the lost isle

  • the isle of the lost’s kids: are kind, polite, take a class to be "good people" without any fuss, help girls improve their look, take the shit everybody's says about their parents, try to fit for the sake of the comfort of all, are always apologizing for what they parents did.
  • auradon ppl: be caREFUL!! those kids are DANGEROUS, they will end our land!!!!!
  • auradon kids: literally discriminate the isle of the lost's kids, are mean, never say anything nice about anybody, always blame villians children for they parents mistake, don't give a shit about other ppl feelings, marginalize those who are different from them.
  • auradon ppl: our beautiful children <33 they are so GOOD people, always being nice and welcoming those in need, we must protect them
Alternate Descendants Song Titles
  • Rotten to the Core: Vandalism Set to Dubstep
  • Evil Like Me: Kristin Chenoweth Was on Broadway!
  • Did I Mention: Love Potions Make Me Sing
  • If Only: Damn It, He's Cute
  • Be Our Guest: The Whitest Thing In the Whole Movie
  • If Only (Reprise): Emotional Cupcake Baking
  • Set It Off: They Won't Kiss Until the Sequel
Mal is adorable and all but let's not forget what that book told us about her:

Mal got Evie locked in her house when they were seven until they were sixteen because Mal wasn’t invited to her birthday party.
Evie was pretty much afraid of her when she finally got out.
Mal called her Princess Blueberry for a while.
Carlos was terrified of Mal pretty much all his life.
Mal is the reason Carlos has a scar on his leg.
Mal forced Carlos to throw a party in his house while Cruella was gone.
Mal is almost a good a thief as Jay.
Mal practically cared about nobody but herself until she was 16.

I’m the asexual who was sent to conversion therapy as a young teen.

I’m the asexual who thought they were messed up, and broken, and all alone.

I’m the asexual who was told by people who I thought were my friends that God didn’t approve of my ‘alternative’ lifestyle.

I’m the asexual who felt lost in the clothing isles because I didn’t want to look ‘sexy’.

I’m the asexual that struggles with depression, fear, and inadequacy.

I’m the asexual that is being blocked off from resources. Or that you want out of the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m the asexual who is being negatively affected by the ace discourse.

I’m the asexual facing erasure, invalidation, and hate.

Please consider this.

Aphobia exists.

If you don’t believe it does then you may very well be contributing to it.

Please think of the people you are effecting.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.


Millions of little girls watched Descendants on Friday. Do you realize how important that is?

Millions of little girls heard Mal flat out say that she’d never had a boyfriend or been on a date, even though she’s sixteen, and realized they don’t have to check off romantic accomplishments by a certain age.

Millions of little girls saw Mal - self-proclaimed heartless tough girl - cry over losing everything she’d come to love and realized that tears do not denote weakness or invalidate strength. 

Millions of little girls saw Evie be both a fashion expert and a science whiz, and realized they didn’t have to choose one or the other. 

Millions of little girls heard Mal come right out and say, “You don’t have to play dumb to get a guy,” and realized being smart wasn’t a bad thing.

Millions of little girls saw Mal fight a dragon while wearing a ball gown and a tiara and realized that they didn’t have to choose between being tough and being feminine.

Millions of little girls saw Mal save her love interest from a dragon through fighting and magic - not a kiss or an “act of true love” - and realized that they could be heroes in the same way boys get to be.

Millions of little girls watched this movie, and saw that they could be strong like Mal and smart like Evie and beautiful like both of them, and that they didn’t have to chose which box to fit in.

And that is so incredibly important.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Fairy Godmother?

Like she tried so hard and was so earnest to those kids. She was one of the few who didn’t judge the four and actually helped and was such a proud mama and gave them such praise? And support?

And her face was so precious when Mal decided to choose good at the end and she was SO. PROUD.

I just love that woman okay?