the lost doge

What Gaiden Did to Naruto Characters

1.Sasuke- Was turned into a scumbag father/husband that somehow magically lost his previously incredible reverence of family values; forgot he possesses a working sharingan and rinnegan to use against a laughable enemy; conveniently ignored the numerous death threats/attempts made toward Sakura and convinced himself he’d mistaken animosity for true love

2.Naruto- Also became a shitty dad who couldn’t spare a few minutes to spend time with his son and apparently couldn’t care less about his bond with Sasuke anymore; lost the ability to doge a sword thrown by a measly opponent

3.Sakura- Reverted to her 12-year-old self’s blind worship of Sasuke; became a broke housewife with zero financial, emotional, or physical comfort from her husband; gained the impressive ability to faint at will

4. Hinata- Also devolved to become a housewife who feels the need to still use honorifics when referring to her husband

5. Shikamaru- Suffered a significant blow to his IQ large enough to have let him carelessly watch as two young girls left the village unchaperoned while knowing a “dangerous” enemy was nearby

6.Shizune- Went from being the hokage’s right-hand woman to Sarada’s babysitter

7. Everyone- looks 60 when in reality should be around 30