the lost forest fones

Lost Forest Fones
  • Sara: There's no hot tub in the studio.
  • Tegan: It's just outside the door of the studio, so we just take a little ghetto blaster with us and we play it while we're in the hot tub.
  • Sara: Yeah, I mean we totally hot tub, like, every day.
  • Caller: Wait, I thought there wasn't a hot tub?
  • Sara: There's not.
  • Tegan: Which is it?
  • Sara: There's no - there is no hot tub.
  • Tegan: Can you imagine us in a hot tub?
  • Caller: I've never seen you in a hot tub.
  • Tegan: Imagine us in bathing suits.
  • Sara: You've seen us in bathing suits.
  • Emy (in background): I've seen it.
  • Sara: Ok.
  • Tegan: I've actually been in a hot tub recently, I'm a big - well we call ourselves tubbers.