the lords of rings

  • Pippin: I will now drink eight glasses of milk in three minutes.
  • Samwise: Nope! No, you won’t. No, you won’t because if you do that, you will die.

I’ve finished the boarders and first section of the trim on Faramir’s cloak.

I’m absolutely in love with it, which is a nice change from how I feel about the armour. Garments are very much my specialty versus props.

The boarders are a row of milky bugle beads with strands of pearl purl on each side.
Pearl purl is the stem, regular gold bullion are the leaves and petals, and there’s sequins in the petals.
The only thing different is the center of the flower. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to figure out how to make that, so I sewed on this flower bead with a round bead to cover the center. I quite like it.

It took about five hours to do this five inch section. And hour an inch. For the surcoat, it was about three hours per inch, so I am gonna breeze through this. So excited for this.

After New Zealand’s NewsHub website reached out to Lorde’s management, the onion ring account was immediately shut down. What kind of sick, twisted world do we live in where a famous musician can’t even rate onion rings in peace? That account was for her family and close friends, so they could see her opinion on onion rings. And she’s been deprived even that human normalcy. Paparazzi culture is a disease. 

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