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I'm a different anon, I've just been lurking for your VKM meta ;) Sorry to intrude, but is it possible that Aidou-dono's death was a large-scale illusion of Kaname's creation? Ruka has this ability, so when I learnt that Aidou-dono was alive I assumed that a pureblood could theoretically do this as well. A pureblood's abilities would outweigh the abilities of a noble vampire, so perhaps Kaname was able to create an illusion over several 'witnesses' at once?

Well halloo, there, new anon! ;) it’s no intrusion at all to answer your ask, never fear!

It is possible that the scene was just an illusion created by Kaname, but here are my problems with that hypothesis if that’s the case:

  • If Kaname has Ruka’s illusion power, that means Hino just pulled it out of her rear end and gave it to Kaname without properly foreshadowing it in earlier scenes. This is just lazy writing because the readers don’t “know” Kaname has all these Supah Extra Powahs and can’t factor them into their analysis.
  • Yuuki, as a fellow Pureblood, should be able to see through Kaname’s illusions. She sure as hell sees through Ruka’s. Worse, when Kaname sends a fake “bat version” of himself back in Night 76 or so, it takes Yuuki only a few seconds to “figure out” that he’s fake. Even if she was distressed by the shock of Kaname’s leaving and Aidou-dono’s appearance of death, she should have eventually figured out there was never any body at all there. 
  • Ruka’s illusion took Yuuki out of the “real world.” It wasn’t an illusion within the real world. If Hino was going to establish separate mechanics for Kaname’s “Supah Extra Powahs,” she needed to, you know, explain them
  • Even if Kaname does this elaborate stunt, we still don’t know why Aidou’s father agreed to it. It’s honestly a cruel stunt that Aidou’s father seemed to be against back in Night 65/66; what did Kaname tell him that made him go “well, gee, Kaname this sure is a swell plan of yours. I don’t mind hurting the very woman I hoped would stop you two chapters ago at all!” From an adult’s standpoint, Kaname’s plan should have seemed stupid to high heaven, and Aidou-dono, as a responsible man, should never have agreed to it. We needed to see why he agreed to it. 
  • Ruka seems to have “sensed” a death in Night 68, and Ruka seems to be just as “fooled” by Kaname’s illusion as everyone else–she even correctly “identifies” who was killed from a distance despite not being there. Perhaps it was “in the plan” and she’s just acting for Kain’s sake, but in the chapter she seems surprised.

I could potentially see Kaname having some kind of ability to cast a glamour over a living person–so, for example, say Aidou’s father agrees to go to sleep for Kaname, then Kaname quickly grabs one of Hanadagi’s “servants” and casts a glamor over them to make them “look” like Aidou’s father. This would allow him to actually kill some random mook, which should fool Yuuki and Aidou. However, this doesn’t explain why Ruka could tell it was Aidou’s father who was killed, when she wasn’t even in the room and had no idea what the circumstances were. 

The scenario is far too complicated to write it off with “Aidou’s dad survived!” and just leave it to the readers to assume “how” he survived. This is why it’s easy to tell it was clearly a retcon Hino was ashamed of, and one she brushed under the rug as soon as possible, hoping readers would “forget” about it. That’s why she does her best not to bring Aidou’s father back into the story, because it’s a reminder of a story device she used which is nothing but shame for a decent writer of any stripe. 

Sorry, I wrote you a novel there, but thank you for dropping by! =)

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They're all very different of course, but if you can: list the candlewasters shows by least to most favorite

So, there’s no question about my most favorite, which is LoLiLo – it’s one of my favorite stories of all time.

Beyond that, I don’t know, it’s difficult to rank. I think that NMTD is the roughest, which makes sense, since it’s their first outing. You can sort of see the places where they’re still figuring out what they’re doing. But it’s also long, which counts in its favor (in general, I think TCW work best when they have a lot of space to play with, given how much they love character detail and hate exposition), and it stars most of the same characters as LoLiLo, and I love those characters and their stories. It’s not totally separable from LoLiLo, in that sense. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and list LoLiLo and NMTD as a single unit, with the understanding that LoLiLo is kind of pulling NMTD along with it.

I love what Bright Summer Night is trying to do, and it falls right into my tonal sweet spot – dark and weird and dryly funny. Plus, it looks gorgeous. But it’s also a little bit too impenetrable; I watched every episode of that series at least twice, and most of them five or more times, while reviewing it, and I still don’t totally know what they were going for with some of it. And some of the stuff that I do know what they were going for, I don’t think they totally pulled off.

Happy Playland is really, really good, and I think achieves its narrative goals more completely than BSN. It shows a lot of growth on TCW’s part since BSN. If my reviews of both series had had grades, I’d have graded it higher than BSN. But outside of one or two moments, it doesn’t hit me the way that BSN does. I don’t think that’s anything to do with the relative quality of either series. It’s just about that kind of alchemy between viewer and creator, about how I personally respond to the work. BSN pushes all kinds of buttons in me that Happy Playland doesn’t, but it’s not Happy Playland’s job to push those buttons.

I don’t know. My head says LoLiLo/NMTD > Happy Playland > BSN, but my heart says LoLiLo/NMTD > BSN > Happy Playland.

And since this is about favorites, I gotta go with my heart. So, least to most favorite, with the understanding that this is totally subjective and I love all of them and this is a very painful thing you’re asking me to do and also if you ask me again in six months my answer might very well be different:

Happy Playland

Bright Summer Night

Lovely Little Losers/Nothing Much to Do

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