the lost isle


Disney Descendants 2 (Official Trailer)

  • the isle of the lost’s kids: are kind, polite, take a class to be "good people" without any fuss, help girls improve their look, take the shit everybody's says about their parents, try to fit for the sake of the comfort of all, are always apologizing for what they parents did.
  • auradon ppl: be caREFUL!! those kids are DANGEROUS, they will end our land!!!!!
  • auradon kids: literally discriminate the isle of the lost's kids, are mean, never say anything nice about anybody, always blame villians children for they parents mistake, don't give a shit about other ppl feelings, marginalize those who are different from them.
  • auradon ppl: our beautiful children <33 they are so GOOD people, always being nice and welcoming those in need, we must protect them

I’m the asexual who was sent to conversion therapy as a young teen.

I’m the asexual who thought they were messed up, and broken, and all alone.

I’m the asexual who was told by people who I thought were my friends that God didn’t approve of my ‘alternative’ lifestyle.

I’m the asexual who felt lost in the clothing isles because I didn’t want to look ‘sexy’.

I’m the asexual that struggles with depression, fear, and inadequacy.

I’m the asexual that is being blocked off from resources. Or that you want out of the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m the asexual who is being negatively affected by the ace discourse.

I’m the asexual facing erasure, invalidation, and hate.

Please consider this.

Aphobia exists.

If you don’t believe it does then you may very well be contributing to it.

Please think of the people you are effecting.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.



So many ways to be wicked


Bennyboo headcanons for the countdown!!

•his parents called him mini beast when he was little
•would Not want to be away from his mother ever, this went on until he was like 8
•super good at making friends and finds it hard to see the bad in people
•one of the reasons he wanted the villain kids a chance
•used to read with his mom in their huge library
•Really liked Audrey in the beginning but didn’t feel As connected to her when they started dating but he still wants to be friends
•he is very protective of Jane Do Not harm her
•tried to play and instrument once. He’s not aloud near them now
•good at ballroom dancing and party dances but anything else he looks silly
•Does Not Rest Ever
•he is constantly busy
•when his dad would talk politics with him he use to just agree and now he argues until he’s exhausted
•a pan prince


Meet the Forgotten Villain Kids