the lost colony of roanoke

“In the early 1600’s Indians on Roanoke Island marveled At the sudden appearance of a milk white doe. The sudden creature was the most beautiful they had ever seen. Sometimes she stood alone, looking out into the sea; sometimes she grazed in the melon patches around the deserted fort. She alluded every arrow, every snare and ruse. So the Indians organized a hunt, and the best archers came from far and wide. Among them was the young Wanchese who had been to England and returned with a silver arrow from the English queen, who had told him it would kill even the bearer of a charmed life. The hunt began, and the white doe bounded away over the sandhills as the hunters’ arrows wizzed around her ears. At last she reached the beach. Wanchese appeared, facing her, took aim, and shot the silver arrow through her heart. At the moment she died, the white doe looked into her slayer’s eyes and whispered, "Virginia Dare.” “



i was so excited to film this! i am going to upload a conspiracy theory/paranormal/etc. i hope you all enjoy :D 

The paperback of SUMMER OF LOST AND FOUND by Rebecca Behrens is out today!

From the author of When Audrey Met Alice comes a sweeping middle grade novel about a city girl forced to spend her summer in North Carolina, where she becomes involved in a centuries-old mystery, turning her once boring vacation into an adventure she never could have imagined.

Nell Dare expected to spend her summer vacation hanging out with her friends in New York City. That is, until her botanist mom dragged her all the way to Roanoke Island for a research trip. To make matters worse, her father suddenly and mysteriously leaves town, leaving no explanation or clues as to where he went—or why.

While Nell misses the city—and her dad—a ton, it doesn’t take long for her to become enthralled with the mysteries of Roanoke and its lost colony. And when Nell meets Ambrose, a quirky historical reenactor, they start exploring for clues as to what really happened to the lost colonists. As Nell and Ambrose’s discoveries of tantalizing evidence mount, mysterious things begin to happen. And someone—or something—is keeping watch over their quest for answers.

It looks like Nell will get the adventurous summer she was hoping for, and she will discover secrets not only about Roanoke, but about herself.

  • [Annabeth points to a word carved into a telephone pole]
  • Percy: Croatoan?
  • Annabeth: Yeah.
  • [Percy stares blankly]
  • Annabeth: Roanoke… lost colony… ring a bell? Percy, did you pay any attention in history class?
  • Percy: Yeah. Shot heard ‘round the world, how bills become laws…
  • Annabeth: That’s not school; that’s schoolhouse rock!
Reasons you should read the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
  • Dragons
  • So many dragons
  • Time travel
  • Did I mention the Dragons? And the time travel?
  • Talking Badgers armed with pastries
  • Interesting and well written female characters
  • At least two Monty Python references
  • At least 2 Harry Potter references
  • Dead authors and poets having a convention and being sassy as fuck
  • Jules Verne is basically Mycroft
  • Edgar Allen Poe has a TARDIS
  • Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini are BFFs
  • Don Quixote knows Shrek
  • Archamedes (yes, that Archamedes) is actually an owl
  • Peter Pan fights the lost colony of Roanoke
  • And this quote (by Jules Verne, no less): “My war leader, Elly Mae,” he said to the others by way of introduction. He scratched the goat behind the ears and pointed at one of the smaller iconic statues, which stood only twenty yards off to the left.
    “Elly Mae!” he commanded the war leader. “Bonk! Bonk the noggin!”

If this post gets at least one person to read this series I’ll be really happy

Croatoan - Part 1

Word Count: 2741

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, injury

A/N: This is sooooo not up to par. I’m sorry. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Hey! Can we stop for beer too?” You asked Dean as you were driving back to the motel after getting some snacks.

“By beer you mean a 6 pack of beer and a bottle or 5 of whiskey right?” Dean chuckled.

“Hell yeah.” You giggled and he turned the car around, heading to the liquor store.

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March 22nd 1622: Jamestown massacre

On this day in 1622, the Jamestown massacre occurred in colonial Virginia. Jamestown was the first successful English settlement in North America, following the failure of previous attempts to colonise North America, most notoriously with the lost colony of Roanoke. On March 22nd, fighters of the Powhatan confederation of Native American tribes - also known as Algonquian Indians - came into the houses of the settlers in the area, grabbed their weapons, and attacked them. 347 people died in the incident, which made up a quarter of the English population at Jamestown. The massacre was in response to the colonists’ mistreatment of Native Americans, which included burning down their homes, destroying food supplies, and threatening expansion into their land. In retaliation, Native American fighters launched a surprise attack on the area. However, as it was forewarned, Jamestown itself was spared from the worst of the violence. The incident is one of many conflicts between Native Americans and English settlers in the early days of the colonial venture, as the settlers increasingly encroached upon indigenous land.

Archeologists have discovered pottery linked to the lost colony of Roanoke

The team of researchers found two small pieces of pottery that could help crack the mysterious case of the lost colony of Roanoke on an island in North Carolina. The glazed blue, brown and white fragments are considered the most significant find in the area for over 70 years. The archeologists even have a theory about what the pottery was used for.

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It’s American Wizarding School Theory time!

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is where the American wizarding school is located.

The only trace of the settlement was the word “Croatoan” written on a tree. That was the name of the Native American tribe in the area, but it could also have been a sign to wizards that muggles didn’t understand. A strong muggle repelling charm and cloaking spell would keep a settlement hidden like Hogwarts.

Jo can’t say the name of the tribe cause it would give it away? Totally the Croatoan tribe!

Think about it.

Wikipedia article about the Lost Colony



(W) Gail Simone, Rhianna Pratchett (A) Derliz Santacruz, Andy Owens (CA) Michael Atiyeh, Andy Park

After a terrifying journey in the cursed depths of the lost Roanoke colony, Lara heads above ground to the desert, now in possession of dangerous information-and under attack! Lara’s globetrotting hunt for truth continues!

•   The official continuation of Lara Croft’s story!

•   The Tomb Raider video game has sold over 6 million copies!

To translate it from Canadian into American terms, it is as if someone had found, in a single moment, the hull of the Titanic, the solution to the mystery of the lost colony at Roanoke, the original flag of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ and the menu for the Donner Party’s last meal.
—  Adam Gopnik on the finding of the Franklin ship.

I dont think that “My Roanoke Nightmare” is the set in stone theme for American Horror Story for TWO reasons

1. AHS verified Facebook page changed their profile picture to “Roanoke” only. Not “my Roanoke nightmare”.
2. I think the whole docu-series is a show within our (the AHS viewers) show. Or to put it simply a theme within a theme… The entire season cannot (please) be this docuseries-esqué BS. (I also think it’s a waste of good talent to watch Lily Rabe play Shelby, played by Sarah Paulson)

I refuse to believe that Ryan Murphy (and co) pushed most of America to untangle this huge big secret… just to have us find out that they are portraying it in a docuseries POV. Plus Ryan Murphy and his team are way above doing documentary reinactments. Just sayin.


American Horror Story S01 (ep. 11 ‘Birth) / S06 (ep. 1 ~ Chapter one: My Roanoke story)

In S01 Billie Dean Howard tells Violet Harmon and Constance Langdon the story of Roanoke:

“In 1590 on the coast of what we now know as North Carolina the entire colony of Roanoke- all 117 men, women and children- died inexplicably. It became known as The Ghost Colony because the spirits remained. They haunted the native tribes living in the surrounding area. Killing indiscriminately. The elder knew he had to act. He cast a banishment curse. First, he collected the personal belongings of all the dead colonists. Then they burned them. The ghosts appeared, summoned by their talismans but before the spirits could cause them any more harm the elder completed the curse that would banish the ghosts forever. - How? - By uttering a single word. The same word found carved on a post at the abandoned colony.
Croatoan! Croatoan.”