very well. I overheard him talking about it with Pan one day.

“Hades, of course. His army or something.” I shrugged my shoulders in response, making it seem like it was no big deal. Felix laughed in response.

“Well, you’re right. However you found that out, I will never know.” He leaned over to kiss my cheek. The rules never clarified what kind of kiss it had to be, so we used it to our advantage. I leaned over to spin the bottle. I narrowed my eyes at Pan’s hand, which was still manipulating the bottle. The bottle soon came to a stop at none other than the daemon himself. This erupted a series of gasps from the Lost Girls around me, and a few cheers from the Lost Boys. Pan and I shared a glance before speaking.

“I don’t even have a question yet everyone, calm down. Hm.” I pondered about what I should ask when the perfect question popped into my head. “What was the first thing I did when I came onto the island?”

“Easy. You tried to threaten me with a stick.” Pan smiled at his victory. I stood up and made my way over to him where he pointed to his cheek. As I leaned in to plant a kiss on his cheek, he made a swift turn causing our lips to crash together. I pulled back in shock.

We went back and forth in the rounds that followed after. As he spun the bottle–obviously manipulating it to point towards me–the girls were growing jealous. They were so fed up with their emotions that they never noticed Pan manipulating the bottle. Better luck next time for them, I guess. Eventually, the game came to an end when dinner was announced. Almost immediately, everyone stood up to leave for dinner except for Pan and I.

“Cheaters never win, you know that, right?” I approached him and poked his chest.

“Pardon me?” He chuckled and held my hand to keep me at bay from poking his chest once more.

“I knew you were manipulating the bottle. You made it painfully obvious.” I stated and moved my hand back to my side.

“Only towards you. The others didn’t take any notice now, did they?” I was defeated. He was right.

“Fine. You’re right. Happy?” I bluntly responded.

“Not really. There’s just one little thing.” Pan expressed concern. What was he up to?

“What is it?” I returned the look of concern.

“There’s this itch on my lips that won’t go away and I–” I rolled my eyes and kissed him tenderly, cutting him off from what he was saying. His lips were soft and fit mine perfectly, almost too perfect. When I pulled away, he couldn’t help but look at me. In his eyes I saw something genuine, something real. It wasn’t long before whatever I had seen faded and we both walked to meet the others for dinner.

Whatever that was that I had seen I want to explore more of. Maybe I’ll have an even better luck next time.

Please watch this video. This explains with scripture where we come from and why the world is the way it is today. This is not religion, this is scripture and explains the tribes of Israel. This video is for you, WEST INDIANS, HAITIANS, DOMINICANS, GUATEMALANS, PUERTO RICANS, CUBANS, NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, ARGENTINIANS, COLUMBIANS, MEXICANS, HAWAIIANS. There are people covering up the truth and keeping it from us and I pray with all my heart you can take something from this and find your way. All praise to the most high, and his son and the Holy Spirit.


Ethiopian tribes transform trash into body ornaments

The lower valley of the Omo Valley is just one of the sets most important paleontological sites in Africa declared a World Heritage Site in 1980. The Omo Valley is home to many tribes, however, the French photographer Eric Lafforgue the author of this impressive photographic record spent more time with Bana, Dassanech and Mursi.

Unfortunately, modern civilization lurks dangerously slow, Omo Valley and the advance of Western technology is not far behind. With the completion of a hydroelectric dam downstream, many tribes lost their ancestral lands and will be forced to resettle in modern environments, the landscape will be completely overhauled and will become very difficult resignifying all.

Journey west.

In 1829, president Jackson sent a letter to Congress stating, “This emigration should be voluntary, for it would be as cruel as unjust to compel the aborigines to abandon the graves of their fathers, and seek home in a distant land.” However a year later congress passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Which authorized the use of military force to relocate an estimated 100,000 indigenous peoples west towards the Mississippi River.

Due to the court ruling, five tribes were forced to relocated and leave their ancestral lands to make room for white settlers. Several other “remnants of southeastern groups,” joined this emigration west. From 1838 to 1839, the Cherokee Nation traveled a route west, known today as the Trail of Tears. I have created this piece in order to honor all tribes that lost their homelands, and to the thousands who lost their lives. History repeats itself, and thus it’s vital to remember that tribes today, especially those fighting against the DAPL are still facing the same oppression and injustice that so many indigenous tribes encountered several years ago.

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Aside from Claire (of course) who are your favourite Outlander characters and why? (:

Aside from Claire? How dare you! lol. Hilariously most of the characters I end up loving are the ones that are fascinated by her, or they are characters I love as extensions of her because she loves them. But putting my myopically Claire-obsessed brain aside …

Young Ian is definitely my next favourite major character in the books. I love how we watch him grow and change; his emotional honesty, kindness and sense of adventure early on; and later his quiet wisdom and unique perspective on the world from his time with the mohawk; his connectedness to the rhythms of the earth and to his wolf brother Rollo. The heartbreaking sense of him as an outsider when he returns; lost to his adopted tribe, but now also something of an alien to the family he left behind. I love the chapters where he opens up to Bree about Emily; his quiet sorrow just destroys me utterly. Later on I really enjoyed his vying (and ultimate camaraderie) with William, and his burgeoning love for Rachel. I just think he is a beautiful character. 

Lord John Grey is probably my next favourite. I’m just in raptures every time he speaks. He’s SO eloquent and ludicrously formal in conversing with everyone, but the depth of feeling and heart ache throbbing beneath that British sense of reserve is almost painfully palpable in every scene with Jamie, and later with Claire. I love his overwhelming sense of honour, his deep respect for other humans, his silent resignation to a life of unrequited love, his fatherly love for William… I cannot wait to read more about him in the LJG books. :) Also sometimes he is just unintentionally hilarious? “I have had carnal knowledge of your wife,” he blurted. I die every time I read that line.

There are endless supporting characters that I love to pieces; but I adore Jenny and Mother Hildegarde in particular. There are also lots of characters the show gave me an appreciation for - either through excellent performances or different interpretations - who I wouldn’t necessarily have picked out as favourites from the books, such as Geillis and young Fergus … so many great characters.

List of Antiziganist things to say to Rromani people

* Rromani marry their cousins, don’t they? * Rromani are white * Rromani have their own show on TLC, how oppressed can you be? * Antiziganism doesn’t exist * Rromani aren’t oppressed anymore * Rromani benefit from white privilege in America * Rromani hate non-Rromani * Rromani should just get job * Rromani should just get an education * Rromani should “integrate” into society * My textbook says only said 200,000 gypsies died in the Holocaust! * The Holocaust was a white-on-white genocide * Everyone got reparations after the Holocaust * Jewish people didn’t deserve the Holocaust but Gypsies did * All Rromani are white-passing * There are Rromani who are white * “Rromani are a lost Jewish Tribe” * “Rromani come from the Middle East” * “Rromani come from Romania” * “Rromani come from Rome” * Rromani are racist because they only marry other Rromani * Jewish people hate Rromani people * There is no solidarity between Rromani & Black communities in Europe Arab supremacy doesn’t affect Rromani people * [Insert any brown travelling culture] THE GYPSIES OF _____________ * Equating Gypsy to Travelling * Saying any travelling culture MUST be related to the Rromani * “You don’t know what it’s like to be in a country for centuries and still be hated” * Rromani have very little Indian DNA in them * Rromani aren’t REALLY from India * Rromani culture is different from Indian culture * *Excluding Rromani from South Asian & the Diaspora* * So do you like Jews? Since you both died in the holocaust? * Aren’t you mad you don’t have your own country while Jewish people got Israel? * You should be mad * “Some Greeks are dark!!! Maybe they’re gypsy too!” * I get really tan when I tan in the summer maybe I’m part gypsy! * YOU’RE A ZIONIST? * YOU’RE NOT A ZIONIST? * Gypsies appropriate Indian culture * “…Why are you wearing henna?” * “…Is that a bindi?” * Um…There’s a girl named Gypsy at my school how is it a slur * Gypsy is not a slur * There is a fashion brand called ‘Gypsy’ * I mean maybe if you didn’t steal and acted ratchet they wouldn’t have killed your [insert family member here] * Maybe your people should try contributing to society * I don’t believe that Rromani are discriminated against in Africa * I don’t believe that Rromani were slaves in America too * Rromani became white passing when they entered America * Rromani call themselves Turkish/Indian/Mexican to get by in America…isn’t that racist? * You wanna be Indian so bad * My [family member] hates gypsies * “THATS WHY YOU LOOK SO INDIAN!” * *General shock that a real live Rromani ACTUALLY made it to America* * You can’t be two religions???? * White/Arab/Turkish supremacy don’t affect Rromani anymore * I can tell you’re Rromani from your [stereotypical wide nose/double lid/defined Cupid’s bow] * Gypsies stole the fourth nail of Jesus * *Applying a non-Rromani experience to Rromani experiences* * Rromani are basically Indian * Rromanipen is a racist/sexist religion! * *Being a gypsy for halloween* * *Saying you’re a gypsy because you can belly dance* * *Hinting that you want to know whether or not I live in a caravan*