the losers win again

The Christian must lose everything that hinders him from looking like Christ.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
Annoying Married Couple HC (Jared Kleinman x reader)

FYI: One mention of sex?? Annoying couple stuff
[ “Fiona, you really should be working on requests” I know!! But I got an idea and I rolled with it]

- When you’re married to Jared Kleinman, everything is a competition

- But not between you and him

- Between you two and all other couples

- “Our wedding was so much better.”
 “Ssh, Jared, not while they’re saying their vows.”
 “I bet our sex is better too.”

- You have games night with all your friends

- You often have to bribe your friends with food to come because you and Jared are unbearable

- You insist everyone teams up by couples and most of the time you blow the others out of the water at every game

- You’re sore losers but you’re even worse winners

“Yesss we win again! In your face, Hansen!”
 “Y/N, can you tell Jared to ca-”

- Drunken couple karaoke? Hells yeah.

- Your favorite duets include:
You’re The One That I Want
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Time of My Life
Something Stupid
Phantom of the Opera (which is as disastrous as it sounds)

- You’re such a pair of embarrassments but who cares, you’re cute

[Send me an ask if you’d like more detail on anything cos this was hella short -Fiona]

I am finding that the Lord knows what He is doing, even when we are frustrated and confused, with no idea where this is all leading.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
I Got a Boy - Chapter 30

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It was time to come clean with Annabeth. She deserved to know what was happening. But first: sleep.

Percy, exhausted both physically and - thanks to Mark’s impromptu sabotage - emotionally, came home to an empty dorm and a note from Annabeth saying she’d gone for a run. Probably to clear her head. Good thing too. Percy knew she was most likely working herself up into a lather over studying. She was like a husky. If she didn’t go outside once in a while, she’d be tearing up the furniture.

With about as much grace as a flying donkey, he face-planted onto the bed and almost immediately knocked out. When he woke up, it was already morning. Annabeth had returned during the night and, naturally, he’d slept right through it. The slight details gave her away though. He saw her running shoes next to the door, and the closet was a little open, and he smelled the shower having just been used, her unmistakable body wash drifting his way. That’s probably what got him up - the remnant of her.

Moving was particularly difficult because his muscles were fighting him all the way. It was a good ache though, the kind that spurred him onward. It got him to brush his teeth, go to the bathroom, and finally eat a breakfast bar.

While he chewed, he dialed her number. She answered after two rings.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request the Style 5's and Sousuke's girlfriends wanting to cuddle with them on a cold day? Thanks!

Haruka: The two of them always enjoyed spending time together but they also wouldn’t mind giving each other space sometimes when they knew they needed it. Today was a cold day and ____ suddenly craved to curl up to something warm and cozy. She sneaked some glances to her boyfriend who was busy watching some kind of documentary about sea mollusks. While his attention was focused on the television show, she slowly moved closer to him and placed a hand over his thigh. The gesture made Haru peel his eyes away from the television and stare at the hand that was resting over his thigh. He sighed, he knew exactly what she wanted. 

He stretched his other hand and wrapped it around her shoulder to pull her close to him. She sighed and purred like a kitten, making him smile as he always thought that she’s very cute when she does that. She leaned on his chest, arms snaking around his torso, fingers even making it’s way underneath his sweater in her search for more warmth. She giggled when she felt him squirm at her touch. 

“Don’t tickle me.” His hot breath fanned against her cheek and she nodded. 

Makoto: Autumn is her favorite season of the year. She was an artist; a lover of art and nature, and he knew just how fascinated she was whenever the whole place would turn into an orangey-red color during this time of the year. He filled the gap between her fingers as they watched the falling leaves from through the window. She glanced down at their hands, then back up to his face, smiling and blushing. He was so glad that he was able to be with her right now, and he was sure that she was just as happy as he is.

“It’s so beautiful,” Her arms went around his waist for a loving hug. “And I’m so happy that you’re here with me now,” She muttered and he giggled as he returned her hug. He clearly heard her saying those three special words, although muffled (as she had her face buried in his chest) and it made him remember just how special she is. 

Nagisa: He took two mugs of hot chocolate back to the room where his girlfriend was too busy playing some video games on her hand-held console. Nagisa smiled as she shouted profanities at the phone. He knew that she just lost a stage. 

Their eyes met as soon as she noticed him walking inside the room. He sat down on the bed next to where she was lying. 

“Don’t throw that away, okay?” He laughed and she glared at him. She rolled over to her side, turning her back on him as she faked her sobs.

“I’m a loser, I can’t win this stage.” Nagisa laughed again. By saying that, he knew that she wants something from him. 

“Want some hugs?” He was very certain that that was what she needed, and wasn’t disappointed when she quickly clung onto him like a koala. Good, he thought. “I was also craving for this so thank you for saving me the effort to ask you.”

“Less talking, more cuddling.” She muttered in his shoulder and he happily complied.

Rei: She had been fidgety the whole day, and he quickly took notice of that. It was like she wanted to say something, but is afraid of either getting rejected or ignored. She was always the straightforward and honest type of person, so it was confusing him as to why she was holding back. 

When he was busy reading a novel that he’d been eyeing since last month, she felt him scoot closer to him. He sighed and finally decided to ask her what she wanted. 

“Is there something that you want? ____?” He glanced at her and noticed that she was as pale as a ghost. That got him concerned for a moment, making him check her temperature and checking her pulse. 

“Your temperature and pulse are okay, let me check your palms so I’ll know whether you’re anemic or—” 

“REI!” She held his face with both of her hands to silence him. “I’m okay, it’s just that.. I’m cold, and I want to um.. you know,” She muttered, though he still heard it. His face quickly flushed at her request. To his surprise, she suddenly smacked his arm and she turned her face away. 

“Since when did you have a dirty mind?” His eyes widened, she clearly misunderstood him. “I just want to cuddle you dummy!” 

“That’s what I was thinking of, you judged me very quickly..” He sighed again but pulled her to his chest, nonetheless. “You shouldn’t try reading other people’s minds. You’re very bad at them.”

“Shut up.”

“Just leave the mind-reading task to Makoto-senpai and Haruka-senpai,” He said and chuckled as he planted a kiss on the top of her head. He smiled as he felt her relax in his arms. 

Rin: She stared at his back from the other side of the bed. His form gently rose and fell, indicating that he was fast asleep. She pouted and stared at her fingers; She was feeling very cold and she was itching for warmth by cuddling with her boyfriend. But she also knew that he was tired from practice and that she shouldn’t wake him up, but she was also freezing, despite being covered by two thick blankets already. 

Which left her with no other choice but to scoot closer to his form. 

But simply basking in his warmth wasn’t enough for her, she was still cold and she was badly craving to hug him. 

“___?” Rin mumbled sleepily as he turned to face her. Shoot, I woke him up! She thought and had an urge to mentally facepalm. 

“Don’t mind me, just go to sleep,” She said and faked a smile at him. Rin shook his head and lazily draped an arm over her. 

“I can’t go back to sleep without you hugging me.” He buried his nose in her shoulder and gave it a playful bite (one that wouldn’t leave a mark) She giggled and slapped his shoulder, leaning up to gave him one short kiss before complying to his request. 

Sousuke: He kissed the back of her neck as soon as she plopped down on his lap just as when he finally got home from therapy. It was quite frustrating to hear from the doctor that it’d take him a lot of time before his shoulder would be restored to a somewhat-better condition, but coming home to an affectionate and cuddly girlfriend made it all feel better. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, then pecked his lips and giggled at his surprised response afterwards. He tickled her sides, fingers prodding in her soft flesh until she squirmed and laughed breathlessly. 

“STOP IT– SOU–AHAHAHA!” She laughed continually and he didn’t stop from tickling her until he felt satisfied. She playfully hit his arm when he stopped, which made him pout at her as if he was upset. 

“Don’t do that again! You’re gonna kill me!” She scolded, and he only shrugged his shoulders. This time, he finally hugged her back and trailed a few kisses from her cheek to the exposed skin of her shoulder. 

This very moment He has His fingers gripped on your chin, saying, “Right here, Child. Look right here. Don’t look right or left. Stare straight into My face. I am your deliverer. There is none like Me.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”

Pairing: Jasperidot

Summary: Domestic human AU; Peridot likes to beat twelve-year-olds in CoD and Jasper just wants sleep.

Everything was still, quiet, and dark when Jasper threw her arm over the cold, empty space beside her. She grunted and woke from an otherwise sound sleep, annoyed by the lack of something warm where there should have been. She opened her eyes a little, squinting through the darkness and focusing on the red blur of their alarm clock until it came into focus; two-thirty am.

Peridot said she was coming to bed three hours ago.

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The Christian life is all about losing. It’s about losing our self-will. It’s about losing our pride. It’s about losing our plans and finding God’s plan.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
Instead of wallowing in pain, find an outlet to ease other’s pain and make yourself a blessing.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
To be in God’s will and pleasure is a blessing and should always be the goal of the honest Christian.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
What we find is that there is purpose in pain. There is a reason that we’re ‘waiting’. You see, when God shows up in our lives, it seems as though He ‘suddenly’ arrived… but it’s really no surprise… it has happened just as God planned all along.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
Keep the Lord first in your life by keeping Him first in your day. Start the day off in the Bible and prayer and you will handle the accounts of the day much better.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
God is doing us a favor by bringing us to a place of forfeiting all of our expectations in our lives, so that we will embrace His.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
The church is the healing, visible arm of Jesus. We are the world’s ‘little Christ’s’. That’s what ‘Christian’ means. We are the light of a world plunging into darkness.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”
It is so important to be constantly in the Word of God reading and studying. The wise follower of the Lord will not be so easily deceived as the careless and frivolous Christian who goes about living life to the full while neglecting God in the process.
—  Rick Hoover “Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing!”