the lost planet concert in chongqing

[MASTER VIDEO COMPILATION]: EXO's "The Lost Planet" Concert

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Upcoming concert dates:


  • November 11-13 ┅ Fukuoka 
  • November 18-20┅ Tokyo


  • December 22-24 ┅ Osaka

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[NEWS] EXO - 140625 News 24: “EXO, Global Brand MCM's Model Choice 'Very First Exclusive Model”

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EXO have been selected as the first exclusive models worldwide for MCM, including Korea and Asia, and with their increasing popularity worldwide, people realise the EXO phase, who from now on will be showing their colorful charms as featured brand models.

MCM officials say “The current global trend is gaining popularity, and the group EXO is the youthful energy that’s constantly seeking new things; they have a unique and modern style that we hope can express MCM’s brand image that is so loved by celebrities around the world” one of the reasons of their model choice has been uncovered.

Also MCM is expecting hot reactions from consumers and the fashion industry, as they plan to release their collaboration line with EXO during the second half of the year. Some members of EXO will attend the MyeongDong Flagship Store Opening Event as models on the 26th to start activities.

Meanwhile, having their first hot issued concert in Asia’s main cities, EXO will hold ‘EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 - THE LOST PLANET in CHONGQING’ in China ChongQing Olympic Stadium on the 28th.

Credit: translation,, Source: News 24.

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140628 D.O. during Tell Me What is Love @ ’The Lost Planet’ in Chongqing

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