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ACOMAF Squad Road Trip AU Headcanons

Anonymous asked me a little while ago for Squad road trip AU. If this one goes over well I might do a ToG one too. As with everything I write; it got long. 

  •  Az, Mor, Cassian and Nesta take one car; Feyre, Rhys, Amren, Lucien and Elain take the other (Nesta wanted to be with Elain but she and Lucien are like superglued together at the hands and no-one trusted Lucien and Nesta together in a confined space for several hours. Someone would have died. And Elain is pretty attached to him so…) 

  • Someone puts Cassian in charge of navigating. This is a mistake. They get very lost before they’ve gone ten miles. Feyre very wisely takes over. They have a lot more success when Feyre is in charge of directing. 

    The Moriel/Nessian Car: 

  • Azriel drives their car. Mor rides shotgun. Cassian and Nesta sit in the back (Nesta basically on Cassian’s lap the entire time. Seatbelts are for lesser mortals)

  • The Moriel/Nessian car is organised because they have a music playlist. Which is a really good theory; everyone gets one song each and then they shuffle. In practice it doesn’t exactly work because Mor skips all the ones she doesn’t like (ie Mor skips all of Cassian’s) and most of the trip is spent to the tune of Cassian’s dulcet tones while he whines about the unfairness of it all, Mor snickering, Nesta rolling her eyes and Az sighing. A lot. 

  • Cassian thinks that it’s distinctly unfair that Mor is allowed to put her feet up on the dash because whenever he does that he gets growled at. Mor just swivels round her in seat and waggles her eyebrows suggestively at him while smirking. Az sighs some more. 

  • Nesta and Cassian frequently have intense make out sessions in the backseat. Mor and Azriel take bets on how long they’re going to remain entwined before they surface this time. Az is eerily good at guessing right. But they’re betting in kisses so Mor doesn’t really mind him winning. 

  • Cassian falls asleep with his head on Nesta’s shoulder. Nesta and Mor draw on him. (No-one is quite sure how Mor manages this from the front seat but the girl is nothing if not determined) They take a lot of pictures which they send forward to the other car. By the time Cassian wakes up at the rest stop his pen moustache is a social media sensation. He decides to be proud of it and refuses to wash it off until Nesta forcibly scrubs at it that night in the motel because he looks ridiculous.
    Amren + Feyrhys + Elucien: 

  • Amren drives the other car. No-one contests this. Despite the fact she drives at like 150mph constantly, doesn’t appear to take any notice of things like traffic lights, stop signs, junctions, or road markings and they all feel like they’re taking their lives in their hands. She blithely reassures them that she hasn’t killed anyone yet. (This reassures no-one. But still. No-one contests Amren driving. They’re not that stupid)

  • Nobody rides shotgun in Amren’s car. Lucien is the only one that would have done but Elain needs him in the back beside her for hand crushing purposes so Amren is going solo in the front while the others all hide in the back thinking that, when they inevitably crash, they might be safer in there. (Rhys does take a turn for a little while when they stop after Feyre has fallen asleep (how she achieves this while the rest of them are clutching onto the edges of their seats no-one knows) and he and Amren chatter a bit. Or rather Rhys chatters, Amren grunts, nods, and tells him he’s an idiot at appropriate intervals) 

  • Amren controls the music in Amren’s car. This is just the law. Lucien sings along with everything (Lucien is just one of those people who has no musical boundaries at all. He knows everything. He has heard everything. He can bond with anyone over music.) She only changes it when Elain makes a polite request to have one of her songs on.( She gives Rhys the kind of look that makes grapes shrivel to raisins before your eyes when he asks the same thing) 

  • Elain is in charge of all of the food and keeps Amren well provided with snacks passed through from the back while they drive. (Amren and Elain have a lovely little dynamic which mostly revolves around polite/appreciated silences/occasional quiet conversation, feeding and being out in the garden at the same time – Elain gardens; Amren suns herself) 

  • Elain also sorted the main group picnic out. Azriel helped her with the organising and Cassian helped her with the making of the food.(Elain and Cassian are the go-to work pair in the kitchen. Az is very good at specifics but leaves the general stuff to the experts, Mor is hopeless, Nesta got herself banned after setting the place on fire (for the third time) Lucien is on hand to hand Elain things and provide supportive kisses (ie get in the way but she never shoos him out) FeyRhys just let them get on with it, they’re in charge of almost everything else so they’re busy) 

  • Lucien is the designated ‘are we there yet’ one. (Elain makes him stop when she senses Amren is about to violently decapitate him)

  • Feyre takes her sketchpad and doodles everyone/everything that inspires her while they drive. Rhys considers any moment she isn’t drawing him to be a wasted moment. Rhys gets stabbed in the arm with her pencil quite a lot. 

  • Elain is the one with the camera. Elain takes pictures of everyone and everything (mostly Lucien. They’ve only just gotten together. They’re already sickeningly domestic and adorable) Rhys considers any picture that he isn’t in as a wasted picture. Feyre stabs him some more on Elain’s behalf.
    Rest-Stops/Overnight breaks:

  • Lucien is always last back in the car. Always. Every single time. No matter what else the others do. No-one quite knows why and Lucien isn’t telling. 

  • Elain hands out her food and makes sure nobody takes more than their fair share (Cassian gets swatted on the hand a lot. I don’t care if you made it, or if you’re starving and feel like you’re about to die, or if it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten in your entire life. Share nicely) 

  • FeyRhys always get caught sneaking off for a quickie (Moriel slip off too but they never get caught) 

  • Rhys brings a little portable games set and a pack of cards and they play a few things with each other. Mor, Nesta and Feyre watch (Elucien have wandered off to find food) when Cassian and Azriel team up against Rhys at poker (Feyre has to do a lot of ego stroking (amongst other things) that night to stop him being about it for the rest of the trip) 

  • They all play Liar. Elain wipes the floor with them all to everyone’s shock (except Lucien’s, who knows better) Rummy results in a mixed bag and is called off after Lucien nearly ends up with a pen in his eye courtesy of Nesta (to be fair he kind of deserved it) Rhys gets some of what he lost to Azriel and Cass back when they play group poker Then loses it all to Feyre. (Really, darling, I thought we were a team) Blackjack is just a disaster. 

  • They all play Monopoly (except Amren who’s napping in her room throughout these games; which is the only reason the others risk playing) This results in three fallings out, several bruises, enough cursing to make a sailor blush, countless accusations of cheating, a lot of tag-teaming by the various couples, and a shocking betrayal that does result in a lot of crying and yelling and almost results in a broken finger. They do not play Monopoly again. Ever. 

  • Everyone wisely backs the fuck out when Amren says she’ll play chess with one of them. Lucien and she have a few games. The others mysteriously vanish off to a safe distance for an extended period of time while this goes on. They’re shocked to find him alive and in one piece when they return. 

  • Alcohol is had a night, drinking games are played and eventually they end up playing strip poker. This is something that they all faithfully agree never to speak about ever again. All pictures of the event are wiped from the face of the earth. They’re all very pleased their memories are incredibly hazy the next morning (Amren remembers it all. Amren has blackmail material on all of them to comfortably last her several lifetimes. Amren wields this mercilessly)

    Bonus Destination Beach Day:

  • Azriel is the one who makes them drink water/eat/put on sun cream/stop trying to drown each other in the sea. Azriel is the mother hen of the group. (Supported by Elain)

  • Nesta is the one trying to do the drowning. (Cassian and Lucien alternatively. Usually Lucien) 

  • Feyre and Rhys break away from the main group just before lunchtime and have sex under one of the old piers where they think they’re very out of the way and inconspicuous. They return to a collection of catcalls and raucous applause courtesy of Cassian and piercing wolf whistling courtesy of Lucien when they wander back to their umbrellas. They are fooling no-one. Ever. 

  • Elain and Lucien spend most of their time on the beach of all of them as Elain isn’t a very confident swimmer and prefers watching most of the time and Lucien likes keeping her company (and making sure she puts on plenty of sun cream. Which is a real chore for him to help with, obviously) 

  • At some point though Cassian and Rhys do take it upon themselves to pick Lucien up between them and fling him into the sea. Just because. 

  • Elain takes some seriously cracking pictures of the lot of them in the sea. She has a real knack for getting the timing just right. She makes them all line up and do lots of arty shots with the sunset in the background later on. 

  • Azriel and Mor spend a lot of their time surfing together (and making out) in a cove nearby that has awesome waves. Later in the day Az surrenders his surfboard to be used as a float and brings Elain out onto the water so she can join in more. 

  • Nesta is a sun goddess and is more than happy to spend all of her time baking in the sun beside Amren and working on her tan. Cassian has other ideas. Cassian throws a bucket of water over Nesta to try and ‘encourage’ her to join in them in the water. Nesta nearly kills Cassian. He manages to convince her otherwise by kissing her when she catches him and tackles him onto the sand (no-one ever really susses out how Nesta, who is by all accounts very delicately built and a foot shorter than Cassian in heels, manages to tackle her enormous idiot of boyfriend on the sand. It doesn’t really matter that it defies all the laws of physics. She manages it.)

  • Elain spends a lot of time putting more sun cream on Lucien while huffing that he’s turning into a lobster before her very eyes and he burns too easily. She makes him sit under the umbrella with her for extended periods of time and he settles into his favourite position with his head in her lap. They gossip shamelessly about the others and judge everyone else on the beach because they’re clearly not as cute a couple as they are.

  • Mor and Azriel go exploring and stumble across a number of rock pools and a collection of very pretty, very cool caves. They show the others and they all wander around them a bit in the afternoon when it gets too hot to sit stewing on the beach and they’re all tired of the sea (but the keep the cavern with the waterfall and the lagoon to themselves) 

  • Everyone is incredibly amused when one of the local guys, who introduces himself as Varian, spends a lot of time trying to chat up Amren. She plays with him the way a cat plays with a mouse, or the way a lion might toy with dinner. They start a betting pool on how long it’s going to be before he susses out he’s got no chance and either gives up or Amren gets bored and casually murders him. Neither happens and while he doesn’t get lucky he also doesn’t get eaten alive. Which is an achievement in itself.  

  • Feyre and Rhys offer to wander into town and get provisions. Which is an excuse to spend a little bit of time away from their mad family; they love them a lot they really do but it’s also nice to wander along the sand holding hands and not have to listen to Nesta yelling at Cassian for nearly tearing her bikini top with his giant manly paws or watch Az and Mor try and be subtle about the way they’re gazing at each other or intervene every ten seconds to stop Lucien and Nesta growling at each other and teetering on the brink of murder. 

  • They all get quite sleepy in the afternoon and break up into smaller groups. The couples all do coupley things for a little while. Rhys and Feyre lounge together and he reads to her. Lucien and Elain put headphones in and end up falling asleep together (Lucien ends up with some hilarious tan lines from this) Mor and Azriel go back to that cave where they found the waterfall and spend a good long time there alone together. Nesta and Cassian wind up back in the sea together and spend a long time floating among the waves kissing one another. 

  • Amren and Nesta have an excellent and intense bitching session with one another about everything and anything. It’s cathartic, traditional and necessary. 

  • Azriel and Elain have a very quiet but very serious debate about the most recent Masterchef episode (which they both avidly watch) 

  • Mor falls asleep on top of Azriel in the middle of this conversation and despite the fact he’s sweltering he doesn’t shift her off, he just runs his fingers absently through her hair while he talks to Elain and tilts the umbrella a bit so she’s covered. 

  • Rhys and Cassian play bat and ball a little ways away (but not far enough because Cassian still somehow manages to hit Nesta on the head with a ball, accidentally, but that doesn’t stop her snarling at him. Amren drily suggests relieving him of all of his balls, since he clearly can’t be trusted with any of them) When Mor wakes up she gets up and joins them and shows them how it’s done. 

  • Feyre and Lucien have a friendly argument over the latest football match they went to see about the various teams, line-ups and tactics. (Amren joins in to support Feyre. Lucien and Amren then have a much less friendly argument that ends when Elain deftly steps between them and drags Lucien off to get them all ice cream and protect his idiotic ginger self from Amren’s glower)

  • Mor and Lucien have a very long talk about music, their favourite bands, their favourite songs, the best concerts they’ve ever been to etc. While they’re doing this she insists that Lucien let her braid his hair. Lucien consents. 

  • Nesta sits with Elain and lets her chatter away about her garden and Lucien and in turn lets Nesta talk about Cass and she complains about what a pillock he is. (But Elain isn’t fooled, she spends most of her time watching him with soft eyes because she thinks no-one’s looking) 

  • Cassian commandeers the camera and starts taking lots of pictures of everyone. Elain always looks excellent in every picture no matter the lighting/angle/how much warning she’s given. Cassian always looks awful but he spends most of his time with the camera taking pictures of Nesta until Rhys swipes it and starts taking a ridiculous number of pictures of Feyre instead. Lucien can’t have that, he has to have lots of pictures of his lady on her camera. Azriel confiscates said camera (and takes several pictures of Mor, but subtly) then graciously returns it to Elain. 

  • Cassian, Azriel and Rhys somehow end up in the middle of a wrestling match. Everyone else is far too used to this to really bother noticing. It ends when Amren sighs, trips them all within the span of about thirty seconds and the ladies swoop in to retrieve their idiotic boys and assure them that yes they were watching and yes babe, you were definitely the best. 

  • The sun goes down and they all wake up a bit. Lucien digs his guitar out of the car and everyone puts in their various requests and he does his best to oblige them all.

  • Azriel actually has a very nice voice but refuses to sing much, he only consents to give them a couple of bars because Mor coaxes him into it. Mor’s voice is terrible. She’s aware of this. She doesn’t give a damn. Lucien isn’t bad; he’s musical enough to carry a tune even if he doesn’t have the best voice. Nesta is loud and flat; so is Cassian, they make a good team on their own but when set to music/anyone else it becomes less so. Rhys is incredibly overly dramatic and can’t settle for just ‘singing’ he must perform. Elain has a very sweet voice but is so quiet that no-one but Lucien can hear her. Feyre sings more the more she drinks and the more Rhys encourages; she doesn’t have a bad voice either. Even Amren sings when Lucien plays one of her songs; Lucien claims bragging rights on this from now until the end of time.

  • At some point Rhys pulls Feyre to her feet and that starts all of them off dancing. Cassian takes a turn on guitar at some point so that Lucien has a chance to dance with Elain too. (This is short lived because Mor informs him he’s making her ears hurt and if he plays that song one more time she’s going to beat him to death with that guitar. Lucien swiftly steps in again to take over and rescue his child (the guitar; not Cassian)) They all take turns dancing with each other though. 

  • They’re all exhausted that night and they’re all late getting up and leaving to get home the next morning but eventually they all pile into the cars (yes, Lucien is last again; Nesta growls at him, he just smirks at her. Cassian and Elain tug their significant others away from each other before permanent damage is done. Elain scolds Lucien; Lucien “apologises” to Nesta. They spend the entire journey home bickering with each other over text between the two cars. When Elain discovers this Lucien gets another scolding and she withholds kisses from him (for a full ten minutes before she caves in)) 

  • They all make it home in one piece and a lot of sprawling idly over furniture and each other is done that night as they sleep off their hurricane weekend in Azriel and Mor’s living room.

Hello to my fellow adventurers who feel lost in this journey called ‘life’. Rough roads, eh? Try to take it slowly. Tired? Rest for a while.
I have read this quote “See the boulders on your way not as stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones”. It’s not easy to see problems as means towards your goal, however, if you always see them as hindrance that stop you from continuing your journey, you might get stuck in your situation.
Face it, or at least try. If it still does not work despite of your attempts, traverse another path. It may not be what you have planned (whoever has all their plans come to be anyway?), but may still take you somewhere - perhaps to the same destination you have imagined, perhaps not, or to a better one. No one knows exactly how what will happen to whom anyway.
Just  continue your journey despite the hardships.
Try to feel enjoyment along the way. You may feel it in many forms: read a book; take a sip from your cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; capture the twinkling of the stars; or take a moment to appreciate nature. Have you already seen and felt everything around you?
Sleep, but just for a while.

What happens when your ships...
  • …get set up by their friends
  • …sit next to each other on a long bus/train ride
  • …are neighbors
  • …work at the same place
  • …hold hands for the first time
  • …have a late-night conversation
  • …go on a road trip
  • …argue 
  • …visit their parents / in-laws
  • …are in a car accident
  • …get locked in a closet
  • …watch a Disney movie 
  • …accidentally kiss
  • …have a bad day
  • …adopt a pet
  • …get lost on a hike
  • …go stargazing
  • …kiss for the first time
  • …slide down the hall in their socks
  • …get stranded when their car breaks down
  • …drink a little too much
  • …go to the beach
  • …fall asleep on each other
  • …move in together
  • …find a spider in their bathroom
  • …run into an ex
  • …break up
  • …go to an amusement park
  • …think their house is haunted
  • …get snowed in 
  • …go house-hunting
  • …get engaged
  • …find out they’re going to be parents
A Poem From My Dog (a poem)

A Poem From My Dog

We don’t start our walk
Until I’m sure the leash
Is secure around your wrist
So you won’t wander or get lost
Then I walk a few feet ahead
To guide the way and clear the path
Keeping to the roads I know well
Away from any wild dogs
Or other traps of Nature
Because I made a promise
On the day you chose me
To honor your choice
And make you proud
Even in rain and snow
I will always see you through
And get us back to our front door
It’s a promise I’ve kept
So you won’t have to walk alone
Without me by your side.

Just ordered this from Chapters. Slowly building up this series, piece by piece. However the OCD side of my brain nags me for not having all of the books in the same edition (the style with the black bar at the top, as pictured) - I’ve found some at a local used book store that were from an earlier printing. Same art, different format, and my neurotic side is triggered.

my Halloween destiel ficlet

Dean stood on the damp sidewalk, enjoying the scent of the rain that stuck to the tree leaves and soil long after the skies had cleared. His dark costume merged with the night just as smoothly as his thin figure blended within the many others inside the crowd. His head was tucked behind a hood, his eyes fixed on something.

Someone. On the other side of the road, a shorter kid was watching pedestrians by the lawn of his house, seeming lost and disgruntled. His eyes scampered nervously across the crowd under his light yellow, long wig, and his arms rose to cover the golden lightening drawn across his black sleeveless top. One quick look at him could tell Dean he was very uncomfortable, and for a very obvious reason.

Dean took a deep breath, faltering. The blue eyes and delicate features were just as startling and intimidating to him as always, but if there were any good time to approach the object of his love, it was right now and right here – at the moment when he was confident of his badass costume and Cas was everything but just that.

Dean crossed the road deliberately, making up a new opening sentence with every thud of his feet against the ground.

Cas noticed him way before Dean was ready for him to, and Dean’s lips released a tensioned smile from within his jittery features.

“Hey, Cas!” He called, planting his feet on the sidewalk beside the boy awkwardly.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas replied with a grimace which Dean let himself hope was a try for a smile.

“You look cool,” he said, his face beaming at Cas’ with honesty. This time, Cas’ frown wasn’t accidental.

“I lost a bet,” he admitted, his foot moving to bump into a single gravel stone.

“I like it,” Dean shrugged, his smile glinting a playful way now. “Love the new haircut, by the way.”

Cas’ eyes darted onto his, searching for a sign of mocking, and only finding an absence of one.

“Maybe I’ll keep it,” he answered dryly, but the ends of his lips shifted slightly upwards.

“Ms. Marvel, right?” Dean asked, and Cas nodded, taking a fuller look at Dean now.

“And you…” he started hesitantly, measuring Dean’s costume for another moment. As if subconsciously, his body shifted slightly closer to Dean’s, and a small smile escaped Dean’s lips before he could shut them.

“Grim Reaper?” Cas guessed, observing Dean’s dark grey cloak and his long sickle.

“I know it’s lame,” Dean pulled his shoulders up timidly, smiling shyly at Cas, but Cas’ eyebrows lifted with protest.

“I like it,” he said, his voice quiet and sincere in the most beautiful way. He smiled at Dean then, the most genuine, if hesitant, smile Dean has ever seen on his face. Dean felt his chest warming and his muscles stretched in a return grin, but before he could open his mouth to talk he felt something pull at his sleeve.

“Dean, Dean, Dean!” Someone crooned beside him. He turned and found his brother clutching a handful of the fabric wrapping him, a bag filled with candy in his other hand.

“Look how many I’ve got!”

“good job, little guy,” Dean smiled at him distractedly, his mind bothered with the blue eyed boy standing wordlessly beside him.

Sam was dressed in a fluffy brown moose onesie, his wide eyes picking from inside the large hood. He measured the two boys in front of him for a moment, examining Cas’ hesitant smile at him when the spoken of appeared.

“Did you ask him on a date yet?” He questioned Dean, nudging his arm. Dean’s face flushed red as he glared at his brother.

“Not yet,” he muttered to Sam, placing a hand on his shoulder and pushing him away.

“But thanks for revealing my plan so he can escape!”

Sam backed away slowly, taking a moment to study Dean’s threatening look and consider the consequences of the slip of his tongue before the crowd swallowed him. Dean turned to look back at Cas abashedly. He felt so distressed he could barely raise his stare as he mumbled,

“Sorry about that.”

Cas didn’t walk away with repulsion as Dean suspected he would, though. His smile still intact, he lifted one shoulder and dropped it wordlessly, and leaned forward to press a soft kiss against Dean’s cheek.

I came knocking on the doors of love and asked how many names written in blood was stained onto your locks. You said one for the other day when we lost the keys and forgot the password. You said two for the other side of the road, the chicken never made it there alive. You said three for the mirror, we were always broken, we must wanted to feel whole again. I came knocking on the doors of love and I found it to be left open. I closed the door and continued to knock. I guess I’m a fool. I guess I’m silly. I chase after the locks, but even if you left it open; I guess we would just start all over again. Lock away at the sounds of my knocks and I’ll be the beating heart everytime you look through the peephole. Nobody is home, but I guess everyone still plans to knock.

Maybe love is falling into countless arms until we find ones that won’t break under our tears and lullabies are the sound of stars writing against skies painting for another earth. We bend time to steal kisses from guitars hidden beneath our ribs. Knowing you exist makes me smile, but happiness was meant to fly on wings formed under our breath. Home has been fading since you left, but memories are teeth we keep under our pillow. Running backwards is easy when the past hasn’t returned your heart, and we were the best at pretending we aren’t ghosts. Although your smile is the wish I folded in between my sheets, praying summer will never leave you cold.

—  I finally found the courage to find myself and it may take forever, but at least… I’m trying.
// The Ate & The Bunso
I still believe in Rumbelle and in the Rumbelle Fandom

Through all the pain, the challenges with characterization, the dropped storylines…I still love Rumbelle and I will ship them forever. None of these problems are really Rumple and Belle’s fault, but rather the result of bad timing and poor writing. But that doesn’t mean all is lost! They are on the road to recovery this season–we have 20 episodes left and anything can happen. I’m banking on good things! 

At the risk of sounding preachy, I think we need to remember that we fans aren’t angry with each other–not really. We all love these characters so deeply and we want their best. They’ve been made incredibly human and delightfully flawed thanks to the genius acting of Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin, and now we cannot help but have their best interests at heart. We’re not always going to agree on what is best or whether Rumple is right or Belle is right, and that’s ok! But sometimes that color comes out in less than perfect ways among our fandom friends. I have certainly made my share of whiny posts or written responses that hurt others that could have been better thought out. 

 My point is this: I care more about you all than I do about my opinions. I want you to know that is truth regardless of what I might say on a post. 

 Bobby and Emilie love their characters and do incredible work every day and every year with less than perfect material. And even though I don’t think A&E know that they are doing at times and have a skewed idea of what constitutes “fun,” I do believe they love Rumbelle. They have spoken often about their pure love and their incredible chemistry. Guys, Rumbelle will have a reconciliation and a healthy baby who loves both parents and a happy ending. I still believe.

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not all those who wander are lost (they find each other)

okay here’s a new fanfic! i wanted to write it for so long and yesterday i just started and i counldn’t stop! i’m really happy with it.

please message me to tell me what you thought of it? English is not my first language you ma find some mistakes i’m sorry for it!

Road trip!au: Octavia flies to California to meet Lincoln after having a fight with Bellamy and he goes hitchhiking to go after her. Guess who drives him to California?

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – Mark Twain

She needed to get away. It didn’t matter where, she just couldn’t stay here. She was suffocating, her eyes were blurry. She wasn’t sure taking the road in her state was safe but she couldn’t see any other solution.

Her father was dead. Wells was dead. Finn was dead. Lexa left her. It was just too much for a matter of six months.

So she packed a bag, took enough money, and left. And she wasn’t going to stop. Not for long anyway.

Or that’s what she thought.

           She hadn’t left for forty minutes that she spotted a hitchhiker. Broad shoulders, messy black hair. Hell no she wasn’t going to stop for him.

           Bellamy didn’t believe it at first. The car had passed him and had stopped only a few meters further. He jogged to it, opened to the door smiling, relieved. Then his smile faded, showing his surprise.


‘You want a ride or what?’ He didn’t reply, only jumping in the seat. They were silent for a moment. Until they both spoke in the same time.

‘Thanks for…’

‘Where do you…’

Silence again. Bellamy rubbed the back of his neck, clearly uncomfortable. Clarke watched him in the corners of her eyes.

‘Thanks for taking me. I know you hate me…’

‘I don’t hate you’ she cut off. Bellamy raised his eyebrows in surprise. ‘I don’t’ she insisted. ‘You’re just… Insufferable most of the time.’ She had said it with humour in her voice and Bellamy allowed himself to chuckle a little.

‘Well you won’t be the first to think so’ he replied with a smile. She raised a single eyebrow, questioning him. ‘My sister. I’m pretty sure she hates me at the moment.’ He made a pause for a few seconds. Clarke was still watching the road. ‘She’s in California. That’s where I need to go.’

‘Okay’ she simply said.



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