the lost scrolls


Been a while since I featured a hidden location, so here is Lost Prospect mine. A very small cave with no sign of visible…well…anything interesting at all. Except a journal. A miner’s partner runs out on him….or did he. It’s hell getting up the waterfall but if you do, you will find the poor partner and the motherlode of gold. 

To Lose A Maidenhead

Petyr has 5 days with Sansa to convince her to give him her maidenhead. He’s a total creep in this, don’t read if you’re looking for romance. It isn’t here. Just straight up creepyshipping. 


“Ka Po’ Tun is the "Tiger-Dragon’s Empire”. The cat-folk here are ruled by the divine Tosh Raka, the Tiger-Dragon. They are now a very great empire, stronger than Tsaesci (though not at sea). After the Serpent-Folk ate all the Men, they tried to eat all the Dragons. They managed to enslave the Red Dragons, but the black ones had fled to (then) Po Tun. A great war was raged, which left both the cats and the snakes weak, and the Dragons all dead. Since that time the cat-folk have tried to become the Dragons. Tosh Raka is the first to succeed. He is the largest Dragon in the world, orange and black, and he has very many new ideas.“  - Mysterious Akavir

So, I’ve been reading up on Akavir last time and I gave a shot drawing this guy’s appearance. How do dragons and tigers mix.

The Bretons

Bretons have a natural affinity for magic, and the political division of their homeland, High Rock, makes them natural spies or assassins.

New race card! Something weirds happened to my colours in photoshop, Managed to get them close to what I wanted, but idk.

[The Redguard] [The Altmer] [The Imperials] [The Dunmer] [The Falmer] [The Bosmer]

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Gah! Okay, I just lost time scrolling through your VLD meta because omigod it’s so goood! And I have sooo many questions! So, I read your “why Allura for Black Paladin” and “why not Keith for Black Paladin” posts, and I wanted to ask if you saw a potential conflict between the two? Given that they might be more alike than they think (magic? Maybe?) and also both seem to be the most gung-ho about bringing down the Galra (besides Coran), and also supposing that Keith still has lodged in the back of his mind Shiro’s “last request” that he lead Voltron, do you think a situation could arise where Keith disagrees with/undermines Allura’s command and jets off to do his own thing? 

Hunk question: you think that “Alfor is the Yellow Paladin” could open up a cool exploration of Hunk’s character. Do you see that also opening up an opportunity to develop a closer friendship with Allura, the (possible) daughter of his predecessor? (I don’t mean shippy, but maybe closer to friends than they are atm.) I’ve always gotten the impression that, out of the cadet-Paladins, Hunk is secretly Allura’s favorite, and there have been a couple references (Space Mall, I think?) to the two of them having casual conversations off-screen.

Shiro and Allura question: Ever since that s2 finale I’ve been wanting to see a Shiro-Allura vs. Zarkon-Haggar battle. Do you have any thoughts on the potential parallels between Zarkon & Haggar’s relationship and Shiro & Allura’s? I see it as a dark mirror-inverse thing, with Zarkon as Shiro’s foil and Haggar as Allura’s, where Zarkon&Haggar are clearly the evil to the Shiro&Allura good, but interestingly Shiro is subordinate to Allura in Voltron’s command hierarchy while Haggar seems subordinate to Zarkon. Maybe it implies that one of the virtues of the Black Lion is humility, and that while the Black Paladin is a natural leader, he/she/they should not pursue power for power’s sake?

Sorry, this is really long! I hope I haven’t made too many typos. Don’t feel pressured to respond! I just got so excited by your wonderful theories/analyses that I had to ask some questions.

Hello! Gosh, I’m charmed you like my meta so much. 

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