the lost saucer


No, Generation X, you didn’t dream it. Those fuzzy, mid-1970s memories of some no-budget sci fi program with Jim “Gomer Pyle” Nabors and Ruth Buzzi from “Laugh-In” wearing costumes worthy of the third season of “Lost In Space” really happened.

Fi (Buzzi) and Fum (Nabors) were space and time-traveling androids from AD 2369 who landed in 1975 America and whisked away a kid and his babysitter across the cosmos and the timeline. The group was accompanied by the Dorse, a genetically engineered animal with the body of a shaggy dog and the head of a horse.

To its credit, the show actually did try to satire modern social issues such as depicting a future where obesity was the norm and being trim and athletic was criminalized, although much of the program’s topicality was probably lost on its juvenile audience.

When I was a kid, we watched Land of the lost, (with its awesomely-bad sleestaks and crappy, lumpish, tail dragging dinos) and HR Puffinstuff (an acid trip in itself) but there was something about the Lost Saucer—namely the FRIGGIN DORSE which kept me coming back for more. It was literally a guy in a shaggy dog suit with an immobile horse head at the front crawling around on all fours. The only thing funnier was the chickaphant. This lumbering mother puppet was looking for its baby through one entire episode and for some reason I thought these stupid things were hilarious. Of course I was seven. That could be why.