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Magic for Pet Owners

- Use crystals on your pet’s collar! I have a rose quartz heart on my dog’s collar to encourage our bond and protect her.

- make DIY dog shampoo! You can add in essential oils that make your puppy smell awesome, and also have your magic touch!

- (If you can afford to) Try a raw-food diet. This is closer to the biological need of a dog (they’re mostly carnivorous but can benefit from supplemental veggies. DO YOUR RESEARCH and join fb groups if you wanna raw feed) and add in safe supplemental fruits/veggie purée!

- embroider sigils on your dog’s collar to bring them home when lost or prevent accidents

- make a diy doggy/kitty bed and before sewing or tying up the ends, pop a satchet in there with the filling!

- write sigils in permanent marker under their water bowl

- use natural plants in your fish’s tank that have good associations

- grow catnip for your kitties! It encourages luck and relationships with your cat or with others!

Remember to love your pets! Remember, herbalism and witchcraft are not replacement for proper veterinary Care. Get heartworm prevention and flea+tick prevention that Works as a medicine before just blindly trusting that herbs will fully deter fleas + ticks from getting a taste of your friend.

Other cool quests you should have been able to do with Piper with investigative journalism:

  • Talk to any of the pre-populated settlements like Abernathy farm about what their lives are like and why they joined the Minutemen.
  • Someone drained the Quincy quarry! Oh wait, it’s full of assholes. Avoid.
  • If you help Arlen Glass she’ll write about his quest to bring joy to children and to please donate any giddyup parts they find. Anyone who scraps one of Arlen’s toys should be shot.
  • To discover what a ‘laundromat’ is and lament that it sounds like such a good business idea, if only wastelanders could trust each other with their clothes (if they have any).
  • People eating food from Longneck Lukowski’s cannery are getting sick. Why? Inevitable conclusion: eating ghouls is still cannibalism.
  • Apparently there’s something neat at the Old Gullet sinkhole. Nope. It’s just a sinkhole. With a deathclaw in it.
  • The Boston mayoral shelter, an example of the callousness and hubris of those in power at the expense of the people and the tragic consequences. (Hint hint.)
  • Travelling to Salem to research it’s spooky rumors. A Sole Survivor with high intelligence can tell her about its sordid history and the dangers of mass hysteria and unfairly persecuting others (hint hint). Or your SS can lie for shits and giggles.
  • The Boston Bugle building! Not only is it a great place to research the history of journalism but provides examples of how society’s unwillingness to accept the truth meant that it lost its chance to prevent their nuclear annihilation. (Hint hint.)
  • Who are the Pillars of the Community and how do they trick so many suckers appeal to the people of the wasteland? How are charismatic people able to manipulate others to act against their own interests? (You get the idea.)

If you get high enough affection with her she trusts you enough to go for the big scores; to interview the most dangerous people in the Commonwealth.

  • The Brotherhood of Steel. If you pass a speech check or are high enough in rank you can convince Elder Maxon that an honest interview will people civilians at ease. Maxon naturally spouts propaganda and quotes the codex but gets unexpectedly awkward when asked about himself.
  • Raiders. Yeah, for real. She sets up a deal with some people in Goodneighbor to speak to a gang on neutral territory (with Hancock promising hellfire if they hurt her). Why do they do the things they do? Have they considered going straight? Would they consider joining up with one of the factions? What’s up with the mounted heads? Doesn’t that smell?
  • The Gunners. Piper has always wanted to see the Galaxy News Network station and once you do a few quests for them to ‘pay entry’ she interviews them at the studio room (squee!). Naturally she hates their guts for what they did to Quincy and the whole thing is tense and threatening.
  • Time to go big-time; the Institute. You investigate the C.I.T. ruins and find them empty; she’s not sure if that’s a relief or not. If you’ve met the Institute you can try to set up an interview but unless you’ve done a lot of quests or pass an extremely high speech check it won’t happen. If you do you meet a courser you basically tells you nothing but ‘stay out of our way’.

Basically Piper is cool and deserves better.


Saturday 17 december || 007/100

As promised, the tutorial on how I make my flashcards!

The flashcards I use are from HEMA. They are 10.5 x 7.5 cm, ruled and made from very sturdy paper. I recommend getting pre-cut flashcards because cutting them yourself 1) will cost you a lot of time and 2) you probably won’t have thick enough paper available

  • I like to use flashcards for information that is easily summarized into a handful of bulletpoints and doodles!

  • I start off with a nice front card that tells me clearly what subject the cards are for, the content and the date.

  • The color of the header sets the color code for the entire set of cards. This way, it’s easier for me to retrieve lost cards.

  • A key/legend can be added to the back of the front card. Here you can for instance write down all the frequently used abbreviations. Since they might be unusual abbreviations, you may want to jot them down here so you won’t forget what they mean!

  • Then come the actual flashcards. I start off with the course abbreviation and card number (this is also to retrieve lost cards and prevent the cards from getting switched).

  • Then I write down the question. It needs to be long enough for the answer to fill the card, but also not too long. Sometimes I will add below that what kind of answer I need (e.g. 5 examples, 2 names and 2 main points)
  • Add doodles! I like doing this whenever the material (and space) allow it. Add anything that will help you remember the facts.
  • I get the questions and answers from lecture slides, my own notes or e.g. from a textbook.

Studying with flashcards is easy:

  •  Read the question on the front
  • Answer it in your head, but out loud if you can
  • Check the answer(s)
  • If you got the right answer: go, you!
  • If you didn’t get it right, read the right answer thoroughly. Then put it back into the stack, a few cards later.
  • Repeat :)
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT make a separate stack for cards you keep getting wrong. You’ll only wire your brain to remember that this info is something that you do not know. Keep repeating them together with the other cards, and keep going until you get (almost) everything right!

I hope this will help you guys to start studying with flashcards. They can be immensely helpful as they encourage active learning and you can carry them basically everywhere!

Study on!

U/ta tips

As someone who actually fucking works at the store I’m tired of seeing all the horrible misinformation about what to do at u/ta

1. For fucks sake please stop stealing testers especially in perfume there are hidden cameras perfume and certain stores mostly high volume stealing stores and we are told to monitor perfume the most

2. Do not go on lifting one hour before closing we know this is the most hit time of day that lifters tend to shoplift there’s always a second manager watching the cameras at this time

3. Yes we always check cameras and I mean always if you beep we will check cameras and yes we will check the cameras outside to get your license plate number people who say this is a true are stupid and never have worked at the store

4. If you hit the same store over and over we do not build cases, however we will monitor you and most likely call the cops/mall cops

5. The reason why the white cubes of death exist is because people keep stealing 5 to 10 pallets of eyeshadow at a time stop doing this you’re making it harder for everyone

6. Speaking of the white cubes of death, the naked palette with these cubes on them or normally not checked just slide the pallets out of the boxes and leave the boxes alone I know this is normally not good but when the boxes or tag for the white cubes no one really checks them

7. If our managers see us on camera spotting a lifter and we on purposely let them get away our asses are in trouble so if you’re stupid enough to get caught by simple mistakes I don’t feel sorry for you

8. Do not conceal in drugstore makeup this is the place where most people do and are caught and where we find most of our empty boxes do not conceal in high end hair care either The best place to conceal is probably hair brushes or where the hair dryers are

9. When there is a big event such as sales or holidays specials there will be even more lost prevention in the store please make sure to be more careful than normal and cameras are actively monitored don’t be stupid

10. We cannot confront you only managers can we cannot touch you only police officers can we wear headsets to communicate constantly please don’t avoid us the best excuse is always I’m looking or I’m just browsing or killing time

11. In my experience, it doesn’t matter if you wear nice make up in the store or if it looks good we will always come up to you whether you were wearing make up or not just trying to dress in clothing that is not black because people are constantly come up to you and ask if you work there

I won’t lie. I began sobbing when I heard Alec’s audio recordings of the reapers being a real thing and the main reason for the Initiative’s departure into the Andromeda cluster. Listening to Liara’s voice reaching out to him, after how many years have passed, informing him he and his people might be the only ones left if their battle against the reapers goes wrong- it hurt. It fucking stung. Hell listening to Garrus’ father talk about his son and Shepard’s escapades tore a hole through my heart.

Every single word of it stung like a bitch. 

Sad thing, is I imagine my baby girl Sara taking the news hard. Like a cannon ball smacking into her stomach, hard. Sara would be struggling to keep her emotions in check, to keep herself from falling into a crumpled mess in the Hyperion, in her own room in the tempest. She’d be on pins and needles with this hellish knowledge of everything she loved and knew back home was most likely gone. All her past friends and acquaintances slaughtered by this awful unknown enemy known as the reapers.

It would break her down. Bit by bit. 

Jaal would notice her change in demeor. See the heavy, hollow look in her normally brightly lit eyes. His eyes would pick out the way she walked, slow and sluggishly as if tied down by something unseen to the naked eye. Concerned for her wellbeing he would ask her if something is wrong, knowing full well there is something stifling her strong clear soul. Sara would struggle. Maybe choke, as she tries to tell him she’s fine. She never gets the words out. All she can do is reach out to him, holding him close as she sobs against him- her reaction alarming Jaal and sending him into a frenzy of worry and fear.

Knowing it’d be best to be somewhere private I am sure he takes her to her room on the tempest. After all, until now, he’s never seen her break down like this. A literal shaking mess wrapped up in his arms.

Through sobs she tells him. Bits and pieces of incoherent words stringing together as her mind continues to try and process what her father kept from everyone. Jaal tightens his hold on her soothing her the best he can. His heart hurts. Not only for his darling one suffering so much but because of the incredible loss of life no one could have prevented. Sara lost so much. And so had he.


I had this thought about modernAU Dwalin having a service dog pitbull, who mostly helps him with not feeling alone or getting lost in darker thoughts (preventing him from slipping into anger or depression). She looks all dangerous and people are scared to approach him if he doesn’t want to be, but when Dwalin is in a good mood he’ll dress her in cute vests and just go on walks, cause then he doesn’t mind people approaching them and also his dog knows it’s ok to let her naturally sweet and cheerful personality shine. Also her name is Cookie

Our First and Last (Ch. 5)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 2,231
  • Description: “It feels like I’m not alone. I know I’m not alone. But when I look around and there’s no one there.”

“Taehyung, you don’t understand, I almost exploded in there,” Jimin says as he takes a bite of his steak that Taehyung had neatly cut up into bite sized pieces and placed back on his plate.

Him and Taehyung were having their customary “date night”, eating out on a Friday evening after a long day of work. Today had been much like every other, the two psychologists went through session after session, cautiously navigating deeper and deeper into their patients’ minds and guiding them to healthier mental states. Both of them were very used to their jobs by now, but there were always tough patients, and Jeon Jungkook was undoubtedly one of them.

The restaurant atmosphere was relaxing, and the mood lighting made the aura quite romantic. The voices of other couples sitting at adjacent tables were drowned out by the light piano music playing in the background.

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Who was Beatrice’s co-star?

Some time before Lemony was framed for arson, Beatrice Baudelaire starred in a theater production alongside a mysterious thespian. Said person seems to have played a crucial role in Beatrice’s and Lemony’s eventual break-up and was closely involved in the related theatrical productions. Who, exactly, was that co-star? The identification process is a matter of psychological and literary parallels.

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Found at Sea

Originally posted by zarb

@Ibelieveincurses asked:

“Okay, I feel like I have read each of your fics a hundred times and I had this idea swirling around for some time and you seem to be the perfect person to write it (only if you want of course!). What about an Antiope x reader fanfic in which the reader is someone from our time, who had a surfing accident and kind of was washed ashore in Themyscira? Antiope finds her and so on… thank you for even considering!”

((Thank you all for the kind words, they truly do fuel any endeavors published here.))      

Today was meant to be a good day.  Visiting several locations in the Peloponnese, your surfing excursion was relatively mild until this point.  It was a spur of the moment trip, mostly at the behest of a close friend.  In truth, you had hoped to escape the existential dread swirling around your recent birthday, but no matter where you went it resurfaced.

It was rare that you surfed alone, especially during a dark and cloudy morning as this had been.  Yet your mind needed physical distraction and misplaced confidence in your experience with the sport dispelled any trepidation.  However, a riptide pulled you out to sea, dragging your frame precariously on the ocean floor against multiple ragged rocks, tearing a sizable gash in your leg.  Struggling helplessly the water swirled around, pulling you under.   Inevitably, darkness pricks the edges of your vision and the vibrant blue swallows you up.





A high noon sun shines brightly, coaxing you back from the brink of oblivion.  The familiar sensation of sand prickled your exposed flesh. Slowly, you sit up prompting a ring of agony to thunder from the base of your spine to the top of your skull.  The dizzying sensation dulls as you notice the blue sky.  Peering around it became clear that you certainly weren’t on the same beach anymore.  

Hell, you weren’t positive this was even the same island.

So here you are.  

Miles from anywhere discernible without hope of rescue.  

“Could things get any better?”

Despite the alarm ringing in your head panic refused to set in as the amount of blood you undoubtedly lost prevented any frantic rushes of adrenaline.   A massive throbbing in your brain beats behind your eyes forcing you to lay back down.  

 The sun is soon eclipsed by a figure, briefly blinded you shield your sight.  As they kneel closer your eyes adjust and drink in the sight of an armored woman.  Her gaze was cautious, but not without tenderness.  Strong features framed by a tiara, accentuating the curve of her jaw and shape of her lips.

Even with consciousness threatening to slip she was obviously formidability and beauty personified.  

“Okay, maybe things have gotten a bit better…”


“N-nothing,” Instantly you try to sit up only to have your breath hitch in your throat.  A ripple of pain slithers through your body like a bolt of lightning, terminating the halfhearted attempt.  In an instant, the woman is at your side, steadying your battered frame with capable hands.

“Stop.  You are in no danger.”  

“What?  Who are you?”

“Never mind that now. Here,” gently she reached around your waist and gathered you in her arms, effortlessly lifting you to your feet. The distinct aroma of warm leather and eucalyptus fills your lungs.  Turning your eyes to her neck the culprit found you sigh despondently.

So, she’s strong and smells amazing that hardly seems fair.

Properly on your own to legs the woman lets you go.  “It appears your wounds are minor, but numerous…can you walk?”  Nodding slightly, she turns while signaling you to follow.   Shaking off the remaining delirium you step in time to her own gait.  Even within the liminal space between sleep and dream playing with your senses, the armor-clad woman before you radiated warmth.  Upon closer inspection, a scar carved into her shoulder stands out. Without much thought, you lean out and gingerly touch it.  Taking note of your hand she pauses.

“I’m sorry it feels…awkward not saying thank you.  For helping me, that is.”

With a slight nod in your direction she echoes the faint smile parting your lips and continues on her march.





A blur of unfamiliar sights, sounds and one dip in a bio-luminescent pond later bled into days, weeks, and  eventually months until a year passes with barely your acknowledgement.  Themyscira ticks off just about every box in the quality utopia checklist: Cascading waterfalls. A lush, tropical landscape.  But what centered you was Antiope.  Her scar ever visible when you slept at night or remembered the world now left to time.  Adjusting to life here was a challenge, but felt less so with her near.

To say it had all been a lot to absorb would tarnish the experience.  But it all paled compared to her.  The dread that bloomed in your heart swiftly mutated, and soon any sharp point was replaced with her steadfast manner and commanding bearing.  Antiope was your guide in this new place, and while it felt one sided it was all you could do but foster tender feelings towards her.  

The anniversary of your arrival came, and it only felt befitting to re-visit the ocean that brought you here.  Standing on the very beach that brought you here the life now seemingly gone left a bitter taste. The faint crunch of sand tread underneath boot draws near.   Turning slightly Antiope comes into view.  


Nodding she exhales and turns to face the sea while mouthing the words, “Beautiful.”

The splattering of blue and gold held suddenly held little interest.  Eyes still transfixed on her form, bathed in the dying light the scene was as if painted and frame on some museum’s wall.  It would not come as a surprise if you were standing in the middle of crowd, writing to be stirred from the revere of this place.  

Of this moment.  

Of this woman.

At times looking at her gave the impression of seeing a masterpiece with glass blocking any interaction.  Antiope catches your faraway look; a flutter jumps in your stomach as you forcefully pull your gaze away.

“Does something trouble you?”

“Just my old life…I don’t miss it, but feel as if I should.”

“It’s not impossible to take you back.  But doing so would be quite sorrowful.”


“When I stumbled on you at the beach…your spirit seemed to be lost.  Which was a pity.  Once I met your gaze there was a passion there, refusing to die.  I think the day you came was after reckless behavior.”

Several moments pass before Antiope looks at you.  To her shock silent tears were streaming down your cheeks, tainting the grin playing at your lips.  Concerned she cups your face with each hand, allow her thumbs to wipe away the pain bubbling forth.

“apologies, I did not mean to-”

No, no.”  Sniffling you grab her wrists and inhale an unsteady breath.  “You were right.”

Attempting to look down Antiope’s grasp wouldn’t let you.  Opening your, eyes her expression is worried, bothered by the trepidation you were in. But you smile and continue.

“You are right about me. I was so numb and…tired of pretending. But wanted a reason to…to keep going. That accident—you helped me.  I don’t know how to begin thanking you for it.”

“My dear,” her breath is perceptible on your skin, the salt soaked tears enhancing the sensation.  Heart pounding in your chest you close the gap, pressing your lips to hers in one desperate moment.  Any worry dissolves in her embrace, as she tentatively returns the action, pulling you impossibly close to her frame.  You did not want to hear it.  How your own strength, passion, ebbed the sea of grief that once circled your psyche.  No matter the interpretation Antiope was your catalyst, whether she believed this or not was inconsequential.  But you would not have her voice it, ever.  

How could you express that the love you experienced until her felt like paper notes, or scattered doves, precious but temporary, fragile? What she offered was tangible, concrete, real.  You were beyond the glass.  

She was here, with you.

As the kiss breaks the sky glows with the faintness of starlight.  You both gaze at the sight, paying no mind to anything but each other.

It is striking to many, especially those of England, to see the nature of magical schooling in Ireland. Rather than keeping to the layout of magical schooling which applies to England, Scotland, Wales, and surrounding small Islands such as the Isle of Mann, Orkney, and the Isle of Wight, Ireland teaches from a young age, with a school for young magical children at the site of Tara, and then several secondary schools elsewhere on the Isle. Most well known of these are the school at the Rock of Cashel, known for it’s muggle and magical lore, the School of Magic in Connemara, known for its Dullahan Carriage drivers, which collect the students at the start of term, and the Phoenix Park School of Higher Magical Education.

Most magical education in Ireland starts at the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach, the Tara Magic School, barring some few children who are educated instead at local Tower House Schools. The Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach is steeped in magic, and students enter the school by walking directly at two stones which stand in front of a nearby church. While in history they were used to test who the rightful High King was they nowadays simply act as the warded entrance to a passage into the school, which rests beneath the Hill of Tara.

Despite it’s apparently subterranean location, the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach is extremely well lit, the mound of the hill acting as a one-way window, with light being allowed in from outside, but not leaving. The school itself is a series of buildings beneath this window, with sprawling gardens and greenhouses, tended by a Ghillie Dhubh, which, according to the stories, came over from Scotland in the 16th Century with Scottish planters. Extremely gentle with the children, and almost never seen by the adults, the school’s resident Ghillie Dhubh keeps children from getting lost, or coming to harm in some of the more dangerous parts of the gardens. Due to muggle laws protecting the Hill of Tara, and numerous wards and enchantments to do similarly, the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach has never been breached, by muggle or magical means.

Students of Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach are taught there until they move onto secondary education at age thirteen (though it is not unheard of for some students, especially those of Protestant background, to instead leave for Hogwarts at eleven) and are aided in suppressing magical outbursts by the magic inherent in the site. Complex wards, enchantments and long-lost spells help prevent accidental magic within the site, and in their last two years students are taught to better control their magic, and thus usually cease to produce accidental magic at this point. It is not uncommon for students leaving to go to Hogwarts having not received this education to have their magic be somewhat more volatile for several years after.

At thirteen years of age wixen children of Ireland chose their school for secondary education. While many go to the school in Connemara, or the one at the Rock of Cashel, a vast majority go to the immense (in comparison to these others) Phoenix Park School of Higher Magical Education, in Dublin. The Phoenix Park School not only covers secondary education, but also covers University education, graduating more more wixes with Mysteries (equivalent to muggle Masteries) than any other educational institution in the British Isles. These students, who leave as fully qualified Masters/Mistresses/Magesters of their subject, arrive from throughout the British Isles, to the chagrin of some of Britain’s Collegiums and Wixen Universities.

Students of the Phoenix Park School may arrive through any method - side along apparition, Flooing to a nearby Floo-port in Dublin, or even driving up to the Fae Gate entrance - and are let in by the (believed to be immortal) Half-Ghillie Dhubh groundskeeper. The parks population of Fallow Deer (numbering some 400+) are often used for Advanced Transfiguration practice by students, and students are taught in Irish Gaelic as well as English, and taught spells not solely of the common Latinate and Greek incantations, but also spells with roots in Gaelic, and some of the more obscure magical practices native to Ireland. Due to the Unionist/Nationalist conflict amongst Irish muggles having carried over to Irish wixes there is some conflict and dispute over whether to attend the Phoenix Park school. While many wixes from the north, especially those with a Catholic background, take no issue with attending the school, those of a Protestant background are often much more torn, which has led to the presence of Irish students at schools such as Hogwarts.

— Excerpt from Chapter 13: Europe and the Mediterranean of Lesser Known Magical Educational Institutions Around The World by Alexandra Monmouth.

(Image Source)

(So much of this was thanks to the help of the wonderful fullofstoryshapes​ who kindly advised me as to the Irish School system and Irish lore which would apply. Fullofstoryshapes runs saintsandseekers​ which is about the wixen world in Ireland. For more information on the Hill of Tara go Here, for the Rock of Cashel go Here, for Tower Houses go Here and for Phoenix Park go Here.)

Hero!Hisashi: Mikumo/Bakugou(s)

- Oh shit, it’s the one that’s been bugging me for days.

- So how does it work between Bakugou and Yami?

- It doesn’t work too much with Katsuki. Whenever Yami walks by, Katsuki manages to throw some insults and gives some brash shoves here and there.

- But it doesn’t affect Yami. Because he met someone similar to the hotheaded kid.

- Gougou Bakugou is Katsuki’s relative in America, where Yami’s family was living close to.

- Gougou’s personality works just like Proto!Katsuki, with a big change: Hisashi.

- When Yami’s parents died, Gougou was about to fIGHT THIS ABSOLUTE STRANGER STEALING HIS FRIEND.

- He’s rather super protective of Yami, which leads to a bitter and somewhat violent vendetta against Hisashi.

- let the old man be in peace. he can’t even see his biological son.

- As time passes by, Gougou sees Hisashi is an overall good person treating his “bestie” right and quits doing stuff like leaving flaming dog crap.

- Yami and Gougou attended the same school to gain Hero Licenses, in which Gougou succeeds where Yami doesn’t.

- Yami decides to finish up school and become a vigilante. This leads to encounters with Gougou
where he pretends to have lost Yami to prevent him from getting arrested.

- Gougou, going by “Blast-Off”, has a quirk similar to Cannonball from Marvel.

- The explosions can generate from his entire body allowing flight for a limited amount of time before his body gets dehydrated.

- With Hisashi’s help, his costume allows him to be well hydrated and store up sweat like Katsuki’s gauntlets.

- Gougou moves to Japan when Yami leaves with Hisashi so he can “see his dorky face.”

-help them both.

- Katsuki and Gougou are constantly at each other’s necks when they are within the slightest of contact with each other.

- Izuku and Yami just stay from a distance to ensure the safety of those around them while chatting about how their childhood friends basically screw them over.


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU

as a Chinese Sonic fan

I’m going to try pronounce or translate some Sonic lines in Chinese and back to English with Google Translate or with pronunciation…

It doesn’t matter →億 底薪 駡他 →One hundred million salary scolded him

I Am All of Me  →我是我的一切 →Woah shit wounded itchy

Unknown from M.E. → 嗯能 防 迷 →“Ah” can prevent lost

Dream of an Absolution → 讀人 惡婦 俺 阿不俗露蠢 → A good read people I exposed stupid bitch

Sonic Boom → 撒你看 爆 →You see Caesar explode

Faker! → 伐顆兒!→Cutting pieces of children!

Don’t touch it! → 洞 特吃 以! →Special hole to eat!

Even without wings, I can still fly! → 一番 窩夫都 枉死,愛 看 死敵武 壞! → Have caused the death of some waffles, love to see the military rivals bad!

Knock knock it’s Knuckles → 裸客 落客 疑似 了苦屎 → Naked passenger drop-off suspected of suffering feces

Cause we’re Sonic Heroes! → 渴死 為耳 索尼克 合弱死! → Sonic ears thirst for the weak to die together!

Froggy! Where are you? → 火鷄!挖耳 嗄 辱? → Turkey hoarse ear insult

Get a load of this! → 獲取這一負荷! → Watch Jady fuck!

Long time no see! → 好久不見! → How to put in

Aw, yeah! This is happenin’! → 噢,是啊!這是發生! → Aw shit tart! Just fashion!

It’s no use! → 儀式 路 淤塞! → Ceremony road blockage!

Yeah! Time to ROCK AND ROLL!→ 是啊!時間搖滾! → Share! Shit and yogurt!

Behold! Ninja Power! → 背後!您家 啪哇! → Behind! Wow your family snapped!

Piece of cake. → 小菜一碟。 → Such an idiot.

TEAM CHAOTIX → 填 考題試 → Fill in the exam question test

Maria! → 嗎裏鴨! → It was duck!

I’m Shadow, the ultimate lifeform. → 我是影子,最終的生命形式。 →Worship inch, joy John dongs’ shine made rains.

Where’s that damn fourth Chaos Emerald?!? → 哪裡是那該死的第四個混沌翡翠?!? →Lenny she need guys die sugar hun dong fades away

Chaos Control →敲死 砍頭 → Knocked dead beheaded

THIS IS WHO I AM!!!! → 敵 試 互 愛 俺 → I try and love the enemy

You’re too slow~! → 你太慢了〜! → Knit tie manly~!

Find the computer room! → 查找計算機房! →Cha cha oh geez swag GIF found!

It seems you like playing with fire. Let me light up your fingers. → 以 絲木絲 與 來可 舖來贏 窩夫 貶押→Wood wool and silk can be spread to win waffles derogatory charge

Sink into darkness! →辛苦 銀去 大哭呐死 → Exhausted Silver went crying and died

Great! Great! Great! → 古蠟策!股辣厠!固垃冊!→ Ancient wax policy! Shares hot toilet! Solid garbage album!

The whole city’s on fire! →的 好  是替死 俺 發芽! → I was to die for good germination!

Catch Me if You Can → 卡住 密 姨父 于 刊 → Uncle stuck close to the TV

~Part 2 here~

To be continued…


i’m still ALL OVER this crossover tbh

anonymous asked:

How do you know when love spells (spells in general) are commendable? Could you recommend any that are not "fake" for lack of a better word. Thankyou!

With love spells, when they are ok or not ok is going to vary so much between the individual witch, so you will have to decide your stance on that. Typically I don’t recommend love spells cast on a specific person, as it can cause unfortunate outcomes, but thats just me. If you are looking to cast just a general love spell to draw love to you, then that is totally fine, but I wouldn’t personally cast a spell on someone specific. Self love spells are always ok! ;)

As far as finding a love spell that isn’t fake, well, that is going to find a little trial and error I am afraid, because no spell is fake if you put the energy into it, but not all spells are going to work for you. If that makes sense? Anyway, here are some suggestions on spells you can try!

There is also a huge masterpost of love spells here!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Meta: Second Timeline Harry’s Motivations

Please can we talk about Harry’s actions in the hospital wing scene (Act Two, Scene Eight)? This is one of the main scenes I’ve seen people call Harry out of character, which I think stems from the fact that it’s really easy to identify with Albus in this situation, where Harry is taking really extreme measures. But it’s also important to think about where Harry is coming from here. 

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