the lost boys 30 day challenge

mother series 30 day drawing challenge!!

i felt like it’d be cool to make one, because im sure one exists somewhere but has been lost so!

  1. your favorite game in the series
  2. your favorite party/party member
  3. favorite villain
  4. favorite npc
  5. favorite overworld enemy
  6. favorite ship
  7. one of the main boys (ninten, ness, lucas, travis)
  8. one of the main girls (ana, paula, kumatora, meryl)
  9. one of the psi-less party members (loid, jeff, duster, floyd)
  10. one of the gang boys (teddy, leo)
  11. poo showing off his psi (or just poo in general)
  12. boney having a good time (or just boney in general)
  13. claus/the masked man (choose one, or do both!)
  14. one of the main character’s families (ninten’s mom and/or sisters, ness’s mom and/or tracy, hinawa and/or flint, travis’s parents and/or zack)
  15. favorite scene
  16. favorite setting
  17. the mother 3 gang using one of their in-battle instruments
  18. favorite song from one of the games and the scene showing it (or just do a draw based on the song)
  19. queen mary and/or gigue
  20. a final battle (gigue’s battle, giygas’s battle, the masked man’s battle)
  21. post-game (feel free to add any headcanons or so!)
  22. super smash bros ness and/or lucas
  23. using psi
  24. just do a good ol shitpost here
  25. a headcanon
  26. a melody (mother′s eight melodies, earthbound’s eight melodies, mother 3′s love theme)
  27. claus and lucas being brothers
  28. pre-journey and/or post-journey
  29. the end of one of the games
  30. free space!

Classic Disney [1937-1977] 30 Day Challenge | Day 28 - Favourite Sequel |
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (2002) ;; Don’t you see, Hook? You will never win. Not as long as there’s faith, trust, and pixie dust.” Important note: Once again, since there is no sequel in between 1937 to 1977, I decided to choose the sequel of a classic Disney movie: Peter Pan. Sorry for the awful quality

[Fic][Drabble/Prompt Challenge] Small and Breakable

Cards on the table–I have like six of these things finished (but not edited) and maybe five or so more in progress. What is my life right now.

Title: Small and Breakable
Prompt: Promise
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 886
Note: Don’t know the context of what BTS was doing at the time that one sleeping Jimin Twitter video took place, but what’s written is written. *shrug*

AO3 link here

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30 Day Objecthead Meme Day 8:Something related to mythology or fairy tales

Creatures Who Steal/Eat Children (The Black Geese, A Russian Fairy Tale)

I know, I know, I’m jumping way ahead, but I had to do this after having a particular dream the other day about these fellows. In my dream, these origami-headed creatures, known as Redbirds, would rise out of the water and snatch any unfortunate child who happened to be nearby in order to…well, eat them alive.

I drew them for the fairytale day of this meme because when I later thought about them, they reminded me of a Russian story I once read where a flock of geese steal a girl’s younger brother, and the girl has to go through several trials to get him back. I don’t recall if the geese wanted to eat the poor boy, but anyways, if you think about it, there are many creatures in tales and folklore that hunt after little kids. Whether its boogeymen who live under the bed or creatures who lure away lost children in the woods, they’re always there, waiting in the shadows to snatch their meal up whenever the chance they can get. And we have so many stories about them. Why are we so fascinated with child stealers and eaters? Who knows…

30 Days of Basketball Idiots [12/30]

Day 12 – As Children
Pairing: Akashi/Furihata



Seijuurou stared analytically at the small boy in front of him, cowering behind his mother, clinging to her dress.

“Seijuurou, these are the Furihata’s. They’ll be staying with us from now on,” Seijuurou’s father said. The boy’s mother smiled, bowing low.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Akashi-san. This is my son, Kouki. Please take care of us… Say hello, Kouki-kun.”

The boy peeked around at Seijuurou, squeaking when he saw Seijuurou was looking at him. His mother gave a quiet chuckle, reaching down to ruffle her son’s hair.

“He’s a little shy I’m afraid.”

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The lost boys 30 day challenge 21

First viewing of the movie?- well it was back In June around my 14 birthday and I was talking to my friend on the phone about how she had gotten the new twilight movie on DVD and mum happened to hear me and she walked in to the room and said"hang up that phone we are watching a movie" so I sat down and she showed me the lost boys and I fell in love with it ^_^


The Lost Boys 30 Day Challenge - Day 30

Comic books or motorcycles?  Wharf or Boardwalk?

Comic books.  I’ve been on a motorcycle once and I wasn’t a fan.  Plus your chances of dying increase exponentially when you get on one so I’m going to go ahead and choose life on that one.  Plus I’m a reader so …

Definitely Boardwalk.  Don’t get me wrong; I do love the wharf but I love the Boardwalk more.  It has the Giant Dipper.  :)

Challenge source: Lostboypocalypse and donnaduck87

30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 6

6.Wearing each others’ clothes

Klaine today ;) (oh boy)

Kurt reaches for the bowl of popcorn when Sam snatches it away.

“Hey!” he protests immediately, trying the power of the Pout to get back his precious kernels, but Sam shakes his head.

“No way, dude,” he says firmly, handing the bowl to Artie. “Your clothes don’t fit, man - did you follow Blaine in his cronut addiction?”

Kurt frowns at him like Sam has lost his mind. “My pants are almost too loose at the waist, what are you - oh.”

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